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Figure Fantasy Tier List and Reroll Guide: Ranking the Best Figurines the Game

Welcome to our Figure Fantasy Tier List and Reroll Guide! Sometimes, the FULI Box gacha just hates you. No matter how many gems you feed into it, you get nothing but lemon tea boxes instead of the meta cute anime girl figurines you really want. Or Lu Bu.

figure fantasy tier list

If this is the case, you’ve got two options: Keep moving forward, or reroll your account. The best time to reroll accounts in any gacha game is during its early release, where pre-registration rewards are a thing. But after that, it gets harder, but it can still be done. So here are two methods for rerolling in Figure Fantasy depending on when you’re reading this.


Pre-Registration Rerolls

Step 1: Login as a guest, and fight until you beat Campaign Story 1-4. This unlocks your Inbox, which is the in-game mail function. Logging in as a guest is extremely important, because you can’t reroll a bound account.

Step 2: Claim the pre-registration rewards. That’s a grand total of 31 rolls, in the form of 30 Blind Box Coupons and 300 Diamonds.

Step 3: Open up the FULI Blind Box gacha and roll!

Step 4: Didn’t get what you want? Reset your progress by switching servers. Then do it again ad-infinitum until you get the figurines you want. Once you do get what you want, it’s time to bind your account so you don’t lose your plastic girls the second you use your phone to beat up a mugger. If you used a guest account, another way is to go into your phone settings and clear Figure Fantasy’s cache, delete its data, then reinstall.

Late to the action? Worry not! It’ll take a bit longer, but that’s about it.

figure fantasy reroll guide

Step 1: Login as a guest, then fight until you beat Campaign Story 1-12. You should have enough resources for a 10-roll, which comes with at least a guaranteed purple tier figurine. We cannot overstate how important logging in as a guest is, since you can’t delete a bound account.

Step 2: Pick the 10-roll! Spend whatever gems, or tickets you have left afterward for what final rolls you can get.

Step 3: Didn’t get who you wanted? If you logged in as a guest, you can go into your phone’s app settings, delete Figure Fantasy’s cache, then delete its data so you can reinstall fresh and try again. Once you get the figurines you want, or at least enough of them that you think you’re good to go, bind your account so you don’t lose your figurines and account after a dog eats your phone or something.


Another note: This tier list is based less on the character being bad, as even some of the characters people generally consider to be terrible have some sort of team composition they do very well in, though it will be a factor. The main factor is just how picky they are with their teammates: Units like Yuna end up on top of the list because you can plonk them into most teams and they’ll do their job fine.

figure fantasy battle

Units like Zephyr and Vazorwyn also end up on top since while they do have specific teams they do extremely well in, they’re usually the kind of teams you would easily figure out on your own, while still being able to fight well even without their best buddies (Zephyr covers for Vazorwyn’s slow charge, but even away from each other Vazorwyn still hits frightfully hard and Zephyr is welcome on even the most hurriedly slapped together team to enable ultimate spam).

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On the other hand, the likes of Erikzia and Ricco end up low on the list because outside the few weird, galaxy-brained setups they’re effective in (Make no mistake though, they are still very effective in those setups), they tend to be useless, or in Erikzia’s case, a downright backline-killing traitor. The ones on the bottom of the list will usually be the ones who don’t do well in any team though.

S Tier – Social Butterfly

The fact this many characters are up here says a lot of good about Figure Fantasy’s unit balance. The characters in this tier are easy enough to plan for maximum effectiveness (Ignite reliant units help each other, Frost units go together, summoners enjoy shields, and absolutely everyone enjoys Zephyr’s energy boost abilities), or have disproportionately high reward for how difficult it is to figure them out (With her passive maxxed, Zarola with cannon fodder summons is suddenly a deadly snowballer, getting stronger the longer a fight goes on whether or not it actually goes well for her team).

Or failing that, can work pretty well on their own until you can actually set up their teams properly, since they fill their obvious roles as individuals very well.


TENMA, Everland Phantasm, Gold, Defender, Self-Heal, Interruptor, All Target Attack, Near-Death Disabler, HWOOOOOOOH

khrusos figure fantasy

A big, manly man who doesn’t take burst damage happily, but can really dish out some pain. Khrusos’ passive is an AOE stun that happens when his HP drops below 50%. The stun lasts 3 seconds, which is pretty long considering the average stun in the game lasts 2 seconds and is already painful, but Khrusos will only do this once.

Once upgraded, he’s also incredibly likely to follow that with his ultimate, an all-target spinning axe attack with an interrupt (when fully upgraded). This ultimate hurts a lot for a Defender’s attack, and will likely cause salt if someone heals Khrusos back up while he’s spinning.

Zhuge Liang

SNOW-A, Crimson Realm, Gold, “Helper”, Ignite-Bully, Crit-Chance Booster, Fiery Fan

zhuge liang figure fantasy

A SNOW-A figurine who works very well on any arson team, but especially TENMA fire squads because of his abilities. His ultimate, when upgraded, not only damages everyone on the enemy team, blows them up when killed, and reduces the healing they take, it also increases the damage the enemy takes from fire. All this lasts an agonizing 10 seconds. What really puts him on a TENMA fire team though is his passive: An aura that increases crit chance by 25%. You can sit him next to Yamazaki for crit-spamming fun.

Otherwise, he’s still pretty good in other fire teams, but don’t treat him too much like a support: Other than the heal random targets secondary passive all Helpers have, he’s a primarily offensive spellcaster, reliant on heavily debuffing the enemy, and even his support aura is all about killing people. Bring a real healer with him!


LET’S RED, Girls X Machine Guns, Gold, Vanguard, Summoner, AOE Attack, Self- Heal

suzumi figure fantasy

One of the best figurines in the game, simply because of her ability to plug up gaps and distract the enemy terribly, especially when paired with team-shielders like Aoi. Suzumi is a frontliner with a fairly simple ultimate: She pulls out a machinegun and starts attacking every bad guy next to her current target, basically a no-frills AOE attack. At least at the start.

After Design letter upgrades, this ultimate summons a cute little cardboard box that starts tossing junk at the enemy. This leads us to what makes her truly nasty, her passive: Once she comes into contact with the enemy, she summons 3 boxes, and gets an ATK SPD boost. At full Design Letter upgrades, her boxes heal her when they die. You generally want to boost them with Aoi’s shield and Harriet’s ultimate though, since having squishy boxes suddenly able to take and dish out a lot of hits is incredibly annoying for whoever has to put up with it.

Unless you pair her with Zarola, then you want those boxes to die and power Zarola up. If you’re fighting Suzumi, you might want to bring rear-line attackers or AOE units to get past all those boxes.


LET’S RED, Girls X Machine Guns, Gold, Specialist, Summoner, Summoner-Support, LET’S RED Support, Bringing The Big Guns

harriet figure fantasy

Dang near everyone will tell you that Harriet, Aoi and Suzumi together are a pain in the butt to fight, for good reason. Harriet’s ultimate is to summon a pair of walking kamikazes, the Blue Bomber and Red Bomber. The Red Bomber explodes in an AOE and the Blue Bomber nukes a single target when their energy is full, with their damage determined by how much HP and shields they have left.

When upgraded, it also buffs everyone on your team, figurines AND summoned mooks, with a 5% damage boost for 10 seconds. Her passive is a smoke grenade ever 10 seconds that blinds her current target, slapping their attacks with a 15% chance to miss. When fully upgraded, it happens every 8 seconds and gives a chunk of energy to every single LET’S RED figurine in your team.

With Aoi and Suzumi, this means Aoi can spam her shield, and Suzumi can spam her cardboard boxes! And if Aoi casts her shield right after Harriet casts her ult, it does more damage. Oh, and the Red and Blue bomber carry machineguns, so even if they get killed prematurely, at least they put a few bullets into the enemy first. Utterly hilarious stuff.


LET’S RED, Girls X Machine Guns, Gold, Defender, AOE Fire, Self-Shield, Summoner-Boosted, Anti-Summoner, One Riot, One Waifu

megan figure fantasy

A defender with a big fat riot shield, fitting since she’s made to counter riot-starting summoners. Megan’s ultimate not only generates a shield for herself, it also immolates the area around her, causing AOE fire damage to all enemies next to her for 8 seconds. It becomes quite powerful with full Design Letters, since the fire damage starts recharging that shield, on top of slowing down the poor burning crowd’s attack speed by 25%. She also has an all-target attack every start of the match.

Without Design Letters, it’s a bit meh since she only does it once. But after some upgrades it starts giving her a shield worth 125% of her ATK everytime a friendly unit (Or an enemy, when fully upgraded!) summons mooks.. If she’s on the enemy team and you want her dead ASAP, don’t bring summoners!


GALATEA, Summer Love Story, Vanguard, Purple, Melee, Self-Healing, Off-Tank, Baguette Beatdown

dolores figure fantasy

One of the stronger purple tiers, Dolores is an unusually bulky Vanguard, who leans a bit more toward tanking than frontline DPS , though her fast regular attack can do that job too. Her ultimate is pretty simple: She pulls out some food from her shopping bag and eats it, giving her a heal, along with lifesteal and an ATK Speed boost to her already speedy normal attack.

After a few Design Letter upgrades, she also slaps the enemy harder with her baguette every 6 seconds. She can also heal every time she dodges, with the dodge chance improving by 15% everytime she does it. Being purple tier, she starts out weaker than golds but can easily find promotion dupes. There’s a good chance you’ll turn her pink before you do the same to any gold-tiers.


LET’S RED, Girl Psycho 100, Vanguard, Gold, Melee, Self-Healing, Single Target Linebreaker, Rock! Paper! Scissors!

yuna figure fantasy

Who thought beating people up by shoving a rock-paper-scissors game into their face would be so effective? Yuna is a highly sustainable burst damage fighter typically used to break the enemy front line. Her ultimate is a hard-hitting hundred kicks to the face, kicks so hard they probably splits atoms since they cause a tiny nuclear explosion.

And after a few Design Letter upgrades, she can heal herself not just with her ultimate, but every time she dodges too. And everytime she dodges, she gets 15% better dodge chance. Hard to kill, and kills you hard.


SNOW-A, Brawler Academy, Militarist, Gold, Ranger, All-Target Attack, Anti-Rear Disabler, Smug A+ Rich Boy

kamille figure fantasy

Resist the urge to punch this smug child in the face, and give him a spot on your team if you’ve got him and need a good crowdbuster. Kamille’s ultimate hits everyone on the enemy team, and hits them harder if they’re set in the Locked state. To put them in the lock state, he uses his second skill which targets enemies in the rear of the enemy formation, in the same line as him.

Even normal attacks will cause the lock to hurt the enemy for extra damage and disable the lock, so don’t put linear attackers in the same lane as him so his ult can do the extra damage AND the lockbreak damage. Like most Militarists, he does extra damage when there is no enemy within strangling range of him, so give Kamille’s squishy, highly puncheable face self some protection.

Ihrendts Ember

SNOW-A, Everland Phantasm, Specialist, Gold, Ranger, Healer, Linear Attack, Self-Heal, Destructive Protector

ihrendts ember figure fantasy

Protecting, destroying, and paying to rebuild her town all at the same time, the dreaded basilisk Ihrendts Ember is a powerful attack and support unit, whose damage dealing ability goes hand-in-hand with her healing powers. She starts off as a pure linear burst damage dealer, but after her Design Letter upgrades, she unlocks the Budding Sprout ability. This allows her to put a Seed of Healing to the lowest HP character in the same line as her, usually the tank who’s been taking a beating.

This seed makes both her ultimate and her basic attack heal the seeded teammate while still dealing damage to the enemy. Said seed also boosts the target’s ATK and DEF by 10% when given its first Design letter upgrade, and also lets their own Ultimate heal them too on the second upgrade.

On top of lasting longer each time of course. As a Specialist, they have a simple but useful passive: Their basic attacks get a damage boost after a few Design Letters, with attack speed and DEF being added to the buff when upgraded.


TENMA, Endtime Horizon, Gold, Helper, Crit Booster, Team Healer, Damage Booster

mako figure fantasy

A support that usually works well with certain Ignite-reliant squads, even though she lacks any Ignite skills herself. Her ultimate is pretty standard among healers: A squad heal with a damage boost, with a nice energy boost and crit damage bonus when upgraded.

Her aura though, adds to crit chance by 12-24% depending on how many upgrades it’s got: Yeah, sit her next to Yamazaki and enjoy the big numbers. This typically finds her a spot in full-TENMA Ignite teams who rely on Yamazaki’s crit spam and the brand-loyalty buff mechanic.


NIGHT-9, Everland Phantasm, Defender, Self-Heal, Transform, Basilisk’s Minder

astaroth figure fantasy

A tank who transforms into a huge (Well, compared to the other figurines anyway, he’d probably be about the size of a small desk fan) fire breathing dragon. As a dragon, his normal attacks penetrate the front line and hit whoever is behind his target. The real boon to this though is his 20% less damage taken as a dragon, allowing him to stay in combat for much longer than he could as a human.

It’s even a point in Ihrendt’s event: You normally want to put him in front of Ihrendts during the event so her healing can double with his damage reduction buff, along with her linear ultimate and his front penetrating dragon breath attack immediately shutting down a lane.


TENMA, Everland Phantasm, Militarist, All-Target Attack, Lady Scammerpants

vazorwyn figure fantasy

A lonely, vengeful figurine who can’t handle the fact that she doesn’t have an owner, Vazorwyn’s sheer scam-tastic meanness is only beaten by her raw crowd-annihilating burst damage. While her ultimate charges very slowly compared to most characters, it hits the entire enemy side of the board very hard.

This makes Vazorwyn incredibly good for everyday use. You’ll want to bring her for Story Battles, Nightmare Run, and the second and third Final Battle missions, Code V (a board full of mooks) and Azazel (5 waves of mooks).

On top of her ultimate, you can use Design Letters to unlock a passive skill that lets her spray the entire enemy team with arrows every 8 seconds, basically a miniature version of her ultimate. If you want a crowd dead, Vazorwyn is tough to beat. As an important note, she frosts enemies with her Ultimate, and pairing her with another frost user means she hits harder since it also does extra damage to frosted foes.

Vazorwyn’s ultimate does more damage against enemies that are already frozen to begin with, after a Design letter upgrade! People generally suggest bringing her with Zephyr for that cold, cold damage and to mitigate her ultimate’s slow charge.


LET’S RED, Girls X Machine Guns, Gold, Helper, Support, Shield Generation, Healer, Sleepy Sunflower

aoi figure fantasy

The Sunflower to go with Ophelia’s Peashooter. A shield-generating ATK buffer who only gets healing after multiple design letters thanks to the Helper-wide random heals every 3 seconds passive, Aoi is ideally someone you’d put just behind your frontliners. Her Helper aura increases the max HP and ATK of anyone next to her, which helps frontline Vanguards and Defenders the most.

On top of this, her ultimate also makes a shield powered up by her own max HP, useful right before an AOE attack, along with another damage buff for everyone. The shield is particularly annoying to deal with once you pair her with summoners like Harriet and Suzumi, since it makes their normally easy to kill mooks tough enough to be a real pain.


TENMA, Everland Phantasm, Gold, Helper, Ranger, Freezing, Healer, Cold Shoulder’s Victim

zephyr figure fantasy

Vazorwyn’s usual partner-in-crime not in story, but in gameplay. Zephyr’s ultimate ability to heal the whole team while freezing a pair of enemy targets (when upgraded anyway) works very well with Vazorwyn’s frost-boosted ultimate, especially since Vazorwyn’s ultimate is slow enough to activate that Zephyr will usually get that freeze in first. She also boosts the ultimate bars of nearby teammates when she gets her first Design Letter, and upgrading that skill lets it regenerate nearby teammates’ energy too. This means Vazorwyn’s ultimate comes out more often!

With all the upgrades for this skill, all this energyboosting ultimate powering shenanigans affects the whole team, meaning you can just plonk her wherever you want at full Letters, as long as someone is there to take hits for her. Her ability to help charge ultimates gives her a spot on a lot of teams, but she works best in teams built to take advantage of the Frost debuff.


TENMA, Endtime Horizon, Gold, Vanguard, Melee, Rear Target Attack, Fire Damage, Auto-Crit

yamazaki figure fantasy

Guaranteed crit every 4 basic attacks after a few Design Letters? Now you’re talking! As a Vanguard, Yamazaki has the usual heal-self-on-dodge skill, but make no mistake, he’s no off-tank like Yuna or Dolores: This guy is all about hurting people. Yamazaki’s ultimate is a strike against rear targets, and it can deal extra damage against ignited enemies, a chunky 30% more.

This is pretty good especially if the enemy placed their Helpers (which usually have decent HP) in mid to hit many teammates with their auras, and their Specialists and Militarists (who typically have abysmal HP stats) in the rear. As for PVE, just place him in the same lane as whatever enemy in the rear you despise the most, or to bypass the enemy tank.

As if to emphasize Yamazaki’s love for sneaking behind enemy lines, he also has a passive that is basically a mini version of his ultimate: Everytime he crits, he hits the rear guy in his lane too. Add the guaranteed crit every 4 basic attacks and laugh maniacally.

Osuke Okada

GALATEA, Brawler Academy, Gold, Specialist, Ranger, Frost Damage, All Target Attack, Disabler

osuke okada figure fantasy

If Vazorwyn is for TENMA Frost Teams, Okada’s for GALATEA Frost teams. Okada’s ultimate is very similar to Vazorwyn’s: An all target attack that can frost enemies. Where he differs is in how he takes advantage of  already-frosted enemies: While Vazorwyn does extra damage to them, Okada can freeze them completely, completely disabling them instead of just slowing their attacks and draining their HP.

Every 9 seconds, he unleashes a frost attack that hits two random enemies, and if it hits someone who is already feeling cold, they get stopped in their tracks for 2 seconds, interrupting whatever it was they were doing.

Zhou Yu

GALATEA, Crimson Realm, Gold, Helper, Ignite-Bullying, Healer, ATK Speed Buffer, Basic Attack Buffer, Pouring Oil On The Fire

zhou yu figure fantasy

The typical support unit for fire-starting GALATEA teams, Zhou Yu’s ultimate is a good ol’ team heal with an ATK Speed buff. When fully upgraded though, it lets everyone on your team dunk on Ignited targets in particular, increasing damage against them. Paired with his passive aura that increases the attack power of anyone he sits next to on battle start, you can see why he goes into burny GALATEA teams pretty often.


kris figure fantasy

GALATEA, Summer Love Story, Purple, Militarist, DPS, Burst Damage, Frost Debuff, Basketball? More Like Dodgeball

A frost-reliant high-DPS unit with a rapid-fire attack. Kris’ ultimate is a long lasting buff, giving him an atk speed boost of 8% while raising his damage. Add this to his basic attack, which can inflict frost, and the fact that having his ultimate active lets him do extra damage to frosted enemies once upgraded, and you’ve got a recipe for pain: Kris, plus Frost, equals DPS.

He also has a passive that lets him hit harder on his first toss after an ult, with a guaranteed freeze when upgraded. A simple, deadly option that pairs well with other frost units. Bring him to throw balls at Tyr until he breaks.


TENMA, Endtime Horizon, Gold, Militarist, Linear Attack, Summon-Eater

zarola figure fantasy

If you ever read the chat in the game, you’ll often see players fawning over Zarola. Part of this is due to her imposingly sexy, classy look. The more important part for this article is her utterly nasty damage potential, particularly when paired with a Summoner.  Zarola’s passive increases her damage dealing ability by 10% everytime an enemy dies.

At maximum level, it also increases everytime an ally of hers dies. You wouldn’t normally care about this, since naturally you don’t want her teammates getting disassembled. Until you notice summons count as teammates, and suddenly Zarola gets an extreme damage boost the second Suzumi’s cardboard boxes get wiped by an enemy AOE attack. Then Zarola deletes her target lane with her linear attack ultimate. Oops.

Lu Bu

GALATEA, Crimson Realm, Gold, Militarist, Ultimate-Spam Follow-Up, AOE Attack, You’ve Likely Heard Lu Bu’s Name Somewhere Else

lu bu figure fantasy

Lu Bu in real life was a Mongolian man raised by the Chinese, known for kicking huge amounts of butt with a spear and obliterating all his father-figures. He didn’t have nekomimi dog ears either. Though considering the Mongolians specialized in both aggressive and evasive horse-archery, it makes some sense they gave him a bow in this game. And boy does he love using that bow here.

His ultimate is boring but practical: An AOE attack that hits anything surrounding his immediate target. With upgrades, it’s less boring but still practical, giving him a stacking attack speed boost. His passive though, is completely bonkers: Everytime anyone on his team uses their Ultimate, Lu Bu fires arrows at everyone on the enemy team.

He is especially good against Azazel, since he gets more teammates, which means more ultimates being spammed. Now put him in a team built for spamming ultimates, likely one with Zephyr, Erikzia, and ultimate spam-reliant frontliners like Vasily or the more thematically appropriate Zhao Yun, and enjoy!

Zhao Yun

GALATEA, Crimson Realm, Gold, Vanguard, Penetration Attack, Self-Heal, Self-Buffer, Not To Be Mistaken For Zhou Yu

zhao yun figure fantasy

It’s a good thing he has lifesteal every 4 hits and a fast attack after he gets upgrades, because Zhao Yun’s ultimate uses some of his HP: He stabs his current target so hard the guy behind said target feels it too.

With upgrades though, it gives him a shield, so he’ll usually have time to recover the lost HP, at least with a healer behind him. His passive boosts his attack speed, and boosts it even harder when he’s at 40% HP. His quick charging ultimate and same brand makes him buddies with Lu Bu, who follows it up with an AOE attack.

Akechi Mitsuhide

GALATEA, Crimson Realm, Gold, Specialist, Target Marker, Igniter, Battle Start Linear/All-Target Igniter, Done With Nobunaga’s Nonsense

akechi mitsuhide figure fantasy

Another common sight in burny GALATEA teams. Akechi Mitsuhide’s basic attack can Ignite enemies when upgraded, and he can ignite either his line or the entire enemy team with his passive at the start of the fight depending on how many Design letter upgrades he has.

His ultimate turns his target into a healing potion, assuming you crack them open fast enough: Mitsuhide hits his target hard, then marks them for 5 seconds while reducing their defense so your team can drink them faster. When upgraded, killing the marked target heals your whole team.

Sanada Yukimura

GALATEA, Crimson Realm, Gold, Defender, Fan-AOE, Fan-AOE Counterattack, Igniter, Fanning The Flames

sanada yukimura figure fantasy

A staple in fire-spam GALATEA teams, Sanada Yukimura’s fan-AOE ultimate Ignites enemies for 8 seconds while turning them into walking healing potions while on fire (If he hits a burning enemy after his Ultimate, he gets healed) if upgraded.

On top of this, he has a passive 25% chance to swing wide with his spear everytime someone hits him with a basic attack, basically another fan-shaped AOE strike minus the burning. His ability to spread fire in front of him makes him useful with teammates who do more damage against burning foes.

A Tier – Amiable Friends

Good on their own, but often overshadowed by the guys in S tier. They’re quite similar in that they’re easy enough to figure out, and are often still effective in a normal team while you go gacha for their true buddies. Honestly, you’ll still do fine using these guys, and heck, you can even use them with some of the guys in S tier!

Xantha Kaine

LET’S RED, Girls X Machine Guns, Specialist, Shield-Penetration, Incurable Damage Over Time, Santa Cane

xantha kaine figure fantasy

A strange new addition to the game as of this writing, Xantha Kaine is an armed nun with a thing for staring people to death. Her ultimate is a weird 5-second damage-over-time single target attack built to go through shields: When it hits her target, 30% of the damage is duplicated as Divinity Damage, which receives no boosts from buffs but ignores shields completely, going straight to the target’s HP. When upgraded, killing the target while it’s lit up will cause the entire enemy team to take a little damage, and more importantly, eat a 1 second stun.

To emphasize her single target hatred, she has this passive: Her first target of the match gets a damage over time debuff that cannot be removed by any means, and lasts until said target keels over and dies. When fully upgraded, it gets transferred to Xantha’s next target after the initial victim dies, and does triple damage while they’re lit up by her ultimate, which does its damage over 5 seconds.


TENMA, Endtime Horizon,  Gold, Defender, Melee, Tank, AOE Stun, Self-Heal, Big Toys For Little Boys

vasily figure fantasy

A rather psychotic child driving an equally psychotic war machine, Vasily is a useful crowd-control tank when positioned well. Try to get him posted in such a way that he’s surrounded by foes, because his Ultimate is an AOE stun around himself, at least when given its first Design letter upgrade. While his actual ATK stat is truly miserable like most Defenders, his Ultimate takes its damage from his mech’s big, fat HP pool!

And his ult also boosts his ATK and HP anyway, and he can stack this 3 times. Get this little boy’s mech in the thick of the fighting, and bring some good damage dealers to take advantage of his mech’s bulk and stun ability. In particular, he pairs well with his sister, Irina, and an aggressive steam built for ultimate-spamming, usually with Zephyr in it.


TENMA, Everland Phantasm, Gold, Vanguard, Transformation, Double Target Attack, Battle Start All Target Attack, Lifesteal, Mr Chicken Wings

alfred figure fantasy

Your boss in the Bureau, who is too edgy and full of himself to be aware that you’re multiple times his size and can punt him like a football. He’s a DPS- focused Vanguard, with his self-heal coming mostly from his basic attacks, which when upgraded heals him every 4 times he punches someone. His ultimate transforms him into a demon for 10 seconds, giving him better attack speed and hitting his target and a random enemy with his basic attack.

When fully upgraded, his transformation makes him invincible for 2 seconds, and his basic attacks starts hitting a total of 3 enemies. He also starts the fight with an all-target attack, which also debuffs the enemy’s attack speed and does extra damage based on their max HP when fully upgraded.


TENMA, Everland Phantasm, Gold, Specialist, Frost Attack, Multi-Target Attack, MY ROOF!

sani figure fantasy

Ihrendts’ acquaintance, who she owes damages. Sani has a frost- inflicting basic attack, at least after a couple of design letters. Sani would have been amazing with Vazorwyn if Vazorwyn were faster, but unfortunately Sani’s triple-target Frost at the start of each battle might not last long enough for Vazorwyn to follow up with her ultimate, unless you have some supports who can act as her energy battery. Sani’s ultimate is an AOE attack that, while pretty ordinary at first, comes with a heal in the same area as the attack when given upgrades.


TENMA, Peninsula, Purple, Vanguard, Melee, Shield-Based Damage, Burst Damage Linebreaker, Waiting For Three Years

mizusaki figure fantasy

As far as off-tank Vanguards go, this angry, heartbroken Fbay warehouse regular is as weird as they get. Mizusaki’s ultimate converts 10% of her current health into shields, while heavily damaging her target. Pretty weak early on, but once upgraded, this attack deals extra damage based on how much shields she has on her at the moment. Not just the shields Mizusaki generates herself, but also the shields given to her by other characters like Aoi!

Her passive also adds to this: Everytime she kills an enemy, she generates more shields for herself, thus making her ultimate hit that much harder the next time she uses it. Give her a good healer and a shield battery since part of her shields comes from her HP, and you’ll want to keep that topped up so she can maintain her heavy damage potential.

Kazue Iwata

LET’S RED, LET’S RED Original, Purple, Specialist, Linear Attack, Burst Damage, Starter Linecleaner

kazue iwata figure fantasy

Likely the longest lasting starter character in your arsenal thanks to her ATK stat and spammy ultimate, Kazue Iwata is a linear attacker par excellence. Her ultimate is to attack the enemy in a line, and it charges reasonably fast so she’ll use it several times even in shorter fights.

Her passive is to do the same thing at the start of every match, so you can use her to immediately screw up a lane, or weaken any dangerous foes hiding in the rear. Speaking of attacking the rear, her ultimate marks an enemy in the rear while damaging them even harder once her ultimate has been upgraded.

Ryoma Kurata

GALATEA, Brawler Academy, Gold, Militarist, Ranger,  Single Target Burst Damage, All-Target Attack on Kill, Counterattack

ryoma kurata figure fantasy

A good single target damage dealer, especially when paired with someone who can buff his already good ATK Speed, or with a certain green jacketed girl somewhere lower on this list. Kurata is a ranged fighter whose ultimate is to hit his current target really hard. If it kills them, he then hits everyone else on the enemy team. His passive is pretty special against certain PVE enemies though: He immediately attacks anyone on the enemy team who uses their ultimate.

You ever hate it when one of those overleveled mecha-unicycles with machineguns rips someone on your team a new facehole when they use their ultimate? Kurata will hopefully kill them and interrupt their long-winded machinegun attack doing it. His normal attack is also rather good: It’s nothing special without upgrades, but after it gets its Design Letter, it gets a chance to hit a second random target, which means pairing him with ATK Speed buffers will let him do surprising amounts of damage to the enemy team.

He works very well when paired with Midori in the same lane. Midori’s frost will let Kurata kill people with his ult more efficiently since it does extra damage to frosted units, but even without her he’s still a solid choice in general.

Ume Mizuno

GALATEA, Galatea Original, Purple, Helper, Ranger, Healer, Self-Heal, Starter Tsundere

ume mizuno figure fantasy

Your first healer unit, Ume Mizuno lacks AOE healing, instead having a powerful single target heal for whoever is out front tanking for her lane, whether it be a summoned mook or a figurine. It’s an immediate heal paired with a heal over time, which can increase her tank’s survival chances well.

She is pretty much the only character who has a single target high power heal in the whole game as of this writing. Put her in the lane which happens to be the most important you want to defend if you plan to use her. Her ultimate boosting aura ability lets whoever is directly behind her spam their ultimates more readily, and her powerful single target heal is good for the tank in front of her, allowing her to lock down a lane.

Putting Vazorwynn or any other unit with powerful but slow ultimates behind her and next to Zephyr might be a good idea. Don’t use her as a lone healer later in the game though: Her bane is AOE attacks, since she can only heal one target at a time. Give Mizuno another medic friend with team heals to take care of the ultimate spammer behind her too!


LET’S RED, Girl Psycho 100, Gold, Helper, Ranger, Healer, Dual Target Silence, Buff Aura, Tiny Turnip Princess

sakura figure fantasy

A tiny pink princess and the damsel in distress according to Girl Psycho 100’s story, Sakura is a healer who can heal your lowest-HP units everytime she throws a basic attack, at least after you have enough Design letters to upgrade her basic attack. Sakura’s ultimate involves barraging her current target along with another random enemy with turnips from outer space, damaging and silencing them.

She’s odd in that she’s a support you’re supposed to use aggressively: You still don’t want her in front, but you should place her in the same lane as a dangerous enemy. This way, she can eventually shove a turnip in their mouth and stop them from calling their Ultimate.

Yuina Mizuki

SNOW-A, Girl Psycho 100, Vanguard, Gold, Melee, Single Target Linebreaker, Single Target Disabler, Self-Heal, BOOM! Lollipop

yuina mizuki figure fantasy

A deadly linebreaking disabler, though not with stuns or freezes or any of that normal stuff. Yuina Mizuki can challenge enemies to duels. She gets the full attention of a single target, who she proceeds to beat into a flat plastic keychain using her oversized lollipop.  In PVP, this is even deadlier, since it prevents her targets from using their Ultimates. Meanwhile she has that massively boosted attack speed and self-healing while the duel is going.

Worst of all, the duel doesn’t count as a debuff, so it can’t be cleaned up by purification skills! To add to her ability to blow a hole through the enemy frontline, one of her Design Letter upgrades allows her to slap a target extremely hard during the start of the fight, or everytime she gets revived by something or someone else. As a SNOW-A figurine, just having her on your team buffs everyone else, regardless of brand.


TENMA, 21C, Purple, Militarist, Ranger, Finisher Bullying Ultimate, Starter Shy Girl

karan figure fantasy

Karan is a character most players will own since you can get her for free early in the Story Campaign. As far as free starter units go in any game, she’s a good one. Her ultimate is a single target damage attack hitting whoever on the enemy team has the lowest HP. Nothing special, unless you pair her with AOE units: If her attack kills a target, she’ll do it again to someone else!

This can chain, allowing her to quickly clean up an enemy team who’ve spent the fight being barraged by the likes of Vazorwyn or Lu Bu. She also has a random target attack that triggers every 10 seconds, whereupon she tosses 3 shurikens at some random unlucky fool.


TENMA, Peninsula, Purple, Defender, Melee, Battle Start Shield, Single Target Debuffer, If You Thought Minakami Was Nuts…

sapphire figure fantasy

If Minakami has a bad case of Buzz Lightyear Realization Syndrome, Sapphire is Buzz Lightyear before figuring out they’re made of plastic. This heroically knightly nutjob is a good way to deny an enemy team who relies on battle-start ultimate and passive barrages, since she generates a 10-second shield for the whole team at the start of the match, It also comes with a DEF Buff, damage reduction buff, and a 15 second duration on top of it when upgraded.

Her ultimate is nothing too special before upgrades, she just thwacks her target really hard and reduces their ATK by 20%. When upgraded though, it becomes a full disarm, rendering the target completely incapable of attacking for a painful 5 seconds.


TENMA, Endtime Horizon, Gold, Specialist, Ignite Attack, Linear Attack, Injured Bullying

irina figure fantasy

A tiny girl driving a mech, someone who doesn’t look at her Specialist symbol might mistake her for a tank, but she’s anything but. She’s a squishy linear AOE damage dealer, with her ultimate being a corrosive laser that counts as an Ignite attack, allowing other Ignite-reliant units to bully her targets.

Speaking of bullying, she has a passive: She attacks whoever is closest to being dead every 10 seconds,and when upgraded it Ignites the victim for 5 seconds. She typically belongs in Ignite reliant teams because of her Ult and passive, though she also finds a lot of use in general debuff-spammer teams, usually with her brother Vasily.


LET’S RED, Memory Code of Sorrow, Purple, Militarist, Summoner, Ranger, DPS, PLEASE NO NOT THE CATS!

minakami figure fantasy

This poor, broken man isn’t gonna let his horrific case of Buzz Lightyear Realization syndrome get in the way of being a good pick for your team. Minakami is likely the first summoner you can get, with his ultimate that allows him to make a clone with only 30% of his HP, but able to deal 180% of his damage. Oh, and he buffs his own ATK speed by 30% doing it too!

When upgraded, this ultimate also has a 30% chance to call in another clone. Once he gets his passive fully upgraded, Minakami also gets another 30% ATK speed boost and a 20% ATK boost after calling a clone in. Definitely one of the better purple choices in the game, and definitely worth upgrading, though he has stiff competition with Suzumi and Harriet.

B Tier – A Bit Off-Putting

The middling units in the game, with decent compositions that make sense when you think about them after a while, unlike the two tiers above who are highly effective AND far easier to figure out. You might notice they don’t do as well in a normal or hastily put together team, and thus are more reliant on being with their true buddies.


LET’S RED, Memory Code of Sorrow, Purple, Specialist, Ranger, Bounce Attack, Shield Generator, Summoner-Booster, French Maid, Japanese-Made

evita figure fantasy

While not a summoner herself, Evita is made to work in conjunction with them. This hot maid has a passive which generates a shield for everyone at the start of the match, and she also generates shields for any summons that your teammates call into the fight, allowing them to distract the enemy even harder with their newly-found bulk.

On top of this, with enough Design letter upgrades, this passive also buffs summoned mooks’ attacks by 15% and recovers her energy a little bit everytime a new mook is called in. Her ultimate on the other hand is fairly simple, a bouncing waterball that, when upgraded, can reduce enemy ATK power when it hits them. It bounces three times before disappearing.

You can bring her or Aoi if you plan to rely on summoners heavily, though most people will use Aoi since her shields are more reliable for the whole team, instead of just the summons.

Yoko Kasumi

NIGHT-9, Brawler Academy, Gold, Vanguard, Disabler, AOE Attack, Undead Form, Final Clutch

yoko kasumi figure fantasy

A self-destructive yet powerful fighter, Yoko Kasumi’s basic attacks can stack Seals on the enemy. Her ultimate can plant 4 seals immediately on the target, then detonate them, with the fully upgraded version of her ultimate stunning the target and damaging enemies next to the victim Unfortunately the 25 second duration is likely a mistranslation, but we can dream.

The downside? She trades HP to do this. Not much of a problem, considering after her death, she hangs around for 5 seconds in a superpowered ghost form. This ghost form, when fully upgraded via Design Letters, gives her a 70% chance to put double Seals on the target with her strikes,  her attack speed goes up to 130%, and extends by 2 seconds everytime she murders something.

She might pull a victory out of nowhere, but it’s hard to rely on a character who needs to die to be at maximum effectiveness.


GALATEA, Wonder Girl Yuki, Purple, Defender, Line Buffer, Damage Reflector, Starter Bonk

yuki figure fantasy

Your true starter girl and the face of Figure Fantasy, Yuki is a line-buffing tank made more deadly by healers. Yuki’s passive causes her to reflect enemy attacks and reduces the damage she takes for 3 seconds everytime someone heals her. Her ultimate is pretty simple: She bashes her current target over the head with a baseball bat, while reducing the damage she or her entire line takes by 10-20%, depending on how many Design Letter upgrades she has.

While you might replace her with another Defender (or multiple Vanguards) later on, make sure you learn how to use her properly: She pops out rather often in the Sacred Tour missions. You’ll normally need to plant her in front of anyone you want safe from enemy damage, or in such a way as to distract the enemy. Placing her in the same line as anyone you want to protect from AOE attacks is also usually a good idea.


LET’S RED, Memory Code of Sorrow, Purple, Defender, Melee, Team-Shield, Self-Shield, Sleepyhead

gweneira figure fantasy

A tank who probably doesn’t do so well against AOE bosses like Tyr, but works well if the enemy focuses on her and other tanks. Gweneira’s ultimate generates a shield for herself, and her whole line if it has Design Letter upgrades, after hitting her current target really hard with a pillow.

As a tank, her job is to take hits, and it shows with her passive: Once she gets beaten down to below 10% HP, she pulls out a shield for herself and two allies that lasts 50 seconds and has strength dependent on her max HP.

When fully Design Lettered, the shield is given to the whole team and boosts everyone’s defense, while also making the shield take less damage from everything. By the time the shield goes down, someone will have already healed Gweneira, though she won’t make the shield again once her HP drops below 10% a second time. This might not work so well against Tyr, who has a terrible habit of killing your rearline first with AOE spam.


GALATEA, Brawler Academy, Gold, Vanguard, Self-Heal, Single Target Frost, Crit-Spammer Lategame Debuff-Immunity

midori figure fantasy

A weird damage dealer with a quick-charging single target frost ultimate, people tend not to put her in full frost teams, but mixed teams because of her synergy with Ryoma. When upgraded, her ultimate gives her guaranteed crits for the next 5 seconds, which means she goes well with Mako’s crit-damage-boosting ultimate.

As a side note, full upgrades for her ultimate also makes her immune to all debuffs for a short time. Her passive is a 30% chance to hit her target much harder than normal when being hit by basic attacks, hilarious when it happens after her ultimate. With full upgrades, it also deals extra hurt against Frosted enemies.

Midori with Mako together rarely get put on full Frost teams, but on Frost-Ignite debuff spam squads, usually comprising of them and Ryoma, with another lane made of arsonists, usually fellow GALATEA figurines from Crimson Realm. Midori inflicts frost on single targets, and Ryoma bullies frosted targets in front of him, so the two of them together work well with each other but not so much with more crowd-hating frost users.


LET’S RED, Girl Psycho 100, Gold, Militarist, Ranger, Random Multi-Target Attack, Self-Buff at High HP, Bossbuster DPS

rie figure fantasy

Yuna’s shy sister, stand-offish in both talking and fighting. Rie’s ultimate is a barrage of 6 (9 when fully upgraded) missiles that hit multiple random targets. If there are fewer targets, those missiles get more and more focused, making it good either for damaging crowds or hurting a single or few targets badly, depending on how many enemies are left in the field.

Most people use her for the single target DPS job (especially Tyr’s replayable bossfight), since there are better choices for dedicated crowdbusting, like Vazorwyn. Position her to keep AOE attacks away from her, since she deals more damage at high HP (above 80% HP, or above 40% HP when her passive is fully upgraded with Design Letters).

C Tier – Snobby

The writer’s personal favorite tier, simply because of how weird the characters here are. As usual, these characters are not necessarily weak, just rather counter-intuitive or janky to use. As an example, Erikzia isn’t just harmlessly useless on a normal, balanced team, she’s an active hazard to it! But pair her with another healer (usually a bad idea in other, more common-sense teams), Lu Bu, and/or a ton of ultimate-spammy tanks and you have a formula for comedy.

Of course, their extremely specialized nature makes them suffer in general use. Especially in the mid game where enemies are just strong enough to punish you severely for using them wrong, and, unless your luck is actively trying to make you use them, you’re just short of the resources and figurines you might need to use them right.


GALATEA, Brawler Academy, Gold, Helper, Damage Distribution, Healing, Team Lifesteal, DEF Buffer

erikzia figure fantasy

A truly weird support who is generally considered terrible, unless you use her for some very specific battleplans. Erikzia’s ultimate splits damage across your whole team and gives them a small amount of lifesteal ability. You don’t want this in a normal team and especially if you’re just starting out, since this means attacks that your frontline soak up might accidentally kill your rear line, and the lifesteal she gives is nowhere near enough to make up for the damage.

In short, Erikzia is a detriment to any team as a lone support, and most teams are built with only one support. The thing that makes her special though is her energy boosting capabilties. She belongs in two kinds of team: Either extremely tanky teams with low DPS built to outlast DPS teams, or ultimate spammer squads with Zephyr and Lu Bu.

Or try to get both with Vasily! In the tank team, she pairs well with another character everyone thinks is bad: Ricco’s habit of attracting too much gunfire suddenly doesn’t hurt her so much since the damage is split between multiple bulky manly-men, tough-guy tomboys and Erikzia herself, who like most Helpers, has a decent HP pool.

Oh, and Ricco’s now constantly reflecting all that damage back thanks to Erikzia and Zephyr charging up her ultimate bar. As for Lu Bu and Zephyr, everytime someone fires their ultimate on your team, Lu Bu follows that up with an all-target arrow attack. Erikzia and Zephyr together charge up ultimates very fast. You’re hoping Lu Bu kills the enemy team with arrow spam before Erikzia accidentally murders him with that split damage shenanigans.

In both cases, bringing another healer (especially Zephyr) is extremely important since Erikzia’s own healing ability isn’t enough to make up for the whole team being damaged.

As a side note, Erikzia’s a bit safer to use against Azazel (fitting because Lu Bu excels against Azazel’s mook spam), as her split damage ability now has 9 teammates to split all the damage into, as opposed to just 5.


LET’S RED, Girl Psycho 100, Gold, Defender, Taunt, AOE Counterattack, Damage Reflector, Starter Gold

ricco figure fantasy

The one most likely to be your first gold if the gacha’s being mean to you, Ricco is very useful early in the game but suffers badly later on, unless used in an incredibly specific way. Her main schtick is her ability to taunt all the enemies around her… which can be troublesome since being focused down by the entire enemy frontline AND the whole enemy lane she’s fighting is really, really bad news. While the taunt increases her defense by 15%, it also ceases all her attacks except the one she gets upon taking 6 hits after a few Design Letters, though she starts reflecting 25% of the enemy damage back.

That last bit is important for her later on. If you want to use her for a longer time, put her in a mainly tanky team, give her a lot of healing support (Sakura will be useful for this since she has a healing basic attack that targets whoever takes the worst beating, which will be Ricco, or Zephyr because of her energy charge keeping Ricco’s ultimate up), and place her in such a way that the enemy DPS units will take a beating from her damage reflection ability.

She’ll get badly hurt, but she can take it better than the squishy DPS nerds getting slowly disintegrated by their own attacks. She does even better with Erikzia (along with the other healer, Erikzia alone backing anyone up is incredibly bad) since this allows Ricco to bounce enemy attacks back at them more often thanks to Erikzia’s energy charging ability, and last longer doing it since the damage she takes gets scattered to other units.

The problem with only fitting in a tanky team? They have trouble fighting other tanky teams since the enemy’s poor DPS mixed with their heavy bulk works against Ricco’s dependence on the enemy’s DPS (Damage reflect, remember?) to kill things.


LET’S RED, Girls X Machine Guns, Gold, Militarist, Ranger, All-Target Attack on Kill, Bullying Attack, DPS, Zombies On My Lawn

ophelia figure fantasy

Yeah, she is clearly a Plants Vs Zombies Peashooter turned into an adorable bespectacled dork. Ophelia’s ultimate involves picking out the most badly injured enemies then sawing them in half with her gigantic Gatling gun. After killing the target, she moves on to the next one while the ultimate is active.

She has quite a lot of synergies, but unfortunately it’s with characters that don’t work particularly well with each other. She’s rarely ever at maximum effectiveness, or she IS at maximum effectiveness herself but the rest of her team isn’t. Whoops. At least her ult chains, so she can clean up pretty well after your AOE guys.

D Tier – Actually A Bit Bad

Yeah, if a figurine is down here, then they probably need a buff, as opposed to the tiers above who tend to be good as long as you use them right. You’re probably going to use them to promote other characters instead, though if you want to lock them for collection purposes, there’s no harm in that.

Daylight Cat

SNOW-A, Bizzare Cat, Purple, Defender, Melee, AOE Spammer, Self-Buffer, Self-Shield, Cool Cat

daylight cat figure fantasy

One of the simpler, more straightforward choices in the game, though being a SNOW-A figurine at Purple Tier could make them very useful early on if you find them. Daylight Cat is an easy-to understand tank, with their ultimate being an 8% (15% once fully upgraded) damage reduction self-buff for 10 seconds. Not bad, not amazing.

Their passive is useful though: Every 12 seconds, Daylight Cat throws out a fan-shaped AOE strike, which when given Design Letter upgrades automatically plants a shield on him based on his A-rank max-HP stat. His attack power is rated at a miserable D though, so you’re not gonna use this for the damage potential, as there are far better AOE units out there.

Being a SNOW-A figurine means they buff the entire team just by being there though, so you might grab them just for that! Otherwise though, you might use them to promote other SNOW-A figurines instead.

Midnight Cat

NIGHT-9, Bizzare Cat, Purple, Vanguard, Melee, Penetration Attack, Self-Buffer, Slightly Cooler Cat

midnight cat figure fantasy

Probably the better choice between the two Bizzare Cat models, Midnight Cat starts out about as weak as Daylight Cat, but his ultimate gets a  (relatively, it’s still a rather simple skill) insane buff. His ultimate starts out as a 30% attack speed buff for 8 seconds, but once they get a lv61 Design Letter upgrade, it shoots up to 50%, which, if you know math, is no joke.

They also have a passive where they hit the guy directly behind their actual target every 12 seconds, and when upgraded, the blow gives him a 30% basic attack damage buff for 5 seconds. As a NIGHT-9 figurine, you can use them for that team buff, though just like his sunny brother you might just use him to promote other NIGHT-9 models.


TENMA, Peninsula, Purple, Militarist, Ranger, Random Attack, Heal-Reduction, Battle Start AOE, Paper-Based Aviation

hiroshi figure fantasy

Generally considered one of the weaker AOE options, Hiroshi’s ultimate hits 4 random targets on the map, reducing their healing, while also throwing out an AOE attack at the start of each match. Unfortunately, he has rather low damage potential compared to his competition, like the gold AOE units and even Kazue Iwata, a starter character.

You might want to keep this lonely child out of combat. Especially since the other heal reduction character, Zhuge Liang, blows this small child out of the water.

A Fa

GALATEA, Mr Phoenix, Purple, Militarist, Multi Target Stun, Basic Attack Stun

a fa figure fantasy

Interrupting enemy attacks is A Fa’s game, though you might play Mahjong with them instead. A Fa’s ultimate is a simple guaranteed 1-second stun on their target and two other random enemies, acting more like an interrupt than a full disable.

Their passive also gives their basic attack a chance to stun for half a second, again useful more as an interrupt than a true disable. You may want to use them on manual rather than auto, if you plan to use them at all. That way, they can stop people from doing whatever it is they’re doing, on demand. Otherwise though, pass. You’ve got better choices for this sort of job.

And this marks the end of our Figure Fantasy tier list. If you want a chat with other players, or have tips to share for certain characters, leave a comment below!