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Pure Sniper Beginner’s Guide: Tricks, Tips & Strategies to Ace the Missions and Eliminate Your Targets Effectively

Pure Sniper puts you in the shoes of an urban assassin amidst a city marred by crime. You have to develop your marksmanship, trust your weapon, and pray that your shots will find your targets to triumph in your every deployment.

pure sniper guide

Currently, Pure Sniper is one of the heavy-hitters in’s vast game library. With an upbeat background music, simple interface, multiple mission types, well-designed guns, and the use of the traditional limited energy system to moderate the players’ appetite, you would eventually know why.

pure sniper in-mission

If you have played any sniper-themed games before, such as Hitman Sniper, this Pure Sniper beginner’s guide will then be the piece of intel that will help you advance through the game by securing an impeccable mission success rate with our without topping up for in-game currency.

1. The Basics Of Pure Sniper

While the game makes you jump into action right away, it’s smart to know the options and the objects displayed on the main screen.

pure sniper main screen

On the upper half of the screen, from left to right, you have the gear icon (which serves as your shortcut to the game settings), your profile indicator and experience (XP) progress bar, the leaderboard podium, energy units, cash and gold count, and the shop.

pure sniper upper half of main screen

In Pure Sniper, the settings hold your account-related options. If you see a red notification mark from the main screen, it indicates that you are yet to bind the game data to your Facebook account to secure it. You will also have the means to modify game settings, tweak in-mission controls, and rearrange button layout. It is also where you can reach the development team to get support, check FAQs, view the game’s legal compliances, and see your messaging privacy status.

pure sniper settings

If you’re planning to excel in competing against other players, the leaderboard would be of great importance to you. Exploring it lets you check how your PVP performance ranks against the rest of the world basing on the number of trophies earned. There is also a view selector to check how you’re doing at certain time periods in your entire career in Pure Sniper. A separate view is also a available to see which clans are currently ruling the game.

pure sniper leaderboard

The shop is where you can top-up to buy resources with real currency. In it, you can purchase cash, gold, combo bundles, and join the VIP club which is the Pure Sniper’s premium access. Cash is used for buying and upgrading weapons. You can, however, only use it to purchase non-premium guns. Gold is what you need to buy premium weapons (or the ones with a golden Z label), suppressors, and buy energy units.

Also, the left hand side of the upper half will periodically display limited-time promos and opposite it is a calendar icon that opens the daily rewards. The claimable rewards change every five days and missing to claim for a day will reset it back to day 1. Therefore, it is ideal to login daily if you wish to capitalize on this resource earning opportunity.

pure sniper daily reward

On the lower half of the main screen, from left to right, you have the claimable gold reward (an ad viewing opportunity that has a six-hour cooldown), Weapons (a shortcut to the weapon shop), PVP (which will only open when you’ve reached Zone ), and Missions.

pure sniper lower half of main screen

There is no dedicated arsenal view in Pure Sniper. Instead, when you browse the weapon shop, the guns you have already acquired will be marked as “owned.” You can proactively buy and upgrade guns here. Alternatively, the game will work to redirect you to the weapons shop if you attempt to start a mission while equipped with an inferior gun, giving you the chance to switch weapons or get upgrades to make you eligible for the contract at hand.

pure sniper weapons

Visiting the weapons shop from the main screen lands you on a lobby that displays a weapon on sale and beneath are shortcuts to browse guns according to their class. In contrast, if you get to the weapons from mission prompts, you’ll be taken to the weapon class apt for the mission.

PVP puts you in a free-for-all sniping battle against other players. As hinted earlier, we will not be covering It, as this article is only meant to be a beginner’s guide. To give you an idea, though, the main goal in PVP is to kill all the other snipers and try to be the first one on the board to earn the most trophies.

pure sniper pvp results

Killing other players and landing headshots will be your means to score. Be mindful, though, that the competition is tough, as most snipers participating here are already at Zone 6 and onwards, thus possessing more powerful guns.

The Missions is where the action happens. It will let you access four mission types, two of which are constant (Campaign and Boss) and the other two changes depending on which zone you’re at. We’ll discuss them in better detail a bit later in section for missions.

pure sniper missions

2. Attuning To The Basics

Pure Sniper has been fittingly named because each time you are deployed, you are purely there to eliminate your targets. You are given just one vantage point, meaning you cannot willfully transfer to a different firing spot—you have to neutralize your mark with what you have been given.

To be a successful assassin in Pure Sniper, you have to work through multiple limitations. This include having a limited amount of energy, fixed position and shooting angle in deployment, and the need to farm resources necessary for upgrades.

Dealing with Energy Woes

When you engage in a mission, regardless of the mission type, you will spend at least one energy. Pure Sniper uses an energy system that is widely used in mobile games. Your energy will naturally replenish, one by one. Once there is a vacant energy slot, you will begin to regenerate one energy unit every 15 minutes.

There are three ways you can regain your energy without waiting:

pure sniper energy refill

1) The first way is to watch an ad. If there is an ad available for viewing, a short ad will be shown; otherwise, the game will state that there are currently no ads to be shown. Watching an ad awards you with two units of energy. We encourage you to maximize this option as it may present an infinite well of energy. Ads rarely get depleted and if they do, just close and reload the game and the ad queue will be back up.

2) The second way is to purchase energy. For this to work, you must at least have 100 gold. While this option comes at a quite hefty price, it will refill all energy slots letting you jump back in action at will.

3.) The third way is to get promoted to the next rank. Reaching the next rank will replenish your entire energy. This means, however, that it is purely circumstantial. It is ideal to go for this option if your XP bar is about to be full. To capitalize on this, it is ideal to prioritize doing Campaign missions because they give the most XP. If you are keen to be a paying player, joining the VIP club will fully replenish your energy one time in a similar way.

Now that you have an idea how to take advantage of Campaign missions, let’s digest each mission type.

Maximizing the Missions

More than offering a variety of assignments, each mission type in Pure Sniper is designed to fulfill their own purpose and provide varying rewards and circumstances.

pure sniper target

Campaign (blue marker) missions offer you a good balance of XP and cash rewards. It also presents a variety of challenges ranging from assignments with multiple targets, hits that involve stopping mobile targets, deployments where either you or your marks are aboard moving vehicles, and missions where you must wait out and observe for a bit to identify subjects before shooting.

The difficulty scales up as you progress though mission numbers and zones. As mentioned above, ranking up will refill your entire energy. However, this has a limit–each zone only has 35 campaigns.

When you have already played through all the 35, replaying the last one won’t offer any XP and worse, it will also give minimal cash reward. If you have maxed what a zone offers, going for the other mission types instead types is highly encouraged.

Boss (purple marker) missionsare limited to five per zone. As such, the bounty in terms of experience and gold are higher than that of other mission types. The catch, however, is that it requires two units of energy for each attempt. Equation-wise, the two-energy attempt cost is worth it, as long as you won’t fail. Boss missions also acts as your key to zone advancement because you can only unlock the next once you have cleared all the five boss missions.

pure sniper zone 2

Although rewarding, Boss missions are demanding too, as each mission requires higher weapons to stats. You will be compelled to spend your cash to meet critical upgrades. Once you have met the stat requirements and the upgrade alert turns to yellow (or becomes a check), you’d be able to start the current available boss mission.

pure sniper zone 2 boss sample

Naturally, Boss missions are meant to be more challenging. You’ll face twists that makes each mission increasingly harder, justifying the need to improve your weapon’s stats. This may include targets that are either too far or moving too fast, criminals firing from fast-moving vehicles, small time windows, and armored criminals that may take more than 1 hit to eliminate. Sometimes, it is often a combination of those.

Manhunt, Bomb Hunter, etc. (yellow marker) are quick and simple missions. Early in the game, through your handler, the Manhunt in Zone 1 is presented as a way where you can earn money and it does exactly that. You’ll be given assignments to eliminate targets, not much different from campaign missions. What’s good with the Manhunt is that you only need to spend one energy per attempt and the weapon stats requirement are quite minimal compared to what campaign or boss hunt demands. Basically, as long as you have a weapon for that zone or higher, you’ll be good to go.

pure sniper bomb crowd

In Zone 2 or Miami, this is replaced by Bomb Hunter. In it, the mission carries just one theme: to liquidate suicide bombers within limited time. Your mark however is meant to wade through a crowd of civilians, so you cannot afford to open fire too much and miss.

pure sniper bomb spot

If you miss a shot, the civilians will be startled and run away. Shortly after that, the target will also proceed to run making it harder for you to land a clean hit. If you miss a shot, take advantage of the short moment where the target will remain in place deciding which direction to charge at.

pure sniper bomb miss

Contracts, Air Assault, etc. (green marker) is similar to yellow marker missions—they serve as a means to farm cash, but potentially better because there are multiple targets. Having multiple targets opens up the opportunity to register several headshots. This mission type also has a time limit of two minutes. We encourage you to take adequate time for each shot and aim for the head. If you’re wondering why, we will tell more about headshots at a different section of this guide.

pure sniper bomb run

Zone 2’s Air Assault will be more challenging because apart from beating the clock, you are to deal with enemies shooting at you while flying aboard a helicopter. If you take too much time in meeting the required kill count, you will eventually be shot down.

pure sniper air assault

The most ideal targeting method in Air Assault is to anticipate the natural panning of the crosshair as the helicopter moves. You may feel tempted to move your crosshair to offset the aim shift, but it is best to go with it. Try to hold your crosshair to where it will pass your preferred target and then tap fire when the mark hits it. Your helicopter will have a somewhat predictable pattern, but will undergo multiple directional changes. This means that committing purely to headshots will be difficult because your “fixed” platform will be moving, essentially giving you limited time to aim.

pure sniper barrel target

What’s good with green marker missions is the presence of explosive barrels. Shooting a barrel will make it explode essentially killing all enemies within a certain radius. A safe way to approach a clean finish then is to go barrel hunting. If you aren’t keen to score headshots, using a shotgun would make your work easier.

pure sniper barrel boom

Note that XP is only awarded in Campaign and Boss missions, so choose your missions accordingly whether your aim is to reach the next rank or simply earn cash.

Now that you’re aware of the mission types, it’s time to get you familiar with the weapon classes available in Pure Sniper.

3. Tools Of The Trade

As the game title suggests, the default weapon in Pure Sniper is the sniper rifle, but there are other weapon types available to you, especially for missions where the use of a sniper rifle is not allowed. We’ll go over teach type one by one after we discuss what the weapons board display offers.

Pictured below is the Zone 3 sniper rifle, KN-Evoke. You can see bars for each stat. The gray bar shows the current stat in effect. The green bar, meanwhile, shows how much room for upgrades are left in each stat.

pure sniper z3 normal sniper

If you are transported to the weapons section through a mission’s prompt (which normally happens when you need to upgrade or change your current equipped firearm) you will see colored exclamation point marks. This alerts you on what stats your gun lacks. Yellow warnings are minor, meaning you can still take on the mission without complying to the stat requirement. On the other hand, red warnings are critical and simply means that the upgrades are compulsory.

Range determines your weapon’s maximum effect range. Upgrading it will mean that your weapon can deal its full damage at extended distances.

Stability indicates the potential sway your weapon has while in aiming mode. Each weapon has a natural sway in them, you can notice this when you are trying to place your crosshair on a target–rest it at a point and you will see it slightly sway off-center.

Zoom dictates how much your gun’s sight can zoom into the landscape. This is ideal at the latter zones and in missions where the targets are particularly distant. Targets aren’t usually hard to notice, but if you need to be extra sure, especially for missions where you have to check for a particular item that identifies a subject (based on the clue from a mission brief), additional zooming power will be your friend in avoiding mistakes.

Damage is self-explanatory. Upgrading up to a recommended point ensures that your weapon has enough firepower to down your targets in just one shot.

Magazine is the number of rounds a gun can eject before reloading. Improving this is somewhat important because it lets you quickly fire follow-up shots whenever you miss.

Reload states how many seconds it takes to reload a gun. Potentially, this is the least important stat, except perhaps when you take on missions where you are likely to miss or there are multiple targets shooting at you. Remember, each second you spend in reloading means you are unable to defend yourself.

The cost of upgrades progressively increases and at a certain point will entail some waiting time as parts have to be “imported” yet. Naturally, more expensive guns are pricier to upgrade.

With the purpose of each stat clear now, let’s proceed to talk about the weapon classes and their respective strengths and weaknesses.

Sniper Rifles

Possessing the best range among all weapon types, sniper rifles, are the heart of the game. While all weapons are upgradeable and can eventually achieve an impressive range, sniper rifles have the best base range stat among their counterparts in other classes. Their only drawback is a low rate of and a relatively low ammo capacity.

To put things in perspective, your default rifle (or the only gun that the game forces you to buy as you start), the Bear Hunter, starts off with just a single bullet capacity, meaning you have to reload after each shot.

pure sniper bear hunter

Assault Rifles

Offering high firepower and a larger clip compared to sniper rifles, assault rifles prove to be the better tool in missions with multiple targets. Their only drawback would be a lower default stability rating. A well-upgraded assault rifle will make for a more convenient Campaign mission weapon because you would have the luxury to make follow-up shots when you miss or if the damage you dealt is not enough to put down the target with single shot.

pure sniper kzo 90mm


The game’s version of shotguns is where it steps deeper into the fictional realm; shotguns–which in the real world are close quarter combat weapons—have scoped counterparts in Pure Sniper. Shotguns pack a lot of punch, although they have inferior range and excruciatingly long reload times.

pure sniper griz

What make shotguns great would be their splash damage, making them ideal weapons in green marker missions. They are effective in and out of the zoomed state. Be careful, though, in using shotgun on missions with civilians because killing even just one would cost you the mission.

pure sniper splash
pure sniper splash zoom


Overall reliability is what pistols are all about. Pistols have decent damage and respectable range, but their main strength is their stability and shorter reload times. Acquiring pistols is optional, but if you’re keen to get a gun with a negligible sway when in aiming mode, it is a good idea to keep one.

pure sniper magnum

Some game modes will have weapon requirements or suggestions and this means that you’ll interact with each weapon type. You will also notice that guns have a zone label on them and it determines up to what zone a gun can be used in. This means that a Zone 2 or Z2 gun cannot be used in Zone 3 and onwards even if it is fully-upgraded. This dynamic in Pure Sniper bounds you to buy multiple guns of each class as you advance.

Since purchasing and upgrading guns mean you need to haul in cash, let’s now tackle the strategies that will help ensure your success in missions to make your resource inflow smoother.

4. Situations And Best Strategies

You will eventually develop your skills and become a good shooter. However, a shooter is only as good as his gun. This why we need to pull out all the stops to ensure we can wring the most cash reward in each mission. We’ll share to you the main tips for farming efficiently.

Secure Headshots Whenever Conducive

pure sniper headshot

The appeal of headshots is inherent to FPS games mainly because registering one feels more satisfying compared to scoring a kill from a body shot. There is also no denying that a headshot kill makes for a better cinematic elimination of a target. Beyond the style points, though, headshots are also important in your Pure Sniper career.

pure sniper headshot max bonus

We’ve hinted in an earlier section to try and secure headshots whenever possible. The reason for it is the extra $25 cash you will earn for each. Up to 10 headshots can be fitted with such a bonus per mission. This is important as there will be rare, random moments where the game will offer you a x2 multiplier for your cash reward in exchange for watching an ad. If you have formed the headshot habit, you increase your chances of capitalizing on this unpredictable multiplier when it pops up.

pure sniper mission complete

Like all habits, committing to headshots must also be moderated. Remember, headshots require a bit more aiming time than just settling for a shot to the greater mass—the body. In Pure Sniper, even if you only hit an arm or leg of a target, as long as your weapon has enough damage, it will be a confirmed kill. The idea then is to know when to play it safe or when you have the “privilege” of more aiming time. The next section is meant to help you identify that.

Reading the Scenario

Before you tap on the start button of a mission, carefully read first the short mission brief. If it does not indicate that there are multiple targets, it means you only have to watch out for one. If that is the case, poise your crosshair well and anticipate your mark—if he is just standing still or moving slowly, this is an opportunity for you to aim for the head.

pure sniper singular target

On the other hand, the mission brief will either express how many targets there are or at least address them as plural if there is more than one. When tackling such missions, you need to consider their distance to each other or how long will it take you to shift from one to the next. If you feel that it won’t take you long to shift your aim, you may resume the headhunting program.

pure sniper plural targets

Neutralizing Moving Targets

If the target is moving, you can go with the waiting method. This involves analyzing your mark’s displacement. What direction is the target going? How fast is the target’s movement? Is the target just moving in one line? To know the answers to those questions, form an imaginary point A and point B, with point A being your target and point B as its apparent destination.

pure sniper stat waiting assess pattern

The mission brief of the image above suggests that the target will catch the bus; that means that the bus is the point B and point A is the target’s origin. Once you have identified points A and B, imagine that a line exists crossing both points. Your aim then is to position your crosshair along that line.

Once your mark enters your crosshair, hit the fire button. This is much more efficient than everybody’s default aiming method, “tracking” or simply dragging the crosshair to follow a target. Moreover, waiting will allow you to approximate your crosshair for a headshot placement.

pure sniper stat waiting

While tracking targets can also work, there is a tendency that if you miss, you might feel forced to compensate too much for the next shot. For example, you went for the tracking method and, then you missed the first shot. Due to that, you suddenly thought of switching to the waiting method instead. Due to the hasty shift, you might end up aiming and shooting too far ahead, thus missing again. Therefore, if there is only one, moving target, you’re better off to wait for him to walk or run into your sights.

Enemies with Erratic Patterns

You will encounter missions where the targets aren’t running simple, straight lines, thus making it tricky for you to predict their movements. The image below is a Zone 2 Boss mission that serves as a concrete example.

pure sniper parkour

In that mission, your mark is a parkour athlete and as such, we can’t expect him to simply run on flat ground; his movement will involve climbing, jumping, and vaulting. Such erratic movements may distract you. The ideal mode of approach for it is simple: anticipate the target’s entry into a wide, open space where you can employ the waiting method.

anticipate movement in pure sniper

The same strategy is applicable for targets aboard fast-moving vehicles (i.e., blitzing cars, boats, jet skis, and aircraft). It is impractical to swipe-track them as it would take luck for the endpoint of your swipe to land where you exactly want your crosshair to be. As such, it would be better to wait for them to take a turn that presents you a better shooting angle and capitalize on that window by utilizing the waiting method.

Engaging Multiple Marks

In missions where there are multiple targets, you need to identify the answers to a few key questions:

1) How many targets are there?

pure sniper multi hint

The biggest consideration is keeping in mind how many targets you must eliminate. It gives you an idea how much room for error you have if you miss shots. Ideally, of course, you want to be 100% accurate, but that is rather a fantasy scenario.

pure sniper reload aim

Missing shots means reloading is inevitable. But don’t fret, it is not entirely a nightmare. If you are using a sniper rifle, you will keep your zoomed aim even when reloading—this lets you “stick” to your mark. However, if you are using any other weapon type, you will temporarily be out of the zoomed state until the reloading is done. While at it, the “wide” crosshair will be replaced by a circular loading animation.

Just keep your mark near the center of the loading circle because once your gun has been reloaded, the zoomed state will resume where the circle is centered at. You would particularly find this useful in green marker missions where the use of sniper rifles is not allowed and you are expected to reload a few times.

2) How far apart are the targets from each other?

pure sniper multi target

Your observation is key to discerning the answer to this question. If the enemies are far apart, you can pick them off one by one and may even have the extra time to aim for their heads. The spacing of targets also lets you apply the concept called “grouping” which is basically segmenting the targets into small groups—first taking on the targets that have lesser distance between them before jumping unto other targets that require you to drag your scope for quite a distance.

pure sniper multi target check

The main danger when dealing with multiple targets is the possibility that your subsequent targets will flee after you shot the first one. Which is why we have previously mentioned the need to consider the distance in between them.

Your first step then is to survey the scene and take into account what the mission brief says. Next, spot your marks to devise a grouping. Finally, engage according to your grouping.

multi target engagement in pure sniper

3) Are the targets armed or do they pose direct threat to you or any civilians?

It’s hard to miss the answer to this because it doesn’t take much effort to see if an individual on the scene is wielding a weapon or wearing a bomb vest. Your main focus then is to identify the dangerous individuals’ role and behavior.

taking shots in pure sniper

There are Campaign and Boss missions where your targets will be proactively shooting at you. Logically, you should eliminate them before they hit you. Your approach here doesn’t have to be systematic, simply acquire your targets and kill them as quickly as possible.

Meanwhile, there will be a few missions that involve armed men patrolling or guarding a site. In such scenarios, expect the targets to return fire shortly after they realized one of them is killed or when shot landed within their proximity. The grouping method is the go-to approach here.

pure sniper shot

If the targets are armed, you need to act urgently because they pose the threat of killing you or any civilians present; placing a headshot only becomes a second priority. Still, you may opt to score one if the waiting/panning method is available.

Once you have mastered these three general strategies, you will have a solid base that will enable you to formulate your own modes of approach. You will be able to comfortably adapt to the progressively increasing difficulties of the missions in Pure Sniper.

As you play on and advanced through zones, more and more elements will be introduced that would make the game complex. To give you an idea, you will eventually encounter bullet drop and wind resistance calculation. Nevertheless, locking in the three base strategies will eventually allow you to tame future challenges.

5. Grab Every Bonus That’s Available

Like touched up in the Tools of the Trade section earlier, the cost of upgrading guns gradually increases. You will particularly feel it in your bid to max out a weapon’s stats—much more for the guns meant for the latter zones. You’ll find yourself having to do green and yellow marker missions repeatedly just to save enough cash for a big upgrade.

Be kind to yourself (and the devs) by not missing out on any ad viewing opportunity because it will greatly help your resource farming. Apart from the daily rewards, the claimable gold every six hours, the random mission rewards multiplier, and energy refill, the game also offers ad viewing opportunity for extra gold each time you rank up.

ranking up in pure sniper

Watching an ad will double the level up gold reward. If you are saving up for a premium weapon, you know you wouldn’t want to skip it.

Additionally, as long as you have not reached Zone 3 yet, the game will occasionally offer free cash out of nowhere. Such prompts may appear after you finish missions or simply by navigating through the game’s different sections.

We could have inserted what we’ve shared in this section in any of the previous ones, but we chose to create a separate one for it just to create an emphasis.

If you have reached this point in this Pure Sniper beginner’s guide, we congratulate you because you are now equipped with knowledge of the fundamentals, weapon classes, mission types, and the base strategies. All that is left for you now is to apply them. Go forth, grab your weapon of choice and own the missions!

As Pure Sniper has been out for quite some time now, some of you may be playing the game already. If we have missed to mention anything in this article that may help beginners improve, feel free to comment it below. Also, if you have your own strategies, the community would be delighted to hear from you. Thank you and we hope you enjoyed this article as much as we took delight preparing it!

Flavlo 23

Tuesday 18th of January 2022

Th Overloard LR65 with max damage of 2500.However, I have come across some players who have a gun similar to that of Bear Hunter of level 1 or 2 eccept that this gun has well over 2600+ damage and I do not ser it anywhere in the gun store. ???


Monday 10th of January 2022

I've been waiting for weeks on the next level to be constructed as it says it is being,looks like I'll be waiting because it doesn't seem to be happening,is this game a money gimmick


Thursday 13th of January 2022

@Allen, all their other games are still waiting for an update, perhaps the devs are busy yet. Hoping for a great update!


Wednesday 5th of January 2022

Can i sell my maxed out guns back to buy others . I wasted money on the First one and didnt need too !


Thursday 13th of January 2022

@Joseph M SIMMONDS, Unfortunately, all sniper games follow the same format with weapons: the earlier ones cannot be sold. Hence, grinding out resources is the way.