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Hitman: Sniper Cheats & Strategy Guide: 6 Fantastic Tips to Complete More Missions

Square Enix’s Hitman: Sniper puts you in the role of Agent 47 in this shooter that’s set in Montenegro. It’s a fixed position shooting game that allows you to make use of skill, subtlety, subterfuge, and the environment to complete your contracts as a hitman. There are more than 150 missions for you to play as Agent 47, and you’ll get to learn some interesting secrets as your contracts evolve. So how do you climb up the leaderboard and kill more criminals with all the skills you need to master? We’ll show you just how, through the following Hitman: Sniper cheats, tips and tricks.

1. Read The Scene

Sometimes, you’ll see text as the game loads, though this would usually be inconsequential tips the game gives you, inconsequential, that is, if you’ve been playing for a while. But in Hitman: Sniper, you really should pay close attention to the text on the loading screen. It will mostly tell you to “read the scene” before firing – part of the Hitman series’ mechanics is that guards and targets have a predictable way of moving around. Use the ample time you have in the early levels to study how your targets move.

2. Know Your Objectives

Scoring a lot of points is all well and good if you’re looking to rise up the leaderboard, but they won’t mean much unless you accomplish your objectives in a mission. That should always be your primary concern when playing Hitman: Sniper.

3. Don’t Get Too Trigger-Happy

In most, if not all cases, it wouldn’t be a good idea to kill people while out in the open. That’s going to cause a ripple effect – the guards will notify their colleagues on the grounds, targets will seek safe haven elsewhere, and there’s even the chance civilians will report you to the authorities. The only time you should kill people while out in the open is during the extraction process, as there won’t be any time for anyone to sound the alarm. Also, as a bonus tip, make sure you hide dead bodies, even if no one sees you killing anybody.

4. Watch Out For The Guards

Guards can either be curious, suspicious, or alarmed – you definitely don’t want the guards to be alarmed, as that happens when you kill someone in plain view of them. Curious and suspicious guards shouldn’t be much to worry about, as there are ways to flush them out, say, by shooting the electrical box outside the ground level guard building, without them having to sound the alarm.

5. Save The Main Target For Last

Now if you’re looking to score a lot of points, one thing you can do is to save your main target for last. This character is marked by red crosshairs, and if you kill that main target, that will end the level automatically in just ten seconds.

6. Unlock New Rifles

There are three ways for you to do this – you can advance through the levels, you can reach a certain height on the leaderboards, or you can collect a certain number of parts required. The first two happen on their own, but the last method is something you’ll have to keep in mind at all times, as weapon parts are associated with specific targets.