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Lost in Paradise: Waifu Connect Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Tricks & Strategies to Collect the Best Waifus

If RPGs are your favorite videogame genre and if you have lost count of mobile games you have actually spent time on, then chances are that you have played and enjoyed some, or at least one, of Eyougame’s many titles. Eyougame currently has 47 games under its massive app portfolio and while the list includes games across different genres, most of their hits belong to the RPG category. Gaia Odyssey, Yokai Tamer, and Soul Destiny can be singled out as some of the most successful games of the company.

Lost in Paradise: Waifu Connect is a casual card title Eyougame, that promises to adventuous gameplay and unique idle-style exploration. Lost in Paradise: Waifu Connect is comparable to a kingdom management fantasy adventure where you collect waifus to strengthen your army of beautiful maidens and your paradise kingdom. As the ruler and commander of your growing kingdom, battles are not exclusively the concerns on your plate as there are plenty of other concerns that you will need to decide wisely on.

Lost in Paradise: Waifu Connect is certainly brimming with content and features to discover and revel in. The first moments you spend in establishing your kingdom will be a learning process that serves as the tutorial session that walks you through all the basics you need to know. Every new feature unlocked comes with a brief guide and every other matter that requires your attention bear an indicative marker.

lost in paradise waifu connect harem

Anyone can surely make progress in Lost in Paradise: Waifu Connect regardless of the choices made and the actions performed. In addition to active engagement, there are also numerous ways to earn resources passively. Despite the relatively easy gameplay mechanics, there are certainly faster and more efficient ways to grow your army and expand your territory in Lost in Paradise: Waifu Connect.

If you have just taken your initial dive into its amazing world and on the lookout for rapid progression, we have you covered as our Lost in Paradise: Waifu Connect beginner’s guide comes with some useful tips and strategies!

1. Prioritize Campaign Stage Progression

There are several features and activities in Lost in Paradise: Waifu Connect that you would want to explore as soon as the tutorial ends and you are free to check on everything the game has to offer. Additional features become unlocked as well with milestones in your progression and when they do, you will normally be dragged to take a peek of the newly unlocked content.

lost in paradise waifu connect zahi

While it is surely okay to check every icon with an indicator on it as that would form part of your regular routine early on, the best way to go is to start challenging the stages and move up as much as you can. The battle stage, which you can access via the “Stage” icon at the bottom of your screen, is a simple battle of combat power (CP) and a tremendous source of gold, EXP, and followers.

Beyond these rewards, completions of each stage grant you extra rewards that include Koban, which is a premium currency, partner shards, and even mounts you can equip to your partners.

lost in paradise waifu connect battle

Beyond the basic rewards that you will constantly be in need of, especially the EXP that serves as an important key to unlocking a variety of other features, progression through the campaign stages is mostly important because of its tie up to the idle rewards you receive per hour. You will only need to beat a stage once and will never be able to challenge it ever again once you reach the next stage.

There really is no need for farming basic resources anyway as you will constantly earn all the basic resources you need idly. The farther you progress through the campaign stages, the higher the amounts of gold, EXP, and followers you obtain so pushing to beat each one should be made top priority.

2. Choose To Deploy Synergistic Partners

Lost in Paradise: Waifu Connect boasts having 300 waifus for you to collect and set up to be a part of your strikeforce that engages all battles in your behalf. Although securing characters is largely from a gacha system, Lost in Paradise: Waifu Connect is one of the few RPGs that make it unnecessary for players to subscribe to a reroll session. This is because while obtaining characters from the recruitment portal is based on luck, there are plenty of other means to obtain even the highest rarity units.

lost in paradise waifu connect partner

Although you will only start with a couple of waifus to engage in battles for you, you will soon have an overabundance of units to choose from as to which ones will be deployed. Note that this will hold true even if you do not spend Koban for pulls as there are often free pulls and rewards from a variety of sources also grant you partner shards that you can use to recruit specific units.

Aside from the unit’s physical appearance, which may be influential to some players, a more objective way of choosing which from among the characters in your roster are to be deployed banks on their rarity grade. From most rewards and the gacha, you can obtain normal or NR, rare or R, super rare or SR, and specially super rare or SSR grade units. At the top of the rarity grade chart are the UR or Ultra Rare characters, which can only be obtained through fusion.

lost in paradise waifu connect tiger of kai-takeda shingen

All characters within the same rarity level basically have the same worth as far as CP is concerned. The difference lies in each character’s unique best matches. Best matches encompass not just the best equipment for them but, more importantly, the other partners you can choose to deploy along with them.

To get all the details regarding best matches there are 2 options as to where you can view this information. The first one is through the “Partner” icon at the right side of the home screen, and the other is through the “Camp” feature.

For each character, there are special gears that provide additional stat boosts once they equip it. A similar stat increase is granted to the character if she is deployed along with other specific units. Another important set of details to take note of is the best matches for the partner. Deploying these units along with your chosen character enables these units to join in on a skill activation, ensuring higher damage outputs in combat and tremendously giving your team a solid advantage.

lost in paradise waifu connect best match

Considering to deploy units all interlinked to one another through the best match feature can be very tedious especially with the random element of securing some units. It is a given as well that deployed units increase in number following milestones you reach relative to your level. Once a new slot has become unlocked and a new member can form part of your squad, be sure to remember aligning the new team member with the best match consideration for all other waifus you have chosen to deploy.

3. Strategize Around Enhancements And Upgrades

Lost in Paradise: Waifu Connect is expectedly packed with ways and means to increase your CP and you can expect a great deal of it to come from your overflowing roster of femme fatales. Conventional RPGs are designed to make upgrades and enhancements permanent, leaving more experienced players to be very careful as to which characters they invest in.

On the other hand, more modern RPG titles often employ risk-free resource investment schemes, allowing players to conveniently switch characters in and out their teams without any penalty whatsoever to the upgrades invested in.

In every account, Lost in Paradise: Waifu Connect makes it very easy and convenient for players to invest as much as they want in their top units, almost ensuring wastage of precious resources following unavoidable changes to their team’s roster. Given that you can expect to change the list of deployed partners, knowing that you can do so while keeping every upgrade and enhancement intact for the new members provide great relief.

lost in paradise waifu connect partner advance

To start off, there is no need to level up characters in Lost in Paradise: Waifu Connect. Once you reach a new level, each deployed waifu will have the same level. The same goes for each character’s mount. Each deployed unit can be equipped with a weapon, an armor, and an accessory. Just like the mounts, these gears like all other equipment follow a rarity grade equivalent to that of the partners themselves.

For the above 3 gears, it is recommended to go all out on upgrading them. You can upgrade them up to your current level, and you should as it only costs gold coins, which is the most basic currency you will have a plethora of right from the start of your journey.

Note that these upgrades are lodged on the gear slots, which means that the upgrade levels will stay even if you change to another piece of equipment. The same goes for the entire set of gears equipped on the character. All gears are actually equipped to the character slot, so changing the characters will automatically place all equipment on the one deployed.

Although lodged on the character slot, however, the 2 artifacts or personages equipped to the character slot have upgrade levels that go with them. Given that these artifacts come with different rarities and boosts provided, it is best to strategize around which ones you choose to upgrade. You need EXP Beads or other artifacts to give them EXP and raise their levels and these resources are not as common as gold coins so exercising prudence in this regard is recommended.

lost in paradise waifu connect mount talent

Going back to mounts, it is a big sigh of relief to actually not need to level them up. Mounts, however, have talents that need to be unlocked. Each mount can have 5 talents based on their quality or rarity and the only way to unlock talents beyond the first is to spend 100 Koban for each of them.

With this, you need to be very selective as to which mounts you wish to have more talents unlocked. Talents are passive abilities that appear randomly and if you do not like the ones you have, except for the primary talent, you can roll for another one through refinement. You get 3 free chances daily and the additional rolls cost 100 Koban.

Each partner in your team can be further empowered through advancing them or starring them up. Advancement requires Advance Scrolls and Reward Certs. Starring up consume star elixirs. Both these processes tremendously increase the CP of your unit but it stays with them and not the deployment slot. If you change your mind and would opt to replace them in your team, you can opt to have them go through rebirth. This will net you all the resources you invested so you can invest the same resources in the replacement.

4. Always Check On Items And Gears

For the most part, the items and gears you will be utilizing at the early part of your adventure are largely, if not entirely, direct rewards you have earned from battles you engaged in as well as achievement rewards, event rewards, or even from passive benefits. Gears certainly add a huge chunk of CP to each unit deployed and there are more gears you can obtain beyond what is readily available.

Not just for gears but other resources as well, it is very important in Lost in Paradise: Waifu Connect for you to regularly check on your inventory. You can easily do this by tapping on the item icon at the right side of the main screen. Items are categorized into tabs and you should often visit the second one, which is the items you have that are openable.

opening chest in lost paradise waifu connect

Like treasure chests or gift boxes in conventional games, items listed here need to be opened to reveal their true rewards. These can be a variety of things from gears and mounts to resources you will constantly have a need for. As always, the rule is that it is best to receive these items sooner than later so if you see an indicator on the item icon, it is because you have openable items waiting to be claimed.

With regard to gears, you do not necessarily leave securing better ones to chance and RNG. Under the gear menu, which you can access via its icon just beside items, there is a “craft gear” button at the bottom of the page, allowing you to create your very own gears provided that you have sufficient resources to do so.

lost in paradise waifu connect gears

Weapon shards and weapon essences are needed to craft gears of different rarity grades. Beyond generating your own gears, each crafting activity you perform earns EXP that is needed to level up your bazaar, ultimately leading you to unlock more types of gears to craft.

Note that the crafting feature also extends to other gears categorized under different tabs within the menu. You can recruit new retinues, tame new mounts, or even craft other valuable resources through this feature. There will naturally be a drive to always go for the higher grade end products as far as crafting is concerned but then, you should also consider drafting the lower grade items first to earn EXP and level up your bazaar.

5. Take On All Available Adventure Game Modes

The campaign stages may be the most important set of battles you should push to progress in but it certainly won’t be the only one to prepare for. Lost in Paradise: Waifu Connect holds other game modes that test your team’s CP as well as help contribute towards earning you additional resources. Given that not all resources can be earned from the campaign, you will certainly need to make an effort in making progress through the other challenges within the adventure mode.

Likewise, you will inevitably reach a point the campaign where your CP will no longer be enough to beat the stage. If such is the case, then you can earn more resources and raise your CP further through the various game modes under the adventure mode.

lost in paradise waifu connect demon pagoda

One of the game modes you will battle through often much like the campaign is the Demon Pagoda. This game mode resembles tower climbs in conventional RPGs with each floor granting several rewards and the higher the floor, the more difficult it becomes. Beyond the regular rewards per floor beaten, you will also earn Musume or monster eggs that eventually grow and evolve into humanoid pets you can interact with.

There are milestone rewards to claim from the Demon Pagoda and the highest floor you have beaten determines your rank compared to everyone else within the server, granting you daily rewards based on it.

The Sword Dojo is the closest game mode to a PvP arena where you can get to challenge other players’ teams to reach higher ranks. Each battle earns you points that you can exchange for valuable resources via the redeem feature. Your rank at the end of each day determines the additional daily rewards you can earn. Note that every challenge attempt consumes energy and you get 25 of it each day.

lost in paradise waifu connect infirmary

The infirmary is a unique game mode devoid of combat. You will find a random girl inside it each day and you can tap or swipe on the girl to treat and caress her, respectively. EXP and various rewards can be earned based on your performance, which also depends on the girl’s character and status. Be sure to take time to read through her reactions.

lost in paradise waifu connect fortress defense

The Fortress Defense is a tower defense mini game, testing not just your team’s overall CP but your strategy and skills as well. The Ambuscade is the first mode under this feature and lets you take on one stage after another based on your capacity. Annihilation is a one challenge per day version and is more challenging to beat. Note that beyond the battles, there is an office tab in this game mode that lets you upgrade different towers that help you repel the invaders.

Supreme Beauty is comparable to the campaign stage battles and the Demon Pagoda ones. It is also based on your team’s CP but instead of stages or floors, battles are progressed from one beauty to conquer after another. Winning a fight fills up an admiration bar and earns you admiration rewards. Once the bar is completely filled, you will be able to recruit the beauty for free.

lost in paradise waifu connect quads conquest

Quads Conquest takes you further away from your kingdom on a quest. Battles take place from one city to another and then from one kingdom to the next. Each battle you engage in earns you followers and gold coins but at certain intervals, treasure chests are unlocked along the way, giving you additional resources.

6. Explore The Palace

Managing an entire kingdom, as we mentioned earlier, is not exclusively limited to handling affairs relative to war. A good chunk of the activities you can partake and revel in lies within the palace itself and you simply need to click on its icon at the lower left side of the main screen to view and access the different structures within your palace. In any case, there should always be an indicator on the palace icon itself whenever there are activities within it that require your attention.

lost in paradise waifu connect return gifts

The courtyard stands as your main doorway towards interacting with your consorts. Raising intimacy levels will be among the objectives with interactions as higher intimacy levels lead to higher consort ranks. Through awards, you can also increase intimacy as well as charm and certain milestones reached relative to charm levels can unlock skills that have passive global effects.

lost in paradise waifu connect courtyard

One of the random effects coming from interacting with consorts is having children and while having more children gives you more to take care of, it also has numerous positive impacts on your kingdom’ growth. Your progenies can perform a variety of function and continue to improve their stats. They can receive stat boosts at the academy and further improve their stats via the library.

Dating leads you to travel across town randomly and meet potential escorts as well as earn various items. You only have 3 attempts per day to travel around but each trip is certainly worth the small effort.

lost in paradise waifu connect egg smash

Both the altar and Buddha reward you daily as well so visiting them should form part of your daily routine. The games area within your palace holds a wide range of fun activities to engage in. Beyond the first mini game, which is the egg smash, instantly rewarding you prizes hidden inside each egg, the next 5 mini games can be played an infinite number of times.

lost in paradise waifu connect crack shot

Activity points earn you various rewards as well as extra hammers to smash eggs. These mini game have very little pressure imposed and are each an excellent way to pass the time awhile earning some rewards.

7. Exercise Your Lordship Regularly

Kingdom management in Lost in Paradise: Waifu Connect involves more than everything we have discussed so far. There are numerous choice decisions and opportunities to earn passive rewards especially for the most active of leaders who consistently manage their affairs on a regular basis. On the home screen, you will often see bubbles floating at the lower portion, signifying various opportunities for you to earn even more rewards and resources.

kingdom management in lost in paradise waifu connect

There could be rendezvous’, garden affairs, or even your deployed partners accomplishing some tasks and bringing you rewards such as Koban or followers. In any case, be sure to take the time to click on any of these bubbles that float on your screen. Do not worry about scenarios that come with choices. Just like all other activities in Lost in Paradise: Waifu Connect that present you with options, any choice leads to rewards.

Just like the idle rewards you earn based on your progress in the campaign stages, the actionable items you will find on the home screen will also continue to accumulate over time. In essence, a more reasonable approach towards ensuring efficient progress in Lost in Paradise: Waifu Connect, is to make short but frequent visits online for these idle rewards.

8. Accomplish Tasks And Achievements

Lost in Paradise: Waifu Connect provides players with tons of activities to enjoy and revel in, ensuring hours of fun-filled engagement in one sitting, but leaving plenty of things to do every couple of hours in a day. Early on, it becomes easy to establish a routine to follow in progressing your adventure and claiming rewards every step of the way.

As easy as it is, Lost in Paradise: Waifu Connect has unlockbale features, some of which take a bit of progression to unlock and once you have unlocked even most of them, it can become a bigger challenge to keep track of priority objectives and aspects of the game you can make bits of progress in.

The red dot indicator that appears atop each icon, signifying an action you need to take or a reward you can claim certainly is a huge help. No indicators, however, does not always mean that there is nothing left for you to do as some choice actions like crafting and fusion will never have indicators given that these activities are entirely dependent on your decision.

lost in paradise waifu connect tasks

Keeping as active as you possibly can ensure a steady progression and there will always be bits of progress every now and then. A good way to guarantee that you are very much on track as far as progress is concerned can be checked against your accomplishments based on the tasks and accomplishments laid out. Tasks and accomplishments provide you with tons of extra rewards based on objectives you have satisfied but, more importantly, also serve as a solid guide towards an efficient progression path.

For starters, make it a habit to click on Sonji at the lower left side of the main screen to check the chapter tasks. There are 9 chapters to complete, each with 6 tasks to accomplish. Each task you complete earns you large sums of coins and accomplish all 6 per chapter grants you rare rewards. For the most part, these tasks all relate to the natural activities you will engage in on a regular basis. If nothing else, these objectives at the very list will apprise or remind you on particular aspects of your overall progression you need to work more on.

lost in paradise waifu connect achievements

The achievements section can be accessed via its icon on the lower right side of the home screen. The first tab of the achievements list called “Bonds” is essentially a summary of the partners you have collected. Partners here are grouped between 2 to 8 members and if you happen to recruit all members for a given set, you can earn special rewards like retinues and even recruit tickets.

The challenge mark is more similar to conventional achievements, documenting milestones you have reached across various aspects of your journey. Completing each task also earns you rewards and as most have progress indicators on them, you can choose to push forward with specific targets and perhaps even be led to discover some features you may not have spent as much time on.

9. Take Advantage Of Special Events

Lost in Paradise: Waifu Connect provides players more than the average amounts of rewards from activities they engage in as well as numerous idle sources. The inclusion of a task and achievement system further provides players extra resources to increase their kingdom and camp’s power, provided they are active. Beyond all that, there are also various special events to further bolster growth and progression.

For the most part, special events provide means to earn rewards and resources that can be difficult or impossible to obtain anywhere else. With some events providing comparatively common rewards, though, it is a given that resources will always be needed to ensure a steady rate of progression even as the challenges grow bigger every step forward.

lost in paradise waifu connect sinking treasure

The 7D Login and 7D Benefits are among the events to take advantage of. For the former, simply logging in for 7 days ensure a UR grade partner and several SSR grade ones. For the latter, activity and effort are needed to ensure maximum haul of extra rewards. Be sure to check in for daily bonuses, challenges, objectives, and even flash sales from the 7D event. This will only be available for the first 7 days of gameplay. You will only be able to see the details of latter days on the day itself but accomplishing targets can still be done ahead of time as well as for the days that has already passed.

There is also an events icon at the upper left side of the main screen and this houses a variety of events worth checking out. For us, one of the most important events to keep mindful of is the Fortune Cat. This will require you to invest Koban for a chance to receive a bigger sum of it. It may seem like a gamble but there really is no chance for you to receive less than what you spent. In essence, it is basically an event that lets you increase your Koban supply provided you can afford to invest.

Naturally, there are limited chances to invest and each succeeding one costs more than the current one. You have to resist the urge to spend your Koban early on and invest here as much as you can. If you do not have enough Koban for the current investment cost, get more of it as much as you can and invest within the period of time this event is available.

lost in paradise waifu connect fortune cat

Another event that is basically equal to earning free rewards is the “Ad Rewards”. Watching a short video ad here earns you 100 Koban and other precious resources. Although some events actually provide rewards for players that top up or spend real money, more of the actual events are actually available for free players.

In addition, even the VIP level can be increase with sheer effort and is not entirely dependent on spending money. The VIP Store falls within the event and you will most likely be eligible to make purchases on it even as a free player. Note that Koban is the needed currency here so be sure to only make purchases when you are done with Fortune Cat and can wait longer to spend Koban on recruitment.

Lost in Paradise: Waifu Connect certainly holds a lot more content and features than what we have covered but as far as the basics go, this is where we wrap up our beginner’s guide. We certainly hope that you picked up a lot of nifty ideas and learnings from the tips and strategies we shared and if you were able to discover some of your own, we hope as well that you can share them with us in the comments!