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Idle Golf Club Manager Tycoon Guide: Tips, Tricks & Strategies to Become the Biggest Golf Tycoon Fast and Easy

Idle Golf Club Manager Tycoon is Neon Play’s latest idle business sim game available for iOS and Android platforms. Despite the existence of other idle golf games in the mobile gaming market such as Golf Inc. Tycoon, Idle Golf Club Manager Tycoon manages to provide its unique mix of gameplay mechanics and features that ensures a new and exciting experience for beginners in the genre as well as more experienced ones.

It certainly is a rare experience to jump straight into a game and figure everything out on your own. Idle Golf Club Manager Tycoon lets players dive right in and skips the tutorial session altogether. It may seem a little overwhelming especially to complete beginners, but Idle Golf Club Manager Tycoon is actually designed to provide players absolute freedom with regard to how they manage and grow their golf club. There are numerous areas and features of the golf club to unlock an upgrade and as you will continue to earn money regardless of what you do, there will never be any instances of losses.

idle golf club manager tycoon guide

Idle Golf Club Manager Tycoon, as an idle clicker casual game, is designed to ensure players never lose. With the simplest of controls and mechanics, anyone can make progress making it unnecessary to even provide a tutorial.

However, different courses of action and play style certainly yield different results in any idle clicker business simulation game. So if you are up for the fastest and easiest way to become the top golf club tycoon, then be sure to read our Idle Golf Club Manager Tycoon guide below! We have collected a bunch of tips and strategies, so you can maximize profitability and growth in the game!

1. Activity Equals Profits

If you are a complete beginner in the idle business genre of games, it is a given that there will only be success. Profits roll in gradually as soon as you start your golf club there is nothing you can do to lead to a failure. One of the most basic ideas you need to understand, however, is that how active you are determines how fast your profits will grow.

idle golf club manager tycoon profits

There is hardly anything that prevents you from spending as much time as you want to tend to your virtual enterprise and you can continue to work your way towards increasing the rate at which profits stream to sustain your company’s growing needs.

Idle Golf Club Manager Tycoon is still a casual game, though, designed to allow players with even the lowest free time to spend on mobile games. As much as active management reels in the most growth in profits, short but frequent visits to your golf club is an almost equally commendable plan of action.

2. Activate The Profit Multiplier

Your initial session in Idle Golf Club Manager Tycoon will certainly be brimming with excitement especially if you have scrolled across the huge area that you will be managing. There are plenty of things to do and areas to explore as you start looking into how to make your golf club business bigger and better. For efficiency’s sake, however, every second counts and as much as there are plenty of ways in Idle Golf Club Manager Tycoon to boost your profit generation, nothing beats the 2x multiplier bonus.

idle golf club manager tycoon profit multiplier

The 2x multiplier bonus in Idle Golf Club Manager Tycoon is actually an ad boost, which means that you need to play a 15 to 30-second video ad to activate the buff. After the ad plays, profits you generate will be doubled and will continue to do so for the next 10 minutes. This will be a constant buff that will apply as you purchase new upgrades. As such, it is best to start your run by activating the profit multiplier first, and spend the next 10 minutes twice as much regardless of what you do and accomplish.

Although there are currently no ways to extend the duration of the 2x profit multiplier, while it is still active, you can be sure that an opportunity to take advantage of this feature will appear again once the 10-minute period has lapsed. There are plenty more of ad boosts worth checking into but the double income multiplier ought to be your priority one as far as tasks are concerned.

3. Keep As Little Idle Cash As Possible

As profits ceaselessly stream every moment you spend in Idle Golf Club Manager Tycoon, just like in most idle business sim games, watching your money grow every second can often have a mesmerizing effect. In contrast with all other game genres where you should always stock up on cash or any currency, it is the complete opposite for Idle Golf Club Manager Tycoon. What you should aim for is to deplete idle cash as much as you can and invest them right away to unlock or upgrade any aspect of your business.

Idle Golf Club Manager Tycoon is all about managing your golf club, which essentially means managing investments. Every bit of cash you spend to purchase or unlock a new item within any area of the business, as well any upgrade you make, will cause for an increase in generated profits per second.

idle golf club manager tycoon idle cash

This means that the sooner you purchase any of these expansions, the sooner it will increase profits, ultimately leading you to retrieve not just the cost of the investment itself, but also an exponentially increasing rate of extra income.

Most especially at the early part of your dive into your virtual golf club, you will find numerous unlock and upgrade options for you to choose from. At this point, what is important for you is to invest in as many items as you can and before you know it your money will be right back to how much it was before you invested.

4. Follow An Investment Strategy

Idle Golf Club Manager Tycoon provides a lot of opportunities for you to expand your gold club characterized by numerous items and areas to unlock as well as various upgrade option within each area or section of the business. As we mentioned earlier, you can do good in business even if you just stay idle but you will do a lot better if you empty out your supply of idle cash and invest them any way you can.

To further top that up, you can consider applying a basic investment strategy that applies to every idle clicker business sim game, which is to prioritize cheaper investments over more expensive ones. By choosing to purchase or upgrade the items that cost the least, you will wind up being able to purchase more, potentially increasing your earnings several times over in contrast with having fewer investments that beef up proceeds.

With each area within the office holding a lot items to unlock and invest in, and with a parking lot as well as 18 holes to tend to, determining the cheapest investment options early on may seem a little daunting. To make it easier, consider that most golf courses as well as some items within the main office will initially be locked and as much as you want to unlock everything as soon as possible, Idle Golf Club Manager Tycoon is designed to have exponential costs attributable to things you can unlock, most especially additional holes in the golf course.

idle golf club manager tycoon investment strategy

The biggest jump in profits are attributable to unlocking and raising an upgrade level from 0 to 1. As far as upgrades or new additions to any section is concerned, a level 0 earns 0 profits. Raising an upgrade level to 1 yields the most profits, and subsequent upgrades that naturally cost more will only increase the additional profits by half of the initial one.

With this setup, a good investment strategy would be to raise upgrade levels from 0 to 1 first. Costs are typically attributed to the areas unlocked first so you can expect the main office, the parking lot, and the first hole to exhibit the cheapest upgrade costs. It will take a while for you to be able to have upgrade costs in these areas to be more expensive than unlocking new holes, which leads to an exception to the general rule.

Idle Golf Club Manager Tycoon does not just let you manage your golf club with profits that steadily grow as a result of customers you cater to. There are instances where a huge sum of cash will become available for you to claim. In these instances, you can opt for the bigger investment costs such as unlocking new golf courses, preferably as many as you can. Having a huge surge of income is the perfect opportunity for you to make purchases that will be difficult to do under regular circumstances.

5. Try To Keep Things Balanced

The main objective in Idle Golf Club Manager Tycoon, much like in any idle business sim game is naturally to earn profits and grow your business. For this reason, it becomes almost natural for virtual business managers to consider focusing their efforts on expansions and upgrades that directly lead to higher profits.

If you look into what upgrades does with every bit of money you invest in them, however, you will come to realize there are a lot of options that improve different aspects of the business and investing exclusively, or even prioritizing profit boosts over the rest, will certainly not lead to an optimum operation.

Although there are plenty of upgrade options that do not directly relate to increasing profits, these factors all contribute towards the same end result. An increase in parking space, for example may not necessarily yield higher profits on its own, but a customer who opts to not go in your golf course due to lack of parking space is an opportunity cost that, in a way, reduces profits.

Another example of indirect aspects of business that contribute to profits indirectly is the speed at which the reception processes customers. You will invest in a lot of upgrades to increase speed although doing so does not necessarily affect entrance fees per person.

idle golf club manager tycoon balance

The ultimate effect, however comes following the computation of hourly profits or profits within a set period of time. Being able to cater to 20 customers as against a sped up processing line that can handle 50 customers in the same amount of time certainly has an impact on profitability.

As much as Idle Golf Club Manager Tycoon is as simple as it comes as far as gameplay mechanics are concerned, balancing out the available upgrade types to ensure a smooth flow of operations gives it something to plan about. There really is not much guessing or luck involved when it comes to how you decide to go about this as there are observable indicators within every area of your golf course suggesting what needs improvement.

The reception, for one makes it very evident if you need to invest in speeding up the entry process. Having an abundance of visitors within specific areas of your building will be your main determinant as well if you need to add more perks or upgrades to that area. Of course, everything will run perfectly smooth when all ad boosts are running, so it is best to save your observations for when you have no buffs running.

6. Keep Idle Reward Hours At Its Peak

Although Idle Golf Club Manager Tycoon does not impose limits as to how much time you can spend managing your virtual golf club enterprise, you will certainly need to go offline at some point. For the most part, choosing to play an idle business sim means limited play time, so chances are that you will be away for quite a while before tending to your virtual golf club business again.

Idle Golf Club Manager Tycoon does not just reward active tycoons as your virtual golf course will continue to earn profits even if you are offline and away from the game. This is actually one of those opportunities we discussed earlier for you to earn a huge sum of cash, which leads to an opportunity for you to finally be able to afford unlocking the next hole in your expanding enterprise.

idle golf club manager tycoon offline earnings

Idle rewards you earn, however, do not accumulate indefinitely and the earning time is capped at 2 hours by default. Within the game, be sure to tap on the red box at the upper right side of the screen, which is the offline earnings feature. The 2-hour period within which you can earn idle income can be extended up to 6 hours and all you have to do is to play some video ads to extend it by an hour.

Even at the longest, a 30-second ad to earn an additional hour of idle earnings is very much worth it. Keep in mind that the further you make progress and the more expansions you unlock; the higher the profits you can claim after getting back online. Even if you just logged back in on Idle Golf Club Manager Tycoon, make it a habit to fill the bar up the 6-hour mark as emergencies may happen later on preventing you from extending it before you leave the game.

7. Take Advantage Of All Other Ad Boosts

The 2x profit multiplier and the idle income period extender are just 2 of the many incentives you can get from Idle Golf Club Manager Tycoon following a regular activation of its various ad boosts. Video ads in mobile games, especially free ones have been existent for quite some time. For some players, the idea of ads in games can be somewhat of a turn off, which is why it is important as well to have fair mindset on free games like Idle Golf Club Manager Tycoon exhibiting such ads.

For starters, free games, especially those that do not rely on in-game purchases or micro transactions for profit need these ads to ensure that they can be available for the general public to play and enjoy. Although there are many casual and hyper-casual games that subscribe to playing ads while you play and without any active initiation, Idle Golf Club Manager Tycoon only comes with video ads that will never play unless you choose them to.

Since Idle Golf Club Manager Tycoon is a simulation game where anyone can make progress even with the smallest effort, you can expect to be able to play and enjoy it without ever playing a single video ad. Truly enough, however, subscribing to these ad boosts tremendously speed up progression and while it is not forced on you as a player, there is certainly a huge advantage to gain if you choose to subscribe to these ads.

In addition to the 2 types of boosts we mentioned earlier, another huge benefit you can get from playing ads is when you log back in on the game. There almost always is a huge sum of cash waiting for you from idle rewards you have earned, most especially if you managed to extend idle reward earning period to 6 hours after playing 4 ads before you left the game.

idle golf club manager tycoon ad boosts

Once you get back to your virtual golf club, you will be automatically presented with a 3x bonus to your idle rewards at the cost of playing a short video ad. This offer is certainly difficult to say no to given that idle rewards that have accumulated over time are potentially your biggest hauls of cash and tripling that amount is something that you would otherwise take a lot of time to earn.

There are also investor bonuses that commonly pop up at the upper right side of your screen. These ad boosts are comparable to the VIP features in other idle business games. Playing an ad after clicking on this icon earns you a lot of income instantly and regardless of how much you are currently making by the minute, the investor bonus amount will always be a proportionate amount to your business’ overall progress and profitability.

All other ad boosts will present opportunities for you to increase profitability for a limited period of time. Some may not directly lead to higher income but tend to speed processes up, effectively giving you bigger net profits over time just the same.

The optimum earning capacity with ad boosts will comprise an active 2x profit booster, an express check-in that tremendously speeds up inflow of customers, an adrenaline rush that speeds up golfers’ play time, as well as higher efficiency in both the clubhouse and the parking lot. Especially if you need a lot of upgrades fast and do not have enough profits to reinvest, you should ensure that you are running a lot of these ad boosts consecutively as much as possible.

8. You Can Play The Game Offline

Although most mobile games these days require an internet connection, there is still a huge clamor for offline games. Most especially in the case of players who want to be rid entirely of seeing video ads, an offline option is a huge plus for a game they would want to invest time in. Fortunately enough, Idle Golf Club Manager Tycoon is a game you can also enjoy offline so you do not necessarily have to turn your Wi-Fi or mobile data on to pay a visit to your virtual golf club.

You will be able to play normally offline as profits will continue to come in and all upgrades will be available for purchase. The biggest difference will be the absence of ad boosts, which means you will not be able to take advantage of all the extra perks you can only enjoy after choosing to play an ad.

And that’s it for our Idle Golf Club Manager Tycoon guide. We hope that the simple tips and strategies we shared to you will prove instrumental to your goal of becoming the biggest golf club tycoon. Again, profits and progression in Idle Golf Club Manager Tycoon is largely, but not entirely, dependent on active time spent. If you happen to chance upon some unique tricks and strategies during your time spent playing the game, be sure to share them! with us down on the comments


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Wednesday 20th of October 2021

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