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Gaia Odyssey Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Beat Every Challenge

Eyougame has certainly made a name for itself when it comes to RPGs as each of the titles they release has been positively received by fans of the genre. Yokai Tamer, Astral Fable, and Soul Destiny are just some of Eyougame’s most popular titles on both iOS and Android platforms.

Gaia Odyssey is Eyougame’s latest mobile title and RPG lovers who may have yet to play any of the company’s games, and even players very new to the RPG scene, will be taken for an exciting and immersive ride with its gorgeous graphics and stylish gameplay.

Gaia Odyssey features anime-styled designs that incorporate well with the dazzling gameplay effects and the light-hearted soundtrack. As far as gameplay content and features go, Gaia Odyssey has a plethora to offer and guarantees practically limitless activities for players to experience in a single sitting. The game also provides an auto pathing and auto battle system that can help you breeze through a lot of its content. As far as the interface is concerned, players may become overwhelmed by the abundance of on-screen icons, though much of it can be hidden at will.

gaia odyssey guide

With hardly any introduction, Gaia Odyssey lets you dive straight into the action and progress at a very rapid pace. It may even happen that you will reach level 100 or beyond and still have very little idea about some of the features or game modes you have unlocked. Given the numerous content that will flood in fast as you make quick progress, it can be a trying decision point as to which tasks or feats you should take on first. In any case, you can freely partake in whichever battle you want to spend your time on.

If you are raring to power up your hero ahead of the pack and looking to jumpstart your questing voyage, then read our Gaia Odyssey beginner’s guide, as we will share with you a bunch of tips, cheats and strategies!

1. Choose The Right Class For You

Gaia Odyssey currently has 3 distinct character classes to choose from. Each one may be gender-locked but still offers a bit of customization options. In essence, no class is better than the others so if your concern is to determine which from among the given classes is the best one, the answer simply leads to which one you feel most comfortable playing as given their stats, skills, and potential roles.

Although Gaia Odyssey can be played and enjoyed all on your own, it still contains a wide variety of content that is either easier to accomplish with others or completely requires being in a party. Each of the available classes exhibits an array of offensive skills making them highly able to stand on their own as well. The difference in each character class’ functional design maybe hard to notice early on but as you engage in tougher battles later on, their specializations will become more evident.

gaia odyssey classes

The Berserker stands as the most defensive unit in the game and can be built to be a tank for the entire party. As one of the 2 melee character classes, the berserker lags behind in terms of offensive strength but makes up for it with sustainable health as well as decent control skills.

The Lancer has balanced stats and goes in-between both the Berserker and Cannoneer in terms of both offensive strength and defensive capabilities. While he may not match the Berserker in terms of defensive strength, the Lancer has agile maneuvers making him a little more difficult to hit by enemy attacks.

Last, but definitely not the least, is the Cannoneer who is the only female-locked class in the game. Cannoneers are all about dealing ranged combat damage while sacrificing defense and recovery. Cannoneers also exhibit a high critical rate, further boosting their damage capabilities.

If you are still undecided as to which character class to choose, you can always test each one out for a bit before focusing on your main character. Gaia Odyssey allows up to 3 characters to be created per account, which means that there is enough character slots for you to build a character for each class and switch to any one of them once you have decided which one is best for you.

2. Prioritize The Main Quest

Gaia Odyssey is overflowing with various quests on top of the other game modes and features you can revel in. Most especially at the early minutes of gameplay, you will find yourself shifting from a quest to a new game mode you have just unlocked, to a point where you may even lose track of which objective you need to clear out first.

gaia odyssey main quest

While you are very much free to engage in whichever activities you want whenever you are able to, it is always best to prioritize the main quests. Although there really isn’t much story to delve into, Gaia Odyssey’s main quest will immerse you further into the lore of the fantasy world and provide you with the rationale behind the need to become ever stronger. Beyond the storyline, following the main quest earns you a huge amount of XP as well as other valuable gears and resources you will need to strengthen your hero.

Unlike old school MMORPGs, Gaia Odyssey banks on modern considerations applied to most mobile games where grinding has been reduced to a bare minimum. Although you can still earn XP with every enemy you eliminate, the bulk of what you can earn will come from completing quests. Likewise, some of the game’s other features and game modes are locked behind either your progress with the main quest or your hero’s level. As such, you should always push to accomplish main quest objectives and consider everything else as second priority.

Some of the main quest objectives are also locked behind a minimum level requirement in which case, there is no other option but to earn XP from other game modes. As soon as you reach the required level, be sure to hop back into progressing the next main quest. It may also happen eventually that your hero’s combat power (CP) will be the concern that bars you from completing the main quest. Although you can easily multitask and upgrade your hero while progressing through a quest, it may become necessary to pursue game modes that offer more incentives towards raising your CP.

3. Upgrade Everything ASAP

One of the perennial elements of every RPG is the constant need to grow stronger given that challenges, by nature, grow in difficulty as well. There is actually no drought of CP increases in Gaia Odyssey, especially on the first few hours of gameplay. You will come to find that your hero’s CP will grow at a very rapid pace. These boosts in power are attributable to new and better gears and the overabundance of upgrade and enhancement options that apply to your hero as well as your companions.

As far as new equipment goes, gears with better quality or stats pop up at the right side of your screen whenever you obtain them. You can instantly equip new gears with a tap of a button and each one will automatically be equipped after a few seconds. Checking in your bag, on the other hand, you may notice that there are better gears you have unequipped. This is entirely due to the level requirements of certain gear grades and qualities, and once you meet the level requirements, they will automatically be equipped.

All other upgrade and enhancement features will be covered by a “strengthen” button that appears at the right side of your screen as well containing all aspects of your character that can be further strengthened. The amazing thing about the strengthen feature is not that it makes it very easy for you to keep track of everything that relates to your hero gaining more CP. Rather, you can engage in a wide variety of upgrades and enhancements while you are engaged in quests and battles.

gaia odyssey upgrades

Gears are perhaps the most basic sources of higher CP for your hero. By clicking on the character icon at the right side of your screen or your hero’s icon at the upper left corner of the screen, you can access the hero’s main window sporting stats as well as equipped items. Each piece of gear can be levelled up using only gold coins, which you will always have an abundant supply of but will easily be drained dry because of the increasing costs of upgrades.

Gears are categorized by grades and star levels as well, which dictate their level cap as well as the added stats and gem slots they have. To some extent, you can customize how your hero is built based on which types of gears you prioritize in terms of upgrades. Each piece of gear supports specific stats of the hero and choosing to invest more heavily on some more than others lead to variances in stats from one player to another.

Your hero’s weapon is considered separate and distinct from all other pieces of equipment and will be a lot more difficult to upgrade. You can view your current weapons stats and activated skills via the “arms” tab of the character window. You need liquors to level up your arms and these consumables are usually obtainable only through special events. Like arms, you are also equipped with a wing and a curio. Both equipment cater to different stats of the hero and also require unique consumables for upgrades.

Doing solo quests and dungeon runs in Gaia Odyssey does not necessary mean you have to go through your adventure alone as you will have a trusty partner as well as a mount to help your through all the single player as well as the coop contents in the game. Both your partner and mount contribute to an increase in your CP although your partner actually assists you in combat on top of the stat boost she provides. Both companions are also upgradable using advance gems and mount fruits, respectively, and will transform into the next grade version once you have maxed out the star grade of the current one.

Another way to look into your equipped gears as well as enhance them is the craft icon at the lower right corner of the screen. Beyond auto enhancement to make the process quicker, this feature is where you insert gems into each piece of gear you have equipped. Every piece of equipment has a unique set of gems you can latch onto them and the number of slots unlocked are mostly dependent on the gear’s grade. Gems themselves can also be upgraded so it will surely take a long time for you to max this feature out.

One unique aspect of Gaia Odyssey that lets you customize how your hero is built comes from the Beads feature. The number of bead slots you unlock is based on how far in the Bead Tower you progress through and you have your choice of which type of bead to place in each unlocked slot. As a delimiter, though, you can only equip one type of bead across all slots. While all other gears have upgrade levels actually attached to their slots, beads are upgraded themselves. This means that if you upgrade an attack bead and later on decided to swap in a defense bead for the slot instead, then you will have to upgrade the new bead.

4. Join A Guild

Guilds, alliances, factions, clans, and other loosely-termed player groups are an integral part of most online games, most especially RPGs and strategy games. While Gaia Odyssey is brimming with single player content as well as coop modes that let you team up with random players, being a member of a guild provides a more solid source of adventuring buddies on top of exclusive features and game modes only accessible for members.

You can quickly and easily join up with a guild early on in your adventure especially since some guilds automatically accept new members. As soon as you are accepted into one, you can already reap the rewards of being a guild member regardless of how much time and resources you have invested into the guild. Just the same, however, active participation and cooperative mentality should be observed as a member of any guild as each player’s contribution will impact the guild’s growth and development.

how to join a guild in gaia odyssey

To start off, VIP members of your guild can support everyone else by sending red packets that contain gold coins or even bound gems. You will notice these red packets pop up above the chat window and obtaining rewards come on a first come, first serve basis. Be sure to stay conscious of it as only a limited number of guild members can claim these extra rewards although there is a limit to how much you can nab on a daily basis.

Being a guild member unlocks guild quests to add to your daily routine. Guild quests are very much like daily quests that seem like easy errands you can accomplish without breaking a sweat. On top of XP to earn from 10 guild quests, you will also earn guild contribution points that you can exchange for some valuables.

Every bit of activity you contribute to your guild matters and to ensure that you get the most out of it as well, always check the activity tab of the guild page. You will see which activities relate to earning you activity points that can earn you extra rewards on a weekly basis.

Another valuable feature exclusive to guild members come from the guild storage. Each guild member can donate gears they no longer need into the storage to earn contribution points. Each member can likewise spend contribution points to redeem pieces of equipment that are better than what they have. In essence, the value of this feature depends on the overall kindness of each member as well as the quality of gears each one has in stock. Most especially if you are a bit of a late-comer to the server, you will benefit greatly from this feature.

Another great way to expend contribution points you racked up is through the guild skill menu. Contribution points can be invested into different traits, each affecting a specific stat for your hero. Each investment costs higher the previous one so at some point you will have to spread investments across different traits.

5. Expend Attempts In Daily Dungeons And Activities

The main and sub quests for you to accomplish in Gaia Odyssey is practically endless. At some points in your progress, however, it becomes a big challenge, if not impossible, for you to push through with it due to lack of CP, or even a deficiency in your hero’s level. Both types of quests, however, only make up a small fraction of the activities you can engage in as you spend time within Gaia Odyssey as various game modes are unlocked as you reach new levels, ensuring an overabundance of activities that should meet, if not exceed, your available time to spend on the game.

A lot of Gaia Odyssey’s PvE content, including those with coop mode, can be easily accessed via the Training and Dungeon icons at the upper right side of the screen. Some have limited attempts available per day while others bar you from continuous progression due to the increasing difficulties they present. In any case, you should always expend all available attempts you have on these dungeons and activities as each one offers resources you need for various enhancement and upgrade features.

To make it simpler, you can categorize all these daily activities into 2 groups. The first one offers the same amount of rewards regardless of how strong your hero is while others will reward you better if you are stronger. In this regard, it only makes sense to go through with the first group of dailies first and save the reset for later towards the end of your adventure time.

how to earn more rewards in gaia odyssey

The Training activities hold a majority of the daily activities you can engage in, including the dungeons. As you reach new levels and unlock more of these features, it can be overwhelming enough to even browse through the entire list. A lot of these activities, however, require little to no effort at all and can be accomplished very quickly. To start off, the daily likes, daily flower, and daily enhance can be all be accomplished within a minute.

Both the daily quests and guild quests can be easily accomplished as well. You have 20 daily quests and 10 guild quests to pursue daily and each list can be played on full auto mode, so if you need some time away from the game, you can simply initiate the first quest and then leave your device on for a few minutes to finish the entire list. These quests are also a good source of extra XP.

The EXP Vault, Gold Dungeon, Gear Dungeon, and Partner Dungeon each provides basic resources you will always have a need for. These dungeons should be among the ones you complete early to gain more XP and resources that can boost your CP for the other activities. If possible, spend some gold coins to activate the battlecry buff and boost your attack damage. It is always better to go into dungeons with a full party than your own, except solo dungeons.

Boss Hunts and Boss Ruins are best left towards the end of the day. On the early part of your adventure, it will be fairly possible to defeat a boss that is well within your hero’s level or even a little higher. As you reach the higher levels, though, it will become more and more challenging to even beat a boss who has a lower level than your hero. In such cases, remember that you can always opt for manual play. Even if you do not see yourself as an expert, being able to avoid getting hit is a huge advantage that the auto battle mode simply ignores.

The Bead Dungeon essentially stands as a unique game mode that does not delimit your activity within it with limited attempts per day. Instead, it works much like towers in other RPGs that you can climb based on your hero’s overall strength. Rewards are earned for every floor that you conquer and the challenge grows from one floor to the next. Battles are one-on-one and you can also gain an advantage if you opt for manual play.

There are plenty of game modes and features in Gaia Odyssey to look into beyond the ones we mentioned. As long as you have remaining attempts for them, be sure to click the “go now” button to teleport instantly to where you can engage in the activity.
In addition to the immediate rewards you earn for every activity you partake in under the “Training” features, you also earn activity points that can earn you extra rewards at the bottom of the page. Note that you can earn more than 150 activity points per day, which will earn you all the rewards at the bottom of the page.

At the left side of the activity points on the lower left side of the window, you should also check the Event Calendar. This will show you the schedule of limited events that you should also engage in as much as you can. The “Training” page is also comprised of 4 different tabs you should explore. There is even a feature that lets you retrieve rewards for some activities you failed to complete on the previous day. You will also be able to upgrade your image and earn some extra CP based on your activity within the training sessions.

6. Participate In PvP Activities As Much As You Can

Just to the left of the Dungeon icon at the top of your screen is the Warzone feature, which houses the PvP contents in the world of Gaia Odyssey. As a beginner, some players may be apprehensive to partake in matches with the mindset that they are inexperienced in that particular aspect of the game and will experience losses. While there will always be winners and losers in a match, Gaia Odyssey is actually designed to make it easy for just about anyone to rack up victories.

gaia odyssey pvp mode

The most basic game mode within the Warzone is the arena. It is a one-on-one duel and you have 10 chances daily to challenge other players. Battles are not done in real-time and is on auto mode as well. It is essentially a battle of CP, which means that if you have a higher CP than the player you challenge, then you will almost always win.

You hero’s CP as well as that of the 3 potential heroes to challenge are displayed. You can always hit the refresh button if no suitable challengers are displayed. In battle, you can also tap on the skip button at the lower right corner of the screen to instantly finish the match. Securing enough wins will take you to a higher tier where you will be matched with equally powerful and active players. On top of honor points earned for every match you engage in, your rank at the end of the day determines your daily rewards from the arena. Be sure to check the glory shop for items you can obtain by spending the honor points you have accumulated.

The Jungle Escape and Trinity War are other PvP game modes available on alternating days. These events are only available from 10:00 to 10:20 P.M. server time and can earn you upgrade materials for your curio and godhood. If you are available to play within the time period provided, make it a point to prioritize these activities as participation, regardless of performance, will already reward you with some resources.

7. Accomplish Achievements And Unlock New Titles

Gaia Odyssey certainly showers you with an overabundance of outright rewards with every activity you engage in but in addition to the usual ones you receive after completing quests and finishing dungeon runs, more are actually available via the achievements feature. Surprisingly, the achievement feature can be accessed through your hero’s page as well.

gaia odyssey achievements

The achievements page outlines your milestones across each aspect of the game. A lot of the objectives will take time to complete but the rewards to be earned from completing each objective are either bound diamonds or special items that are difficult or impossible to obtain from anywhere else. As you engage in botting or afk activities, be sure to spend some time to browse through the list of achievements you can accomplish as some of them may already be well within your grasp.

Tied up to your in-game accomplishments are titles you can equip on your character. Titles are essentially bragging rights that appear on top of your character in the world of Gaia Odyssey. Beyond the display of an accomplished feat, however, titles endow your hero with additional CP, and any means of securing more CP is an opportunity that should not be missed.

8. Engage In Wild Botting If You Have Extra Idle Time

Considering the plethora of activities and game modes that Gaia Odyssey has, the available free time you have on a particular day may present opportunities to play even more. If it so happens that you run out of activities to engage in, you can always bot your way to grinding for bits of XP from the mobs across the map.

how to get more xp in gaia odyssey

You can start by tapping on the mini map at the upper right side of the screen. Clicking on the Mobbing Spot will drop down a list of areas where you can spend some idle time clearing infinite mobs of monsters. The best spot is naturally the one with the highest level range of spawns and you should not worry if your level is below that of the monsters.

9. Check And Manage Your Inventory Regularly

One of the game aspects beginners tend to neglect is the in-game inventory system. As you are busy completing quests and engaging in a wide array of features, it can happen that you would never even chance upon the items you have amassed in your inventory. For one, there are always limits when it comes to the number of items you can hold. Some consumable items are likewise best used sooner than later.

gaia odyssey inventory

A common activity you will engage in regularly involves getting rid of unwanted gears. You can simply tap on the devour button under the inventory boxes and choose from among your unequipped items, which ones to devour. You earn Devour EXP from each item you sacrifice based on their rarity and grade. You can customize auto selection of disposable gears as well.

While it is always better to donate gears to the guild storage, the guild storage maybe full if most guild members continuously make donations. As such, your only other option is to devour everything to earn extra ATK and HP for your hero.

There are a lot of materials in your inventory that serve unique purposes you may not know of. Be sure to make it a habit of reading through each one’s description as some are beneficial to you if used immediately.

10. Take Advantage Of Time-Limited Events

It has become an integral part of most online games to shower players with tons of freebies especially at the launch period. To further encourage newer players to dive into their world as well, Gaia Odyssey provides various events that can tremendously boost the progression at the early stages of your adventure.

how to take advantage of events in gaia odyssey

Although there are many icons in the game that cater to paying players or VIPs, there are some that offer great incentives for free players as well. In the case of events, the Server Rank Rush icon at the upper left side of the screen and the Benefits icon under the Warzone icon will be your main focus in terms of accomplishing extra feats.

Some of the objectives laid out within these event features only require you to log in daily and spend some time within the game. Other objectives work like the ones under the achievements and also set milestones you need to reach to earn rewards. At first glance, you may find that some targets are intimidating and very challenging to accomplish but with a consistent enough level of progression and activity, you can accomplish each feat and claim the top rewards.

There are certainly more features and game modes in Gaia Odyssey best left for advanced players but for now, this is where we will end our beginner’s guide. If you come across any additional tips or strategies we have not covered in this article, do not hesitate to drop us a line!