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Kingdom of Heroes: Tactics War Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Dominate Every Battle

Kingdom of Heroes: Tactics War is a brand new turn-based strategy RPG from Neowiz and if you played and enjoyed Neowiz’ Brave Nine, formerly known as Brown Dust, then you will certainly love this one. Kingdom of Heroes: Tactics War features amazing anime-styled graphics combined with stylish characters and stunning visual effects.

With each of the 198 heroes to collect and upgrade exhibits unique traits and skills, opening infinite possibilities for team formation and strategy. If you enjoy strategy RPGs and is on the current lookout for an exemplary mobile game to spend your free time on, then be sure to check Kingdom of Heroes: Tactics War out!

The initial battles in Kingdom of Heroes: Tactics War serves as the tutorial session. As movement and attacks make up the entirety of each turn, the most basic concepts of every battle is very easy to grasp even for beginners. The controls and interface are simple as well and there is even an auto battle feature to help clear easier battles for beginners.

kingdom of heroes tactics war guide

Kingdom of Heroes: Tactics War is a type of game that is easy to learn but difficult to master. As challenges grow from one stage to the next, you will find yourself making adjustments not just to each of your favorite characters, but to the team roster in general as well.

If you want to make your team stronger and dominate each encounter with your enemies, then stay with us and check out our comprehensive Kingdom of Heroes: Tactics War beginner’s guide below! We have come up with loads of tips and strategies for Kingdom of Heroes: Tactics War to jumpstart your tactical adventure!

1. Choose The Best Starting 5-Star Hero Wisely

What makes a lot of mobile strategy RPGs exciting is the gacha element that is applied to securing additional heroes to add to your growing army. As heroes are often classified by rarity or grade, the most sought after heroes are typically the most difficult to obtain. With luck of draw serving as an integral part of every gacha mechanic, hero collection games often encourage players to go for a series of reroll sessions to ensure that they start their adventure with the best heroes possible.

best starting 5-star hero in kingdom of heroes tactics war

In Kingdom of Heroes: Tactics War, however, rerolling is not as critical and viable. To start off, the developers provide each new player with a 5-star hero selection ticket that can be used to instantly obtain your own pick of a starting 5-star hero. You can claim the ticket from your mail via the envelope icon at the upper right side of your screen but before you actually decide on which hero to get, make sure to read through what each one can do.

If you still want to push through with a reroll, then it will take some time to gather enough crystals to purchase a heroic summon. More so, if you are shooting for a 10x summon, which costs 300 crystals but at least guarantees a 4-star or higher grade unit. In any case, make sure you always start the game with a guest account. After earning enough crystals, summoning, and not getting a 5-star hero you want, then you can close the game, clear game data, uninstall and reinstall it, and start over.

Although we have yet to check each available 5-star hero out thoroughly, we can already tell which ones look promising enough to invest in and should be among the top picks for starting players. Ingway, Gabriel, Ifrit, Bartholomew, and Lilith are whom we consider for now as the best characters for their respective classes. Depending on which class you would want to build your team around as well as considering leadership skills, you can choose from among these 5 unless you strongly feel confident about choosing any of the other 5-star hero choices.

2. Maintain A Well-Balanced Team

Kingdom of Heroes: Tactics War is a team-based strategy game, meaning that rather on focusing on a single hero, your strategy should be aimed towards a synergistic team. There are various tier lists that may present the best heroes to use but simply lumping them together will not yield the best results. For each team member to blend well with one another, you should consider their class and roles within the team, as well as their elemental affinities.

While each hero in Kingdom of Heroes: Tactics War has his or her own set of unique qualities and skills, they each belong to one of five distinct classes or roles in the game. Each one also has their own strengths and limitations, which is why it is critical to have each team member support one another effectively.

The guardian class is the only units focused on defense and typically exhibits high HP and defense attributes. Provocation and counterattack are usual skills that guardians have and they may include some defensive buffs for themselves or their team. As a tank, guardians are typically designated at the front lines taking as much damage from enemies and ensuring their team’s survival.

Warriors, like guardians, are melee type of units who have higher damage outputs than guardians but have lower defensive stats. Warriors are essentially average in all areas compared to the general class builds in terms of offense and defense, making them second to guardians in terms of survivability.

how to assemble a powerful team in kingdom of heroes tactics war

Archers are ranged attackers that excel in dealing massive damage to a single target and typically exhibit high speed stats, enabling them to perform actions more often. Archers have low defense stats, however, and should be kept at the back side of the battlefield.

Wizards stand as the AoE counterparts of archers and can deal huge damage to enemies within a certain range or area of tiles. Wizards typically have crowd control skills as well and their skills often come with negative status effects on top of the damage it deals. Wizards are also very fragile and can easily perish if attacked by enemies. As such they belong on the back line with archers and priests.

Priests are not just important because of their ability to heal their allies as they also provide a variety of buffs to their allies that can boost offensive strength or defensive capability. Priests, like guardians, typically have higher defense stats than their attack stats but as a general rule in strategy RPGs, priests should be the ones who survive last and should be protected at all costs.

Considering the 5 different character classes in Kingdom of Heroes: Tactics War, the ideal 4-unit team should be composed of a tank, a priest, and 2 damage-dealers. Note that some heroes can be built very differently based on their unique stats, set of skills, and equipped runes so it may happen that what works well for everyone else may work differently for you given that every player will have different starting characters and runes they farm.

Beyond classes and roles to play, another point of consideration when it comes to choosing characters is their elemental affinity. Kingdom of Heroes: Tactics War follows the proverbial “rock-paper-scissors” approach in giving advantages and disadvantages to characters based on their elemental attributes. In this sense, ensuring that your entire team will not be disadvantaged against a common element is important.

There are 3 normal elements in Kingdom of Heroes: Tactics War and 2 special elements. Fire (red), Water (blue), and Tree (green) stand as the basic elements. Fire is strong against Tree but weak against Water. Tree is strong against Water but weak against Fire. Water is strong against Fire but weak against Tree. Dark (purple) and Light (yellow) elements are both strong and weak against one another and has no advantage or disadvantage against all the normal elements.

In general, the idea is to have a good mix of elements in your team rather than have a full team of units that have the same elemental affinity. Although this holds true for your main team, there will certainly be instances where forming a team with the same elemental affinities will work best.

Last, but definitely not the least, point of consideration in building your main team is the leadership skill. Some heroes have leadership skills while others do not. Leadership skills affect the entire party and while some of them do not have conditions, some have effects that only apply to units of a given elemental affinity. Leadership skills tremendously add to the value of a unit and while you can only make use of one leadership skill per party, it is important to have a designated leader with a leadership skill.

3. Choose The Right Runes For Your Team

Heroes in Kingdom of Heroes: Tactics War do not have gears or equipment you can attach to them but the game’s rune system serves the purpose of strengthening each hero as well as customizing them more to your preference and strategy. There are no rules barring you from attaching any rune to any hero so you can very much build any hero however you like. Efficiency, however, suggests either banking more on each hero’s strength or making up for their limitations.

There are two ways to look into and tinker with your rune collection in connection with your heroes. You can tap on the hero icon at the bottom of the main screen, choose a hero, and finally tap on the rune button. You can equip and unequip heroes with runes here and you can also upgrade runes on thehero and in the inventory.

On the main screen as well, you can tap on the rune button and equip or swap runes from one hero to another. It can be easier to sort runes and delimit the list based on your needs or preferences. You can also quickly dispose of unwanted runes here by highlighting them and clicking on the sell button.

kingdom of heroes tactics war runes

Each hero can equip 6 runes. Equipping 2 runes of the same type unlocks a set bonus, which is an extra stat boost for the hero using the rune. Some runes, however, require 4 of the same type to unlock the set bonus effects. Take note that 2-set runes endow heroes an extra set bonus per set completed. In this sense, you can equip each hero with either a 4-set rune and a 2-set rune or have them equip 3 2-set runes. There are no extra costs for equipping each rune but you will have to spend silver coins to remove them from the hero, unless it is okay for you to lose them.

There are 11 types of runes and each one focuses on boosting a specific stat or provide a unique ability. Life Runes (2 set) boosts the hero’s Max HP by 20%. Charge Runes (4 set) boosts the hero’s attack by 35%. Havoc Runes (2 set) increases the hero’s critical rate by 12%. Swift Runes (4 set) boost the hero’s speed by 25%. Prophet Runes (2 set) increases the hero’s accuracy by 20%. Stone Skin Runes (2 set) boosts the hero’s defense by 15%. Resistance Runes (2 set) boosts the hero’s resistance by 20%. Vampire Runes (4 set) recover an amount of HP for the hero when he or she damages a target. Revenge Runes (2 set) increases counterattack chance by 15%. Earthquake Runes (4 set) enables the hero to stun an enemy with a 25% chance per attack. Last but not the least, Explosion Runes (4 set) boosts critical damage by 45%.

If you check your collection of runes, you will notice that they are classified as well based on their star grade and quality. Higher star grade runes have larger amounts of stat boosts provided while the rune’s quality dictates the number of stat boosts they provide. All runes provide the same stat boosts provided that they belong to the same slot. Normal quality runes provide no extra sub stats. Magical runes, however, come with a random sub stat and rare ones come with 2. Heroic quality runes come with 3 random sub stats and legendary quality ones provide the maximum number of sub stats, which is 4.

4. Progress Through The Battle Map

Kingdom of Heroes: Tactics War contains a bit of a story that you can revel in to have a deeper immersion in to the game’s lore as well as the heroic reason that evokes the need to fight. Beyond that, however, a more practical benefit comes from progressing the battle map as every bit of progress you make here comes with a reward.

kingdom of heroes tactics war battle map

Your main priority in the battle map, for starters, should be focused on progressing through the story districts. Each district is divided into 7 stages and completing all stages will suffice to unlock the next one. Clearing certain districts will unlock the other areas, which serve as the game’s other game modes and are important as well for farming specific resource materials.

There are missions to take note of in every stage that relates to the star rating you earn at the end of the battle. You can earn 3 stars for completing all mission objectives and earning a total of 7, 14, and 21 stars will earn you extra rewards that you can claim by clicking on them at the lower left side of the district window.

Once you earn all 21 stars in a given district as well, you will unlock higher difficulty levels for that district. You can switch to the hard and conqueror difficulty versions using the buttons at the top right area of the district window. Harder battles naturally leave a chance of securing higher-grade runes and rewards on top of earning more experience points.

5. Be Selective When Upgrading Heroes And Runes

As the battles you will encounter in your adventure within Kingdom of Heroes: Tactics War grow more challenging, there will be a constant need for you to ensure that your main team, at the very least, is at par with mobs of enemies and bosses ahead. Although every hero you take with you in battle earns experience points and reaches higher levels, relying on earned experience points may not be suitably enough to stay competitive against higher level enemies. As such, you need to make each hero in your team stronger to ensure victories in any upcoming battle.

While you may be inclined to expend every resource you have to do so, you need to be selective and save some for future uses. As you continue to make progress in your adventure, you are expected to secure crystals and other resources to summon more heroes. Naturally better ones than who you have in your starting roster will come along and you will have to change your team to boost their strength and efficiency. These are natural instances that will surely happen so it is best to be ready to save some resources to have new members of your team catch up to the rest.

how to upgrade heroes and runes in kingdom of heroes tactics war

The most basic method of boosting a hero’s power is through EXP transfer. This is a method that sacrifices other units to boost the experience of your preferred hero and level him or her up outside of battle. There are EXP fairies you can earn along the way that grant bigger boosts in EXP. You may choose to sacrifice other low-grade heroes unless you can use them for something else like a combine ingredient for new heroes or so.

A hero’s star grade determines his or her maximum level and once a hero reaches maximum level, they can be promoted to the next star level, adding 10 more levels to their level cap. Promotion, however, require sacrificing heroes of the same grade as the one you are promoting, making it more challenging to promote a hero to higher star grades. All heroes can be promoted to 6 stars but every promotion resets the hero’s level back to one, so if you are promoting a member of your team, be sure to be ready for massive EXP transfers to help him or her catch up.

Heroes have a variety of skills and each hero, by default, will have a locked skill. To unlock the skill as well as obtain a stat boost, you can awaken heroes. It is a challenging task to awaken heroes as each one requires several units of 4 different elemental fragments and essences. You can farm for these materials at the Awakening Valley. Take note of the elemental resources you need specific to the hero before you begin farming.

6. Add Friends And Join A Guild As Soon As You Can

Every online RPG has a social element that provides added perks to thos who take advantage of it. Although much of Kingdom of Heroes: Tactics War’s content are single player modes, there are still huge advantages for players who have more friends. Likewise, some of the game’s contents can only be engaged in as a member of a guild, in which case, there is no question whether you should join one or not.

Having a lot of friends, particularly ones with strong heroes can tremendously help you in most battles you engage in. You can use one your friend’s designated hero as a member of your party provided that the hero is not a duplicate of the other 3 members you have in the team. You can earn friendship points as you use other people’s heroes and as they utilize yours. You can also send friendship points to friends each day. Friendship points serve as a special currency that you can exchange for a lot of valuable items at the store.

how to join a guild in kingdom of heroes tactics war

As far as guilds go, Kingdom of Heroes: Tactics War makes it very easy for you to join a guild early on. There are plenty of benefits with none of the hassles for being a member of any guild. If anything, the monetary contributions are the only expense you will incur for the guild although you should consider it as an investment to boost the guild’s growth and development as well as to earn guild points for yourself. On top of having more sources of in-game friends, all other activities you engage in that earn you extra rewards from the achievements feature will also contribute towards completing guild missions.

Guild Wars and Guild Raids immediately become available for you to participate in once you are accepted as a member of a guild. Guild wars require the guild leader to sign up for the guild, though so it is very much dependent on having a very active guild leader. Guilds are matched based on guild war points and every guild member will have a day to set up their defenses. On the actual day for battle, your task is to attack the defenses of the opposing guild and earn as many points as you can.

Guild raids, on the other hand will have each guild member face a guild boss individually per day. Your objective is to clear as many rounds as you can and will have 3 attempts each day to do so. There are rewards to be earned from each round you successfully conquer for the first time and there are also extra rewards for every 3 rounds you clear. This stands as one of the game modes where having an advantageous elemental affinity for your team will be beneficial. Additionally, it is best to save this instance towards the end of the day or hen your team is at its peak strength for the day.

7. Let The Missions, Quests, And Achievements Guide Your Progress

Kingdom of Heroes: Tactics War provides you in-game rewards with every battle you engage in. Beyond that, however, more can be earned based on the missions, quests, and achievements you accomplish and all these are in line with the usual activities that you should be engaging in as you progress through your adventure.

The achievements feature can easily be accessed through its icon at the bottom of the main screen and comes with 5 distinct tabs full of objectives for you to complete. The daily missions are the easiest set of objectives to clear and refresh every day. There are 13 objectives you need to clear and each one comes with its own rewards. Beyond that, clearing 4, 7, and 11 objectives respectively, earns you additional rewards at the bottom of the page.

kingdom of heroes tactics war achievements

The path guide works much like a road map of your progression across various aspects of the game. The main quest is the set that requires your utmost attention as clearing a chapter part earns you great rewards on top of the ones you obtain for each target you reach. Note that while some quests on subsequent parts or chapters can be cleared prior to them appearing, some will have to be targeted specifically after they are unlocked. For best results, make it a habit to clear ones that you can and claim your rewards immediately to the unlock the next part of the chapter and progress through each chapter at a faster rate.

There are also achievement objectives that serve as your milestones through different progression metrics in your adventure. Completing an objective within the achievements list earns you instant rewards and more can be claimed based on the number of objectives you cleared at the bottom of the page. A lot of the goals under the achievements list will take some time to accomplish but at least take some time to browse through it and strive to clear those that are well within your grasp.

As a member of any guild, you will unlock guild missions that very much have objectives similar to daily missions and achievements. Accomplishing these feats earn you EXP as well as guild points and clearing a certain number of targets will earn you even more guild points.

Each day, you will unlock a random challenge quest that you can accomplish at any time. These challenges offer 4 to 6-star runes but are typically more difficult to accomplish than other regular quests and missions. You can stack up to 4 different challenges so be sure to keep the ones you can progress on and discard others that are beyond your current capacity.

8. Play The Difficult Battles Manually

Kingdom of Heroes: Tactics War provides an auto battle mode that makes grinding and farming a lot easier. As you will enjoy this feature early on in your adventure, you might grow too reliant on it in that you will no longer be able to employ strategic plays that can improve the performance of your team in combat. Auto battle is convenient but even if you are a total beginner in turn-based strategy RPGs, you should still be able to perform better in battle if you choose to play your heroes manually.

kingdom of heroes tactics war battle tactics

For starters, heroes on auto mode will not be very selective in terms of using each hero’s skills and will use any that becomes available for their turn. Another disadvantage is placement, which is very critical for AoE skills as well as the survivability of heroes that are low on defensive stats.

While auto mode may target enemy units that have the lowest HP and are disadvantaged as a result of elemental affinity, manually controlling your heroes will prove to be the better option at focusing to eliminate targets one by one especially if you are very particular with the sequence of turns in battle.

9. Progress Through All Other Game Modes

In addition to the battle districts, your progression in Kingdom of Heroes: Tactics War includes how many of the extra game modes or locations you have unlocked and how far you have made it through each one of them. Each one practically caters to specific resources you need and may have unique mechanics you do not encounter within the battle districts. In any case, push as much as you can to make progress in each one as better rewards are always up for grabs within each of Kingdom of Heroes: Tactics War various game modes.

The Tower of Arrogance stands as your typical RPG tower where how high you climb within a set period of time, which is a month, determines the rewards you obtain. Instead of the typical NPC enemies, you will encounter some characters in this tower and each floor you conquer will reward you with silver coins, crystals, as well as other materials you can use to summon more heroes. Note that every tenth floor holds a boss battle that grants valuable rewards so be sure to push your heroes as far as you can up the tower.

kingdom of heroes tactics war arena

The Arena is currently the only PvP content outside of Guild Wars. It may happen that you will have apprehensions to engage in PvP combat if you are a beginner in the game but, truthfully enough, the arena gives you an edge against any opponent you face. Arena battles are not done in real-time so even if you are faced with a stronger enemy line-up, you can still gain advantage if you play your heroes manually. Every win you earn gives you victory points that you can use to exchange for items at the store. You will also earn stars each week based on your performance in the arena and these stars earn you honor points that are likewise used as special currencies.

We mentioned awakening earlier and you can farm for different elemental shards and fragments by battling through different areas within the Awakening Valley. Like in the Battle Districts, you consume AP for every attempt made in the Awakening Valley. More and higher grade items are rewarded as you climb the floors of each dungeon. Before you start farming for the needed awakening materials, though, be sure to check what your priority character needs.

As you battle through different stages across each of the map’s district, you will randomly discover rifts that can reward you with hero pieces you can use to summon some heroes. Similar to the Awakening Valley as well, more rewards are granted based on your progress through the rift stages. In addition to normal rifts, there are time-limited event rifts that give you a chance to earn special rewards for participating in them such as silver coins or EXP fairies. There are limited number of attempts available for you so you may choose to repeat certain stages towards the end of the event if you cannot win over the harder levels.

10. Expend Extra Action Points On Farming

While Kingdom of Heroes: Tactics War imposes Action Points or AP to delimit your activities in the game, you will have a plethora of it in the early stages of gameplay. Additionally, you will earn more AP as you reach new account levels and as rewards from various quests and events, which means that you will likely have more than enough AP than what you can normally consume in a day.

kingdom of heroes tactics war farming

With this scenario, an efficient way to make good progress in the game is to ensure that your AP is below the maximum so it will constantly regenerate. If you are stuck on a particular stage in the battle map, or if you are unable to spare time to focus on one battle after another, then you can expend some extra AP on idle farming on levels you have already completed through the repeat battle option.

You can choose a stage within any battle district you have already completed with a 3-star rating and after clicking on the start battle button, you can tap on the repeat button at the bottom of the screen. You can set the number of repeats you wish to engage in as well as conditions to stop the repeat battle session. If you are up for extinguishing AP as much as you can afford, then choose the number of repeats allowable based on your current AP. Until the number of repeats turn red, then you are good to go.

11. Take Advantage Of Time-Limited Events

With rewards straight from every battle you engage in and additional bonuses from completing missions, quests, and achievements, you might be convinced that there is already an overabundance of items and resources to cater to your needs. Kingdom of Heroes: Tactics War, however, provides even more freebies through various in-game events and each one comes at zero cost.

There are numerous rewards you can earn by simply logging in everyday in the game. Some, however, require a bit more effort to accomplish but likewise ties up to the usual activities you engage in as you progress through your adventure. You can view events through the event icon at the right side of the main screen as well as the kingdom pass feature.

kingdom of heroes tactics war events

For the events, be sure to browse through each tab as you can certainly receive rewards for each one provided that you complete the objectives. Like quests and missions, these objectives should likewise serve as you guide towards progression but must be accomplished within a limited period of time. The same goes for the Kingdom Pass event so be sure to take note of the season mission objectives as well as the weekly mission objectives. The rewards for either set of events are usually bigger than other rewards you can earn so make an effort to accomplish as many objectives as you can.

And that is all we have for you, as far as our Kingdom of Heroes: Tactics War tips and strategies are concerned. As we continue to dive deeper into the game, we hope that what we shared with you has proven to be instrumental in helping you raising your team’s power and dominating every battle you engage in. If you have chanced upon something we have not shared in this article, do not hesitate to tell us about it in the comment section!