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Archer: Danger Phone Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Tricks & Strategies to Run Your Spy Agency

Archer: Danger Phone is an idle game based on Archer, the popular animated series from FX that follows the adventures of Sterling Archer and his fellow intelligence agents.

Archer fans will love how the show’s humor has been translated into a mobile game, with hilarious storylines that newcomers will also enjoy. Archer: Danger Phone weaves the animated series’ characters into an idle game that will keep people hooked as they unlock more crazy scenarios during their progress through the stages.

The game is coming from East Side Games Studio, which created mobile games for other TV shows such as Trailer Park Boys, The Goldbergs, and It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. The studio is an expert at creating idle games from comedy shows, and it has another hit in its hands with Archer: Danger Phone.

If you want more from your idle game beyond a generic story, and if you want a hearty laugh every once in a while, Archer: Danger Phone is the perfect game to download. And if you need some tips or tricks on how to progress fast, then be sure to check out our Archer: Danger Phone beginner’s guide below!

1. Understand How The Game Works

archer danger phone krieger

The plot of Archer: Danger Phone revolves around the Kriegerrand, a cryptocurrency created by Archer’s colleague Krieger who is aiming to revive the global economy while getting himself rich in the process. The stages of the game, called Operations, are Krieger’s simulations, as he tries out different scenarios in hope of finding one with his ideal outcome.

At the start of each Operation, after a cut scene that establishes the story, you will see that there are several rooms to unlock by spending money, which the rooms themselves make over time. You may increase the amount that the rooms make by spending money to add Influencers. As you reach a certain number of Influencers for each room, you will acquire Influencer rewards.

archer danger phone upgrades

Another way to increase the money that rooms make is by upgrading them, as well as the agents that occupy them. These upgrades, however, will require that you collect a certain number of cards for the rooms and agents, as well as Cocktails, which you obtain from watching ads, completing goals, and acquiring Influencer rewards. The upgrades that you make, however, will carry over to the next Operations, unlike Influencers that reset.

You will see three goals at the top of the screen, which are replaced after you achieve them. As you complete certain numbers of goals, you will either see the next cut scenes of the story, or the End Operations button will appear.

archer danger phone shooting

Tapping End Operations will bring up the shooting mini-game with Archer, from which you can collect more rewards. Afterwards, the story of the Operations will end, followed by the simulation being reset to move forward to the next one.

2. Balance In Working With Rooms

Working with the rooms in Archer: Danger Phone requires a balance between unlocking more rooms, adding Influencers, and activating automation.

early influencers in archer danger phone

You should buy rooms once you have the money to do so, but in order to keep the money flowing in, you will need to add Influencers to the rooms that are already unlocked. In the early going of each Operation, you should add just enough Influencers to a room to be making enough money to unlock the next one, though ideally by the hundreds so that you can acquire Influencer rewards along the way.

archer danger phone automation

However, as you unlock more rooms, you should keep an eye on the requirements to automate each one. Rooms make money over time, but you need to tap on them to collect the money, and the cycle does not restart until the money is collected. By activating automation, they money is collected automatically, allowing you to focus on the other mechanics of the game. If you need to move away from the game for a while, it is highly recommended that you first automate all the rooms of the Operation, or at least the ones that are making the most money.

late influencers in archer danger phone

Once you have a steady flow of money, it is time to look back at the earlier rooms to add Influencers. While this will likely not significantly impact how much money you make, as the later rooms will be making much more, adding Influencers to the previous rooms will allow you to unlock even more Influencer rewards, which will grant you various bonuses such as more money, Cocktails, and room or agent cards.

3. Upgrade Rooms And Agents Whenever Possible

One of the main priorities in Archer: Danger Phone is upgrading your rooms and agents, primarily because this makes the game easier as they are carried over to all of your Operations.

archer danger phone break room

Upgrades allows you to rake in more income, primarily through increasing a room’s output. The multiplier from upgraded rooms and agents give much more money compared to adding Influencers or unlocking more rooms.

Cocktails, however, are not abundant, so you will need to spend them wisely. It is not easy to recommend which rooms or agents to upgrade first though, as another upgrade requirement is that you acquire the necessary amount of cards, which are randomly acquired through the game’s various rewards.

However, if you have enough Cocktails to make one upgrade, and there are several rooms and agents with enough cards to level them up, the recommendation is to prioritize agents as they provide a bigger boost compared to upgrading rooms. The priority should be on Epic agents, as they provide global bonuses, followed by Rare agents, then Common agents.

archer danger phone krieger upgrade

Upgraded agents is also a requirement to automate some rooms, adding another reason why you should prioritize agents.

This does not mean that you should not upgrade rooms in the hope of acquiring cards to upgrade an agent though. Because cards are granted at random, you never know when you’ll get enough to upgrade an agent, so it would be wise to first spend Cocktails on a room. Any upgrade is better than no upgrade in Archer: Danger Phone.

4. Checking Goals And Collecting Rewards

As you progress in each Operation and achieve the goals displayed at the top of the screen, you should tap on the check marks right away. This collects your rewards, which may be helpful in any upgrades that you want to make, but more importantly, it replaces the completed goal with a fresh one.

archer danger phone timer case

Removing completed goals from your list is important because, while some goals look at your current progress in the Operation, some goals do not track progress unless they are on display. For example, a goal for you to automate one of the rooms will get a check mark once it appears, but a goal to collect a certain number of Influencer rewards will only start counting after it is added to your list.

Clearing the goals move you closer towards completing the Operation, but they also provide you with valuable rewards such as Cocktails and cards for upgrading. These items may also be acquired from Influencer rewards after reaching a certain number in each room, and also through the Timer Case, which refreshes after every four hours.

5. Don’t End The Operation Right Away

You may be eager to find out the next storyline in Archer: Danger Phone after completing the goals of an Operation, but you should not tap the End Operation button at the top of the screen as soon as it appears.

archer danger phone end operation

Even if the End Operation button appears, the current Operation’s rooms are still running and making money, which gives you the chance to squeeze as many rewards from it. This can be done by adding more Influencers to rooms to gain Influencer rewards, and working towards goals that are within reach of completion.

One more reason for postponing the End Operation button is if you do not have enough time to work towards automating the rooms in the next Operation. This will waste the time that you are not playing the game as you will not be able to reset the money-making cycles of each room. Instead of leaving unautomated rooms in a new Operation, it would be better to keep your current Operation running to give you a chance at completing more goals and acquiring more Influencer rewards.

6. Participate In Events

In addition to the main game, Archer: Danger Phone offers limited-time events that take your room and agents levels back to one. These events, which present another storyline, use entirely different currencies that can only be used within them.

archer danger phone event

The point of these events is that, while there are many differences with the main game, the mechanics remain the same, and also more importantly, the rewards. They give you another source for acquiring valuable items such as Cocktails and cards, so that you can speed up the upgrades for your rooms and agents in the main game.

Participating in these events takes time away from building up your main game, but if you are still waiting for cash to accumulate in the main game, why not try them out and see how far you can go up the leaderboard to get better rewards?

7. Get More Money And Rewards, Here’s How

One of the major methods in speeding up the accumulation of money and rewards in Archer: Danger Phone is by watching ads. If you have a few minutes to spare, you should always take the opportunity to watch ads when the game offers you to do so.

how to boost profits in archer danger phone

You should always keep an eye on Malory’s Office, where you will be offered to watch ads to add a 2x multiplier to all the money that your rooms make. It is highly recommended to watch these ads before you move away from the game, to significantly increase the money that your automated rooms will collect. You can stack the multiplier bonus for up to a maximum of 12 hours by watching three ads, in case you are not planning to go back to the game for a while.

There is also an option to watch ads once you come back after several hours away from the game, which will double the money that you have accumulated over that time.

Meanwhile, watching ads through a pig that sometimes appears in the rooms will give you a gift of Cocktails, which will help speed up the upgrades for your rooms and agents. The length of the ads range from 30 seconds to 1 minute, so they are not that disruptive when you watch them, especially when considering the benefits that you will get.

8. Spend Your Kriegerrand Wisely

archer danger phone kriegerrands

The value of Kriegerrand in Archer: Danger Phone’s story remains up in the air, but as an in-game currency, it is extremely valuable. You should spend it wisely, specifically on things that will help you in the long run.

In the game’s store, named the Black Market, players are offered the option to spend Kriegerrand on Time Skips, which will allow to instantly accumulate money as if as many as 24 hours have passed, and on Cocktail Packs, which includes up to 3,000 Cocktails. While buying these will provide a significant boost to your current Operation, they are short-term purchases for things that you will eventually acquire over time.

archer danger phone legendary case

The best way to spend Kriegerrand in Archer: Danger Phone is on the Legendary Case, which costs 450 Kriegerrand. It contains a sizable amount of money and Cocktails, but more importantly, it will give you multiple Epic, Rare, and Common agent cards for upgrading them. The Gold Case is cheaper at only 70 Kriegerrand, but the Legendary Case is the most reliable way of getting Epic agent cards, albeit randomly.

By understanding how the mechanics work and by following all these tips, Archer: Danger Phone becomes a very easy game to play, albeit a time-consuming one just like all other idle games. What makes it stand out, however, are the stories intertwined within each Operation, so take time to enjoy the funny misadventures of Archer and his colleagues.

archer danger phone kriegerbot

Most idle games lack the ability to hold a player’s interest over time, as the mechanics feel repetitive after a while. That won’t be a problem in Archer: Danger Phone though, as you will want to keep playing more to find out what happens with the Kriegerrand plan.

And this wraps our beginner’s guide for Archer: Danger Phone. If you happen to know additional tips that we have missed out on, then feel free to let us know in the comments!

D Merck

Sunday 3rd of October 2021

I hear if you start at the start time, the game delays you and its better to start late in the game rather than early. How early to optimize time and effort?

D Merck

Sunday 3rd of October 2021

About shooting Brett. Are there any areas of his person that consistently gives the same prize? Say shooting his head or crotch or feet.


Thursday 17th of June 2021

i didnt see anything about shooting brent, how often he appears, or how often the pig appears.


Friday 18th of February 2022


Brent appears approximately every 2.5 minutes when in the game. The counter SEEMS to be tied across the Main Game and special events. That is if you are in the main game for 2 minutes, then flip over, he appears about 30 seconds later in the special event.

The pig appears about every 10 minutes.