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Always Sunny: Gang Goes Mobile Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Earn Cash and Collect Cards Faster

East Side Games Studio has been active in the mobile gaming industry since 2011 and while they have developed and published several games before, their current app portfolio only holds two games as of this writing. The more popular app is Trailer Park Boys: Greasy Money and since its launch in 2017, it continues to be popular today registering more than a million downloads from the Google Play Store alone coupled with largely positive reviews and a growing fan base. With the overwhelming success of this casual idle clicker game, East Side Games followed it up shortly with a loosely similar game that banks on the same mechanics and mature hilarity and based on an equally successful franchise.

Always Sunny: Gang Goes Mobile is the latest game developed by East Side Games and takes on one of the most popular and longest-running live action sitcom in the U.S., It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. The game is a great mix of an idle clicker and simulation game with all the weird and hilarious antics of the gang running Paddy’s Pab. Beyond tapping, collecting, and upgrading cards to boost your earnings and performance in the game, the weird yet witty dialogues among the misfits adds to the fun factor of the game. Although definitely veered towards more mature audiences, Always Sunny: Gang Goes Mobile is a definite choice for casual game lovers, fans of the series, and people who enjoy the general humor of the sitcom.

always sunny gang goes mobile cheats

In this game, your role is to help the gang led by Frank, as the man with the master plan, to launder his dirty money and open various business ventures with it. You need specific character cards to be able to run each scheme and collecting these cards to do so, as well as to improve performance, becomes part of your almost perennial yet fun objectives. Earnings from each business gets invested into serving customers and meeting a certain number of goals clears an episode. Although there are plenty of idle clicker games in the market, Always Sunny: Gang Goes Mobile sets itself apart by the choices you can make as to which cards you would want to invest on first. There is luck involved as RNG present in with each crate you unlock, but for the most part you will have to manage your limited resources as there are numerous ways to spend them.

Always Sunny: Gang Goes Mobile may seem a little more complex than the typical idle clicker game but once you dive in and read through the directions during the tutorial, it all becomes simple enough, even for total beginners. As all you need to understand are the one-tap controls and the simple mechanics, the rest can progress regardless of what you do. As the game, like all games within its genre, has a growth and development level based largely on how much time you spend on it, you will always be moving forward even if you don’t have as much idle time to spend on it. Beyond the clicks and the upgrades, you can strategize around a lot of the game’s aspects so if you want to earn cash and collect cards faster in the game, then check out our Always Sunny: Gang Goes Mobile beginner’s guide for tips, cheats and strategies below!

1. Always Keep The Double Income Booster Active

It might be hard to notice at first, especially since you will most likely be focused on claiming cash from the newly opened scheme, but there is an income booster which you can activate at the upper left corner of your screen. Once you tap on it, you can obtain a profit multiplier boost that lasts for 4 hours at the cost of watching a 5 to 30-second video ad. As you can watch an additional 2 video ads to max out the income boost duration for a total of 12 hours, it’s a good idea to do so when you start to play the game and before you log out.

always sunny gang goes mobile double income booster

Although all your earned cash resets after each episode, it is still very important to earn as much of it as you can at a faster rate as every other thing you can earn and keep on this game is based primarily on the cash you have to keep earning. Customers, beer, eggs, all depend on how much cash you have and all these will likewise be the basis for you to reach the goals you need to complete. As such, make it a habit to always work and rest with the double income multiplier on as it practically cuts your hard work in half.

2. Prioritize Completing One Goal Over The Others

You will begin to see 3 different goals at the top of your screen as you begin each episode and there are a variety of goals that can become available for you after the tutorial. It may revolve around collecting or spending beer, reaching a certain amount of income, having a scheme reach a certain number of customers, and so forth. On the initial episodes, it will be relatively easier for you to reach these goals but sooner or later, you may find yourself struggling to complete any of it.

always sunny gang goes mobile goals

Keep in mind that you don’t necessarily have to complete all goals to finish an episode. There are 3 available goals at a time and as soon as you achieve one of them a new one pops up. Contrary to accomplishing each goal that pops up at the top of the screen, what you need to remember is that you only need to complete a certain number of goals per episode. This means that there will always be 3 goals at the top of the screen and you won’t ever need to complete them all to proceed to the next chapter.

As such, you have to be selective when it comes to accomplishing these goals and from among the 3 available, simply focus on one, preferably the one that you can accomplish the fastest. As you finish the goal and claim the reward for it, it may lead to helping you accomplish the other, more challenging goals. More so, the new goal that pops up may be even easier to accomplish than the two other ones you chose not to prioritize. Relative to goals and accomplishing them, be sure to upgrade cards and make purchases only when it is among the goals you need to complete.

3. Always Go For Customer Milestones

As an added incentive to your earnings, reaching a certain number of customers per scheme earns you additional perks on top of increasing earnings for that scheme. Once you reach 10, 25, 50, 100, and 150 customers, you earn beer on top of a huge income boost.

always sunny gang goes mobile milestone

Although spending the cash you earn on all running schemes may be invested into reaching customers in a variety of ways, what you should consider primarily is to go for reaching milestones on each available scheme. Depending on your preference or play style you may want to prioritize saving cash to unlock the next scheme or perhaps invest more on higher earning ones, but be sure to keep the milestones in mind most especially if collecting beer is among the goals that you have at the moment.

4. Spend Cash Based On Your Play Style

As we mentioned earlier, there are a variety of ways to spend cash in Always Sunny: Gang Goes Mobile and regardless of where you choose to invest it, you will continue to earn profits. As the game is still very much a casual game where even a very limited free time can still earn you progress in the game, you can tailor-fit the amount of time you have that you can spend on the game on your investment strategy.

always sunny gang goes mobile tips

In general, what you would want to go for is unlock the next higher scheme as soon as you can as it earns a lot more money which will help you rake in more income to re-finance all available schemes. Although that is considered as the best option, it leaves you little advantage especially if you are about to go offline as you won’t be able to collect the earnings of the scheme that you have recently unlocked.

There are basically two separate ends to approaching the game with maximum efficiency and while the above is one of them, it is largely applicable only if you intend to play the game continuously for quite some time. It can be beneficial as well even if you don’t focus as much on the game and only tap to receive income from each unlocked scheme while you are doing something else. Regardless, if you are spending a lot of time actually running the game, then go for unlocking more expensive schemes first and invest on them up until the lower ones become too cheap to go for each of its customer milestones.

On the other hand, if you play the game intermittently and can only spare a few minutes to play it on your free time, you should prioritize saving cash to automate the cash collection for every scheme starting from the cheapest one. Although it may become a lot more expensive to unlock automation later on, at least push to go for it if cash is the only issue you need to collect to be able to unlock it. Although you will always earn cash whenever you go offline and away from the game, automating cash collection on one or more schemes greatly amplifies your income generation during the time you are away from the game.

5. Spend Your Eggs And Beer Wisely

Eggs and beer are special currencies you earn as you play the game and reach accomplishments and milestones and both are difficult to earn and save considering the various cards and upgrades you can spend them on. As such, think things through and spend your hard-earned beer and eggs wisely as you may realize later on that you could have spent them on something more important after erroneously spending them on something else earlier.

always sunny gang goes mobile eggs and beers

Truthfully enough, all cards and their corresponding perks will help you progress your game one way or another but with the limited amount of beer you have, you can only upgrade a few of them and it is best to choose the most basic ones first. For starters, banking on characters that need to reach at least level 2 for you to be able to automate income collection is very important, regardless of whether or not you play online for a long time.

Likewise, upgrading any Frank card you have to boost trach power to level 2 and score an additional loot from the rewards bin is also tremendously helpful and should be invested on immediately. As some upgrade choices will be dependent on the cards you have, the general idea is to rank cards up to level 2 first as the next level becomes a lot more expensive and should be saved for later. Beyond the cards we mentioned which would be of utmost priority, spread upgrades across all cards as far as practicable to earn more boosts at the cheapest cost.

As for the eggs, you can spend them on a variety of chests at the store and can instantly complete missing cards and lacking beer amounts for an upgrade you need. As egges are even more difficult to obtain than beer, you should spend it on chests instead especially if you are still missing a lot of cards for your collection.

6. Sell Unwanted Cards To Buy Crystal Barrels

There certainly won’t be any waste to earning extra copies of cards you get at random as rewards from goals and episode completions. Although RNG may not always be at your side, Always Sunny: Gang Goes Mobile makes it a lot less frustrating if you keep getting excess copies of the same cards you already have. Although you will have use for extra copies for upgrades, having too many copies of some cards early on, when you hardly have enough beer to upgrade each one of them can be a bit of a waste.

always sunny gang goes mobile crystal barrel

If you have more than enough copies of some cards for the next succeeding upgrades, then feel free to sell some of them to earn crystals. Crystals can then be spent on crystal barrels that can earn you large amounts of cash and some rare cards. As the pric of crystal barrels go higher with each purchase, remember to wait until the price resets before you make another purchase.

This ends our beginner’s guide for Always Sunny: Gang Goes Mobile. We hope that you enjoyed reading our guide and that you learned a lot from the tips, cheats and strategies we shared. If you know additional tips that we have not mentioned in this guide, then please share it with us via the comment section!