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BitLife Careers Guide: How to Become a Detective, Family Physician, Dancer or a Graphic Designer

In BitLife, you can be anyone who you want to be with just your fingertips. BitLife is a popular life simulation game from Candywriter that is very casual because of its text-based nature. That might sound very simple, but this game is far from that. Dialogues and events that happen are very entertaining and witty. Hundreds of scenarios could happen to you and your family, your workplace, and even your love life. You make your own life choices by just tapping on your mobile device. Everything in your BitLife experience depends on the palm of your hands.

What’s great about this game is the variety of career choices you can choose from. In this BitLife careers guide, we will show you how to become a detective, a family physician, a dancer, a superintendent, a stuntman, or a graphic designer. If one of the jobs mentioned is your choice, continue reading to find out how to get into this career path and determine how to obtain it.

How To Become A Detective In BitLife

Becoming a detective in BitLife is probably one of the most laborious career paths in the game. Extremely high smarts and a lot of luck is needed to get this job as it doesn’t always appear, but maintaining high stats is a must to even get close to having this job. First, what you need to do is go to university, go to law school right after, work for at least a decade, and only then can you apply for a junior detective position.

bitlife detective job

Getting into law school is no easy task. To be even considered for law school, you need to take up either political science or English as your major. These are the only two majors that will get you in law school. Having very high smart stats is also a must. If you are born with average or even above average smart stats, it’s best to start all over again as studying every year and going to the library will not be enough to get you in law school. Sometimes a boost feature will pop up that will enable you to boost your stats for a bit, but this doesn’t always happen.

After law school, you can apply for any job position just as long as you stay in that job for 10 years. Once you have been in your company for a decade, you can start looking at the job listings to see if there’s a junior detective opening. Being a junior detective requires being a university graduate and 10 years of work experience.

Although it doesn’t state that getting a law degree is required, taking up law school enables this option to appear sooner rather than later. Law school is only three years anyway and will not take much of your time.

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When you become a junior detective, you will be promoted to detective after a few years. Then the last position for the detective career is the senior detective. You can wait to be promoted or check out another job opening, but it’s best to stay with one company until you get promoted to senior detective. Then if you’re not satisfied with your salary anymore, you can either ask for a raise or check out job openings for the senior detective position in the job listings.

How To Become A Family Physician In BitLife

Just like in real life, becoming a family physician in BItLife is challenging. Although it’s a career path where you get no promotions at all, you still have to possess the brains in order to get this job. If you start out your life with very low or just average smart stats, you’ll need to think of another job as your goal as this one requires very high smart stats. Even if you study every year and go to the library religiously, you won’t reach the required smart stats to get to your goal. If ever you start the game with stats that are not enough, immediately restart the game if you want to become a family physician.

bitlife family physician job

To become a family physician, you need to go to college and take up any major related to the medical field. After that you need to go to medical school. There are several medical related majors you can choose from. There’s biology, chemistry, nursing, or psychology. You’ll need to maintain your very high grades by studying hard and going to the library every year. If you’re lucky enough, you can even be granted scholarship or have your parents pay for your tuition fee. Most likely you’ll be granted a scholarship since having really high smart stats is almost always given scholarship. If you tried to get into medical school and get rejected, that means your smart stats need to be higher.

After you finish medical school, the family physician option will show up at the job listing. Although this job has no promotions at all, it’s a job where you get raises frequently which makes it even more rewarding. You can also look at the job listing for a family physician job opening that offers a higher salary than your current one if you want to earn even more. Asking for a raise is also another option as this is almost always granted to you. However, make sure you maintain your stats, not just your smart stats, to avoid getting fired.

How To Become A Dancer In BitLife

If you don’t want to go to college, there are also jobs you can apply for that only require you being a high school graduate. One of these careers is the dancer job. However, you will need excellent stats to be able to take this job. Having really high stats for happiness, health, and good looks will guarantee you a dancer job. Anything that goes below exceptionally high stats for happiness, health, and good looks, will only get your job application rejected. Having smart stats isn’t as important in getting this job. Other times even dropping out of high school will land you this job given that it pops up in the job listing.

bitlife dancer job

Another way to obtain this job is becoming a dance major in college. However, this major doesn’t always appear in the list of choices. But doing this raises your chances for the dancer job opening to show up in the job listings. Like what was mentioned earlier, to be able to get into this major, you’ll need high stats in happiness, health, and looks. If after you graduate from university and this job doesn’t appear, you can always try again next year or keep on aging until it becomes available.

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Being a dancer is a job that doesn’t give you any promotion at all. Although the salary isn’t as rewarding as other jobs, raises comes often. You can also ask for it, but it isn’t always given to you. In no time your salary will be above average and you can very much live a comfortable life by just being a dancer. But always remember that maintaining high stats is important as this may be a reason for you to get fired. If your happiness goes down, go on a vacation or cruise. If your health takes a hit, go to the doctor or meditate. For looks, there’s always plastic surgery. Just make sure your stats are maintained and that you lead a righteous life.

How To Become A Superintendent In BitLife

To become a superintendent, you’ll need to go through quite a lot before reaching your goal. You don’t necessarily have to have extra high grades, but they have to be above average at least to be able to get there. First, you’ll need to get to college and take up any major that can lead you to teaching. These majors include Education or English or even History. Education is a sure way to get you the teacher job. However, if you took something else, applying for a job as a teacher will not get you accepted. If this happens, you should go to graduate school for two more years and then your application for the teacher job post will be accepted.

bitlife superintendent job

Once you’ve become a teacher, you have to stay with this job for at least three years before applying to the next level which is assistant principal. Requirements for the assistant principal job post are at least three years of work experience and graduate school, so it’s ideal to go straight to graduate school right after college if this is your goal. To become an assistant principal, you’ll need to check the job listings for an opening and make sure you’ve already accomplished the requirements needed for it. If you’ve met all requirements, you’ll definitely get the job for assistant principal.

Now that you’ve become an assistant principal, you’ve already entered the school administrator career path which will eventually lead you to becoming superintendent. All you have to do now is to wait to get promoted to the next level which is principal. After being a principal, you will then be promoted to an assistant superintendent. Wait a few more years and then you’ll become superintendent. There may be job listings for your desired position, but try not to apply for another job opening. It’s best to wait to get promoted than to look for another job to advance your career as this can put you at risk of getting fired from your current job.

Being a superintendent is a career path that takes a bit of time to get to your destination, but it isn’t as demanding as other careers such as a doctor because you don’t really need super high stats for it. But of course, you will still need to maintain your happiness, health, smarts, looks, and all that to keep your job. Once your stats drop to an undesirable level, you have a chance of getting fired and all your hard work will be put to waste.

How To Become A Stuntman In BitLife

Being a stuntman is one of those jobs that don’t require you to get a college degree. However, this job is largely dependent on luck as it isn’t always available in the job listings. If you really want to become a stuntman, you have to check every year and wait until it shows up. There isn’t a guarantee you’ll get the job too as it requires you to have decent stats to be accepted. After graduating from university and seeing that the stuntman job isn’t available, you can take up another job for the meantime and check every year until it shows up.

bitlife stuntman job

The stuntman job is one of the possible stepping stones to the acting career. The other one is the cameraman job. But the real pathway to becoming an actor is the voiceover actor job. Taking one of any related jobs might make the stuntman job appear in the job listings. Once you see it, grab that opportunity as it doesn’t always show up. Other than that, one possible factor that affects the job listings is your country of origin. Also make sure that you take up another job if the stuntman option isn’t there. If the it doesn’t appear even after a few years of waiting, it’s best to try and focus on another career instead as waiting decades for it to show up isn’t worth it.

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How To Become A Graphic Designer In BitLife

If what you want is to become a graphic designer, the path is relatively easy to take. Just like other careers you have to take up a major that is related to the job you want to take. For graphic designer, there is only one major you have to take and that is the arts major. There will be times that the art major will not appear. If this happens, you should just restart the game and keep on trying until the art major comes up. This major doesn’t require you to be super smart, but it’s best to still study and keep your stats to green.

bitlife graphic designer job

After you graduate from college, what you have to do is check the job listings and look for the junior graphic designer career. If it doesn’t come up, you’ll have to try again next year until there’s a job opening. When it does appear, take it and you’ll be on the path to becoming a graphic designer. Once you become a graphic designer, the next promotion will be senior graphic designer. This is the last job in this career path.

Being a graphic designer is one of the easiest jobs to obtain as there is only one major you need to take, and the opening for a junior graphic designer job almost always appears right after you graduate. Another thing is staying in a single company guarantees you’ll get frequent raises. This is very true for being a graphic designer. You can also ask for a raise and it will be granted to you nearly every time. If you still aren’t satisfied with your salary, you can always check every year for job openings from companies that may offer higher salaries.

That is the end of this edition of BitLife careers guide. We hope we made it clearer to you on how to obtain your dream job. If you know additional tips or tricks to get your favorite job, don’t hesitate to share them with us in the comments below!