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BitLife Relationships Guide: A Complete Guide to Exes and Flings

Candywriter is a company that’s arguably best-known these days for their largely text-based, yet extremely in-depth life simulator, BitLife. As we have previously explained in our previous BitLife guides, this is an adult-themed game (the description specifically says you have to be 17 or older to download it) where you can control a virtual person’s life from infancy to old age, making various decisions along the way that could affect the path their lives take. Will you let them live an honest, hardworking life or will you guide them to a life of crime and/or wanton excesses? It’s all up to you, though you may, at times, be limited by the stats your characters are given after the game creates them as babies.

Relationships are also a key part of this game, as you can date NPCs through various means, marry them and start a family, or deal with separation and divorce and be forced to start anew. You can also turn your characters into unapologetic two-timers by having them hook up via the Love menu, or accepting hookup opportunities while nightclubbing. Either way, your exes and flings will show up in the Exes sub-menu under Relationships, and there are various ways for you to interact with them in BitLife. That said, join us as we bring you our exclusive BitLife relationships guide – a complete guide to exes and the various features you can explore while viewing an ex or fling’s profile.

Exes In Bitlife: An Overview

As every experienced BitLife player should know, the game will allow your characters to start dating once they turn 14. But just like most cases of “puppy love,” don’t expect your characters’ early relationships to last too long. Regardless of how well you treat them, they may choose to break up with you after just one year, thus taking a toll on your Happiness and possibly making you do poorly in school – it’s impossible to tell, but teens with low Happiness seem to be less likely to get scholarships, regardless of their Smarts. You can beg your partner to stay, which tends to have a higher success rate if the person you broke up with has low Craziness, but more often than not, they’ll choose to leave you anyway. (If your partner chooses to stay, your Happiness shouldn’t take much of a hit)

bitlife break up

Even when you’re in college or already an adult working a regular job (or not), the possibility of breaking up with a partner or getting divorced from your spouse will keep on looming large. Adult relationships, as they often turn out in the real world, generally last longer than the ones you have in your teenage years, but they may end for one reason or another – your partner may have caught you two-timing while at the nightclub, you may not be spending that much time with each other (as determined by how often you interact positively in the game), you may have blown a ton of money while gambling, or they may not be willing to accept your recently declared sexual orientation. Likewise, your fiancé/fiancée could leave you if you keep forcing them to sign a prenup!

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You get the idea – most relationships in BitLife are bound to end, and when they do, they make your characters unhappy and make them underperform at school or at work. (For the latter, this could get you fired or prevent you from getting a raise/promotion, no matter how many extra hours you put in.) But as we’ll be telling you in this guide, splitting from a partner is not the end of things between the two of you, as you can still interact with an ex-partner in a number of ways by tapping on the Exes tab under Relationships and tapping on any one of your past boyfriends/girlfriends, husbands/wives, or lovers.

Booty Calls And Txxxts

It’s not uncommon in the real world for former couples to spend the night together even if it doesn’t mean actually getting back together. In the world of BitLife, that too is possible, as you can tap on any given ex and set up a Booty Call via phone or text, or set things up by sending a “txxxt” – or, in other words, sexting your ex-partner in hopes of getting them in the mood for things. But why would you want to do this, at least in the in-game world?

bitlife ex-girlfriend

To put it simply, making love is a surefire way to get your Happiness stats up. And you’ll want to do this as often as you could, in the event things are going south for you in other aspects of your characters’ virtual lives. Just be sure you’re using protection (or asking your partner to use protection) in order to avoid the chance of an unwanted pregnancy, or worse, a sexually-transmitted disease! (Of course, if you’re trying to collect Ribbons, you can choose to have unprotected sex in hopes of earning a Scandalous or Lustful Ribbon – at your own risk, that is!)

Now there’s a chance that your ex-partner or lover may reject your offer – it may be by replying with an “LOL” or “LMAO” to your text or hanging up on you, or they may choose not to reply to the text or answer your call. Based on what we’ve experienced, this depends on the character’s Craziness stats — higher Craziness (red or orange) means a greater chance of getting some action, while lower Craziness (green) means they’ll probably turn you down. Pester them too much and they could file a Restraining Order – we shall get to that later, but that should be enough of a reminder to you that much like it is in the real world, no will always mean no.

In addition, it’s not always recommended to arrange a Booty Call with an ex or a lover if you’re currently in a relationship or married to someone. You could probably give it a try if your relationship bar is orange or red AND your Happiness is in similarly dire straits, but again, do so at your own risk – there’s always the chance of getting found out!

Chit-Chats And Compliments: A More ‘Wholesome’ Way To Keep Things Cordial

Having interactions with exes and flings isn’t all about doing the deed – BitLife also allows you to have more “wholesome” interactions with someone you used to date or someone you had previously hooked up with. You can make a call and choose the Chit Chat or Compliment option or send a compliment via text, and if you’re interacting with an ex with the Craziness stats in the right place (in this case, typically those with low Craziness), they’ll probably give you the time of day. Conversely, high Craziness exes or flings tend to be less receptive to these kind gestures.

Regardless of whether you choose a Booty Call, Txxxt, or a Chit-Chat/Compliment, all of these interactions, once carried out, will help toward restoring your relationship bar with an ex, or making it go higher if you’re dealing with a fling. Once that relationship bar is about 70 to 80 percent full, that’s the earliest time when you can go for it and see if you can either rekindle the relationship or start a new one via call.

Arguing And Insulting: Only If You Want Ribbons

To put it simply, there’s no way arguing or insulting an ex or a current fling would end well for anyone involved. Not only does it affect your relationship bar – it could also affect your Happiness when your ex/fling fires back with an insult of their own, no matter how childish it may sound! Your Health won’t be affected, as these are merely text or phone conversations (and not face-to-face scenarios where you may get attacked by these NPCs), but in case we haven’t stressed it enough, employers don’t like it when you’re too mopey to put in a good performance at work.

bitlife ex-fling

The only time when you can consider arguing or insulting an ex or a lover is if you’re going after the Rowdy or Wicked ribbon. These ribbons can be earned in part by acting like a jerk toward anyone and everyone, and arguing or insulting people will definitely earn you some jerk points – though getting into a lot of physical fights, such as at a nightclub, will also do that for you.

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Giving A Gift

Between the Call and Message options, you’ll see the Gift option under each ex or fling’s profile, and this allows you to give a gift like you would to your current partner. Once again, the general rule would apply – their appreciation would often depend on the cost of the gift, though it wouldn’t say how much they appreciated the gift. Still, this is a good way to improve your relationship with those men and/or women whom your characters used to date, albeit a costly one if you choose to buy some of the more expensive gifts.

Stalking An Ex – Is It Worth It?

The final option in an ex or fling’s profile is Stalk, and this allows you to unleash your sneaky side and, well, do creepy things in a desperate attempt to get them to like you again, such as hacking into their social media or sending them anonymous letters or gifts or following them around. But should you go this far for purposes outside of earning ribbons you haven’t earned yet in the game?

Based on our observations, exes and flings with enough Craziness will appreciate your stalking attempts on occasion, and your relationship bar will show a slight improvement. But the important thing here is that you should not allow yourself to get caught – this will happen more often than not! It’s possible that your target will catch you in person and lay a beatdown on you, thus affecting your Health. If they’re married, expect their spouses to do the dirty work and attack you!

It is also not recommended that you stalk exes or lovers who have a low Craziness stat. They may politely tell you to back off, and while they likely won’t attack you or have their spouses (if applicable) do so, they are also more likely than the crazier ones to do the rational thing…and issue a restraining order against you. This, actually, is our segue for the next tip in this guide on exes.

Restraining Orders

What happens if you aren’t careful while stalking someone you dated or hooked up with? Aside from the aforementioned threat of physical attacks, you may also get served a restraining order, which prohibits you from making any kind of contact with the person in question for three years. But it’s not just stalking that could force your former significant other (or one-night stand) to file a restraining order – if you’re too persistent in contacting them despite their lack of interest in speaking to you, they could file one! Yes, that also covers positive, wholesome gestures such as trying to make idle chit-chat or sending gifts – if they brush you off, it’s best to back off.

bitlife restraining order

Once you’ve been served the restraining order, any further contact you make will automatically be reported to authorities, and could have you facing a one-year prison sentence. You won’t have to pay the same legal fees as you would if you were, say, accused of other crimes, but you’ll still be paying in the thousands if you want the services of the top-tier firm as the middle option. As you may be aware of, this gives you, by far, the best chances of walking free, as the cheaper firm on top gives you a small chance of being found innocent, while the public defender gives you only a sliver of a chance. And in case you may have forgotten, prison sentences will always force your employer to fire you, while also making it harder for you to get a new job due to your criminal record.

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If you’re wondering about the option to accept or tear up the restraining order after being served, it doesn’t make a difference. But if you get busted a second time for violating the terms of your restraining order, that means another year of prison added to your new term if found guilty! (And let’s not forget the additional legal costs you’ll have to pay.)

In addition, you can also choose to file restraining orders against exes or flings who keep bugging you with Txxxts or keep asking if they can get back together with you even if you’re in a committed relationship or already married. Of course, there are other options available in such cases – you can get back with this old flame (and end your current relationship in the process), in the case of a Txxxt, you can send it to your friends or simply ignore it, or you can even insult them in some cases. But if this isn’t the first time they’re bugging you while married or in a relationship that’s going very well, you might as well make sure they get served!

There you have it! This completes our guide to exes in BitLife! If you have anything to add to our list of tips and tricks, don’t hesitate to let us know in the comment area!