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Ode to Heroes Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Build a Powerful Team and Crush Your Enemies

DH-Games has been active for only 10 months in the mobile gaming market and currently has only 2 games in its app portfolio. Nonetheless, it’s first published game, Dungeon Rush: Rebirth has soared to respectable spots within top ten lists of games in 23 countries. Coupled with largely positive reviews, over 500 thousand installs from the Google Play Store alone, and a continuously increasing fan base, DH-Games is definitely set to be a favorite developer among gamers who enjoy idle strategy RPGs.

Ode to Heroes is DH-Games’ second and latest offering currently available on the Google Play Store. In just a little over 2 weeks after its official launch, Ode to Heroes has already been installed more than a hundred thousand times and continues to earn positive reviews from Android platform users. As an idle RPG much like Dungeon Rush, Ode to Heroes is a definite must-play for fans of the genre as well as new players who can spare less time on progressive strategy RPGs. If you enjoy idle RPGs and love collecting, upgrading, and forming a team from a wide variety of heroes, then you should definitely give Ode to Heroes a try.

Create and develop your very own unique team of heroes as Ode to Heroes sets you out into a unique fantasy world brimming with colorful hosts of characters and quests. As you awaken and collect a variety of heroes, you will constantly need to make them stronger through leveling up and equipping gears as the battles ahead grow more challenging at each turn. While power is important, strategic team composition and a proper formation is necessary for you to pass through the challenges. As tending to the needs of your top heroes can be an expensive feat, requiring various resources, it is important to keep pushing forward to earn more enhancement materials. Although you may not always have the time to actually play the game regularly, you continue to earn valuable items and resources while you are away from the game as your heroes continuously battle even if you are offline.

ode to heroes strategies

The tutorial that initiates once you jump into the world of Ode to Heroes actually makes the simple controls and game mechanics even easier. If you have played strategy RPGs, most especially idle ones before, then you will surely breeze through the first part of the game and be well beyond set to take on challenges entirely on your own. Even for complete and total beginners, Ode to Heroes is easy to pick up and play as battles are fully automated and everything else can be done with a tap of a button. As you continue to make progress and unlock additional features and game modes, a brief explanation of objectives will be provided.

Truthfully enough, the game’s basic mechanics can easily be learned and regardless of how much time you spend on the game, progress is guaranteed. If you are raring to become stronger at a much faster and more efficient pace, then check out our Ode to Heroes beginner’s guide as we will present you loads of tips, cheats and strategies!

1. Push Through The Campaign

Perhaps the most basic game mode available in every mobile RPG like Ode to Heroes is a campaign mode that introduces you to bits of stories about the game. Although, for the most part, many RPGs make it so that stages and chapters in the campaign mode has repeatable battles for farming, stage completion ratings, and more challenging modes for better loot, idle RPGs like Ode to Heroes set itself apart by being devoid of all those features. Don’t fret, though, as the auto loot system that takes place whether you are actually playing or offline in exchange for all that is much more convenient for players.

ode to heroes campaign

What you need to remember relative to the campaign stages in Ode to Heroes is the fact that there are no star rating completions and winning is all that matters. It doesn’t matter if one of your heroes fall before you complete a level or only one of them survives through it. As such, you won’t be pressured to have to complete each stage perfectly and should also save you from investing in heroes you may not be using at all later on.

As progress in Ode to Heroes basically follows your account level, the best way to earn experience points is by pushing through with the story campaign. As you unlock new features and game modes along the way, feel free to follow the tutorial but be sure to return on progressing the campaign as soon as you can. On top of game progression, a lot of the basic resources you will need to make your heroes stronger, additional means to summon more heroes, and collecting fragments of stronger heroes may also come from rewards you obtain from clearing campaign stages. Given all these, try as much as you can to battle through the campaign and push through even if only one hero makes it through the more challenging levels.

Perhaps the only time you should set the campaign mode aside is if you can’t win against a particular stage. Provided that you have also tapped out your resources in upgrading and enhancing your team of heroes, failing to clear a stage in the campaign with all you have simply means you need to make some progress on the other extra game modes you have unlocked.

2. Form A Well-Rounded Team

With over 200 heroes available in the game, the number of possible combination of heroes to have is almost endless. Of course, it may be improbable for you collect all of the heroes in the game given the rarity level system, Gacha, and the relative scarcity of scrolls and friendship points with which to summon them. Just the same, you will get more than enough heroes to fill a six-person team soon enough and to ensure that you will survive the more challenging battles ahead, ample analysis and strategy is important before you decide on which heroes to invest in.

ode to heroes team

For starters, consider the rarity or star level of the heroes you have and considering the increased stats and abilities of heroes with higher stars, you should settle as much as possible to heroes that have a rank of at least 4 stars. Beyond rarity and superior stat values, only 4 star heroes can be promoted to 5 stars. Heroes with a 1 to 3-star rank are practically stuck on that rarity level and will be utterly inferior in the more challenging levels ahead. Although you won’t instantly have enough heroes to have a full roster of 4 stars and five star ones, feel free to include lower rarity ones temporarily. What you should seek to delimit is the amount of resources you invest in these heroes as you will swap them out soon enough.

There are 5 unique classes available in Ode to Heroes and a good team requires a strategic combination of these heroes to form part of your main team. Heroes are either Emperors, Scholars, Specialists, Assassins, or Priests and while some of these class names are new for even experienced RPG players, they all work practically the same way as classes in most RPGs do. Emperors boast the highest defense and HP stats in the game and are the best tanks or frontline units. Scholars are equivalent of mages that deal high DPS and possess AoE skills but are very frail.

Specialists are unique with respect to the special skills they possess and have balanced attributes. Assassins can deal the highest single target burst damage and Priests are your all-around healer and support units. Given these classes, it is important to consider at least one tank, one healer, and one damage dealer. Given that a full formation has six slots available, feel free to try a variety of combinations that come to mind while prioritizing the 3 basic roles.

Beyond classes, each hero also falls within one of six factions that are basically elemental affinities and work following the “rock-paper-scissors” system of damage boost. The six factions are Wind, Earth, Water, Fire, Yin, and Yang. Considering the 4 basic factions, Wind is strong against Earth but weak against Fire. Earth is strong against Water and is weak against Wind. Water is naturally strong against Fire but is countered by Earth and Fire counters Wind but is disadvantaged by Water. Both Yin and Yang factions are not impacted positively or otherwise by the basic factions and counter one another. An advantageous faction boosts the hero’s damage by 30% and accuracy by 15%.

Considering these factions, it is important to consider a good mix of elements in your main team. Although you can work with what you have based on the heroes you prefer to use, it’s important to avoid having most or all of your heroes belonging exclusively to one faction despite faction halos that may apply.

Be sure to read through each hero’s unique abilities especially after each breakthrough as more becomes available. For starters, be sure to have a good mix of skills covering both defensive and offensive aspects of the battle. This should be done especially if you have multiple candidates for each class and you can only consider one or a couple of these heroes to form part of your main team.

3. Be Selective When Upgrading Heroes

Keeping your heroes at their peak may very well be one of the most basic things you will be doing in Ode to Heroes as well as in other games. There is a matter of heroes switching in and out of your main roster especially at the early part of the game and as you will never have enough resources to invest in every hero that comes your way, you have to learn how to manage everything you consume and, as such, be selective when it comes to upgrading heroes.

ode to heroes upgrades

As we mentioned earlier, heroes have star ranks which is 1 to 5 and only 4-star heroes can be promoted to a 5-star rank making those with lower level ranks practically inferior from mid to end game. Given this mechanic, what you would want to do is use your resources to upgrade only 4-star or higher ranked heroes. As Ode to Heroes is currently loaded with events on top of the generous amounts of in-game rewards you will get at the early part of your dive into the game, you will most certainly acquire more than enough 4-star heroes to fill in your roster.

Levelling up heroes consume EXP Pills and gold, which you will have a plethora of at the early part of the game. At certain intervals, you will have to breakthrough heroes to proceed with levelling up that hero again and requires Promotion Pills that are more challenging to acquire than the 2 previous resources.

Equipping heroes is as easy as tapping the quick equip button. What is important here is that you remember to constantly check for indicators on each equipment slot as new and better gear can become available after each battle especially on the beginning stages of the game. Likewise, remember to reshuffle equipment once you consider to change your team’s roster. There is a quick unequip button as well so use it to remove gears from heroes you no longer use.

Promotion is the most difficult hero enhancement option in Ode to Heroes but provides the biggest boost in stats and abilities. Simply click on the Promote button at the lower right side of your hero’s screen to see the requirements you need to collect to initiate a promotion. Relative to this, don’t retire your 3-star heroes as they will become ingredients in promoting your stronger heroes later on.

4. Expend Attempts In Various Game Modes

As you may find your way stuck at a certain level within the campaign mode at some point in your daily adventure, failing to accomplish a level simply means that you need to further strengthen your team. If you are in need of additional resources and want more valuable rewards, then head onto the home screen, by tapping on the home button at the lower left side of your screen, and engage in the various additional game modes that you have unlocked.

ode to heroes tips

The King’s Club is the first one you will be able to unlock and contains a variety of PvP arena challenges. You will only be able to battle through the Martial Meeting at first and it is the most basic PvP arena in the game. With infinite refresh attempts, simply tap on the refresh button and search for opponents whose Battle Power is a match to yours. You have 5 attempts to challenge opponents daily and regardless if you win or lose each match, there will always be rewards. Always remember to update your defense roster by clicking on the defenders button.

The Government holds a variety of dungeon-like battles that earn you basic resources such as gold, EXP and Promotion Pills, as well as hero fragments. You have two attempts to battle through each of these challenges and higher level stages that offer better rewards become available once you reach the minimum level requirements to engage it. After you successfully beat a level, you can simply sweep the stage for a faster redemption of rewards.

The Sky Tower holds an endless series of battles where each floor is more challenging than the previous one. Every win instantly awards you with valuable resources and rare items on some occasions and each loss takes away a heaven key. Heaven keys replenish once every 30 minutes and you can hold a maximum of 10 keys at a time. Be sure to climb the tower as high as you can each day as the rewards you can obtain here are best secured sooner than later.

5. Remember To Craft New Equipment

ode to heroes crafting

As your team grows stronger in Ode to Heroes, you will consequently obtain better equipment. Without any use for lower level gears, you can craft new items with them at the cost of some coins. To initiate crafting, simply tap on the icon at the lower right side of your screen and access your backpack. From there, tap the “Craft Equipment” button and red indicators will be shown on equipment types you can craft based on the ingredients you have collected. As there will be no further use for these ingredients, craft as many new gears as you can.

6. Accomplish Quests And Event Objectives

Beyond the immediate rewards you receive from each battle you win from as well as the campaign income, more rewards can still be earned by completing quests and event objectives. For the most part, the objectives you need to accomplish form part of the usual activities you engage in as you play the game. In some cases, these objectives may even serve as a guide for you to identify what you can still do in the game.

ode to heroes quests

Quests are divided into Daily Quests and Achievements. Daily Quests are generally quicker and easier to accomplish and revolves around what you should be following as a rotine on a daily basis. Each objective met earns you rewards but you should aim to accomplish all objectives to earn the final reward of 50 Jade Shells, which is the premium currency in Ode to Heroes. Achievements offer one-time but relatively bigger rewards. These pertain to milestones you reach as you play the game and often provides rare treasures and Jade Shells as rewards.

Beyond quests, there are various in-game events in Ode to Heroes to take advantage of especially if you want to accelerate the growth of your heroes and progress in the game faster. Some of these events are time-limited so make sure to try your best to get the most out of them as much as you can.

That is all we have for you as far as our Ode to Heroes tips, cheats and strategies are concerned. We sincerely hope that our compilation of tips is more than enough to jumpstart your progress in the game. We likewise hope that it has been a fun and enlightening read for you and if there are some other tips or strategies you are aware of that we have not included in the article, then you are very much welcome to share them via the comment section!


Tuesday 17th of September 2019

I think you should craft only 3 items/day for daily quest, if not, you will be very poor then


Tuesday 5th of November 2019

Hey im curious if i should keep copies of elite 5* heroes i know i need a copy to get to 6* but no copy to get to 7* what about higher do i need copies later?