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Idle Roller Coaster Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Become a Top Theme Park Tycoon

Entering the mobile gaming scene in 2013 with classic games like Solitaire, Blackjack, Logo Quiz, and Sudoku, Green Panda Games has transformed itself into a leading mobile games developer and publisher specializing in hyper-casual games that continues to be popular in today’s market. Focusing mainly on idle clicker games that can be played and enjoyed by practically everyone, Green Panda Games has amassed more than 50 million users and earned over 50 thousand 5 star reviews on its published games. Bee Factory, Emoji Craft, and Sushi Bar tops the 18-strong list of games in Green Panda Games’ app portfolio with Bee Factory having been installed over 10 million times while the latter two has over 5 million downloads each. With its host of popular games on iOS and Android platforms, Green Panda Games definitely has a huge and still growing fan base eager to play every game that the company publishes.

Idle Roller Coaster is the latest game from Green Panda Games and much like its other idle clicker games, banks on the simplest game mechanics and one-tap controls. Although currently available only on iOS, Idle Roller Coaster has maintained near-perfect user ratings and sits at the number 1 spot in the strategy category of the Apple App Store. It’s overall simplicity coupled with the fun factor attributable to its theme, Idle Roller Coaster makes for a great game that you can play and watch and get hooked into as you spend more time on it.

Managing a theme park has never been as easy as it is in Idle Roller Coaster. As the exclusive ride is your main attraction in a start-up theme park, your goal is to earn more money to reinvest in your park and develop it continuously to boost profits. It is essentially very easy in the sense that doing nothing will still earn you cash. More regular taps as well as spending earnings on upgrades will, in turn, improve profit generation.

There are no tutorials involved in Idle Roller Coaster and there definitely is no need for one as the game is as easy as it can get given that there is only moving forward regardless of what you do. Tap on the roller coaster area to speed it up and tap on oncoming customers to boost their speed as well. Various upgrades are available and purchasing upgrades is just a tap away as well. Your theme park will surely grow regardless of how you go about playing the game and will even continue to prosper while you are offline.

If you want to progress fast, then spending a little more time actively playing will help you achieve that. Better still, check out our Idle Roller Coaster guide for tips, cheats and strategies on how to boost your earnings and become a top theme park tycoon!

1. Keep The Double Profit Booster Active

As your constant need in Idle Roller Coaster is earning profits, having more of it generate every second is always the preferred choice. Earning normally is actually decent enough and will have observable progress as you play the game but boosting all profits you generate by twice as much is an opportunity you should not miss.

idle roller coaster double profit booster

Once you start running the game, you will notice a 2x booster at the upper left corner of your screen. Tapping on it will give you to double your earnings for a set number of minutes at the cost of watching a 15 to 30-second video ad. You may even give it a second go to increase the amount of time that the boost stays active. Regardless of whether or not you will be actively playing the game or will spend time off of it, it’s worth watching a couple of ads as the income generation boost applies to all your income regardless if you are actually playing the game or offline and away from it. If you want to progress in the game fast and grow your theme park at a rapid pace, then you should take note of when the double profit multiplier will wear off and go back online to activate it again.

2. Slow, Regular Taps Speed Things Up

If you have played some idle clicker games in the past, you might instinctively tap on the screen at a very rapid pace with the mindset that it will make the rollercoaster run faster and speed up the potential customers outside the theme park as well. That simply isn’t the case with Idle Roller Coaster and slow, regular taps are enough to speed things up.

To get the pace right, simply observe the roller coaster as a gleam of light will appear behind it once you tap the theme park area. Once the light vanishes, the speed boost has worn off and you will have to tap again. The same applies to customers outside the park although at some point later on, you will hardly have any need to speed them up as lines will be full of people that won’t be able to proceed any faster since the roller coaster ride as well as the station is still full of people.

3. Remember To Level Up As Soon As Possible

As you may likely become too engrossed with the taps you make here and there at the same time that your focus has been captivated by your virtual roller coaster, it is likely to happen that you will forget about the experience bar that fills up at the upper right corner of your screen that you need to tap to level up. Levelling up earns you huge amounts of profits instantly as well as unlocks ornaments for your park as well as unlock new parks later on. As such, tapping on it as soon as it becomes available is important for you to be able to progress faster.

how to level up fast in idle roller coaster

Once the experience bar is full and the words “level up” appears, you will no longer be gaining experience points from the profits that you make. As the ornament upgrades are the cheapest investments that boost your income generation, levelling up faster will be key to boosting your income faster as a result of maxing out upgrades relative to available ornaments.

If you can, you should also consider watching video ads to triple the amount of income you gain from levelling up. Keep in mind that as you reach higher levels and earn more income, the amount of cash you can receive from level up rewards grow too, making a triple amount of it even more valuable.

4. Invest In Upgrades Strategically

There are various upgrades available in Idle Roller Coaster and in as much as investing in each of them indiscriminately all leads to earning higher profits, a systematic approach to doing so results in a more efficient development of your park. There are a total of 10 available upgrades with 3 at the bottom of the screen, 3 at the station that you can see as you tap on it, and 4 under the ornaments which you can access through the ribbon icon at the right side of your screen.

idle roller coaster upgrades

For starters, what you should go for in general is to invest in the cheapest available upgrade option. The rationale behind this is that you would want the money you invested to be reflected in your profits and stream right back to you moving forward. Spending on the cheaper upgrades would therefore be faster and lead to investing in more options as well.

Once you get a hold of massive profits either through profit boosters, level up rewards, or oofline income, then you should spend on the most expensive upgrades available as much as you can and when you can no longer afford to do so, revert to putting your income on the cheapest upgrades again. As ornamental upgrades are unlocked based on level, be sure to check on it once an indicator appears at the ribbon icon.

5. Grab The Time-Limited Boosts

As you play the game, you will regularly see time-limited boosts that pop up at the upper right side of the screen. It may either speed everything up, making it unnecessary for you to tap on anything; or double the amount of experience points you earn along with your profits. Given that these boosts tremendously speed up your progress, it’s important to take advantage of it and prioritize it over everything else except when it’s a 2x experience booster that appears at the same time you can level up.

idle roller coaster boosts

It may happen that you will see these boosts become available at the same time as your level bar maxes out. In case it is a profit booster, you should go for it as your profits will continue to grow even if you fail to immediately reach a new level. Forget about upgrades and even the income multiplier at the left side of the screen if it so happens that it runs out of juice just as the time-limited booster appears.

Relative to this, you should also grab the floating popcorn whenever you see it as large sums of money can be gained from it if you tap on it and choose to watch an ad.

6. Multitask Across Various Locations

This may very well be a tip fit for more experienced players but if you read through and adhered to the tips we mentioned above, then chances are that you will grow beyond level 20 in the game and unlock a new theme park in another location. Provided that you have the money to unlock the next world, feel free to do so and be ready to multitask like never before.

idle roller coaster tips

As you start anew in a new park, you should most likely be spending more time on it than the previous one as there will be new upgrades to save money for as well as new ornaments to unlock. Keep in mind that all your theme parks will continue to earn money regardless of where you are at so there shouldn’t be much pressure to hop between them from time to time. For previous parks, income from the roller coaster itself will added to earnings for that park.

For everything else, the amount of profits you receive will reflect on your more recent theme park. As such, you should focus more on the newer park and spend more time there as new upgrades will become available fast especially as it is just starting out.

As a general strategy, simply peek at the older theme park and spend cash on upgrades until you max everything out or have less than enough to upgrade further. Spend most of your time on the newer or newest park and apply everything you did with the older parks.

7. How To Get Rid Of Distractions

You may opt to turn your Wi-Fi off and proceed to play the game offline at any time. Keep in mind though that while there are a lot of video ads in the game, all of it are optional and you won’t be force to watch any of it in-between your play time. As much as we always mention that ads keep many free games continuously available for everyone we still understand people who feel annoyed or turned off by games riddled with ads that randomly pop up as they play the game.

idle roller coaster tricks

The point here is that you can play Idle Roller Coaster even if you have no access to the internet but the downside is that you won’t be able to enjoy the numerous perks you can get out of watching some of these ads. As we mentioned right from the start of the guide that you can progress in the game regardless of how you play it, spending more time actually playing the game will make you progress a lot faster. More so by watching some ads every now and then.

This is where we end our Idle Roller Coaster guide and as simple as our tips, cheats and strategies may be, we are confident that taking all of it into consideration will significantly boost your progress in the game. If you have discovered additional tips or tricks, then don’t hesitate to share them with us in the comment area below!


Wednesday 6th of September 2023

I can't get past level 110. All coasters and perks have been upgraded. Next peek is 115 with no way to go to another track.