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Dungeon Rush Tips, Tricks & Cheats: 5 Hints You Need to Know

Dungeon Rush is a mobile title by DH Games, and it’s described as a unique idle MMO card RPG. As we see it, the developer has tried to seamlessly combine multiple genres or game types into one unique experience – idle gaming, MMO, TCG, and RPG gaming, all in one. You will be collecting hero cards (more than 200 heroes with six types), playing them against other human players, and accomplishing legendary achievements. And since the social element is a must in this game, you can also form or join a guild with other players, which adds to the fun of combining different genres in one.

The combination of all those different genres may sound like a daunting one for some of you. But if you’re concerned that this mishmash of genres will make Dungeon Rush too difficult for you, we’d like to start you off running, and on the right foot. Check out our exclusive list of Dungeon Rush tips, tricks and strategies, and you won’t be feeling lost for long.

1. Understand The Stronghold System

One stronghold in Dungeon Rush consists of five levels each, with each level becoming progressively harder. But once you beat one stronghold, that’s where the idle mechanic would kick in. You can auto-farm by dispatching heroes into the strongholds you defeated. This auto-farming would go on even if you quit the game for the day, with plans of returning when you wake up in the morning or get home from work or school. Once you do return, you will be rewarded with new levels, loot, and currency, all for doing nothing.

2. Don’t Play The Strongholds Exclusively – Play The Campaigns

However, you wouldn’t want to spend the bulk of your time playing the strongholds and auto-farming once you’ve completed a level or two or more. You want to focus your attention on new campaigns, so you can make more progress in the game. You will unlock more game modes with more completed campaigns; unlocking a game mode tends to depend on how many player levels you gain or how many levels in the campaign areas you’ve completed, though that may also depend on whether you passed a certain stronghold or not.

3. Upgrade Your Special Heroes This Way

This would actually apply to heroes of any kind of rarity, but especially to the special, rare heroes, which you should absolutely be prioritizing. Go to the hero training area and leave them to train for as long as you please – yes, it’s as simple as that, and quite similar to the auto-farming we had told you about earlier. Once you return to the game, ideally after at least several hours, you will see that your heroes have gathered much more experience and leveled up quite substantially. They will also be considerably stronger than they were before you placed them in training. Before leaving the game for an extended period of time, send heroes out for auto-farming and training purposes so you can level them up as fast as possible.

4. Sacrifice Your Heroes To Make The Rare Ones Better

You can also try this technique (or should we say, game feature) if you want to make your rare heroes better. If you’ve got some heroes you no longer need, or are too weak in comparison to the others, you can sacrifice them in order to make your rarer heroes better. Typically, you want to get rid of those heroes who have the same element as the base, or target hero so you can take advantage of the experience multiplier. And if you’ve got duplicates, devour one of the identical heroes to make the target level up to the next tier.

As a bonus tip, you can also use the Upgrade option to upgrade legendary heroes into Champion heroes. Formulas may be different, but in each case, all equipment worn by your legendary heroes will carry over when they’re upgraded to Champions.

5. How To Pick Up More Premium Currency

Despite the peculiar-sounding name, it’s still premium – of course, we’re referring to the blue gems known as Droit. In order to get more Droit, go to the Feats menu and the Quests menu, and check the criteria needed so you can complete a feat or a quest. If you’ve collected enough Droit through completing more feats and quests, you would be able to buy a rare hero, or be able to enjoy some of the other perks enjoyed by paying players – no, you don’t necessarily have to part with your money just to be successful in this game!