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Frantic Shooter Guide: 6 Tips & Tricks to Save the Galaxy

Frantic Shooter is exactly how the name sounds; you are a lone gunman tasked with defending your homeworld (which is curiously never named) from unrelenting alien hordes (also never named). Developed by BulkyPix, this game is filled with enemies to shoot at and be shot at by. It is basically a reaction game, which will rigorously test your abilities to dodge whatever is thrown at you by the literal swarms of enemies that the game will spawn.

The basic controls are quite simple, and you can play the whole game using only your finger. Your character shoots automatically so all you have to do is slide your finger to make your character hurtle across the screen at breakneck speeds, which is part of the challenge of dodging myriad deadly projectiles. That being said, you can perform more precise movements by holding your finger down and moving the character slowly, which is especially useful when bosses emit tidal waves of bullets for you to dodge.

So with all these factors coming into play together it is quite fair to say that Frantic Shooter is a tough game. This is true, and you will die a lot when playing it. Don’t let that discourage you because the game is fast paced, so once you get into it you will barely notice.

With that in mind, read on for some epic Frantic Shooter tips and tricks!

1. Keep Your Distance From Enemies

As mentioned above, there are a lot of enemies that will be coming after you. The basic structure of the game is that you will spawn in the arena and will have to shoot all the enemies that spawn. Enemies will spawn in waves and every couple of waves a boss will appear. Enemies will drop either coins, which can be spent on weapons or characters (with a large caveat that we’ll get in to later), or experience points which can level up your weapons and make you more powerful.

Enemies and bosses will come in a number of types but there are a few combat best practices to keep in mind when fighting them to make sure that you can blast as many as possible. First thing worth mentioning is that you should never touch enemies with your character as they will damage you for a lot of health. This can be quite difficult considering you are sliding your character around the arena extremely quickly. But always look before you leap because if you plow through a group of enemies by accident then you will be dead or on the brink of it.

Next, you always have to keep in mind where your character is relative to both the enemies and the arena. Enemies will display a small green circle at their spawn location before they appear, so this will give you a few moments to get ready to greet them with a face full of lead. Also, you have to remember that Frantic Shooter is all about positioning. Good positioning will allow you to control the pace of the fight, but if you don’t pay attention to your positioning then you will be scrambling to dodge and keep up with enemy waves.

So how do you make sure you have good map awareness? First thing is to make sure to keep your distance from corners. Although it may be tempting to hide in corners to cover your back, this will be your downfall. Once you are trapped in a corner there is effectively zero space to dodge incoming enemy fire and you will find yourself being turned into Swiss Cheese in no time flat. So stay around the middle of the map, and at the most around the edges. But always remember that corners will kill you, so stay away!

2. Don’t Let Your Finger Get In The Way

The basic control scheme for Frantic Shooter has been mentioned above. It is actually incredibly simple, but if you are not careful your fingers can actually hinder your playing rather than enhance it. This is because the character onscreen is very small and unless you are playing on an iPad then so is the screen.

What this means is that your finger can easily cover your character which makes it really tough to pull off precision dodges. This is especially true in later levels, when a matter of millimetres is the difference between life and death. So how should you avoid this? The best advice is to dedicate a portion of the screen to your finger and don’t move it outside of that.

The best place to do this is at the bottom third of the screen. If you keep your finger within that boundary when moving your character, then it is very unlikely that your finger will ever get in the way of your shooting. So you’ll be able to pull off sick dodges without getting yourself killed in the process.

Another thing to remember when moving your finger is to actually aim! Your character will shoot automatically but they don’t really aim that well. Don’t believe the tutorial when it says that your character knows what they are doing because this is plainly untrue. So when you are sliding around don’t forget to move your fingers to orient your character in the right direction.

3. Go For Experience

Just to recap, when enemies die they will either drop experience that will level up your weapon or they will drop coins that can be spent on new weapons and characters. But sometimes you only have a few moments of breathing room before the next wave spawns to grab them. So which should you prioritize?

The long and the short of it is to prioritize experience points to level up your weapons and fight better. You should do this for two reasons. The first reason is that you can get coins for free multiple times per day. This is because the game will reward you for watching ads, which are refreshed every few minutes (but we will get into this shortly). The second reason is that all the characters and weapons you “buy” you can’t actually keep. Your coins only allow you the privilege of using the gun or character for about 2 hours.

With that in mind it is clearly the superior choice to prioritize experience because this will allow you to progress through stages easier and it will also make your weapons pack a big enough punch to scare away even the baddest bosses around.

4. Ads Are Your Friends

That’s right, you read correctly, ads are indeed your friends. Although this game will force you to watch them relentlessly, they do serve their purpose. That purpose is the same as in every mobile game, to prevent you from handing over your hard earned cash.

Do you want to unlock new characters? Do you want to use new weapons? Do you want an extra go after you die by accident? Well guess what? They aren’t free so either pay up or watch some ads.

But don’t get the impression that Frantic Shooter is a terrible game, it’s extremely fun and engaging and thankfully the ads are quite short so it is not a pain to sit through them. If you are wiling to sit through a couple, then you can get a lot of good stuff for free. All the stuff that was just mentioned can be earned by watching a short ad. So don’t be afraid to use them to get what you want. So turn on, tune in, and drop out!

5. Let The Game Grind For You

This next tip is directly related to the above one. If you don’t mind waiting a few minutes, then the game will actually unlock free characters for you and gift you free coins. Yes, that’s right, the game will actually give these to you for free.

This makes grinding for coins not really worth the trouble except for one thing. Coins will allow you to keep retrying when you die, and for that reason they should not be completely ignored but it goes without saying that their importance has been diminished. Patience is indeed a virtue.

6. Choose Weapons Carefully

Finally you have to consider carefully what weapon you would like to use. There are about four to five weapons in total so not a large amount of variation. The default weapon is exactly how it sounds and is quite vanilla. Just your basic run-of-the-mill energy gun, although once it gets upgraded it’s pretty nice to use.

The other weapons are basically just variations of the same formula. There are two that simply just change the bullet size and actually are the best, simply because of their no-nonsense style. The two other weapons are the missile launcher and flamethrower. Although these sound incredibly beast they are a bit of a pain to use. The missile launcher tends to be unreliable and the flamethrower only works in close range. Close range in Frantic Shooter is an extremely bad idea so it’s recommended that you avoid it. But besides that weapon choice doesn’t matter too much, it’s more about your skill.

Those are all the tips you need for Frantic Shooter, so go out there and blast them to bits! If you have found any other tips or tricks that we missed, then feel free to let us know!