how to get the most difficult ribbons in bitlife

BitLife Ultimate Ribbons Guide: Tips, Cheats & Tricks to Get the Most Difficult Ribbons

BitLife is a ground-breaking life simulation game from Candywriter that has been taking the mobile world by storm. This deceptively simple-looking game lets players live out the entire lives of their characters. You start off as a newborn baby with a given set of information like nationality, intelligence, looks, and so on. The game is mostly text-based, so it is up to your imagination to visualize what your characters actually look like.

From birth, you will make a series of decisions for your character before progressing to the next year. Depending on the choices you make, your character could grow up to be a successful businessman or a notorious criminal. Some decisions have immediate consequences, while others have long term effects. When you reach certain achievements in your life, you will earn a ribbon when you die. Ribbons are like trophies in BitLife, so you would want to collect them all. If you are still starting out iand just want to know general tips about the game, you may check out our other BitLife guides. If you are a completist, however, continue reading our BitLife ultimate ribbons guide below!

1. BitLife Cunning Ribbon

One of the more difficult ribbons to acquire in BitLife is the Cunning ribbon. The reason behind it is that you need to escape from prison and stay free until you die. Escaping prison is easy enough if you play the mini-game properly. The tough part is staying out of prison because there will always be a risk of getting caught again even if you live a crime-free life after your escape.
A sure way to acquire the Cunning ribbon is to live a crime-free life until you reach old age. Once you are around 60 years old, commit a crime that will land you in jail. Escape from prison then undergo a sex change operation. Doing so will make it more difficult for the police to find you. Keep in mind, however, that there is a risk of getting a botched operation. Make sure you pay your doctor well. One more thing you should keep in mind is that you can only earn one ribbon per character lifetime. That means you should avoid earning any other ribbon while aiming for the Cunning ribbon or all your hard work would be for nothing.

2. BitLife Mediocre Ribbon

There is something truly remarkable about living an entire life with zero excitement. The game recognizes this feat by rewarding you with the Mediocre ribbon. All you have to do is become a loser in life without turning to crime. Just make decisions that would prevent you from being particularly successful in any field and you should be able to achieve mediocrity.

First on your mediocre bucket list is to avoid ending up in prison at all costs. Do not commit any crime and do not get into fights with anyone. This is to ensure you don’t accidentally get any of the bad guy ribbons available. After that, it is just a matter of making a series of poor decisions that your character will surely regret later in life.

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A good way to ensure you do not succeed in life is to drink and gamble once in a while. Just make sure you don’t get hooked or get too good at gambling. You should also neglect all your family and friends. Stay out of school and do not get any advanced degrees. This is to help you avoid any promotions at work. If possible, try to get fired from your job for poor performance. Don’t worry because a mediocre life does not necessarily mean a long one. You could die a teenager and still receive this ribbon. Just follow the path of the loser and you will eventually get it.

3. BitLife Deadly Ribbon

If murder is on your mind, you could try aiming for the Deadly ribbon. This ribbon requires you to kill at least two people. Of course, the more people you manage to kill, the better your chances of getting the ribbon when you die. Don’t worry if you end up in jail. Just escape and look for your next victim. It doesn’t matter how many times you get jailed as long as you meet the kill quota before you die.

The primary thing you should focus on when you are aiming for the Deadly ribbon is choosing the right method for murder. There are a bunch of options available, and some of them can be pretty funny, but don’t let yourself get distracted. While all methods have a chance of failing, Club Them and Drive-By have the best chances of success. Always choose one of these two when attempting to kill someone. Remember, if you fail to kill someone, there is a good chance you will end up in jail. You will then have to go through all the trouble of escaping before you can try again.

4. BitLife Scandalous Ribbon

The Deadly ribbon is just one of the handful of bad guy ribbons available in BitLife. The Scandalous ribbon requires you to live a life of crime as well, with slight changes. Killing someone will help you get the Scandalous ribbon, just make sure you don’t kill too many to avoid ending up with the Deadly ribbon. When you land in jail, you will want to start a lot of riots. You want to get as much negative attention as you can throughout your lifetime.

You would want to spend a long time in jail for this ribbon. It is a lot easier to be scandalous in jail after all. If you manage to get out of jail, you can still continue to pick fights with people. Assault strangers and always choose the aggressive option in the random scenarios.

5. BitLife Globetrotter Ribbon

Traveling a lot is definitely an achievement in real life. It should come as no surprise for the game to reward you with the Globetrotter ribbon if your character lives a life of travel. This is actually one of the more difficult ribbons to acquire, mostly because you are at risk of accidentally acquiring a different one when you die. To avoid having that problem, you may want to hold off on aiming for this ribbon until you have secured most of the others.

In order to get the Globetrotter ribbon, you need to go on a lot of vacations and cruises. You should also choose a different destination each time. As much as possible, try to go to a different country on every vacation. If you run out of options, just try to at least visit a different city within the same country. This is to ensure that your character is well travelled before the end of his life.

Another thing to watch out for when aiming for the Globetrotter is the amount of money you earn. Since going on vacations cost money, it would be a natural reaction for players to want to make a lot of money before going on vacations. The problem with this plan is that you may end up getting the Rich or Loaded ribbons instead. The best way to approach this is to stick to economy class flights and make just enough money to consistently go on these trips. You should also avoid socializing and getting hooked on any substance or vice to make sure you don’t accidentally get any other ribbon.

6. BitLife Academic Ribbon

As with real life, reaching the pinnacle of educational success requires a lot of hard work and sacrifice. This is why the Academic ribbon is so difficult to achieve. You will need to prepare for this early in life. You need to take time to study every chance you get as soon as you enter school. Doing so will help you get into a good college and eventually a university.

The key to getting the Academic ribbon is to finish higher education. That means graduating from Business School, Medicine, Law, or any of the other schools available. You would only be able to access those, however, if you manage to get into college. Make sure you also pick degrees that will serve as prerequisite for the advanced degree that you will be aiming for. Don’t bother with degrees like Dance or Information Technology as they won’t open up higher education options.

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Just like with the other ribbons, there is always a risk of accidentally acquiring a different ribbon. Make sure you do not reach any of the other goals to avoid getting a different ribbon. Education has to be the most successful aspect of your life. If possible, try to get a job that won’t make you too rich. You just need one that will pay enough to put you through school.

7. BitLife Lustful Ribbon

Perhaps one of the most fun ribbons to acquire is the Lustful ribbon. This one requires you to sleep around. Whether you prefer a string one one-night stands or a series of relationships, what matters is you sleep with as many lovers as you can. Of course, cheating is also an option if you are really just after the numbers. You might end up getting divorced, but it doesn’t matter if you just want the ribbon.

You are probably wondering how many lovers is enough? It is hard to determine the correct number, but 30 should be your minimum goal. It would help if you look good, so make sure you don’t skip the gym. It may sound exhausting to try to find over 30 lovers within one lifetime, but that is the only way to secure this ribbon. Make sure you also do not achieve anything else in your life aside from sleeping with a whole bunch of people.

8. BitLife Fertile Ribbon

After sleeping with so many people, you might start thinking about settling down. What better way to settle down than to aim for the Fertile ribbon? This ribbon requires you to have at least four children within a single lifetime. It is alright if you have these children with four different partners, so if you are short on time, you may want to get your side chick pregnant.

As with most other ribbons, the challenge here is ensuring that having a lot of kids is the only noteworthy aspect of your life. Otherwise, you may end up earning a different ribbon even if you meet the baby quota. Another challenge to this ribbon is your partner. If you marry someone who seem to be struggling with having a baby, throw out any feelings you have for that person and get a divorce as soon as you can. The older your character becomes, the tougher it will be to have more kids, so you can’t really afford to keep waiting.

9. BitLife Highroller Ribbon

If you are looking for some excitement, why not go for the Highroller ribbon? This ribbon is awarded to those who win over a million bucks at the casino. It sounds like you need a lot of luck for this one, but there is a way you can cheat your way to success. Before we get to that, however, you first need to earn a lot of money the honest way.

Once you have at least $100,000 to burn in the casino, you can get started. Just head into the activities section and choose either Blackjack or Horse Racing. Blackjack is a card game where your goal is to get as close to 21 as possible. If you go over, you automatically lose. If you get closer to 21 than the dealer, you win. The key here is to draw another card only when your initial draw is less than 16. This is to ensure you won’t go over 21. If you lose, just force close the game and log back in to get your money back.

The same concept applies in Horse Racing. If you lose, just close out the game and go back in to get your money back. Horse Racing is somewhat easier since all you have to do is pick a horse to bet on. The key to getting the ribbon is to bet as high as possible regardless of the type of game you choose. Keep repeating this process until the counter at the top of the screen shows you have exceeded $1 million. Make sure you do not go over $5 million, though, or you may end up getting the Rich ribbon instead.

10. BitLife Famous Ribbon

If fame is what you are after, the Famous ribbon is right up your alley. In order to achieve this ribbon, you need to become popular. The first thing you need to do is find a job that will keep you in the limelight. Avoid taking jobs in the military or in medicine because you will have less opportunities to get fame-oriented job posts. You should also avoid pursuing higher education since those have no use when you are a celebrity.

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The next step to becoming the ultimate celebrity is to use social media often. Post a lot on your social media in order to gain a lot of followers. While you can post over a hundred times in a year, ten times or so should be enough to get you the followers you need. Create your social media account as soon as it becomes available. This will give you plenty of time to get famous.

11. BitLife Addict Ribbon

There are plenty of achievements that you can aim for in life, who would have thought becoming an addict would be one of them? Well, just to cover all bases, the game decided to give out a ribbon for anyone who gets hooked on alcohol, drugs, or gambling. If you get addicted to anything within your lifetime, the Addict ribbon will be waiting for you when you die.

To get addicted, you just need to accept any alcohol or drug that is offered to you within your lifetime. If you are lucky, you might get addicted on the first try. This is all a matter of chance, so it might take a few tries for you to successfully get hooked on something. If you don’t want to wait around for someone to offer you something, you could always try to get addicted to gambling. Just make sure you don’t bet a lot and avoid earning too much, so you don’t accidentally earn Highroller or Rich when you die. A final thing you should remember is to make sure you never go to rehab once you get addicted. If you die sober, you will not get the ribbon even if you were an addict for most of your life.

12. BitLife Family Guy Ribbon

One ribbon that has been talked about for a while, but no one can seem to get their hands on is the Family Guy ribbon. There have been rumors of this ribbon going around ever since the second batch of ribbons were released. Unfortunately, it seems it is nothing more than a ribbon. No matter how family-oriented your character is, you won’t get this ribbon. Of course, there is always the possibility of it being added in the future. For now, however, it remains a myth.

Achieving all your ribbon goals in BitLife can be challenging, but with the help of our tips and tricks above, you will be able to collect them all in no time! If you have anything to add, feel free to drop us a line in the comments below!

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