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Hyper Jobs Guide: Tips, Cheats & Tricks to Complete More Levels

Gamejam Co. is a maker of casual games for Android and iOS devices, and one of their newest titles of this kind is Hyper Jobs. This is an endless game, and quite a unique one, as it challenges you to complete as many jobs as possible. You can be a school teacher, life coach, dentist, garbage man, or take dozens of other jobs — the challenges here can be quite varied, and even if you’re just starting out, the game will mix it up quite a bit and give you enough variety to keep you hooked for hours.

Although, you may think that a game like this doesn’t need a in-depth strategy guide, we are going to give you one that you can use if you’re trying to complete more levels of the game. We will mention it a number of times and stress that this game is quite easy, but it could also be difficult to master once you reach a certain point in the game as new wrinkles appear when you’re trying to complete jobs you’ve completed before, while new jobs become available as well.

So read on, as we bring you our Hyper Jobs guide, where we will share with you a bunch of tips and tricks to complete more levels of the game in as little time possible.

1. The Basics Of Hyper Jobs

The best way to describe Hyper Jobs would be to call it a collection of brain teasers or minigames, though if you come to think of it, a lot of the initial levels are extremely easy as long as you know which controls to use. Among the many situations you may face, you may be asked to grade a student’s test paper, build a fence to protect a group of sheep from a wolf, drive without hitting any obstacles or crashing into anything, or scan a person passing through security to make sure they don’t have any weapons on them.

To sum it all up, these challenges represent a variety of odd jobs you can take, and as it seems, there’s an endless array of levels to complete, with each of the jobs becoming more complicated as you go along. However, we haven’t seen any situation where things can get even a bit too complicated for comfort.

hyper jobs level 55

After completing each level, you will earn 100 cash, which you can then triple by watching an ad video. It’s pretty straightforward, though we will be filling you in eventually on the things that you can buy with this in-game currency. Collect your cash, decide whether or not to triple it, then move on to the next challenge.

Again, you shouldn’t expect anything too challenging, but the good thing here is that you have no time limit for completing the levels, and you can repeat them as often as you could until you get them right. You won’t have the option to replay levels to grind for cash, but then again, the game’s endless mechanics ensure that you can keep playing and keep earning until you unlock everything there is to be unlocked in the game.

As far as we can see, there is some degree of procedural generation in the game — for those who are unfamiliar with the jargon, this is the term used by some casual game makers (and others who create not-too-casual games) to refer to randomized levels. In many cases, repeating a level will allow you to start anew with the same setting, though when it comes to certain levels, such as the ones with the sheep and the wolves, we’ve noticed a bit of variance after retrying a level that we’ve failed.

2. How To Complete The More Common Jobs Without Having To Repeat Them

As we mentioned above, Hyper Jobs asks you to complete a wide variety of jobs, from grading students’ papers to checking people for weapons as a security guard. We’re going to detail these jobs and show you how you can easily complete them without having to repeat them a second time. Let’s start out with the common examples.

For the grading levels, it all boils down to common sense. A student will come up to you and ask you to grade their paper, and the questions on their papers will typically involve some sort of riddle. If they answer correctly, e.g. writing “your age” when they’re asked about the number that goes up but never goes down, give them an A. But if they give you an incorrect answer or some smart-alecky response — say, they write that the battle where Napoleon died was his “last one” — give them an F.

hyper jobs level 61

The juicing levels are pretty straightforward as well — just keep holding on the screen to operate the juicer until the fruit or vegetable is right down to the red line. If goes a bit past the red line, that’s alright, just as long as you don’t keep holding down until you reach the stem area.

The “Apples Only” levels can also be quite easy — don’t worry if you’re not able to tap on a foreign object (a boot, a roll of toilet paper, a toy UFO, etc.) before it disappears from the conveyor belt. Just keep on tapping on these unusual objects until you reach the game’s objective and you see the heart-eye smiley on the screen.

hyper jobs level 102

When protecting the sheep from the wolves, all you need to do is to draw a fence in such a way that the wolves cannot get in, making sure that all of the sheep are fenced in and that there aren’t any open gaps. This is quite simple at first, but as you complete more levels, subsequent versions of this job will feature more wolves in closer proximity to the sheep. That would usually require you to draw more slowly and to keep an especially close eye for any possible gaps or any situation where you may be fencing in a wolf instead of a sheep.

The security guard levels would require you to move the X-ray scanner left and right and up and down until you cover the person’s entire body — once they’re clear, hit on the appropriate button to let them in, but if they aren’t hold on to the X-ray until it fully scans the weapon. This will trigger an animation where your fellow security guards would appear onscreen and attack the guest.

hyper jobs level 75

Appearances can often be deceiving here — the football player, for instance, might look like an upstanding citizen but may actually be concealing a weapon. Meanwhile, the sleazy-looking guy in the white tank top or the man in the thief’s outfit may not be concealing anything at all!

The driving levels require you to drive in a straight line, avoiding obstacles such as other vehicles, or the debris that flies around on each corner of the road. It’s usually best to gently swipe left or right to steer your car, although there may be some times when you may need to steer harder in order to avoid certain obstacles, such as the buses on each side of the road.

The What’s Wrong levels may take some time to complete, but there’s no way you can fail them. If you see something that’s knocked down, such as a chair, while most everything else is upright, tap on it to pick it up. Likewise, tap on an object if you notice that it’s misaligned with the other objects on the screen. And if you still aren’t seeing the heart-eye emoji to confirm you did the job right, keep tapping on the other objects, or even the floor — there’s sure to be something out of place at that point!

Lastly, at least for the more common types of jobs, the ones where you will have to draw the image on the slipper are extremely easy, and can be completed simply by holding the screen until the pencil completely traces over all the lines. There’s no need to drag your finger to match the patterns and shapes — the game will automatically keep drawing across the lines as long as your finger is on your device’s screen.

3. How To Complete The Less Common Jobs (Mostly Level 51-100)

We’re not quite sure if the order of the jobs in each level changes with each playthrough — as you can’t replay levels, the only way to find out would be to take note of what job matches each level, uninstall Hyper Jobs, reinstall it, and start another playthrough. But based on our experience, these appear to be less common than the ones we mentioned above. All in all, this may be an incomplete list of jobs, but we’re covering you from levels 1 to 100 in this Hyper Jobs guide.

The levels in which you need to rescue the duck are easy when they appear from levels 1 to 50. But once you get past level 50, you’ll need to do some thinking — it won’t be as easy anymore to rearrange the rooms so that the hole on the floor in the first room aligns with the hole on the ceiling in the second room.
There will usually be at least one extra room on the screen, and these may have a thief inside one of them.

There also may be two of those rooms that have two parts of ladder, or doors in each of them. What you’ll need to do is to connect the rooms so that the doors, holes, ladders — all applicable features and not just one of them — align and you’re able to avoid any bad guys.

hyper jobs level 76

When delivering packages, you will start out trying to avoid stationary obstacles big and small alike, but once you surpass level 50, you’ll see moving obstacles, as well as birds that fly left and right and could impede your path, thus failing the level if you bump into one of them. As usual, you can navigate the narrow spaces on each corner to avoid both the stationary and moving obstacles.

As there is no time limit, you can also pause for a few moments to regain your bearings, as there will always be some parts of the level that the birds (or any other moving obstacles) cannot, and will not cross.

The truck levels, where you need to fill each truck with enough fruit before they drive off, are generally easy — just tap-and-hold on the screen until the meter on the upper left side of the screen reaches green. If it’s yellow, the truck isn’t full enough yet, and if it’s orange, it’s too full. However, it’s best to stop the moment the meter reaches green, and not to keep filling up the truck until the meter is just short of orange — you might not have enough fruit to fill up the next truck!

The first of the two bodyguard jobs we’ll be discussing here is the one where you need to take out the thieves in the office. Just run into them and don’t tap on their images — there are other people in the office, but as far as we know, you don’t need to worry about their health as you would in the second bodyguard job, which we’ll touch on next.

One of the last jobs we encountered is the one where you’re asked to protect the businessman by taking out the bad guys. Much like the above job where you need to take out the thieves, you can eliminate one of the enemies by running into them — don’t make the mistake of tapping on them, as that’s not going to do anything! There is no time limit here as usual, but this time, you’ll need to pay attention to the health bars of each character, especially that of the businessman — once it reaches zero after the bad guys attack him once too many, you’ve failed the job!

In the levels where you have to “hold to fix the boxes,” just tap-and-hold until there’s enough foam in the boxes. An icon with a checkmark will appear onscreen once you’ve filled up the box with enough foam. Once you see it, release your finger and prepare to fill up the next box.

hyper jobs level 100

Finally, we’re down to the last type of level in Hyper Jobs — the ones where you’re asked to clean a dirty object such as a couch or a toilet bowl. Just move the hand across all the dirty, brown spots on the object until you’ve fully cleaned it — nothing to it!

4. What Do The Buttons On The Upper Corners Of The Screen Do?

On the upper left of the screen of each level, you’ll see a button that looks like the ones that allow you to restart something from square one. That’s exactly what it does — you probably won’t need it too often, except maybe when you’re trying to protect the businessman from his assailants and his health bar is almost empty, but hitting that button gives you a fresh start. As far as we’ve seen, some levels may be re-randomized once you opt to restart.

As for the upper right button, that allows you to watch an ad video to skip the current level. The videos that are available via this option are typically limited, so you may want to use this sparingly. But if you decide to skip a level, you will still earn 100 cash for that, and you will still have the option to watch an ad to triple your earnings.

5. What Can You Buy With Your Cash?

If you’re the type of mobile gamer who plays a lot of super-casual games, you probably know how this works. But just in case you’re wondering what you can buy with your in-game cash, the game allows you to choose from a range of outfits, pets, and background items. What can these do as far as game mechanics and level completion are concerned? The answer, for said super-casual game veterans, should be simple — nothing.

hyper jobs character customization

While these items are definitely great for collection purposes and could help break the monotony if you’re tired of seeing your character look the same in each and every job, they do not give you any special powers or buffs or make the levels any easier or more difficult. They’re just there for cosmetic purposes, and that too applies to the background items, which don’t even appear in the levels, at least based on our observations.

Pets, while they can be a great way to buff your character in RPGs, are similarly useless in terms of in-game mechanics, but you can certainly collect as many of them as possible with your cash if you want to change your appearance on the main menu.

And that sums up all the tips and tricks we have for Hyper Jobs. If you happen to know additional tips, please let us know in the comment area below!