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BitLife I Hate Work Challenge Guide: Everything You Need to Know About the I Hate Work Challenge

Weekends have become very popular for BitLife players, and that’s because iOS and Android gamers alike have had a steady stream of challenges rolling out since these limited-time events were launched earlier this year. For those who may not yet be familiar, Candywriter introduced Challenges to allow players to complete a virtual character’s (or Bitizen’s) life while following a specific template or set of requirements, and in recent months, these challenges now have rewards waiting for those who complete them before the event wraps up.

The latest edition to the growing list of challenges is the I Hate Work Challenge, which requires you to get fired from more than 10 jobs, get reported to HR more than 10 times regardless of how many jobs you have, and last, but not the least, kill at least three Supervisors. As such, it’s one of the darker challenges we’ve seen in a while, but it also happens to be quite easy, and one you can accomplish while your character is still a young adult.

bitlife i hate work challenge requirements

If you want to complete it sooner rather than later just as we did, read on, as this BitLife mini-strategy guide is dedicated to the I Hate Work Challenge and the things you need to do in order to minimize rework and to fulfill the three requirements quickly.

Character Creation And Early Life

For BitLife’s I Hate Work Challenge, there aren’t any specific requirements for your character — they can be of any gender and there’s no specific Looks or Smarts stat threshold you should be concerned about. You can just create any random character with no need of tweaking via God Mode (if you paid for the feature) and live their early lives without having to pay especially close attention to grades or Athleticism or other stats.

character creation in bitlife

There are just a couple of things we recommend, and that includes at least finishing high school. Not finishing high school because you dropped out or got sent to juvie would reduce the number of jobs available to you, and as we noted in the intro, you’re going to need to have a LOT of jobs due to all those times you’ll be getting fired.

Even if you choose to finish college before joining the rat race, we suggest mostly focusing on those jobs that require a high school diploma or don’t require any kind of diploma at all. We also suggest buying a car — even if it’s a cheap beater that costs $2,000 or less — if your parents didn’t give you one for passing your driver’s license test. You’re going to need a set of wheels if you want to complete one of the requirements in as little time and with as little risk as possible.

Getting Reported To HR And Getting Fired – How To Fulfill Those Requirements Quickly

Now this part of the challenge can get a bit tricky at some point, but when it comes to getting reported to HR and getting fired, it all boils down to being the epitome of a toxic employee. Play pranks, start rumors, insult your coworkers, and seduce your boss — all of these can help toward achieving the requirements of getting fired and getting reported to HR more than 10 times. However, there are some nuances to keep in mind, which we will be discussing later. First, though, let’s take a look at the coworkers you should be targeting.

bitlife co-worker profile

It’s very important that you single out coworkers whose Coolness meter is orange — that means they will get bothered quickly enough to report you to HR, but more often than not won’t lose their temper to the point that they’ll attack you. With Candywriter nerfing the ability to “cheat death” by exiting the game before the the death animation plays — such as what you would have been able to do if you get killed by a coworker — you don’t want to redo the challenge just because someone got revenge on you by zapping you with a laser blaster.

As such, avoid anyone with red Coolness meters. Orange is the way to go when pranking, gossiping, and insulting fellow rank-and-file workers safely AND getting reported to HR with your life and limb intact.

Seducing your boss, especially if they’re married or are of an incompatible sexual orientation, is a great way to get fired quickly. In this case, Supervisors with orange Coolness meters and green Professionalism meters are your ideal targets, as seducing them will usually result in HR launching an investigation against you. When that happens, your work Performance will take a huge hit, and if you don’t get fired on the spot, you’ll likely get fired after hitting the Age button — assuming you don’t choose the Work Harder option beforehand.

job termination in bitlife

Before we move on to the next tip, we must make a very important distinction between someone reporting you to HR and HR launching an investigation into your behavior. The former counts toward the I Hate Work challenge requirement for getting reported, and while the latter could help you fulfill the requirement for getting fired, it does NOT count as someone snitching to HR.

That did get us wondering at first as to why it took a while for the reporting requirement to be completed, but the logic here is simple. When HR launches an investigation, it’s the people from human resources proactively looking into your case, instead of someone going to them and telling them about your shenanigans.

Killing Your Supervisors – Choose Your Method Wisely

For the final requirement, you are going to have to kill your boss not just once, but thrice, and being that low (but not too low) Coolness/high Professionalism Supervisors should be targeted for seduction when trying to get fired, it’s the opposite type of bosses who should usually be killed in order to complete the requirement.

Seducing them, after all, will usually result in them reciprocating your desires, and that could greatly improve your Performance, thus making it harder for you to get fired! In such a situation, it’s best to head to the Crime tab under Activities, choose Murder, and choose a method that’s less likely than others to draw police attention or backfiring on you.

murder in bitlife

Pushing someone down the stairs or off the cliff is typically a safe method when it comes to avoiding the cops, but the danger here is that your victim might jump out of the way or push you instead, thus leading to your death. Again, the nerf introduced a few BitLife updates ago makes the old quit-and-restart technique before the death animation useless — if someone kills you this way, you’re going to have to restart your character’s life from the top.

Generally, we’d recommend Drive-By as the best method. While there’s a fair chance you might get busted immediately (as you’ll notice if your Happiness automatically drops to zero), it’s usually a less conspicuous option than many of the other methods. Plus, it’s also a method where the chances of getting killed by your intended victim are extremely low. That’s also why we mentioned that your target’s Coolness meter should be orange — if it’s red, they just might have a gun in their hands to foil your drive-by attempt and end your virtual life in the process!

You should know the drill by now once you’ve completed the challenge — pick a prize chest out of four choices, collect a new hat or pair of shades.


Monday 31st of August 2020

My karma is up to 100%, and no matter what I do or how I try to kill the supervisors I always end up in jail, for 30+ years. I have tried this 5-10 times. if you know anything that might help that would be good.