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Landlord GO Is Reality Games’ Real Estate Tycoon Game That Now Lets You Buy Limited Shares of Cities

Who says you can’t buy the Eiffel Tower or exclusively own the Empire State Building? With Reality Games’ Landlord GO, you can buy pretty much any real-world real estate you want in this virtual AR business simulator. You might have to fight tooth and nail to nab the hottest property off the market, but you’ll reap the rewards as a big business tycoon when it’s sitting nice and snug inside your exclusive portfolio.

Landlord GO uses actual live economy data to dictate the value of properties across the globe, so players can buy, sell, and dabble in intense bidding wars to score the best property collection. In the game’s latest feature, players can now buy limited shares of cities to further raise their holdings’ value.

You can “Buy Low, Sell High” with anything from busy streets to corner coffee shops, and earn bonuses when you complete certain Collections. You can level up buildings as well as update decors and furniture to boost your earning power, all set in a 3D in-game map that’s based on maps of the real world.

If you’re ready to dive in, download Landlord GO on the App Store and on Google Play today. It’s a free-to-play game with in-app purchases.