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Granny’s House Guide: Tips, Tricks & Strategies to Escape from Granny

Granny’s House is a game created by Korean developers Supercat where you and other players try to escape the clutches of your elderly captors in a variety of game modes. You can either go for a pure co-op experience, where you try to uncover what secrets your kidnappers are hiding, or go head-to-head in an asymmetric mode against two pursuers. There is an assortment of game modes that players will enjoy.

granny's house title

Granny’s House offers a surprising amount of customization for your chosen characters, ranging from costumes, to emotes, or even entirely different characters. Some game modes have Trait trees you can invest points into, improving your performance either as a survivor or as a pursuer.

It will take some time to bring your characters up to speed, especially if you join a public match with more experienced players. However, the more resources to level yourself up with, the greater the payoff.

Due to the various game modes, our guide will be split into smaller chunks for easier reading. As we mentioned above, only some of the game modes use a trait tree; the others do not and rely more on skill and teamwork. Stay with us to learn how to master each mode!

All Things In Common

At its core, most of the game modes in Granny’s House run on the same principles: up to eight players can join a match and two players at most are selected to play as “Pursuers.” The remaining players become “Survivors.”

The Survivors are given tasks in order to escape the selected map, while the Pursuers do everything in their power to stop the Survivors. This is done by either impeding their tasks until time runs out, or by capturing all of them before they can complete their tasks.

granny's house menu

The Survivors all tend to be children, so they can slip into small spaces to avoid capture, and can jump around to reduce the chances of getting hit or to reach ledges. They also have a limited number of stones they can throw at the Pursuers, stunning them for a short period of time.

In contrast, Pursuers can protect themselves for a short period, preventing them from getting stunned, and can place traps that slow any Survivor down, also notifying the Pursuer who put down the trap about any Survivor it snags.

Pursuers have some wind-up to their attacks, as expected from the elderly, but one hit is all they need to capture their targeted Survivor. To balance this out, Survivors can see red “view cones” which identify the Pursuers, and are mixed with visual and audio cues when a Pursuer is nearby.

Players can communicate with their teammates via in-game chat or through pre-written messages. The messages also have two slots for custom lines you can input yourself. Unfortunately, the custom messages are shared between game modes so a pair of messages may not get the intended context across.

granny's house trait tree

Whether you win or lose, you gain experience and coins based on your performance. Coins are used to purchase cosmetics, emotes, or new characters, while experience accumulates and increases your profile’s level. This earns points that can be used in ranking up the Trait trees, improving your performance for future matches. Trait trees are split for Survivors and Pursuers, and branch out into three categories:

Attack: This determines how potent your offense is, either the stones the Survivors can throw or the swings of the Pursuers’ clubs.

Survival / Pursue: The names used are for Survivors and Pursuers respectively, but the focus is the same—it increases movement speed to better escape or hunt.

Adaptation: This is a tricky category to explain, but it affects how the player interacts with the environment. For Survivors, it gives buffs on completing certain tasks and improves how they perceive the map. For Pursuers, it improves their traps and how they detect survivors.

You can only reset your Trait trees by spending Souls, the game’s premium currency which is only available either through in-app purchases or by converting large amounts of Coins. In all cases, we would recommend using your first Trait point for Survival/Pursue, as the first Trait there increases movement speed. This is evidently welcome, regardless of your selected role.

Granny’s House also has clans that you can join so you can set up matches more effectively. This is especially helpful in co-op mode, which we will discuss later in this guide.


Granny’s House contains four competitive game modes, where up to eight players are split up into two teams. In most of these modes, a ratio of one Pursuer for every four Survivors is followed, and new players can only join in between matches. You may opt to set up a server for yourself, or select quick play and join an active lobby. There also exists a “Craft” mode where you can play or design your own custom game, complete with special rules. This mode will not be covered in this guide as there are a lot of maps to choose from.


The first PvP game mode is Escape, where Survivors are given five minutes to escape the map while the Pursuers try to capture all the Survivors before they do so. Survivors start with three stones, and must find three parts in order to unlock the exit door. The parts are stored in chests locked behind certain colored doors, and the doors themselves have three corresponding keys in red, blue, and green.

As long as a Survivor picks up a key, all Survivors can unlock its related doors regardless of distance. The chests might contain a part or another stone. Once all three parts are found, the door opens and the game will end in 15 seconds. During this point, Pursuers have to capture all the Survivors before they escape. The Survivors “win” if even one of them manages to escape.

granny's house young escape

Meanwhile, the Pursuers can capture Survivors by attacking them, which sends them to a cage generally located in the middle of the map. Captured Survivors cannot escape by themselves, but gain 99 rocks while they are in the cage. This will allow them to harass any Pursuer that tries to patrol the cage.

The cage has two buttons that other Survivors can press in order to free any captives, but it takes some time to open and the Pursuers are immediately warned that someone is trying to free the captured Survivors. Pursuers have five traps they can lay down to deter Survivors or to monitor areas, but have no in-game way to replenishing their stocks. The Pursuers win if they capture all the Survivors.

granny's house old escape

There also exists an “item” variant of Escape where Survivors are given a choice among three items they can use to improve their odds of victory:

Screwdriver: Decreases the time it takes to open the cage

Smoke Bomb: Blinds any Pursuers caught in its range

Pins: Stuns any Pursuers that step on them and reveals their location, much like the Pursuers’ own traps

Other than those items, gameplay remains the same as the “regular” escape.

If you are playing as the Survivors, your first priority is locating the colored keys to start opening the doors. These keys stick out in the drab environments of most of the maps, and tend to be hidden behind corners or closets.

Keys may spawn near the cage, where the Pursuers typically spawn at the start of a match. If you are particularly daring, you can try to distract the Pursuers so that your teammates can search that area for keys. It is not a race to see who can find the keys first: remember that once a key has been collected, all Survivors can use it.

Once your team has at least one key, look for any nearby doors with the matching color and look for the crates inside. Either you get a part, which brings your team one step closer to opening the exit, or you get a stone, which you can use to distract or slow down Pursuers. These stones should not be underestimated, especially if the Pursuers are chasing one of your teammates but have no idea you are nearby. To make sure that you don’t waste any time, there will be a pre-written message indicating that a door has been searched.

If you find yourself being chased, remember that you can fit through holes in the walls; use them to give yourself some distance from your enemies or escape them outright. If there is an open door that has already been searched, consider hiding behind the door. The Pursuer will probably assume that there is nothing inside and the door itself will block their vision. If you reach a dead end, jump as you turn back to reduce the chances of getting hit.

Should there be any captured Survivors, and the Pursuers are currently somewhere else, try to rescue the Survivors, ensuring that there are no traps near the buttons so the Pursuers have less time to react. If you are the only Survivor remaining however, consider searching for the remaining parts and heading to the exit instead. Remember that the Survivors will win if at least one of them escapes.

granny's house old victory

If you are playing as the Pursuers, locate any keys and small spaces nearby. Place traps in these areas so that Survivors will either have no choice but to set them off in order to get through, or to simply deter access. Be warned: you have a limited number of traps to use and at the start of a match, a Survivor might consider sacrificing their life so that their teammates can pass through.

If you know the Survivors already have a key, try placing a trap on a matching locked door to slow them down. As a counter to the tip we mentioned above, search behind the doors as you might find a Survivor hiding behind them.

If there are at least two Pursuers, and most of the Survivors have been captured, have one Pursuer stay near the cage’s area while the other Pursuer searches for stragglers. Having both remaining Pursuers do the same task is counterproductive and will allow any able Survivors to complete tasks or free their teammates. Remember that only one Survivor has to escape for their team to win.


A modified version of the Escape game mode crossed with Tag that last for three minutes, the player(s) selected as Pursuers can change themselves back into Survivors by attacking other Survivors, transforming their targets into Pursuers instead. This game mode takes place at a park which is a great deal more open, allowing more maneuverability and vision for both teams.

Pursuers gain a speed boost at the final minute, while Survivors can hide in bushes to avoid detection. The game ends once the number of Survivors is equal to or less than the number of Pursuers, with the Pursuers “losing” the match.

In order to Escape, Survivors must each locate three parts in crates just like the standard Escape mode, which allows them to use one of three buttons before they can leave. Using these buttons do take some time, though. Pursuers cannot “see” any Survivors through their radars, but can listen in to briefly locate them through walls. Locating a part also exposes a Survivor for a brief period.

granny's house infection

As a Survivor, remember to hide in bushes as you travel through the map to reduce the likelihood of getting spotted. Sometimes a crate may be hidden inside it. Be careful about opening crates however, as finding a part will give away your location. If you can use one of the buttons, keep a close eye on your surroundings as Pursuers can easily home in on your location. If that happens, prepare to run.

As a Pursuer, it can be incredibly difficult to change yourself back as the Survivors roam around, so try to ambush them as they open crates or try to escape. Even if you cannot see the Survivors through bushes, give a bush an occasional whack as it might scare a Survivor out of the bush or even knock them out, changing you back.

Though your ability to listen allows you to know all the Survivors’ positions, it has a harsh cooldown so only use it when necessary. Even if enough Survivors escape, there is a short grace period where you can attack any remaining Survivors and change back, giving you victory. Do remember that other Pursuers can do the same to you!

The following game modes below do not use the Trait trees or their perks.


Requiring six players, and instead of searching for parts, five Survivors must light up three out of six braziers to open the exit. To do that, the Survivors must locate torches and collect embers. Each brazier requires five embers to light up, and Survivors can carry up to three embers at a time, in exchange for revealing themselves to the Pursuer if they decide to fill their pockets.

The Pursuer can only douse braziers that are fully lit up. To compensate for this giveaway, the progress of all the braziers is viewable by both teams, with each brazier having a dedicated color. The map is barely lit, so Survivor and the Pursuer alike will have a hard time locating each other, though lightning will occasionally strike and illuminate the map. Should the Pursuer kill a Survivor, the other Survivors must revive them within one minute or else they stay dead for the rest of the match.

granny's house ignition ember

As a Survivor, you have to decide between carefully ferrying small amounts of embers at a time, maintaining stealth in exchange for progress, or carrying as much embers as you can to quickly light up a brazier at the cost of giving away your location. Take note that carrying a lot of embers might be detrimental to your nearby teammates.

Ideally, you should go for a full trio of embers if you know the Pursuer is far from your location, giving them less time to react to your presence. If you have a co-op teammate, you can try timing it so that the both you pick up three embers at roughly the same time, forcing the Pursuer to decide who to catch first while letting the other one go. Remember that the Pursuer can snuff out any braziers that have been fully lit up; do not just go for the bare minimum.

granny's house ignition brazier

As a Pursuer, learn to identify the locations of each brazier so that you know which ones to guard if they are close to being fully ignited. If a pair of Survivors try to do that ember trick mentioned above, keep in mind which braziers have been fully lit up if any, and head towards the Survivor closest to that brazier. Even if the “free” Survivors manages to get away, you can quickly put out that blazing brazier and slow down their progress.


granny's house occupation

A game mode akin to King of the Hill, Occupation pits two teams of Survivors, red and green, into controlling three tombstones in a graveyard. This mode generally last for three minutes. All players carry five stones and can only take three hits before “dying,” respawning after five seconds. Controlling the tombstones works like using a button or opening a crate, so trying to gain control of a headstone will leave you vulnerable to attack. Furthermore, getting hit will interrupt the process.

Should someone successfully take over a tombstone, they temporarily become a Pursuer for ten seconds. They can instantly down any enemy Survivors and have a lot of health. However, because you are a Pursuer, you cannot capture any tombstones. The game ends once a team has control of all three tombstones, or if they have majority control once time runs out. If both teams have one tombstone each and the last one is uncontested, the match ends in a draw.

granny's house angry lady

Since you can only take so many hits before death, you must be careful in deciding which tombstone to control. Otherwise, you have to wait five seconds to respawn, unable to help your team. Know where the enemy team is concentrated and focus on tombstones that are currently abandoned. This can stifle the enemy’s progress or potentially end in a draw if done properly.

If you see a teammate trying to capture a tombstone, defend them from incoming attackers. Even if they just respawned, a single hit can scare them off. If you manage to capture a tombstone, use your Pursuer form to take down any would-be tombstone thieves, tackle enemy Pursuers, or to defend heavily-contested tombstones. Do remember that your time is short and you can still die.


This section will cover the game’s Story Mode, which is the only co-op game mode available as is. The Story Mode revolves around finding the secrets Granny and her “friends” are hiding and can support up to five players, with new chapters opening up the deeper you go. In this mode, your team essentially has to survive waves of old people before the next area opens up, and players can select one of six roles before entering a match:

granny's house coop roles

Bomber: They can lay down up to three bombs that explode after a timer, damaging enemies in its area of effect.

Marksman: They can throw a special stone that deals more damage and penetrates up to three enemies, knocking them back.

Trapper: They can lay down up to three traps that stun enemies in range for three seconds

Puppeteer: They can place a puppet that inflicts a speed debuff onto enemies in range. The debuff lasts for five seconds.

Beater: They can place a scarecrow that attracts up to four enemies, and once it is destroyed, it explodes and damages whoever is in range.

Healer: Easily the most important, the Healer places an area of effect that not only heals any teammates in that area, but also reduces damage they take by 25%.

All players are given infinite stones, but the bulk of your crowd control will come from proper ability usage. In the event that you get killed in Story Mode, you are given one free revive that lets you get back up. Note that all future revives in that session will cost Souls.

granny's house coop game

No matter how far you go in a Story Mode mission, you collect resources that can be used to craft special chests. These chests contain weapon cards that are used to rank up the roles mentioned above, improving their performance and durability.

At certain ranks, each role has a chance of throwing a special stone with an effect related to their specialty. For instance, Healers can throw stones that create healing orbs on a successful hit. If you are short on resources, you can buy them for Souls or Coins if you really need to.

granny's house square

Suffice to say, finding friends or clan members is a must for tackling more difficult chapters. This, in turn, will earn you more resources to rank up your roles. This mode also allows you to gain experience that can be used to fuel your Trait trees for the PvP modes.

While not a game mode in its own right, there is also a “Square” mode that serves as a public lobby where players can mingle and chat, regardless if they spawn in as Survivors or Pursuers. Pursuers can still attack Survivors, though in practice it just sends Survivors back to spawn, no worse for wear.

granny's house young victory

And that concludes our compilation of tips and tricks for Granny’s House! Whether you want to fight or to survive, this game has a variety of choices for curious players. If you have any tactics to share with us, please let us know in the comment section! Have fun, and game on!