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King of Avalon Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Tricks & Strategies to Dominate Your Enemies

There was a time when chaos scourged the lands of the English isles. Where fearless knights astride their noble stallions charged forth with their lances readied. Many have sought power and glory, but one man claimed both by pulling out the fabled sword in the stone, Excalibur. He is Arthur, King of the Britons… and he has been killed.

With the land thrust once more into chaos, it is up to you, a wandering noble alongside remnants of Arthur’s finest warriors, to unite it under a banner of peace. But for peace to begin, the war must first come to an end.

king of avalon morgana casts a spell

She has destroyed Arthur, and she can destroy you and your little doggie, too!

Mobile games developer Century Games, known for titles such as Guns of Glory, Lumia Saga, and Devil Hunter: Eternal War, graces the iOS and Android platforms with its take on classic Arthurian lore through their medieval strategy title King of Avalon. While the title has been around since 2016, it has received several updates over the years and welcomes new players with an interesting take on the strategy genre.

king of avalon elaine of

Avalon used to be quite the vacation spot, but it recently received mixed reviews after coming under new management.

You do not actively watch the battles unfold but you are instead given a simplistic overview of what happens in every skirmish. The real strategy comes in the form of resource/time management, planning your moves out in the field, troop composition, and finding ways to keep your city secure from any threats. If you’ve just arrived in Avalon and you wish to find ways to reclaim Excalibur for all that is righteous and just, look no further than the path laid before you, our comprehensive King of Avalon beginner’s guide below!

1. Spend Your Gold Wisely

king of avalon extra builders

This is an offer you can’t refuse… or shouldn’t.

While you are given a large stipend of gold that steadily grows throughout your first moments during the game, always consider what you will be spending it on. Sure, you could spend on premium material bundles and summoning horns, but if you’re looking to make the most out of this stipend of gold, take our advice by buying the 4-Day Extra Worker when it pops up. At first, you will be offered a free Extra Worker for 30 minutes to give you a taste of what it’s like to upgrade or build things twice at a time.

Taking this offer will easily allow you to progress through your quest log, especially if it involves building or city improvement. Spending 500 gold for the 4-Day Extra Worker will get you through many quests quickly, especially if you constantly play this game. Within those four days, you should be able to get to the point in the game where your city’s protective shield comes off (don’t worry, this is a mark of progress!).

If you enjoyed having an extra worker around the city, consider supporting the developers by permanently unlocking it with real money. Otherwise, being patient is the biggest keys in this game (more on this later).

2. Improve Your Stronghold With Due Diligence

king of avalon stronghold leveling up

It’s humble beginnings like these that fortify walls and strengthen armies… And the stronghold, too, of course. Yes.

A kingdom is nothing without its stronghold and it’s your responsibility to keep its level in check. Whenever you have enough materials, check back with your stronghold to level it up. The higher its level, the more facilities and more features you can unlock. Doing this is quite important during the early stages of the game.

Of course, the stronghold cannot be upgraded constantly by itself in King of Avalon. Sometimes it will have pre-requisites that aren’t just resource-related. You will need certain buildings upgraded before upgrading the stronghold entirely. The best way to approach this is to upgrade your structures up until you require the stronghold to be upgraded. That way, time will be saved and you won’t be scrambling for what you might have missed.

3. Perform Research To Strengthen Your City

king of avalon research

This is where your alchemists and craftsmen get together and make science happen.

Research is one of the many skeletons of your city. If you don’t research at all in King of Avalon, your city will not flourish and may even fall prey to enemy attacks. What research can do for you are the following:

Improve resource production

Increase the stats of your soldiers

Increase the stats of your traps and city defenses

Make research faster

Improve hospital healing speed

Improve marching speed

Make upgrades and construction much quicker

And many more

If you aren’t busy training soldiers, at least try to research on things that you can. Beware that research can only be performed one at a time for each aspect, so time management is quite important.

4. Utilize The Summoning Circle When Able

king of avalon summoning circle

Left for the commoners and right for those ordained by the heavens. Get that gacha rolling!

Like other similar mobile games in this genre, King of Avalon has some gacha elements. These come in the form of heroes; powerful warriors who can take command of your armies. Each hero has their own special stats and skills making for excellent additions to any force you deploy. However, summoning comes at a price; silver and gold summoning horns.

These summoning horns are the currency required to get new heroes. Either type of horn can be gained simply from questing and fighting monsters. Since they’re quite easy to obtain, it’s recommended that you use them whenever you’re able to.

The sole reason behind this is that you don’t just summon heroes, you may also be able to accrue Hero Shards, Hero EXP, and Hero skill scrolls; all items important to further the growth of your existing heroes. More on this in the next item.

5. Keep Your Heroes And Your Dragon Leveled IM

king of avalon sir lamorak

Meet Sir Lamorak: a man strong enough to kill 30 knights in a row as well as date Morgana’s sister, Morgause, behind everyone’s backs. What an absolute mad lad.

As discussed earlier, obtaining Hero EXP is one way to keep your heroes at the top of their game. This basically increases their stats among other things. Along with that, you may utilize Hero Shards and Hero Skill Scrolls to further improve their strength in battle. If these aren’t gained from the Summoning Circle, they’re won from quests, events, and battles with monsters.

king of avalon hero upgrade

In this picture, you will notice three types of Hero EXP: 100, 500, and 2000. Naturally, the greater the number, the harder it is to find. As heroes climb in their levels, their needed EXP increases exponentially and thus, it’d be best to evenly level out your heroes.

king of avalon star upgrade

Increasing a hero’s star level through the use of Hero Shards will also give you an advantage in battle. You will need to have extra shards of the existing hero, however, and thus rarer heroes will be more difficult to star up.

king of avalon skills

Lastly, a hero’s skill is what makes them shine on the battlefield. These are leveled up separately with the use of Hero Skill Scrolls. Much like Hero EXP, Hero Skill Scrolls have their own similar output in points.

king of avalon bahamut

Its name could have been more Arthurian but Bahamut works, too… we guess.

But what about the dragon, you ask? Your dragon has its own presence on the battlefield. Its levels, stars, and skills are increased with its own material and are also obtained the same way you get Hero EXP and Hero Skill Scrolls save for summoning.

king of avalon dragon upgrade

Much like heroes, your dragon requires its own EXP to grow in strength. Aside from increasing the stats of your army overall, its level increases its innate skill as well. This skill is something you cannot improve with Dragon Skill EXP.

king of avalon dragon skills

Unlike your heroes, however, your dragon’s skills are more varied and at an early level, it can bear a couple at a time. The availability of these skills depend on your dragon’s level, of course.

king of avalon dragon evolution

As for its stars, you gain these by using Dragon Orbs. These orbs can be obtained by clearing out the dark forces around your city, playing the Path of Legend mode (more on that later), and generally just by playing through the game. You’re bound to find these eventually.

6. Balance Your Marches

king of avalon trop equalization

Fit your charge with soldiers that match the mission. You don’t send gardeners to build houses, after all.

Just like in most strategy games, the composition of your soldiers matters in an attack. Naturally, the lower their rank, the easier they are to train, but they do not add up so much overall troop power. Here’s a simple breakdown of where these troops are trained as well as what these classes do:

Barracks – The training facility of your footsoldiers. Bulk up your force numbers with these and they might be able to keep your formations from crumbling.

Spearmen – These types of footsoldiers excel in keeping the enemy cavalry at bay.
Warriors – These footsoldiers rush at enemy archers, the bane of all infantry. They have an increased resistance against archers.
Range – This building produces bowmen and crossbowmen. These sharp-eyed warriors can pick off enemy footsoldiers with ease.

Bowmen – The backbone of your army’s damage. Amassing bowmen in your ranks can make short work of enemy infantry.
CrossbowmenArmed with the bow’s more sophisticated cousin, crossbowmen have an increased damage against spearmen. Train more of these if you wish to protect your cavalry.
Stables – Riding horses into the fray, these mounted warriors are a fearsome presence on the battlefield.

Light Cavalry – These horsemen may directly attack enemy bowmen. Use them to defend your infantry’s ranks.
Heavy Cavalry – More armored, these horsemen are more powerful against enemy warriors. If you want to keep your archers safe in a fight, field them in the charge.
Siege Workshop – This building is in charge of making machines that can cover your troops as you attack. In other words, they defend your troops while your troops do the heavy lifting.

Towers and Rams – These machines act as a buffer for your troops by absorbing trap damage.
Distance Siege – On the other hand, these machines help destroy enemy traps from a distance and may keep your charge strong.

king of avalon unit tooltip

To clarify your troops’ strengths in King of Avalon, simply access their training building and read their description before training them. If you need more of an advanced unit, upgrading them takes much less time than training does. Do this if you’re in a pinch and need advanced troops.

When it comes to charging at a rival player, always consider a balanced set of troops. Depending on how many of the same kind you put, the following scenarios could happen:

Too Many Footsoldiers – While your troops will be larger and sturdier in number, they will be more susceptible to archer attacks and the traps of the enemy castle.
Too Many Archers – Your army will definitely hit the enemy harder, however, the cavalry may easily tear their ranks to shreds as well as some members of the infantry.
Too Many Horsemen – Taking out archers will be a breeze and may keep the enemy’s damage output very low, but the enemy may outlast your ranks if they have a lot of infantry and could severely damage your cavalry if they have spearmen. Some base traps, too, may cause a great deal of damage to your cavalry.
Too Many Siege Machines – While taking buffer damage from traps is a bold opening move, the rest of your soldiers will suffer when the enemy’s main force comes around.

Just remember that some battles are trial and error and that small changes can make a huge difference.

Additionally, if your two heroes have a matching Resonance (just like in our screenshot), you may be able to increase your chances at winning because of a special passive ability. Getting two heroes with a matching Resonance may be difficult since summoning is done purely by chance, but trust us that it really makes all the difference once you make it happen.

7. Spread Your Talent Points Out

king of avalon talents

So many talents, so little points.

Every time your lord levels up, you gain three talent points. These talent points can be distributed among the three talent trees: War, Economy, and Balance. If you aren’t so sure of which tree to pick, let us briefly tackle the three trees from a bird’s eye view:

War – This tree involves overall militaristic improvement. If you want your soldiers to fight better or have superior stats overall, invest some points in this tree.
Economy – The Economy talent tree involves resource gathering, resource yield, and anything and everything that involves the improvement of your kingdom. Looking for quality living for your soldiers and people? Add some points here.
Balance – This tree refers to the reduction of waiting times in general. It also increases the capacity of storage, marches, the stats of traps, and more. The Balance tree is mostly for efficiency and speed.

Do not focus solely on one tree. Instead, spread your point distribution out so that you’ll be able to fight, gather, and train or construct better all at once. However, the best benefit you can get from focusing on a single talent tree would mean that you gain a skill early.

king of avalon emergency recall

These skills are marked with a dragon’s crest and can be quite powerful when used properly. For instance, the Economy tree has a skill that allows you to harvest 5 hours worth of resources from your lands. This could be used when construction or upgrading is greatly needed.

8. Get Out In The Field

king of avalon field

Remember when you asked your mom if you could go outside but she said you have ‘the outside at home’? This is it.

Tapping the lower right button of your screen should take you out to the field that’s open to exploration. Most importantly, this field is rife with resources. Farms, iron and silver mines, monsters, and other players, this is where most of the game’s fun happens.

Should you see any dotted lines across the map, these are the marching troops of another player. If the line is white, they have no fight with you. If the line is red, it’s an enemy force coming to attack your city. If you have ample time before the enemy’s arrival, prepare your defenses! Later in this guide, we will talk about how to manage your time in making defenses.

If you’d like to bait a rival player into attacking your forces, you can choose to camp anywhere near their city. Just always be prepared for a thrashing, because if you were them, you’d try to drive them out with your strongest soldiers.

Bringing yourself out here more often should help you train more troops, make better base defenses, and speed up your construction because of the plethora of resources you get rewarded with every time. Speaking of resources…

9. Amass Resources, Keep Them High

king of avalon daily reward

Look at these lovely, lovely resources!

Resources! You need them and so does everyone else (even your enemies)! How do you get them and how do you keep them in check?

Aside from getting wood, food, iron, and silver from your city, you will also earn these by fielding your troops. Let them fight monsters, occupy farms and mines, complete daily quests, generally let them scour the land. You’re bound to be swimming in resources after exhausting your stamina.

Of course, you could wait for your stamina to regenerate. Amassing your resources should ideally be done while you’re upgrading or constructing buildings. That way, you spend time building up your next hoard of resources to use on your next projects.

Another way you can gain resources is through the use of the Wishing Well, a feature you unlock after leveling your stronghold. You will get 5 Wishing Gems daily, and you can use these to obtain wood, food, and iron. If you run out of gems and wish to gain more resources, you can use gold to make your wishes.

king of avalon pvp

Lastly, if you’re feeling dangerous, you can always try attacking another player. The resource yield is high, but be warned that it isn’t a walk in the park. You will need heroes that could best theirs or an army that could get in with minimal casualties. After winning, be prepared that the player you attacked might want their revenge!

If you run out of stamina and Wishing Gems, and everything’s being upgraded or built, you might as well put the game down and come back later. Perhaps you’re hungry and you’d want to cook yourself a good meal, or your car needs a wash, or the laundry needs doing. Finish something in real life and your base should have new features waiting for you!

10. Heal Your Wounded Regularly

king of avalon hospital

No anesthesia and no refunds. Avalon has some top-tier healthcare.

With every battle you face, you win some and you lose some. Let’s talk about the losses. What good to you is an army whose numbers dwindle at every turn, whose members aren’t at peak performance? You, my friend, might be fielding some injured warriors or no warriors at all. This is where the hospital comes in.

Regardless the situation, the hospital should be regularly used. From the smallest of skirmishes to the biggest of battles, your troops should always be in tip-top shape. Heal them regardless of how many they are because if you’ve put off healing for a while, your hospital will be so swamped that a line will form right outside of it where your troops die sooner!

We kid about that last bit, but it is quite difficult for a hospital to keep up with the injured if there are more injured soldiers beyond the capacity that the hospital allows. Increasing this capacity involves upgrading the hospital, of course.

Tying into the previous item, healing your troops often saves on time and resources. The worst that could happen to you is to have your kingdom get attacked by a rival player with nobody to defend it because they’re all injured.

11. Tread The Path Of Legend And Visit The Witch’s Cauldron

king of avalon path of legend

Bedivere is right, you know. Morgana took the Excalibur and everyone knows it! It’s not like a man named Mordred will show up later on and brag that he has the holy sword.

Path of Legend is one of King of Avalon’s more difficult modes. Here, you will be able to play through the game’s story and earn Traveller’s Insignias that can only be spent in the Legend Shop. The more you play through Path of Legend, the greater the rewards you receive, but this isn’t just a walk in the park.

To properly get through Path of Legend, you will need to do a lot of decision-making. After every victory, you will be given a choice among Destiny Cards, cards that may change the course of your story. Decide wisely and have an ample amount of troop power overall (gained from outside Path of Legend), and you will succeed. Fail, and you may have to start from the beginning of the chapter.

Completing any of these chapters could win you some rare materials like Dragon Orbs and Hero EXP. Speedups for construction are regularly rewarded, so hoard these if you wish to improve your kingdom sooner than the others.

After reaching a certain level, Hellawes will open her lair to you where you may gain armor and materials to craft armor. This is called the Witch’s Cauldron.

king of avalon hellawes

No, Hellawes! We just wanted a picture!

You have a chance at gaining unique items from this place. One such item that stands out is the Oathkeeper Chest which contains an armor piece for your lord. Donning any of these armor pieces may greatly improve your performance in battle as it buffs your troops immensely. The effects also stack with each armor piece you wear.

As you rise in Reputation (the level of your Path of Legend), your prizes from the cauldron increase in quality and amount. Gaining power from this simple yet challenging mode is quick and rewarding. Of course, scoring victories in Path of Legend isn’t solely attributed to your decision-making skills, but your army strength overall.

king of avalon generated items

How does Hellawes have a collection of Giant’s Beards, Crow’s Tails, and Tears of Innocents conveniently packed in one place? Is it really sorcery or is this actually her pantry?

To gain the items needed for the cauldron you must simply get to Hellawes’ magic chamber (a button on the upper left side of the Witch’s Cauldron screen). Here, the crafting items are generated overtime. The more of these items you put in the cauldron, the greater the chance of you getting rarer prizes.

If you were unable to get any chest, you’ll at least be given items that you can use in your Forge to craft these armor pieces.

12. Browse Your Inventory For Usable Items

king of avalon inventory

Don’t just let these sit here.

While the game showers you with multiple prizes for completing various feats and quests, you will probably wonder what each of these items do. If you haven’t yet explored your inventory, now is a good time.

Browse your inventory regularly to see if there are items you can use. Some of them can be temporary boosts, while others are resource packs that you can use to immediately bulk up on those missing numbers of food, wood, and iron. Aside from these, they can also be treasure chests that require synthesis with keys.

If it isn’t any of these, they could be Speedup items. These items in particular can be used to cut down on time needed for the construction, upgrading, or training of your city. Do know that it’s best to use these only when you need them. For example, an enemy army approaches from afar and you still haven’t completed the upgrade of your wall. Your wall completes in 7 hours while they arrive in 10 minutes. You might want to use a Speedup on your wall’s upgrade to thwart the attack.

13. Use Achievements As A Roadmap For Your Goals

king of avalon achievements

One day, you, too, will soar at the speed of a swallow carrying coconuts.

Achievements. Most games these days have it and King of Avalon is no exception. Once you have completed a specific achievement, you can find a medal-shaped icon in your lord’s page. This is where you can find your achievements.

king of avalon achievements location

After tapping this button, you’ll be taken to the achievements page where completing each achievement will reward you hefty sums of gold (for that extra worker or otherwise). As you work on these achievements, not only will you gain a lot of gold, but your city will be vastly improved as well. Step up to the challenge and earn that gold!

14. Join An Alliance As Early As Possible

king of avalon alliance research

And we all lift, and we’re all adrift togetheeeeeer… Oops, wait, wrong game.

Joining a clan or guild or, as they’re called in King of Avalon, an alliance has a ton of benefits for every player. For one, it has an alliance research feature where each member of the alliance receives buffs depending on what has been researched on. It can range from marching speed to soldier buffs and many more. One of the best parts of being in one is that you (and everyone else) has the ability to help speed up each other’s progress when training, building, or upgrading. Aside from this, an alliance also has a Gift Locker feature.

king of avalon gift locker

The Gift Locker is a feature where every member of the alliance can receive varying amounts of gold. Alliance members, and you as well, may donate these gifts across the players present. Adding to the tons of swag you can get from joining an alliance, an alliance also has a specialized shop.

king of avalon alliance store

This alliance shop only takes alliance points as currency. These points are given to only the most helpful of alliance members. If you’ve helped speed up a friend’s progress, you are rewarded with alliance points. Amass these, and you will be able to buy tons of resources and many other useful items from the store. The selection increases with the level of the alliance, so stay active and help out whenever you can!

15. Prepare Base Defenses Before Logging Out

king of avalon city defense

Nice and safe!

 Once your peace shield has been removed, you are now open to scouting and attacks. To prevent these from happening, continuously improve the quality of your city’s walls. Additionally, you will want to appoint two heroes to guard your city as well as make traps for your enemies.

king of avalon trap factory

These traps will keep you safe, too! For the enemy, not so much.

When building traps, be sure to keep in mind that not all traps behave the same way. Some work well on cavalry while others work better on infantry. Just like the other units, however, read their descriptions before making them. Once you log off, you should feel safer that your castle won’t be going down without a fight.

In the end, only the strongest of lords can unite the broken lands of Avalon. If you think you’re up to it, get out there and give the foe what for. Raise your standard high and march forth, it’s time to quell the war once and for all!

And that wraps up our comprehensive beginner’s guide for King of Avalon. Did we miss a tip or get something wrong? Shoot us a message in the comment section below!


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