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BitLife Eat Pray Love Challenge Guide: How to Complete the Eat Pray Love Challenge

It’s been quite a while since Candywriter released an update with new features for BitLife, and while it appears that the much-hyped, long-in-development Code Merge update is coming soon, players of both iOS and Android versions have continued to take part in the weekly challenges that launch every Saturday afternoon and last for the next four days or so.

These are events that require you to create a new character (ideally, though you can use a pre-existing character in many cases) and have them live their virtual lives based on a certain theme. Each challenge has several tasks, or requirements, that you need to complete in order to get a brand new accessory unlocked for your Bitizens.

bitlife eat pray love challenge requirements

The latest BitLife challenge goes back to familiar territory, which means yet another pop culture nod for those who missed Candywriter’s tributes to popular television series and movies. This time, they paid tribute to a mid-2000s memoir that was made into a movie of the same name a few years later, and that memoir/film we are referring to is Eat Pray Love.

In terms of difficulty, this shouldn’t be too hard to pull off, despite the fact that it has six individual requirements, as well as some that may leave you scratching your head momentarily. However, we can help you complete this challenge as quickly as we did, so with that said, here’s our latest BitLife mini-strategy guide, where we walk you through the process of completing the Eat Pray Love challenge.

Getting Started – Becoming A Famous Author

Although the person who wrote Eat Pray Love is female, there aren’t any gender-specific requirements for completing this challenge. You can create a male or female character (we chose a male one and named him after a fictional author from another, older film), but you’ll just need to make sure that your new Bitizen is born in the United States. There aren’t any specific requirements either when it comes to your new character’s stats — as becoming a writer does not require a college degree, it’s fine if you start out with average Smarts, or even below-average Smarts.

applying for writer positon in bitlife

The main thing you’ll need to do is graduate from high school, so you can live your childhood and teen years however you please, just as long as you don’t get into any shenanigans that could force you to drop out from school or pay for a GED! (e.g. fighting back against bullies, getting expelled between the age of 15 and 17)

After graduating from high school, attending college is optional — unless you’re doing so to join a fraternity and skip the interview process far more often than not. You can apply for any of the open Writer jobs as soon as you finish high school, and once you get accepted, all you need to do is to keep using Work Harder at least twice per year, avoid situations that could get you addicted to alcohol or drugs (mostly clubbing), and avoid getting into confrontations with co-workers.

becoming a famous author in bitlife

You should be on the track to become a Famous Author by the time you reach your mid- or late-20s, depending on whether you chose to attend college or not. Once you become famous, we would advise you to star in at least one commercial per year for about five years so that you have more than enough money for the final requirements.

Considering what you’ll need to do in order to accomplish the last few requirements — spoiler alert, you’ll need to quit your job and potentially lose your fame in one to two years — you’ll be glad to know that losing your celebrity status won’t nullify the “Famous Author” requirement.

Getting Divorced – Asking For One Completes This Requirement!

Naturally, before you get divorced, you will first need to get married, and in order to get this out of the way quickly, we would suggest starting dating in middle or high school, popping the question once you can afford an affordable, yet genuine engagement ring, and choosing the most affordable wedding options available — courthouse wedding with no honeymoon.

As for completing the “get divorced” requirement in the Eat Pray Love challenge, this one’s quite simple. You don’t need to cheat repeatedly on your spouse in order for them to file for divorce — you can simply initiate the proceedings yourself by tapping on your spouse’s name in Relationships, then choosing Divorce.

filing for divorce in bitlife

Once the divorce is finalized and you’ve been briefed about how much money you’ll keep and how much your ex will receive, the requirement will be checked, and you can then move on to the three countries that were a key part of Elizabeth Gilbert’s story in Eat Pray Love.

Achieving The International Requirements

The final three requirements of the Eat Pray Love challenge have something to do with international travel, but don’t mistake this as taking a vacation or a cruise with the money you earned as a Famous Author. This will not fulfill any of the requirements, so what you’ll want to do instead is to migrate to each of the three countries mentioned — Italy, India, and Indonesia.

starting a diet in bitlife

There’s no specific order that you need to follow for these countries, and you can emigrate more than once a year without issue, though we would recommend doing this once a year to be absolutely sure you get approved each time around.

Completing these three requirements is much simpler than it looks — when in Italy, go on a Mediterranean diet, when in India, go to Mind and Body and choose the Meditate option, and when in Indonesia, start dating someone. If you haven’t gotten divorced yet, this could hit two birds with one stone!

meditating in bitlife

Basically, that’s it — no hidden catches, no additional steps that need to be taken. Complete the three international requirements and that should wrap things up for BitLife’s Eat Pray Love challenge! As always, completing the challenge will allow you to choose one of the four prize chests and unlock a new piece of eyewear or headwear.