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KartRider Rush+ Advanced Guide: Tips & Strategies to Stay Competitive and Win More Races

Nexon is a company that’s well-known for titles such as Darkness Rises, Dominations and Spiritwish, and if you’re familiar with their other games, you are probably aware that they specialize in high-end anime-style graphics, intricate, yet immersive game mechanics, and a focus on social gaming. That is once again the case with KartRider Rush+, which is available for iOS and Android gamers as a mainly multiplayer kart racing game where you can collect a wide range of drivers, karts,, and various items as you keep leveling up and play in different game modes. Do you have what it takes to become an “ultimate racing legend” as you compete against thousands of players around the world?

Truly, this is a game that is overloaded with features and modes, as well as various forms of currency and resources that have their own specific use. We clearly weren’t able to touch base on all of them in just one guide, and in this next one, we’re going to be tackling six more tips, this time focusing on those that you should be keeping in mind as an intermediate player, which we’d say would include players who are at level 10 to 15/8 to 15.

We’re going to be discussing a few modes we weren’t able to cover in our KartRider Rush+ beginner’s guide, as well as some features that get unlocked once you reach certain levels. We’ll also be telling you how you should be spending your K-Coins and managing your kart collection, so keep on reading if you want to remain competitive as you move beyond the easy races!

1. Redeem More Rewards At The Event Center

It’s all well and good to complete the quests in KartRider Rush+ and to take part in as many multiplayer races and Story Mode races as you could. After all, you can’t expect to get tons of Lucci and K-Coins for doing nothing. However, there are tons more rewards that you can redeem by organically playing the game, or by checking the Events Center and seeing what you need to do to receive the various rewards that are up for grabs.

Simply tap on the gift box-shaped icon on the right side and that’s going to take you to the Events Center, where you can view different limited-time and conditional events, classified into four categories — Daily Events, Challenge Mission, Recorded (Rec.) Replays, and Game Notice. Most of the time, you’ll want to prioritize the Daily Events, which you will automatically be taken to once you hit on the gift box and go to the Event Center.

how to redeem rewards in kartrider rush+

There are currently nine Daily Events that are available, starting with the Level Up Gifts, which allow you to earn White Feather Shards each time you level up to a multiple of 5 — that’s level 5, level 10, level 15, and so on. White Feather Shards, as explained, can be traded for permanent Mini Angel Wings, which can be used to customize your character. You can also trade your Feather Shards (under the Permanent Epic Wings Daily Event) for Tires, which allow you to increase a friend’s popularity — we’ll be discussing this in a bit where we talk about the much-vaunted social features of the game.

Other Daily Events include Star Headgear Scramble (Star Shards, which can be traded for Star Headgear), Bobbing Bottle Gifts, which allow you to collect a special gift once you login for five days straight, and Daily Elite Training, which reward you with White Feather Shards once you finish a certain number of multiplayer races in a day, or races with a friend. You can also get Outfit Medals in some events, including the Daily Gas-Up — Outfit Medals can be exchange for wardrobe items that can improve your racers by providing certain buffs and passive skills.

The Challenge Missions reward you with a special gift once you reach a certain level. At the moment, reaching level 25 will get you a permanent Violet Meteor kart — this is an Epic kart, so that’s one nice incentive indeed for making it all the way to level 25 and winning more races/completing more Story Mode chapters while getting there. Reaching Level 30, on the other hand, gets you a permanent B&W Bellcat — we’ll tell you more about pets in this guide, so do watch out for that!

Interestingly, Rec. Replays and Game Notice are where you can claim your Sign-In Rewards for daily logins (Turbo Crystals, K-Coins, and various items). We’re not sure if this is an issue with the game, but the bottom line here is that KartRider Rush+ allows you to claim tons and tons of rewards through the Event Center, so make sure you’re going back here on a regular basis and seeing what you need to do to earn those goodies!

Not included in the Event Center are the quests you’ll need to complete as part of the Nova Program — as we’ve noticed, this only shows up once a day, typically during your first login of the day, and by completing certain requirements, you can win goodies such as new racers and new karts! For example, the Storm kart can be had permanently by completing the Day 1 quests under the Nova Program — despite its flashy appearance, its stats aren’t exactly on the up-and-up, but it’s at least better than the practice kart you start out with!

2. Take License Tests To Move On To More Difficult Competition

Although we did advise you in the first guide to get as many Speed Races in as possible while you’re still in the early stages of playing the game so that you can get your feet wet and practice for other modes, more difficult tracks, and more competitive races, there will come a time where you no longer be able to compete in a multiplayer race at your current tier (or “channel,” as the game calls it) and advised to try something a little harder.

kartrider rush+ r license

That’s when it becomes necessary to take a License Test in order to be promoted to the next channel — once this happens, you will no longer be able to race in the previous channel! This is all in the interest of fairness, we’d say — it wouldn’t sound right, after all, if you’re an experienced player competing against rookies who are still trying to get a feel of the racing experience.

Generally, License Tests, which can be accessed by tapping on the Race button and going to License Test (on the bottom of the screen), consist of six individual tests which require you to achieve certain tasks in order to pass. For example, Curve Driving (in the R License Test) requires you to finish the race within 1 minute and 42 seconds and loot 10 Lucci, while the next test, L-Curve Driving, requires you to reach the finish line within 42 second. There are also tests that gauge your ability to use the offensive and defensive items in the Item Races, as well as a full race for the sixth test that requires completion within a certain time, with some additional requirements, such as drifting twice in Lumberjack Lane in the R License Test.

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The good thing about License Tests is that there is no limit to the number of times you can take them — even if you’ve gotten a license for a certain channel, you can always go back to previous tests and redo them for a quick refresher. You may also be required to be at a certain level before taking a License Test — for example, taking the L2 License Test requires you to be at player level 15 and to compete the L3 test beforehand.

3. Lean And Mean Is The Way To Go With Your Kart Collection

We’ll be honest — many of the karts that are available to purchase in KartRider Rush+ are gorgeous. If they aren’t, then they’re certainly quirky in many cases — for example, you can actually drive a kart that’s shaped like a banana, and one that’s called Rudolf [sic] because it’s reminiscent of a red-nosed reindeer. These karts, as you may know by now, can be purchased with K-Coins or with Batteries, the latter being the rarer form of premium currency available in the game.

But even if K-Coins are easy to come by, and even if it may sound tempting to save those K-Coins to permanently purchase a certain kart that you like, we wouldn’t recommend having an especially large stable of karts at your disposal, unless you’re paying real money on a regular basis and are presumably flush with K-Coins and Batteries.

kartrider rush+ kart collection

Ideally, you want to keep things simple and stick mainly with the karts that can be unlocked permanent, such as Storm via the Nova Program and, as of now, the Violet Meteor if you reach level 25. Use your K-Coins and/or Batteries to buy one or two karts on a permanent basis, but in the grand scheme of things, do not buy any more than one or two karts with your premium currencies. Most karts within a specific rarity tier (Rare, Epic, Legendary) have very similar stats to each other anyway, so you’re better off picking one that you can use mainly in Speed Races, and maybe one that’s specifically designed for Item Races.

We’ll be discussing another reason why you shouldn’t blow all your K-Coins on new permanent karts in the very next tip, so keep on reading for more information!

4. Managing Your Home And Visiting Other Players’ Homes

Once you reach level 6 in KartRider Rush+, the Home feature gets unlocked, and this is one of the many social features available in the game. At first, there wouldn’t be too much to do aside from decorate your home with various items, which can be purchased with Home Coins or K-Coins, usually the latter as opposed to the former.

Although these items could add to your home’s Ambiance rating and make it more attractive, we wouldn’t recommend spending too much on these aesthetic touches as we would on upgrading your home and adding new features. For starters, you’ll need 800 K-Coins in order to level up your home for the first time — this allows you to expand it to 20 x 20 while also unlocking the Lucky Ball feature. The Lucky Ball offers you a chance to win random add-ons to your home, as well as the aforementioned Home Coins.

kartrider rush+ home

In addition to the aforementioned initial upgrade (subsequent home upgrades will cost more K-Coins), you can also pay 200 K-Coins to add a Parking Lot to your home, thus allowing you to collect Home Coins from other human players who park their vehicles at your lot. You can create up to six parking spots, with each spot costing progressively more K-Coins — for example, creating your second spot will cost you 400 K-Coins, while creating your third will set you back by 900 K-Coins. It’s recommended that you add as many friends as possible and visit their homes in order to maximize the revenue you can earn from your parking lots.

Don’t have enough friends to add from your real-life circle, or not really into adding random strangers via the Social menu? You can still visit other players’ houses by tapping on the Friends button on the lower right of the Home screen, then tapping on Look Around — this will take you to a random player’s home.

The Home feature also features some quests that you can complete, thus rewarding you with Lucci, Home Coins, Turbo Crystals, and more. For example, you may be required to park at other people’s houses a certain number of times, collect parking fees at least once a day, visit a certain number at homes, etc.

Lastly, the Home menu allows you to play a variety of mini games that allow you to earn more Home Coins, as well as Lucci and aesthetic items to decorate your home. These games reward you with aesthetic items for improving Ambiance, Home Coins, Lucci, and other goodies, though you may have to be patient if you haven’t made too many friends yet in the game, as it may take some time for enough players to enter the room and get the game going.

5. Get Social, Add Some Friends, And Join A Club

Arguably, you can’t enjoy KartRider Rush+ like Nexon expects you to enjoy it if you don’t take advantage of the many social features available in the game. We touched on some of these when talking about the Home menu, but by tapping on the Social button on the bottom of the main screen, you can search for random players and add them, accept friend requests sent by other players, or select a friend whom you wish to designate as your BFF — you can select up to three people for this designation.

The Mentorship program, on the other hand, is the most immersive of the features available in the Social menu — once you reach Gold III in Ranked Mode, you can start accepting apprentices and serve as a Mentor. Meanwhile, if you aren’t quite at that level yet, you can tap on the Mentor Me button and find someone to mentor you, thus helping them out with their Mentorship Perks. These include various resources, including Turbo Crystals, K-Coins, Outfit Medals, and more.

kartrider rush+ club

You can also earn rewards, though, even if you’re an apprentice who’s just gotten a Mentor — for instance, finding a mentor, finishing a multiplayer race with your mentor, and finishing two Time Trial Races will get you a Schooled Balloon, 1,000 Outfit Medals, and 20 Mentor Points, which you can later use to increase your Mentor Level.

Clubs, meanwhile, are KartRider Rush+’s answer to guilds. Although you have the option of forming one, it is more recommended to join an existing one, preferably one that has a high Weekly Activity score. Make sure you check on Eligible before joining a club, because that’s going to filter out those clubs that have certain minimum player level requirements that you may not qualify for just yet.

We would also advise entering your country, hometown, or nationality in order to find players you can converse with in your native language, thus making it easier for you to blend in and take full advantage of the club features.

As a club member, you can earn more of the usual rewards (Turbo Crystals, Lucci, K-Coins, Outfit Medals, etc.) through daily drills and club quests, so that alone should be good reason for you to join one. However, you should also do your part as a club member — socialize with your fellow members, take part in club activities, and lend a helping hand when necessary. For instance, you can use friendship items (e.g. tires) to improve a club-mate’s popularity — chances are they’ll do the same for you!

6. What Can Pets Do For You?

Although KartRider Rush+ is technically not an RPG, it does contain its share of elements from that genre, including pets. At the moment, there are only two pets available in the game — you’ll get Bell Cat early on, and you can get Bitty Husky via the S1 Season Pass. However, these pets come with valuable buffs that can help you in the Item Races — Bell Cat gives players 25 percent additional Water Bomb immunity, while Bitty Husky gives 25 percent more Normal Missile immunity.

kartrider rush+ pets

You can improve the passive buffs provided by your pets by upgrading them, and this can be done by feeding them with Milk. You can purchase Milk with batteries at the game’s shop, under the Item category — if you’re the type who participates in a lot of Item Races, that’s one reason why you may want to save up your Batteries for premium purchases such as this, rather than stockpiling them so you can buy or rent new karts.

7. Improving Your Potential And Upgrading Your Karts

Reaching player level 13 in the game unlocks the Potential feature, which can be accessed by tapping the leftmost button on the bottom of the main screen. Here, you will be able to upgrade certain player skills that apply to all the racers on your roster — these include Precise Operation (improves handling), Quick Reaction (reflexes), and Cunning, which are all available initially once Potential first becomes available.

kartrider rush+ kart upgrade

Reaching level 20 will unlock Seize the Day (improves racer’s judgment) and Nitro 101, so that’s a total of five skills that you can upgrade up to level 5. Lucci is the currency used for Potential upgrades, and given how easy it is to win this common form of currency, you shouldn’t have much of a problem unlocking your full potential, at least for the first three skills that we mentioned.

You can also upgrade the karts in your Storage once you reach player level 15. Turbo Crystals, as we explained in the first guide, are the main resource used when upgrading karts, and once you tap on the Upgrade or Quick Upgrade button, you will be able to increase the attributes of your choice — the impact on your karts’ stats may be negligible at first, but if you’ve got a lot of Turbo Crystals, you’ll eventually be able to turn an otherwise mediocre kart into a solid one.

We would recommend that you focus on your permanent karts rather than the ones you’ve unlocked temporarily — these karts, after all, do not expire and can be used at any time without you having to worry about those seven days, ten days, or one month ticking away before they get locked again.

There you have it! This ends our advanced guide for KartRider Rush+. If you happen to know more tips or strategies for this excellent racing game, feel free to drop us a line in the comments below!