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Blade & Soul Revolution Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Level Up Fast and Crush Your Enemies

Netmarble has been a name made synonymous to revolutionary and highly engaging games regardless of whether or not the game is based on a popular franchise. If you have played and enjoyed several mobile games before, then chances are that you have at least played one or a couple developed or published by Netmarble.

The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross, Magic: ManaStrike, and The King of Fighters Allstar are just of Netmarble’s most popular titles. With most of their games banking between 5 and 50 million downloads and each one securing #1 spots in top lists of mobile games on both platforms, it goes without saying that any new and upcoming release from the company becomes a highly anticipated one.

Blade & Soul Revolution is Netmarble’s latest action MMORPG and serves as the perfect mobile adaptation of the popular and highly successful PC game that spawned an anime mini series. Blade & Soul Revolution prides itself with its action combat system unlike any you have seen or played before. Each of the 4 unique character classes has their own set of eye-popping combos that never get old.

There is also a joint attack system that can be activated between partners, making for an ultimate dynamic combination attack that packs a lot of damage. Packed as well with a highly immersive storyline, superb graphics, and plethora of in-game content, there is hardly anything else to look for in Blade & Soul Revolution.

blade & soul revolution strategies

Blade & Soul Revolution takes you to a mythical fantasy world full of chaos and corruption yet gives rise to heroes that strive to redeem their world from the ensuing darkness. It is a world centered around martial arts or the Wulin and both protagonists and antagonists in it are adept to a martial discipline.

As you dive into the world of Blade & Soul, you begin as a newly-accepted disciple of the Hongmoon School in Heaven’s Reach. As Jinsonyun attacks Heaven’s Reach to take the powerful sword known as Twilight’s Edge, your master and fellow brethren all perish, leaving you on a path to vengeance against the assailant along with the quest to redeem the sword.

Like many modern MMORPGs on mobile, Blade & Soul Revolution can seem overwhelming at first glance. As you are presented with multiple buttons and menus along with various action buttons, it may seem a little too complex for the uninitiated. Blade & Soul Revolution, however, has a very helpful tutorial that can guide even a complete beginner with its one-click auto path and auto battle system along with very directive instructions on which buttons to press to initiate certain features.

There is a lot to learn as you make progress in Blade & Soul Revolution but for the most part, paying close attention to tutorials help ease down the info overload. If you find yourself unable to make it through a certain challenge, or looking for ways to level up and strengthen your hero, then check out our Blade & Soul Revolution beginner’s guide for a bunch of tips, cheats and strategies below!

1. Choose The Race And Class That Suits Your Playstyle

One of the most common questions beginners typically raise when starting out on any MMORPG relates to which from among the available classes is the best one. While some people may still insist that there is such a thing as a best class or claim that one is better than the others, it all boils down to personal preferences and playstyles.

Currently, Blade & Soul Revolution gives you the option of choosing from among 4 starting classes. Unlike most other MMORPGs, however, classes in the game are not available across all 4 races so in order to access a specific class, you must choose the race that allows you to take on the class you want to play. The different races are Gon, Jin, Yun, and Lyn and for now, the most significant differences each one has are the classes available to each one of them.

blade & soul revolution classes

The Blademaster is considered by many as a well-rounded class given its innate ability to stand well on its own as well as work well with others. The Blademaster may lag behind in terms of raw offense power but does exhibit great defense as well as attacks that can stun enemies and knock them down. Blademasters can likewise offer some defensive strength to the party. The Blademaster is only available for the Yun and Jin races.

The Kung Fu Master excels in dealing single target damage but does not offer much as far as defensive strength goes. The Kung Fu Master can counter attacks but may be difficult to pull off especially for beginners. This class can be a great asset to a party as far as contributing to damage is concerned but although provides no helpful buffs whatsoever to strengthen teammates. Only characters that belong to the Jin and Gon races can use this class.

The Destroyer works almost like Blademaster but offers even more defensive strength. In contrast, though, The Destroyer has lower attack values than the Blademaster but excels in crowd control skills like stun and knockdown. The Destroyer can only be accessed by the Gon race.

Last, but not the least, is the Forcemaster. Currently the only ranged combatant in the world of Blade & Soul Revolution, this class sports high attack damage as well a defensive buff for party members. Of all the current choices of classes, the Forcemaster is the best one for hitting multiple enemies but is the last on the list in terms of defensive strength. You can opt to take on the Forcemaster class if you belong to the Lyn or Yun Race.

There are actually more classes in the original Blade & Soul who will most likely be joining the mobile roster after some updates. For now, though, each of these classes have more than enough unique skills and traits to help you chose and create the first character to use in your adventure. Again, consider the kind of playstyle and role you are comfortable in performing before deciding on the class that feels right for you.

2. Prioritize Pursuing The Main Quest Line

Engaging in MMORPGs are not entirely about continuously reaching new levels and growing in power. For most RPG enthusiasts, knowing the lore and the background story that gives rise to your never-ending quest in itself becomes a motivational factor to pursue great strength. With Blade & Soul Revolution regularly squeezing in quality cut scenes as well, pushing forward to see more of it can be considered by some as a welcomed treat as well.

blade & soul revolution main quest

Beyond getting to know more about the fantasy world you dive into, every step of the main quest you accomplish brings a lot of incentives with it. Main quests provide you with more XP than most other activities and provides you the most basic resources you need to strengthen you hero. You can see your current objective on the main quest at the upper right side of the screen. Main quests are indicated by a yellow icon and for the most part you will always see one. Main quests are key to unlocking the game’s other features and game modes which is why you need to prioritize it over other activities so you can begin engaging in the other game modes as soon as possible.

As the accomplishment of some objectives within the main quest take you to various locations, side mission will naturally become available for you to complete as well. These side quests are indicated by a blue icon just underneath the main quest line and each one also provides some XP and resources as rewards upon completion.

It can be a good option to accomplish main and side quests in one area before proceeding to the next one as by doing so you will gain extra XP and rewards that can help you prepare better for the subsequent challenges. Main Quests matter more in the sense that some important features are locked behind milestones you need to reach within them and as such, pursuing them as much as you can is the better alternative. With various windwalking techniques that allow you to move from one location to the next one speedily, it becomes very easy to go back to any area to complete sub quests anyway.

3. Invest In Your Equipment With Care

Every new level you instantly provides you stat boosts and, in the early part of your progression, also unlock new skills you can use in combat. Beyond all that, combat power or CP earned through level ups potentially make up of about half of your character’s full potential as stats can further be boosted based on the quality and upgrade level that your gears have. As such, you should always make it a point to invest in the right gears to ensure that you will be able to tackle the numerous challenges ahead of you.

Most modern mobile MMORPGs make it so that upgrades to equipment are lodged on the equipment slot instead of the gear itself. Blade & Soul Revolution, however, sticks to the conventional approach in terms of upgrading and valuing each piece of gear you obtain, making it a little more challenging for you to invest in each piece of gear you have. Enhancements are lodged to your weapon, soul shields, and accessories, so planning and control must constantly be in mind especially given that you will need upgrade materials for each attempt at enhancement.

Weapons, soul shields, and accessories are likewise governed by a rarity system depicted by the colors white, green, blue, purple, and orange with white being the most common. An item’s rarity dictates how high the stat boosts it can provide as well as how difficult it is to obtain them. With this in mind, it should be noted that you should not just invest in an equipment under any rarity but instead be disciplined enough to only bank on items having superior quality or blue in color. With enough patience and hours, you will certainly be able to obtain at least a superior quality equipment for each available slot.

blade & soul revolution equipment

For weapons and accessories, you will need to head into the fire pit of any town to initiate upgrades. To check your gears and automatically travel to a fire pit, you can tap on the bag icon on the upper right side of the screen or you can also tap on the menu button, then character, and finally “My Info”. Tapping on any equipped gear within the window will open up a sub window that contains the “Fire Pit” button, tap on it choose your mode of travel to the nearest fire pit.

At the fire pit, the topmost icon is the enhancement option. You need to register a weapon accessory and then tap on the enhancement button at the lower left side of the page. You will need enhancement stones as well as silver to initiate the process. Take note that while there is a 100% success chance for the first 5 enhancements, this will no longer be the case from +6 enhancement onwards. There is risk of failing the enhancement and you will lose the enhancement stones you used as well as decrease the item’s durability. In case you do fail at enhancement, consider repairing the item through the second option at the fire pit.

Beyond each gear’s enhancement level, a fairly easy way to obtain more stat boosts is through the reforge option, which can also be done while you are at the fire pit. At rthis point in time, you should already know that each piece of gear has extra options and the number varies based on their rarity. Common (White) items have one option, refined (Green) items have 2 options, and so on.

At the item screen, you can also see small circles on the upper left side of the gear icon not just indicating the number of options it has but also the quality of each option. By using a reforge stone, you can reroll these options and the outcome is completely random. For the most part, the starting options are all common anyway, so just one reroll will already be very advantageous for you.

Soul shields are a unique feature in Blade & Soul Revolution. Since characters do not equip armor sets, the wardrobe function instead allows you to craft and change outfits at will. Relative to soul shields, the stat boosts they provide only activate whenever you equip an outfit. There are a total of 8 soul shield slots and to unlock an effect, you must wear a set of 3, 5, or 8 of them. This needs special attention since the more conventional approach is to use a full set of 8 similar soul shields but later on, you will come to find that mixing a 3 and a 5-set may work better for your hero.

Well, pets are naturally not equipment but can relate very much to it in terms of giving you more power. Pets are actually accessible in Blade & Soul Revolution through the item icon on the menu. Like gears, pets are also covered by a rarity system, making higher grade ones more difficult to obtain. Pets are not mere eye-candies as even the lowest grade ones offer you stat boosts. You can only summon 1 pet at a time but can switch among 3 different pets in combat.

Pets have a similar feature to stamina and is indicated by the pet pod meter. It gradually depletes over time and you must visit the pet shop to purchase pet pods to keep them active. Pet upgrades can be a grueling task especially since you will need to sacrifice 3 to 6 pets and use them as materials to summon a higher grade pet, covered, of course, by probability. Pets can also be fused to change one pet’s appearance or special option at the cost of sacrificing the other.

4. Level Up And Customize Skills To Your Liking

Each character class in Blade & Soul Revolution holds a wide array of skills they can use in combat as well as passive skills, utility skills, auto-skills, and even Hongmoon Arts. For the most part, your focus will mostly be on the first four as each will be available from the start, if not just after reaching a few levels higher. Each can be upgraded using skill essences and silver and can be customized to the point where there will be hardly characters under the same class that absolutely have the same set of skills.

how to level up skills in blade & soul revolution

By clicking on the main menu, and then skills, and then finally choosing the active skills at the top of the list, you will be taken to a skill tree that chows all the skills you have as well as those that you can unlock. More importantly, you will also be apprised as to the conditions you need to meet to be able to unlock each one. Be sure to read through each available skill you see on your hero’s skill tree and plan accordingly to ensure that you will invest in the presently available skills and focus on the ones that are more important to you.

Beyond planning in terms of which skills to invest in, you should notice that each skill comes with a variant attached to it. Unlocking a skill does not automatically unlock its variants so after highlighting a skill, tap on the “use variant” button at the bottom left side of the page to check the requirements for you to be able to unlock and use the variants.

Like skills as well, carefully planning ahead on which variants to unlock first and which ones to actually use can help you make a more solid and focused character build. It may take some trials and errors in some case, but paying close attention to these details will surely pay off in the long run.

5. Join A Clan As Soon As You Are Able To

Unlike most modern MMORPGs on mobile, Blade & Soul Revolution makes it so that each and every player has more or less decided to stay playing the game and reaching good enough levels before they join an actual clan. Although you can initially join a training clan early on to enjoy some of the perks you can get from a real clan, there is a huge limitation on it and should only be maintained until after you have progressed through the main story enough to join a real clan.

blade & soul revolution clan

To start off, you will need to choose between 2 warring factions before you can even apply to any clan. Typically, there will be a gap in balance between the Cerulean Order (Blue) and the Crimson Legion (Red) and as one earns more members and power over the other there will be incentives when opting to join the disadvantaged faction. Naturally, clans belong to either faction so you can only join a clan belonging to the faction of your choosing.

As it can be a challenge to determine the power and number of active members within the clan you wish to apply for, looking at the clan levels can be a good determinant of both. These clans, however, usually impose high minimum level requirements so for starters, you may opt for a less selective clan. Once you have joined a clan, you will have to wait for 12 more hours to partake in clan activities.

To start off, remember to always check-in to receive some rewards and on top of staying active, you should also make it a point to donate to your clan. If you are new to MMORPGs, or clan systems for that matter, be sure to remember that your fellow clan members will serve as your potential in-game friends whom you can party up with or ask advice from through chat.

6. Partake In The Daily Dungeons

Yet another important reason to push through with accomplishing main quests and levelling up fast are the daily dungeons that further boost you XP and silver earnings. There are currently only two daily dungeons in Blade & Soul Revolution which are the Garden of Fiends and the Valley of Fortune. You can enter the first one as soon as you reach level 30 and the latter once you hit level 60. As you clear a stage within each dungeon, the next stage, which is more difficult, becomes available.

blade & soul revolution daily dungeon

You can only partake in each dungeon once a day and 2 additional attempts can be done after paying crystals. BE sure to take note of the recommended combat power level before taking on a new stage. The initial stages maybe very easy but you can expect the challenge level of the succeeding stages to rise dramatically.

7. Accomplish Timed Missions And Achievements For More Rewards

Every quest you accomplish and even every enemy you defeat in combat contributes to earning you XP and resource materials you will constantly need to move forward. Beyond all that, more rewards can still be earned by accomplishing certain feats that relate to your overall progress.

For the most part, both timed missions and achievements fall within the usual activities you should engage in each day and in addition to seeing them as a source of extra resources, consider both as a guide to apprise you as to which activities you may have forgotten to spend more time on in your adventure.

blade & soul revolution achievements

You can access both features through the “Challenge Icon at the right side of the main menu. Timed missions, as the title implies, are divided into daily and weekly missions. Completing each task under each list earns you outright rewards but beyond that, activity points also accrue to unlock even more rewards through the chests at the bottom of the page.

Most of the tasks under the daily missions are similar in nature to the weekly missions, meaning that accomplishing daily objectives also progress your objectives under the weekly missions. If you really want to progress fast in Blade & Soul Revolution, then make it a habit to fully accomplish both sets of missions or at the very least unlock the best chest rewards under each list.

Achievements, on the other hand, pertain to milestones you reach in the game and serves as an indicator of your overall progress. While most objectives here offer one-time rewards, some will have more challenging versions on the next rank. Be sure to take note of the feats you still need to accomplish relative to achievements and rank up as soon as you can to unlock the next batch of tasks.

8. Pay Attention To The Guide Alert

Another feature of Blade & Soul Revolution that makes it a lot easier for total beginners to keep track of their activities is the Guide Alert feature that can be accessed through the bell icon at the upper right side of the screen. You will typically see a red dot indicator on this icon as it informs you about concerns that you should tend to like mails you received, availability of dungeons, and so on.

blade & soul revolution guide alert

It also serves as a shortcut menu to get to the page or window you need to be. If you are not raring to proceed to the next quest, be sure to check on the guide alert icon as it will almost always have something in store for you.

9. Take Advantage Of Events

Beyond outright rewards and incentives from timed missions and achievements, Blade & Soul Revolution holds a wide variety of events as well to help you grow and develop your character even faster based on how active you are. Just like missions and achievements, a lot of the feats you need to accomplish relative to events fall well within what you should normally engage in as you spend time on the game.

how to earn more rewards in blade & soul revolution

There is an event icon that leads to some recurring events that you can access via the quick menu at the upper side of your screen. There is also and events icon at the upper left that typically showcases time-limited events that are active.

In any case, be sure to browse through both features and push as much as you can to accomplish as many objectives under both events as the rewards you can obtain from them are either difficult to obtain anywhere else or are exclusively obtainable through these special events.

10. Manage Your Inventory Well

It is almost a given that you will always have a limited inventory space in most games, most especially MMORPGs. Although you can keep some items at a storage, it will still not suffice and you may constantly find yourself overburdened and lacking vacant slots in your bag to carry additional items.

At the fire pit, you can dispose of inferior accessories and soul shields through salvaging. This process can earn you materials that can used to craft new and better ones. You will most likely have a lot of consumable items as well, with potentially several treasure chests that you need to open to reveal the true rewards.

how to manage inventory in blade & soul revolution

Do note that some chests are made for sharing so be sure to save those for when you are with a party. It is often best to open up chests sooner than later as some may contain equipment or resources you may immediately need.

You can visit the equipment merchant in any town and check for weapons or accessories that are for sale. Alternatively, you can gather crafting materials and have the merchant craft an equipment for you. Naturally, higher rarity gears have requirements that are hard to acquire on top of having higher costs and longer completion times. In any case, browse through the items as you may find something that you are close to completing and may sooner lead to a better gear for you to use moving forward.

We are certain that there are more features and secrets within the vast world of Blade & Soul Revolution waiting to be uncovered but for now, this is where we will end our beginner’s guide. We hope that you learned a lot from the simple tips and strategies we shared and that you enjoyed reading through it as well.

If you have discovered your very own tips and strategies, be sure to share them as well as your experiences in the game with us in the comment area!