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Wild Frontier Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Conquer the West

Wild Frontier is a free-to-play strategy game developed by 37GAMES that brings players into the Wild West of the United States in the late 19th century. In the game players take on the role of the mayor of a newfound town, with the goal of growing the settlement while protecting its people from outlaws. You will not be alone though, as various heroes will lend their might, while beautiful ladies will keep you company and inspire you to do even greater things. Players may also join alliances for additional support in acquiring resources, conquering territories, and defeating enemies.

wild front strategies

Wild Frontier takes the tried-and-tested city-building formula and gives it a unique Wild West flavor, driven forward by an engaging storyline, charming graphics, and deep mechanics that will hook players into transforming their humble towns into bustling Wild West empires.

If you are looking to survive and thrive in the West, then be sure to read our Wild Frontier beginner’s guide below, which includes a bunch of useful tips, cheats and strategies!

1. Pay Attention To The Tutorial

The game starts with a brief but informative tutorial that teaches the basics of building structures, training troops, and protecting the town from outlaws. Some players have the tendency of breezing through tutorials, but it is highly recommended to pay attention to Wild Frontier’s opening chapter, as well as the next few ones, as they will teach all that you need to know to fortifying your settlement.

wild frontier tips

New players are also given a generous collection of free items to start off their journey. However, aside from those that will be used up in the tutorials, it is highly recommended to hold off on using these items until later on in the game, when the boosts that they provide are much harder to come across compared with the early chapters.

2. Claim The Rewards, Check Your Mail

You should sign in daily in order to collect rewards that grow better over time. The sign-in rewards are free, and even if you are taking a break from the game, you should spare a minute to log in and collect the item. Players may also collect Online Rewards from a cart located just outside the walls of their town. These refresh after every few minutes, though the wait gets longer after every time that players claim them.

how to collect more rewards in wild frontier

Another daily thing that players should do in Wild Frontier is to check and clear their in-game mail. While some of the mails are nothing more than announcements, some of them offer rewards.

3. Prioritize Completing Quests

Progressing through Wild Frontier is done through completing quests, which come in various forms and levels of difficulty.

wild frontier quests

The Chapter Quests are the main goals that players should shoot to complete. They provide a clear path for the progress of your town, including the structures that need to be built and upgraded, the units that need to be trained to fill your troops, and other objectives such as gathering resources and hunting down outlaws.

In addition to Chapter Quests, the game also offers Side Quests and Daily Quests. Side Quests are not essential in progressing the story, while Daily Quests refresh each day. Players are recommended to finish these quests as quickly and as often as they can, as the rewards that they provide will make the game much easier.

wild frontier chapter complete

Speaking of rewards, completing the quests do not automatically grant them to players. Claiming the rewards for the Chapter Quests is easy as a notice appears on the main screen upon completion, but for the other types of quests, players need to tap the Quests icon and claim the rewards one by one.

It is highly recommended to keep checking the Quests log if there are any rewards ready for claiming, as players may achieve some goals without them realizing it.

4. Earn More Rewards From Events

In addition to the Quests, players may earn rewards from the game’s Events, which may be accessed by tapping on the icon near the upper-right corner.

how to earn more rewards from events in wild frontier

Similar to Quests, players may earn various rewards by completing certain tasks. However, unlike Quests, Events come with a time limit, so players should not forget to keep checking the tasks and accomplish whatever they could.

The major draw of completing Events are the Hero Shards that players may acquire. Players may unlock new heroes by obtaining 100 Hero Shards for that character, which come with different abilities and bonuses.

5. Woo The Beauties

The Saloon, one of the earliest structures that you build for your town, allows you to recruit heroes by collecting their corresponding shards. Players, however, will be visiting the Saloon more often due to the Beauties.

wild frontier beauty

The first Beauty that you can visit is Mary, the lady that you rescue early on in the game’s story. Raising affection with Mary, as well as the other Beauties that you will unlock as you progress in the story and upgrade your Town Hall’s, will unlock various benefits for your town. This is done through simple mini-games, though you might fail if you don’t pay attention.

There is also an option to Woo the Beauties, which grants useful items as a reward. This may only be done once a day though, and is something that players should not forget to do daily.

6. Lean Towards Economy Research

The Proving Ground allows players to carry out research to boost their town in three ways – Development, which improves the town’s development speed, Economy, which enhances the town’s ability to acquire resources, and Military, which increases the town’s combat capabilities.

wild frontier research

All three types of research are very helpful to a town, and completing all of the possible upgrades as soon as they become available is one of the most effective ways in speeding up your town’s progress. However, among the three types, players are recommended to lean towards the Economy branch, as resources are the backbone of most of the town’s requirements. Being able to gather resources at a quicker pace as soon as possible will ensure that you never run out of them.

7. Allocate Your Talent Points Wisely

Talents, which are accessed by tapping on the Hero’s icon and selecting the Talents section, provides three types of bonuses – Military, for improving your troops’ capabilities, Development, for enhancing your town’s capabilities, and Support, for providing additional benefits to various other processes.

wild frontier talents

By default, you should spend your limited Talent Points on the Development branch, as this provides construction and resource bonuses. However, a very useful feature for Talents is the option to reset the allocation of points at any time, without cost. This means that you may allocate the points depending on the situation. Points in the Development branch will help while building up the town, but when planning to launch an attack, you may reset your points and allocate them all to the Military branch, for example.

8. Train A Balanced Army

Your army not only protects the town from invaders, but they may also be used to gather resources on the World Map and hunt down outlaws for rewards. However, beating enemies will require certain Troop Power, which may be increased by training more troops.

wild frontier army

Several structures train different kinds of troops, including close range fighters and long range shooters. For the purpose of building up Troop Power, it doesn’t matter which type of units you train. However, these units provide different benefits, and some of them are more effective against certain types of enemies. This will come into play when protecting the town from invaders, as it is unknown what kind of troops the enemy will bring. Instead of gambling on focusing on one type of unit that may be stronger or weaker against enemy troops, the better way of building up your town’s army is training different kinds of units for a more balanced team.

To gain access to more powerful troops, players may upgrade the structures that train them. However, it is not possible to train troops while the structures are in the process of being upgraded, so make sure that you have enough troops before starting the process.

9. Clean Up Your Town’s Layout

When building structures, the game automatically selects where the structure will fit within your town. While this helps players in looking for available space, relying on this feature will result in a town with a confusing layout, which doesn’t help when you are looking for a specific structure.

wild frontier town layout

Players should take time to clean the layout of their town by grouping similar structures. For example, placing structures where you can train troops close to each other allows players to easily check which buildings have idled capacity as they build their armies. Meanwhile, placing structures that produce resources will allow players to easily collect them, instead of having to scroll around their town to do so.

One way to help improve a town’s layout is to remove all the shrubs and boulders, which will free up all the possible space for building structures. This will help players in no longer relying on the game to look for open spaces for them.

It is not a requirement, but you may also decorate your towns with roads and trees to make them look better – just because you’re in the Wild West doesn’t mean that your town should look like a messy backwater.

10. Take Advantage Of Free Builds, Upgrades

When building and upgrading structures over the course of the game, there are times when the process is marked with a Free icon once you start it. Players already thinking ahead to the next thing that they will do may miss it, so you should always pay attention for the floating green bubble. Also, once the countdown for building or upgrading a structure reaches a certain point, the Free bubble may also appear to complete it sooner.

wild frontier free builds and upgrades

Taking advantage of the Free builds and upgrades early on in the game allows you to improve your town much faster, compared to having to wait for them processes to finish. You will be able to accomplish Quests faster, allowing for rewards to accumulate at a quicker pace.

11. Join An Alliance

Once you are able to do so, you should join an Alliance. You may choose to join any open Alliance, though if you have a lot of friends also playing Wild Frontier, you may create an alliance just within your group.

wild frontier alliance

Joining an Alliance comes with various benefits, including allies banding together to fight against other alliances to reap rewards, protecting each others’ territories, and receiving gifts from other members. The most useful benefit of being part of an alliance, however, is the ability to ask for assistance from other members to complete building and upgrading structures.

Asking for help from an alliance, which may be done by tapping the handshake icon that appears when starting a build or upgrade, is limited to a few times per process, but it potentially shaves off a lot of time from the wait at no cost. You should also give back and help the other members in the alliance who are requesting help.

Maintaining membership in an alliance, however, requires players to remain active. The leader of the alliance may remove you if you are idle for a long period of time to give way to other players who will be more beneficial to the group.

12. How To Manage Your Tasks

Between all the time-bound tasks, including building and upgrading structures, training troops, and carrying out research, players can make quick progress in the game by starting the next task as soon as the current one is finished. If things that are more important would prevent you from doing so, you should check your completed tasks and start new ones as soon as you can.

One way to keep on top of the multiple tasks you may have going on at once in Wild Frontier is to allow notifications from the game. While some players frown upon receiving notifications from games, turning on the feature is the best way to make sure that your town keeps improving and working, instead of staying idle and wasting time.

how to manage tasks in wild frontier

The Overview tool is also very helpful to look at all of your town’s building, training, and research capabilities, showing which ones are in progress and which ones are idle.

Most importantly, don’t be overwhelmed! The list of things to do in Wild Frontier may seem daunting at first, but with a bit of patience and a good sense of direction on what you want to do, the game’s potential will unfold right in front of your eyes.

And that would be all for now, as far as our Wild Frontier tips and strategies are concerned. If you happen to know additional tips or tricks, that we haven’t mentioned in the article, then feel free to let us know in the comments below!


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