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KartRider Rush+ Karts and Drivers Guide: The Best Karts and Racers Available in the Game

Nexon is mostly known for RPG titles such as MapleStory, but as you are probably aware, the company recently released an in-depth racing title called KartRider Rush+, which is now available for iOS and Android devices. This game comes with a wide variety of modes, may they be multiplayer races against other players from around the world or Story Mode races against AI opponents. Also of note is the fact that there are tons of karts to choose from, as well as eight different drivers, or racers. But which of these karts and drivers are better than the others?

In this KartRider Rush+ guide, we’re going to rank each of the karts and racers available in the game, focusing mainly on the former as there are exactly two dozen available to choose from, each of which has unique stats and, in the case of Item Race karts, special skills or buffs. As we’ve observed, your choice of driver is largely irrelevant when talking about whether one has an edge in skills, but each racer has a few buffs that could increase your EXP and/or Lucci if certain conditions are met. So with that out of the way, here are all the karts and racers available in KartRider Rush+, ranked from least to most impressive!

KartRider Rush+ Karts:

24. Practice Kart

practice kart kartrider rush+

Drift: 450, Acceleration: 450, Curve: 450, Accel. Duration: 450, Nitro Charge Speed: 450

Rarity: Normal

The Practice Kart is the stock vehicle that you start out with when playing KartRider Rush+ for the first time, and as you may expect, its stats aren’t exactly on the up-and-up. But it should suffice for anyone who’s racing in the first tier — just as long as you’re timing your drifts, turbo, and nitro properly, it is possible to finish first place consistently even when using this basic kart and competing against your fellow newbies.

23. Daominator

daominator kartrider rush+

Drift: 467, Acceleration: 539, Curve: 552, Accel. Duration: 608, Nitro Charge Speed: 504

Cost: 20,000 Coins (10 days)

Rarity: Rare

Dao is one of the two stock characters you can start with in KartRider Rush+, and it’s no surprise that his signature kart is one of the less impressive karts, stat-wise. It performs well in the straights, but as a drifting kart, its rather mediocre stats in that area make it a bit challenging to use. Think of it as a slightly souped-up, more attractive-looking take on the Practice Kart that’s best recommended for Item Races, with the ability to randomly obtain Nitro if struck by lightning.

22. Strike

strike kartrider rush+

Drift: 483, Acceleration 544, Curve: 552A, Accel. Duration: 608, Nitro Charge Speed: 517

Cost: 1,400 K-Coins (10 days), 2,800 K-Coins (30 days), 6,000 K-Coins (Permanent)

Rarity: Rare

Design-wise, it’s quite the flashy kart to use in the game. However, we would also consider this a beginner vehicle, and one you can easily afford with your K-Coins, assuming you’re saving them up to buy a kart or two. Acceleration Duration is a strong point, and Curve and Acceleration stats are also decent enough for beginner and intermediate racers, but the Drift stats leave a little to be desired.

21. Storm

storm kartrider rush+

Drift: 505, Acceleration 512, Curve 536, Accel. Duration 608, Nitro Charge Speed: 504

Cost: 1,400 K-Coins (10 days), 2,800 K-Coins (30 days)

Rarity: Rare

Although we consider the Storm as one of the more beautiful-looking karts in the game with its six-wheel design and “futuristic” look, it’s actually one of the lower-tier vehicles. It’s recommended for beginner racers who are looking for something more adventurous and something that performs better in long straights. Previously, it was available as a permanent kart in the Nova Program challenges, so if you’ve got this kart in your permanent list, it’s a nice little upgrade over the Practice Kart.

20. Banana Split

banana split kartrider rush+

Drift: 569, Acceleration: 627, Curve: 623, Accel. Duration: 608, Nitro Charge Speed: 597

Cost: 1,100 Batteries or 13,000 K-Coins (Permanent)

Rarity: Epic

It’s a banana-shaped kart with banana-shaped tires, and as you may assume, this is an Item Race kart that allows you to replace the conventional Banana Peel with its Giant version while also giving you a 100 percent chance of blocking enemy Banana Peels. It’s arguably the least impressive stats-wise among all the Epic karts recommended for Item Races, but its banana-centric special skills make it worth testing out if you win it as a temporary reward.

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19. Foodie Scootie

foodie scootie kartrider rush+

Drift: 615, Acceleration 666, Curve: 659, Accel. Duration: 608, Nitro Charge Speed: 634

Cost: 1,100 Batteries or 13,000 K-Coins (Permanent)

Rarity: Epic

Despite its quirky appearance, it’s definitely an upgrade over most of the Rare karts available in the game. Based on its stats, it seems like a nice, versatile kart that could perform well in Item Races through skills such as the option to replace Magnets with Golden Magnets, as well as the chance to replace a Banana Peel with Mine x2.

18. Turbo Tortoise

turbo tortoise kartrider rush+

Drift: 633, Acceleration: 638, Curve: 635, Accel. Duration: 644, Nitro Charge Speed: 607

Cost: Available only in events

Rarity: Epic

Like the Panda Buggy, which we shall be discussing later, you should not be discouraged by the fact that this kart is modeled after a traditionally slow animal. But since this is an Epic kart, it is given that this is better than your average Rare vehicle. It’s also best used in Item Races, as the game specifies, and in terms of its stats, it won’t be inaccurate to classify this as an all-rounder, where no one attribute sticks out in a positive or negative way. You can use it to obtain Turtle Nitro instead of conventional Nitro, with a 50 percent chance of getting this special type of Nitro when hit by a Water Bomb or Water Fly.

17. Deuce Coupe

deuce coupe kartrider rush+

Drift: 633, Acceleration: 638, Curve: 635, Accel. Duration: 644, Nitro Charge Speed: 607

Cost: 2,200 K-Coins (10 days), 4,300 K-Coins (30 days), 11,000 K-Coins (Permanent)

Rarity: Epic

Interestingly, this kart’s stats are exactly the same as Turbo Tortoise, although this is obviously a more traditionally designed vehicle — a kart with a spacious interior and a “powerful” Omega Engine. This makes it suited for Item Races, and if you’re interested in the Turbo Tortoise but may be discouraged by its limited availability, you might as well test this one out if and when you win it as a temporary reward, or save up K-Coins and purchase it once you can afford to.

16. Skelemech

skelemech kartrider rush+

Drift: 632, Acceleration: 669, Curve: 671, Accel. Duration: 608, Nitro Charge Speed: 636

Cost: Available only in Chrono Shop

Rarity: Epic

This unusually designed kart is notable for being the designated kart of the game’s lead villain, Lodumani, but that doesn’t mean you can’t unlock it for yourself and even test it out, as it’s available among the early rewards in KartRider Rush+. (You will, however, need to buy this with Batteries at the Chrono Shop if you want to get it on a permanent basis.) Like Dao’s Daominator, this is an Item Race kart, and one that performs particularly well in the curves, with a good chance of obtaining Golden Missiles.

15. Rudolf

rudolf kartrider rush+

Drift: 637, Acceleration: 645, Curve: 648, Accel. Duration: 674, Nitro Charge Speed: 607

Cost: 180 Batteries/2,200 K-Coins (10 days), 350 Batteries/4,300 K-Coins (30 days), 880 Batteries/11,000 K-Coins (Permanent)

Rarity: Epic

Yes, this is indeed a kart inspired by the iconic red-nosed reindeer, albeit with a slightly different spelling. Acceleration Duration is, quite surprisingly, its most notable stat, thus making it the only Item Race kart that performs best in straightaways. Its special skills, however, don’t seem too impressive, even if it, just like the Banana Split, has a 100 percent chance to block Banana Peel.

14. Solid

solid kartrider rush+

Drift: 620, Acceleration: 662, Curve: 660, Accel. Duration: 784, Nitro Charge Speed: 627

Cost: 180 Batteries/2,200 K-Coins (10 days), 350 Batteries/4,300 K-Coins (30 days), 880 Batteries/11,000 K-Coins (Permanent)

Rarity: Epic

Like most karts in the game that are recommended for Speed Races, the Solid performs best in the straights. However, this strength is magnified in this particular kart, as its Acceleration Duration is far more impressive than any of its other stats. It does have two key weaknesses, however, as its rather underwhelming Drift and Nitro Charge Speed for an Epic-tier kart could make it a bit challenging to use if you rely mainly on drifting and nitro to get ahead.

13. Panda Buggy

panda buggy kartrider rush+

Drift: 674, Acceleration: 689, Curve: 704, Accel. Duration: 718, Nitro Charge Speed: 671

Cost: Available only in events

Rarity: Epic

The game describes the Panda Buggy as a vehicle that is “imbued with all the charm of a real panda” and a cute and irresistible kart. This is something we agree with, but if you’re thinking this kart is as slow and easy-going as your average panda, that’s where you’re mistaken. This is a good kart to use on tracks with long straights, but it also handles quite well, as can be inferred from its solid Curve stats.

12. Marathon

marathon kartrider rush+

Drift: 665, Acceleration: 655, Curve: 648, Accel. Duration: 784, Nitro Charge Speed: 617

Cost: 180 Batteries/2,200 K-Coins (10 days), 350 Batteries/4,300 K-Coins (30 days), 880 Batteries/11,000 K-Coins (Permanent)

Rarity: Epic

Supposedly, this is a “powerful and balanced kart,” as KartRider Rush+ describes it. Like the Solid, the Marathon has an impressive 784 Acceleration Duration, and that alone goes against that, as this is obviously a kart you’d want to be driving in Speed Races with long straights that allow you to take full advantage of its most apparent strength. It’s an iconic, popular kart for many a player, and it’s one of the many karts you can get to test early on for a few days.

11. Lodi November

lodi november kartrider rush+

Drift: 671, Acceleration: 677, Curve: 671, Accel. Duration: 723, Nitro Charge Speed: 645

Cost: First Charge Reward

Rarity: Epic

If you can afford to purchase 120 Batteries as a First Charge, then Lodi November can be yours, permanently — otherwise, you can buy 60 Batteries for a dollar and rent it for 10 days. While it is possibly the most basic karts in the Lodi series, it’s still considerably better than the average Epic kart — and a rather affordable one if you’re willing to pay real money in order to add to your collection.

10. Lodi Albert

lodi albert kartrider rush+

Drift: 685, Acceleration: 669, Curve: 671, Accel. Duration: 743, Nitro Charge Speed: 636

Cost: 180 Batteries/2,200 K-Coins (10 days), 350 Batteries/4,300 K-Coins (30 days), 880 Batteries/11,000 K-Coins (Permanent)

Rarity: Epic

They call it an “homage to karts of the 1920s,” but we’ll call it as we see it and say that this kart definitely has an old-school touch that reminds us of CARS from the ‘20s and ‘30s. But as the description stresses, Lodi Albert’s modern tech makes it a very solid performer in Speed Races, especially in the straights, where all that Acceleration Duration comes in handy.

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9. Spyder

spyder kartrider rush+

Drift: 640, Acceleration: 697, Curve: 704, Accel. Duration: 784, Nitro Charge Speed: 645

Cost: 260 Batteries/3,100 K-Coins (10 days), 520 Batteries/6,200 K-Coins (30 days), 1,300 Batteries/15,000 K-Coins (Permanent)

Rarity: Epic

It’s not a very good kart when it comes to drifting and charging up its nitro, but it is also one of multiple Epic karts with that impressive base Acceleration Duration of 784, and for those KartRider Rush+ players who prioritize design, ideal for those who like karts that resemble real cars. Its combination of great performance in straights and classic, timeless design make it quite a popular choice for a lot of players.

8. Burst

burst kartrider rush+

Drift: 676, Acceleration: 684, Curve: 682, Accel. Duration: 784, Nitro Charge Speed: 654

Cost: Obtainable via S1 Season Pass

Rarity: Epic

As one of the better karts in the Epic tier, it’s not surprising that you’ll need to get an S1 Season Pass or a Glory Pass if you want to temporarily or permanently own this vehicle. Like a few other karts in this list, its Acceleration Duration of 784 accentuates its status as a Speed Race-friendly vehicle, though it’s not too bad either when it comes to acceleration and drifting.

7. Violet Meteor

violet meteor kartrider rush+

Drift: 696, Acceleration 669, Curve: 671, Accel. Duration: 723, Nitro Charge Speed: 645

Cost: Available only in events

Rarity: Epic

As the game explains, the Violet Meteor stands out because of its dual-turbo accelerator. In layman’s terms, that means this is quite the impressive, well-balanced Epic kart — a vehicle that doesn’t just look great but also performs great, especially in straight-line situations. At the moment, however, it is only available in special events, specifically as a permanent reward for reaching level 25 — make sure you’re competing in various game modes if you want to add this bad boy to your collection!

6. Solar

solar kartrider rush+

Drift: 705, Acceleration: 703, Curve: 723, Accel. Duration: 723, Nitro Charge Speed: 695

Cost: 1,100 Batteries/13,000 K-Coins (Permanent)

Rarity: Epic

Not only is this arguably the best Epic kart recommended for Speed Races, it also happens to be the best-maneuvering kart in this particular category, with Acceleration Duration good as it should be and other stats fairly similar enough to make it an all-rounder. In terms of its design, its black color scheme and six-wheel setup arguably make it a far superior version of the aforementioned Storm.

5. Unicorn Chariot

unicorn chariot kartrider rush+

Drift: 670, Acceleration: 708, Curve: 733, Accel. Duration: 707, Nitro Charge Speed: 662

Cost: Available only via Souvenir Badge

Rarity: Legendary

The game may describe it as the “ultimate in speed and stability,” but you’ll need to take note that this is relative among all karts recommended for Item Races. This is the kart you want to drive in these races if you want a kart that can expertly navigate the curves, though it’s also very strong in the acceleration-related stats, with several buffs (e.g. 100 percent protection from Mines and Banana Peels) that add even more value. You won’t see too many players driving the Unicorn Chariot, however, as it can only be redeemed with Souvenir Badges — specifically by getting a Quick L-Badge from the Quick L-Decoder.

4. Zeno

zeno kartrider rush+

Drift: 752, Acceleration 749, Curve: 769, Accel. Duration: 787, Nitro Charge Speed: 731

Cost: Available via first round of Silver Gear

Rarity: Legendary

With its simple, aerodynamic design, the Zeno is an all-rounder in the Legendary tier, with no one stat substantially gaudier than the other. As such, this is the safest of the super-rare karts to drive, a jack of all trades in its rarity tier but much better than the Epic karts. However, you’ll have to obtain this vehicle through the first round of Silver Gear, thus making it comparatively out of reach as a kart that you can’t buy with your usual currencies.

3. Golden Lodi Kafka

golden lodi kafka kartrider rush+

Drift: 777, Acceleration: 737, Curve: 769, Accel. Duration: 702, Nitro Charge Speed: 731

Cost: Available only via S1 Season Pass

Rarity: Legendary

In order to get this kart temporarily or permanently, you’ll need to purchase a Glory Pass for $5 or its equivalent in local currency, and level it up quite substantially — you’ll need to get it up to level 120 if you want the Golden Lodi Kafka added permanently to your collection! This kart stands out for its golden armor design-wise, and in terms of its stats, this is the best vehicle out there for optimum drifting performance.

2. Pink Cotton

pink cotton kartrider rush+

Drift: 757, Acceleration: 762, Curve: 794, Accel. Duration: 743, Nitro Charge Speed: 833

Cost: Available only in Chrono Shop (6,000 Batteries)

Rarity: Legendary

There’s no doubt about this — this gorgeous-looking kart can be a world-beater when placed in the right hands. If you love using your nitro, you’ll enjoy driving this kart and pushing it beyond the 300 km/h mark, and when it comes to negotiating the twists and turns in Speed Races, it handles very well. However, this is also one of the more expensive karts in the game (it is, after all, a Legendary kart), and can only be purchased at the Chrono Shop for 6,000 Batteries — which, in itself, is supposedly a discounted price.

1. Saber Red

saber red kartrider rush+

Drift: 751, Acceleration: 772, Curve: 802, Accel. Duration: 743, Nitro Charge Speed: 835

Cost: Golden Gear required

Rarity: Legendary

Even more impressive than the Pink Cotton, the hawk-inspired Saber Red is also a speed demon in Speed Races, with slightly more impressive Nitro Charge Speed and Curve performance and similarly strong stats elsewhere. But you’ll need to have enough Golden Gear available to purchase this extremely rare kart, which is, stats-wise, the best overall vehicle among all the available options in KartRider Rush+.

KartRider Rush+ Racers:

7. Dao (Rare, Hot Blooded) – 5 percent more Lucci and 5 percent more EXP in any type of race. Stock racer.

dao kartrider rush+
7. Diz (Rare, Shy) – 5 percent more Lucci and 5 percent more EXP in any type of race. Stock racer.

diz kartrider rush+
6. Uni (Rare, Adorable) – 10 percent more Lucci when placing in the top 4 in solo races and first place in team races. Available via S1 Season Limited Rewards in Ranked Mode.

uni kartrider rush+
5. Ethen (Rare, Smart) – 10 percent more EXP when placing in the top 4 in solo races and first place in team races. Obtainable via S1 Season Pass, permanent at level 10.

ethen kartrider rush+
4. Lodumani (Rare, Stubborn) – 20 percent more EXP and Lucci with a Top Racer award in Ranked Mode. Can be traded for 2,000 Outfit Medals (7 days) or 7,000 Outfit Medals (permanent).

lodumani kartrider rush+
3. Slugger Dao (Epic, Hot Blooded) – Same buffs as standard Dao, plus +1 in Multi Boost Duration. Available permanently as a level-up reward.

slugger dao kartrider rush+
2. Marid (Epic, Proud yet Delicate) – 10 percent more victory EXP and 5 percent more Lucci in Item Races. First Charge reward — 10 days for 60 Batteries, permanent for 120 Batteries.

marid kartrider rush+
1. Bazzi (Epic, Lazy) – 15 percent more EXP and Lucci when placing first in Ranked Mode. Can be traded for 45 Bazzi Shards (7 days).

bazzi kartrider rush+

There you have it! This wraps up our list of the best karts and racers in KartRider Rush+. If you have anything to add or just want to share your thoughts about the game, feel free to do so in the comment area below!