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Hero Cantare Tier List: Our Picks for the Best and Worst Heroes in the Game

Hero Cantare continues to remain as one of the most talked about RPGs in the mobile gaming community today. With original characters from the world of Tetra, which is the battleground for the game’s story; Hero Canatare features a massive roster from popular web comics like Hardcore Levelling Warrior, God of Highschool, and Tower of God. Well beyond the use of popular IPs, the game mechanics and features that Hero Cantare provides, in combination with its stylish graphics and battle effects, lead to a remarkable product that even non-fans of the various web series and manga, in general, can enjoy.

For the most part, a huge fun factor that comes with Hero Cantare, much like most strategy RPGs that have an enormous roster, comes from the near-infinite combinations of heroes each player can come up with. With each hero sporting unique stats, traits, and skills, it can be a challenge to the uninitiated, or even experienced gamers, which ones to invest time and resources in. As much as every developer aims to balance each character out, in terms of utility across the various game modes they offer, some heroes simply excel in one or more aspects of the game.

Another game aspect to take into account is the limited resources you need to enhance and upgrade heroes. Naturally, you will initially not have enough to even fully upgrade your main team. As such, delimiting the consumption of each resource or material to be used only for these heroes becomes a basic necessity. As you will most likely progress in the game with your team roster changing from time to time, the rationale behind taking tier lists into consideration makes it so that you will have an idea of which heroes from among your collection is worth investing in and which ones are not.

hero cantare characters

Having a good idea of how most people regard each hero should be among the first things to know about any strategy RPG you engage in. While you can have a lot of fun experimenting on your own as to how you build your team and manage your growing collection, it still helps to know which heroes are best for each game mode as well as in general.

If you have just started playing Hero Cantare or have yet to dive into its colorful world, then be sure to check out our Hero Cantare beginner’s guide as it offers plenty of simple tips and strategies to jumpstart your adventure. We have also published a detailed team guide, showcasing the best teams that you can assemble for different game modes. In this Hero Cantare guide, we will be focusing on our picks for the best and worst heroes in the game.

Before we proceed, do note that as far as each heroes stats and skills are concerned in Hero Cantare, just like in many strategy RPGs, some changes may be implemented in future game updates that will make some characters stronger and leave others weaker all for the sake of balancing. There are also heroes that have not yet been released on the global version as of this writing such as Jue Viole Grace from the Tower of God and 10 characters from the Noblesse web toon. It is also a challenge to rank heroes beyond grouping them in tiers which is why we consider each hero within their tier to be of equal standing, more or less.

Hero Cantare S Class Heroes

These heroes are currently the cherries on top of the character roster and should be the prime choices when building a team. For the most part, not everyone on this list excels equally across all important game modes but do very well in two at the very least. If you happen to chance upon them early on, then you should definitely build around them and if you unlock them at a later time, then consider squeezing them in on your main team or for teams you use for different game modes.

Black-March Bam [Tower of God – Damage – Light]

black-march bam hero cantare

Twenty-fifth Baam, Baam, or Jyu Viole Grace, is the main protagonist in the Tower of God web series and Black-March Bam is his best incarnation in Hero Cantare. He may pale in comparison with other damage-dealers in terms of pure offensive strength but his versatility, especially in providing support to his team makes him a valuable member of most teams, especially against boss battles.

Black-March: Crimson Flame does 140% of attack as damage on a single target but what it is good for is the 20% of HP-worth shield that comes with it. If Black-March status is activated, a random ally is granted the same shield, effectively giving Black March Bam a fitting role of a tank or off-tank in a party.

He is a definite plus to every raid party thanks to Extreme: Blue Oar which deals 140% of attack as damage on 2 enemies and almost doubles its damage against boss monsters. This skill is further boosted if Black March is activated, as it decreases defense of the enemies it hits by 90%. Black-March Style: Black-Winged Butterfly packs a 270% damage against a back row enemy, boosts attack by 30%, and does an AoE attack on all enemies worth 110% damage that gets further boosted by 60% against boss monsters.

Crusade Mira Yoo [God of Highschool – Damage – Light]

crusade mira yoo hero cantare

As one of the 3 main protagonists of G.O.H., fans of the web comic surely expect highly of Mira Yoo. With currently 3 versions in Hero Cantare, this one is considered to be the best one not just among the 3, but often stands at the top pick for most tier lists and definitely for good reason.

Crusade Mira Yoo is definitely the best hero to take you through Hero Cantare’s story mode and the best damage-dealer for raids as well. Crusade Mira Yoo possesses excellent active and passive skills and great stats that make her even better than most characters in PvP combat as well as other game modes.

To start off, Ghost Sword: Frenzy is a 2-pronged attack that deals 100% damage and squeezes in an extra 40% damage to the enemy with the least HP. Ghost Sword: Zenith is a powerful AoE attack that deals 120% of attack as damage and can have an extra 30-110% damage based on reduction of attack numbers. Her level 3 attack is great to have as well as it targets the opponent with the highest attack value, packing a 255% of attack as damage. Against a group of enemies and if the target survives, an additional 140% of damage is dealt on all other enemies.

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The Underground Saint is a passive skill that boosts her attack and HP by 15% and her critical damage by 20%. Jade Emperor’s Body is even more exceptional as it provides a shield worth 20% of her HP plus a guaranteed critical hit after it activates. Beyond that, Crusade Mira Yoo gets a self-resurrection of sorts with 1 HP once, after receiving a fatal blow.

Heavenly Warlord [God of Highschool – Damage – Light]

heavenly warlord hero cantare

The main protagonist of the God of Highschool series, Mori Jin, in his awakened form deserves to be among the top tier of characters in Hero Cantare. Though he does come with numerous aliases, Heavenly Warlord does seem to fit his attributes and skills in the world of Hero Cantare. He is an okay character to take across most game modes, but he excels in the Arena because of his counter, defense reduction, and self-heal.

Staff Technique is a decent basic attack packed with 120% damage and a definite counterattack. His second skill is a strong pierce attack against a back row enemy that deals 175% damage that has a 90% chance of reducing defense by 90% for 2 turns. Duplicate is an AoE attack that deals 120% of attack as damage and packs an additional 170% of attack as damage to the enemy with the highest attack. This skill also replenishes Heavenly Walrold’s health by 15% of his maximum HP.

Hilda [Tetra Heroes – Damage – Dark]

hilda hero cantare

Hilda is definitely the best hero to get that is original character on Hero Cantare. She is decent to have in any PvE and PvP team although lags a bit behind some of the more popular characters we mentioned in this tier. She is one of those damage-dealers that offer a good amount of support to her allies in battle, making her a distinguished member of any team.

Devil Inside targets a back row opponent that packs 130% of attack as damage. If the enemy is poisoned or burning, Hilda will extend the negative status for an extra turn. Shadow tread is very useful in teams that leave a lot of debuffs on enemy units. This is an AoE attack that may not do much raw damage but has a 90% chance of boosting the damage that the enemy unit takes from status ailments.

Dimension Gate is potentially what you would want Hilda for as it does 165% of attack as damage to 3 enemies and if the enemies are debuffed, this skill steals 26% of their HP and gives it to Hilda and an ally with the lowest HP. When Hilda’s HP goes below 50%, she casts 4 poison statuses on all enemies for 2 turns.

Jade Emperor Daewi Han [God of Highschool – Damage – Light]

jade emperor daewi han hero cantare

Another main protagonist from the God of Highschool series, this post-Ragnarok incarnation of Daewi Han packs decent damage coupled with debuffs and also has self-sustaining skills. With his versatility, Jade Emperor Daewi Han is one of the heroes that you can take across all game modes to make it relatively easier.

His primary skill takes on the opponent with the highest attack power and 115% of attack as damage along with a 70% chance to remove a buff from the target. Fist of the Black Turtle packs a stronger punch worth 210% of attack as damage and reduces the enemy’s critical hit rate and speed for 2 turns. Haetae: Unicorn is an AoE pierce attack that deals 130% of attack as damage and replenishes Daewi Han’s HP by 15% of its max value.

Maschenny [Tower of God – Damage – Fire]

maschenny hero cantare

Maschenny, also known as Khun Maschenny Zahard is among the top rankers in the Tower of God. In Hero Cantare, she may not be among the top damage-dealers as far as raw damage is concerned but with burn and stun effects under her belt, she is certainly a valuable addition to any team.

Mashcenny’s level 1 attack, Thunderbolt, is an AoE attack that deals 70% of attack as damage and grants her an attack boost of 30% for the next 2 turns. Lightening Spear Strike targets the enemy with the highest HP, dealing 215% of attack as damage and inflicts burn status for 2 turns. Enemies under burn status decrease defense by 90% as well. Maschenny Spear Style: Three Horns is what we consider as the ace under her sleele. It’s an AoE attack that deals 140% of attack as damage and pack a 50% chance to stun all enemies it hits. If the enemy happens to be burning, the chance of being stunned for a turn becomes 90% along with a 30% damage boost. When Maschenny is in critical condition, she can burn all opponents for 2 turns along with a 2-point mana recovery.

No-name [Hardcore Levelling Warrior – Support – Dark]

no-name hero cantare

We were hoping to actually see the main protagonist of Hardcore Levelling Warrior in this tier but best one from the web series for now is No-name, Queen of the New Nightmare. She is one of, if not the best support characters in Hero Cantare that provides some decent AoE attacks and AoE support skills. She definitely has a spot in most parties you can come up with that will be useful across a multitude of game modes.

No-name’s first skill, San Salvador Slash can be used to set up a back row enemy for a lot of pain with its 85% chance of reducing defense by 90% for 2 turns. Skill 2, Captain’s Flag, is her first AoE skill that hits enemies with 100% of attack as damage and boosts the team’s critical hit damage by 20% for 2 turns. Victorious Voyage is another AoE skill that packs more damage. Enemies are hit with 160% of attack as damage an what makes this skill valuable is its bonus of removing a debuff from allies and grants them debuff immunity for 2 turns.

Witch of the West Mira Yoo [God of Highschool – Damage – Dark]

witch of the west mira yoo

The second most powerful incarnation of Mira Yoo in Hero Cantare, Witch of the West Mira Yoo specializes in weakening opponents especially with her poison affliction. She is probably not the best pick for any game mode but is definitely okay across each one of them.

For starters, her first skill is a single target attack of 125% with an 80% chance to poison for 2 turns worth 30% of additional damage. Moonligh Swordsmanship: Eternal Moonlight takes on 1 opponent per row and extends debuff statuses like poison, burn, and bleeding. It also comes with an extra 30% posion if the enemy is already poisoned and boosts her critical rate by 30% for 2 turns.

Witch’s Curse is an AoE poison attack that hits with 135% of attack as damage and an additional 30% poison damage. This provides a guaranteed critical hit if only 1 opponent is struck. Her passive skill, Berserker, is also exceptional in the sense that it boosts both her attack and deflection if her HP goes below certain thresholds.

Yeon’s Flame Khun [Tower of God – Support – Fire]

yeon's flame khun hero cantare

Our next pick is no other than Baam or Bam’s best friend in the Tower of God series, Khun or Yeon’s Flame Khun. Also an exceptional support character, you will want him in your team not just to make each one stronger, but to also weaken the opposition. He is also equally versatile across all game modes in Hero Cantare so if you have him in your roster, you might want to take him for a spin.

Ignition is an AoE attack worth 70% of attack as damage but beyond that, it also grants an ally with the highest attack value an added 30% attack boost for 2 turns. Yeon’s Flame: Burning Fire grants the party a 10% attack boost and can be stacked up to 3x. It also does an AoE damage to all enemies worth 120% of attack and 3 burns worth 30% for 2 turns.

His third skill, Yeon’s Flame: Eruption, is also an AoE attack that deals a40% of attack as damage. It’s value rests on the 100% speed reduction it can inflict on enemies for 2 turns and a chance for each of Yeon’s Flame Khun’s allies to each land a critical hit on their next attack.

Hero Cantare A Class Heroes

Heroes under this class are very much valuable to have and considering the relative difficulty of nabbing any of the aforementioned characters, you will definitely have to settle for some heroes in this group. In case you chance upon more S-listers later on, you should still not regret ever investing in these heroes as they can be at par or even overtake some S tier heroes in some aspects of the game.

Casey [Tetra Heroes – Damage – Fire]

casey hero cantare

Yet another character from the Tetra world, Casey serves as a great stand-in for raids in hero Cantare. She can inflict bleed, boost weakening status, and reduce both attack and defense, definitely making her a superb debuffer for strong single target enemies and a great candidate for a raid team.

Electric Shock takes on the enemy with the highest HP and deals damage equal to 115% of the attack. The plus is an 80% chance of causing 30& bleed damage for 2 turns. Rock N Roll also goes for the enemy with the highest HP and deals 210% of attack as raw damage. What’s good about this skill is that it boosts weakening statuses on the enemy for 2 turns. Casey’s tier 3 skill is her ace as well as it causes AoE damage amounting to 125% of her attack. What makes it great goes beyond the raw damage as it comes guaranteed to reduce defense by 90% and attack by 30% for 2 turns.

Charlotte [Tetra Heroes – Damage – Dark]

charlotte hero cantare

Another great damage-dealer from the world of Tetra is Charlotte. She is definitely not in the same league as the damage-dealers in S tier. She can boost allies that have a darkness element and also has self-recovery.

Dream Tresspasser targets 2 front row enemies for 100% of attack as damage. If these enemies are in weakened state, Charlotte does 30% more damage on them and recovers the amount in HP. Moth’s Dream takes on 2 back row enemies with 135% of attack as damage packed with a 60% chance to bind them for 2 turns. This will also grant a darkness element ally with a 30% attack boost for 2 turns.

Lucid Dream does not deal much raw damage as an AoE attack with its 110% damage but it dishes out an extra 160% damage to the enemy with the highest attack. A darkness element ally also gains a shield for 2 turns with 30% HP.

Chloris [Tetra Heroes – Healer – Nature]

chloris hero cantare

Chloris is the best healer in our book although we just could not consider her value to be at par with the guys and gals of the S class. She is the best healer to take in most game modes, especially in the arena. While she does pack a lot of healing abilities, it comes with a health reduction. She does have a lot of HP by default and has decent defense stats as well for a healer.

Nature’s Grace is a basic attack on an enemy that also recover 10% HP for 2 allies with the lowest health, along with removing a debuff on each. Butterfly’s Return is a stronger version that shaves away 10% health from her but restores 25% HP to 2 allies along with a shield worth 15% HP for 2 turns. Mandolin Fantasia maybe painful with its 20% HP sacrifice but it comes with a full heal plus a 1-turn damage invulnerability.

Flora [Tetra Heroes – Healer – Nature]

flora hero cantare

Flora, who is also a decent healer especially if you do not have Chloris is a good consideration for this tier. She comes with a heal, debuff removal, shields, and immunity that makes her a pretty decent member of a team going for defensive strategies.

Molto Vivace removes 2 weakening statuses on her and an ally. Four Seasons: Spring heals 2 allies by 20% of HP as well as status immunity for 2 turns. Rose Symphonia deals an AoE damage of 130% and comes with a shield worth 35% of max HP for the whole party.

God Killer Zero [Hardcore Levelling Warrior – Support – Fire]

god killer zero hero cantare

A former main antagonist in the world of Lucid Adventure, God Killer Zero in Hero cantare is as useful and commendable as Master Pooh Upooh, but with a vastly different skillset that can bring different kinds of pain to enemies.

Space Reverse is a decent basic attack targeting 2 front row enemies with 100% of attack as damage. Though it only has a 30% chance of blocking buffs on the enemies, it can be game-changing if it hits. Breath of dEath is an AoE attack that you might not appreciate for a mere 100% raw damage, even with the added 50% damage if enemies are in a weakened state.

What makes it dangerous is that it can also cast silence on each weakened enemy for 1 turn, rendering all their skills useless. Rain of God Annihilation packs a strong AoE attack that deals 140% of attack as damage and the enemy with the lowest HP is inflicted confusion for a turn, making him or her attack allies for his next turn.

Idol Rockcrawler [Tetra Heroes – Damage – Light]

idol rockcrawler hero cantare

Idol Rockcrawler is likewise a commendable damage-dealer that does not do much as far as raw damage is concerned. Self-boost, defense reduction, and damage immunity are strong abilities to possess so even though she may not excel on her own, she can definitely be very useful in supporting others in the team.

Idol Rockcrawler’s first skill, Catch that Heart, is definitely the first one to use in combat as it boosts her critical rate by 30% for 2 turns along with a decent 140% attack damage on a single target. With a boosted critical rate, Make Some Noise! Is a definite next move with its AoE damage of 120% and a bonus damage reduction of 90% for a turn on a critical hit. Climax’ 280% of attack as damage may not be as impressive, especially since it targets an enemy with the lowest maximum HP but the damage immunity for a turn that it gives Idol Rockcrawler is a superb buff to ignore.

Master Pooh Upooh [Hardcore Levelling Warrior – Support – Light]

master pooh upooh hero cantare

Another excellent support character and a great substitute for No-name in world raids and perhaps an even better contender for the arena, this version of Pooh Upooh packs a lot of debilitating debuffs in her skill set that can really mess up units on the other side of the fence.

Soul Whip takes on the enemy with the lowest HP for 140% of attack as damage with an extra of 15% of HP-worth of damage. Magic Sword Blow hits 2 enemies with 150% of attack as damage and also puts them in unrecoverable status for 2 turns. Blood Golem is an AoE attack worth 140% of attack as damage with the usual 15% of HP as bonus damage. Beyond the raw damage, what makes it terrifying is the crit. rate reduction of 30% and the speed reduction of 50% that lasts for 2 turns and the fact that it comes form a character who can cast unrecoverable status on enemies.

Yuri Ha [Tower of God – Damage – Fire]

yuri ha hero cantare

Next up is the leader of the Ha family herself from the Tower of God series, Yuri Ha in Hero Cantare is an effective damage-dealer in the arena, typically picking on the enemy with the highest damage potential and also comes packed with buffs to support her allies.

Needle Attack takes on the enemy with the highest attack stat and dishes out 130% of attack as damage plus an extra 40% if the enemy’s attack is higher than Yuri’s. Nuclear Punch does 230% damage on a single target and boosts the crit. Rate of all allies by 30% for 2 turns. Red Velvet Sword is like the AoE version of Needle Attack that does 140% of attack as damage with a bonus of 70% if the enemy has higher attack than Yuri. Beyond the damage, their attacks are also reduced for 2 turns.

White [Tower of God – Damage – Light]

white hero cantare

A high ranker in the world of regulars, Tower of God’s White is a decent damage-dealer that comes with a variety of skills and effects to showcase in every game mode. With critical up, self-heal, and stun among his menu of tricks, White is certainly an A class in this list that you should definitely look at if he is in your roster.

Flame of the Dead is a back row attack that damages 2 opponents for 110% of attack. It also boosts White’s critical rate by 30% for the next 2 turns. Deathly Sword of Heavenly Spirits packs a stronger punch with 15% of attack as damage on 2 back row opponents and gives White 10% of damage as health recovery if the attack leads to a critical hit. Meteor Assassination is the level 3 skill to want with its damage of 265% on an enemy unit with the highest attack. If the attack is a critical hit, the enemy is stunned and all other opponents have a 70% chance of being stunned as well for a turn.

Hero Cantare B Class Heroes

These are the heroes in the game that are average in our book despite some of them excelling in a particular game mode. Some of them probably belong to a higher tier in other people’s list but for us, they have counterparts in the above tiers that have more value overall. If you happen to have these heroes, they are still a good investment especially if utilized for a specific purpose and in the absence of higher tier heroes but with a focus initially on a four-unit main team, then you may want to consider these guys as second priority once you secured the higher tier heroes.

Argyll [Tetra Heroes – Damage – Nature]

argyll hero cantare

Argyll is a decent attacker with a self-attack boost, a powerful defense reduction, and a pierce attack. Though her kit is actually pretty decent, her value banks on the 901% chance to reduce 90% defense, which is mostly useful in raids, especially since it is a single target attack.

Arin [Tetra Heroes – Healer – Ice]

arin hero cantare

Arin is a great healer to invest in to take you through the entire story mode. All her skills involve healing with the third one having an AoE effect that grants a 50% defense boost as well.

Armes [Hardcore Levelling Warrior – Support – Ice]

armes hero cantare

Guild master of the Zara Guild in Lucid Adventure, Armes is actually a great support character to take you through Hero Cantare’s story mode. Her poison status inflicting skills and team buff can be a huge plus in story but overall, there are better heroes to take as a support for all other game modes.

Bam [Tower of God – Damage – Ice]

bam hero cantare

The main protagonist of Tower of God in his most basic incarnation. Bam is actually pretty decent for an A-rarity hero and does well on dealing raw damage. HE is pretty straightforward with not much to offer as far as debuffs or other effects are concerned and as far as dealing damage is concerned, it just so happens that a lot of higher grade characters can dish out more.

D. Jahad [Tower of God – Damage – Light]

d. jahad hero cantare

D. Jahad or Zahard, the top 3 ranker in the Tower of God series, is ranking a little lower in Hero Cantare. He can boost his crit. Rate, reduce crit. Damage of enemies and can AoE pierce under condition in his third skill. A decent hero for the mze but subpar in most other game modes.

Endorsi [Tower of God – Support – Light]

endorsi hero cantare

One of Zahard’s princesses, Endorsi, in Hero Cantare is like the support version of Max Level Warrior. She has defense reduction, stun that comes with comparatively low probabilities than others in the higher tiers and also boosts light element allies. She can excel in the arena but at the most, mediocre in all other game modes.

Greatsword Warrior Sora [Hardcore Levelling Warrior – Damage – Dark]

greatsword warrior sora hero cantare

One of the main protagonists in the Hardore Levelling Warrior series, this version of Sora sports buff removal, self-healing, and stun. Probabilities are at 60% on the first 2 skills and random on the third, which is not bad at all, but not that great as well.

Green-April Yuri Ha [Tower of God – Tank – Dark]

green-april yuri ha hero cantare

The supposed stronger version of Yuri Ha in Hero Cantare is arguably the best tank in the game but again, simply does not have enough luster to be a considerable member of teams outside the arena. She has AoE pierce damage and taunt along with defense reduction and boosted damage on taunted enemies.

Haetae [God of Highschool – Healer – Light]

haetae hero cantare

The Chaeryok of Daewi Han, Haetae is a considerable healer that seems to focus more on self-sustenance. Although she does provide healing for teammates as well, her value just does not match up against other healers outside of the arena.

Heart Heater [Hardcore Levelling Warrior – Damage – Fire]

heart heater hero cantare

A high level NPC in the world of Lucid Adventure, Heart Heater’s value in Hero Cantare shines the brightest in raids. He has self attack boost, a great single target defense reduction, and a level 3 skill that takes away a good chunk off his HP. Perhaps he would be further down the list without defense reduction but with no better substitute in raids, he can be a viable unit to bring along.

Hwaryun [Tower of God – Support – Fire]

hwaryun hero cantare

Hwaryun is a unique support character that has debuff removal, debuff duplication, and most importantly, AoE buff removal that also prevents enemies form receiving buffs for 2 turns. This skill is perhaps the only one that pushes Hwaryun up on the tiers as it can definitely mess up any opposing team in the arena.

Ilpyo Park [God of Highschool – Damage – Fire]

ilpyo park hero cantare

One of the main supporting characters of the series, Ilpyo Park in Hero Cantare is at most an average overall character. He has burn, team attack boost, and buff removal under his kit but as far as most game modes are concerned, there are lots of better substitutes.

Max Level Warrior [Hardcore Levelling Warrior – Damage – Light]

max level warrior hero cantare

The titular hero of the series in his fullest form, Max Level Warrior is a monster in the PvP arena. He may rank higher in other tier lists solely because of this but given the self-centric power-ups and buffs he has, heroes that actually benefit the entire team are more beneficial in our book.

Urek Mazino [Tower of God – Tank – Ice]

urek mazino hero cantare

The top 4 ranker in the Tower of God series, Urek Mazino is actually one of the most decent tanks in Hero Cantare. It is just that teams in most game modes are not that heavily reliant on tanks. He can provoke, seal a passive skill, or even fully heal, making him a decent pick in the arena but just pales in functionality in most other game modes.

Zero [Hardcore Levelling Warrior – Damage – Dark]

zero hero cantare

The regular version of Zero sports buff duplication, which is a rare ability, and poison. She does fairly decent damage for an S-grade hero but, again, there are better damage-dealers around.

Hero Cantare C Class Heroes

This is not the bottom tier but most heroes in this group are at the very least only viable in one game mode. Given that there are 39 other heroes above the list makes it highly probable that you have better heroes to spend time and resources on.

Unless, of course, you have just began playing Hero Canatre and barely have enough heroes to use, and at the same time unfortunate to pull these heroes off the gacha, then feel free to use them. Then again, redirect your investments in other heroes you obtain and delimit resource usage on these characters.

Choco Bibi [Hardcore Levelling Warrior – Support – Nature]

choco bibi hero cantare

Curtis [Tetra Heroes – Tank – Nature]

curtis hero cantare

D. Maschenny [Tower of God – Damage – Fire]

d. maschenny hero cantare

Daewi Han [God of Highschool – Tank – Ice]

daewi han hero cantare

Daisy [Tetra Heroes – Support – Nature]

daisy hero cantare

Dark [Hardcore Levelling Warrior – Support – Ice]

dark hero cantare

Jack [Tetra Heroes – Damage – Ice]

jack hero cantare

Khun Aguero [Tower of God – Support – Ice]

khun aguero hero cantare

Light [Hardcore Levelling Warrior – Support – Fire]

light hero cantare

Mira Yoo [God of Highschool – Damage – Nature]

mira yoo hero cantare

Odette [Tetra Heroes – Damage – Ice]

odette hero cantare

Sujin Lee [God of Highschool – Tank – Nature]

sujin lee hero cantare

Taek Jegal [God of Highschool – Damage – Fire]

taek jegal hero cantare

Valkyrie [Hardcore Levelling Warrior – Support – Fire]

valkyrie hero cantare

White Albelda [Tower of God – Support – Fire]

white albelda hero cantare

Hero Cantare D Class Heroes

The unfortunate bottom-listers so far in Hero Cantare. Use them only if you are absolutely out of choices. We would like to stress the possibility that all heroes in the game may undergo some changes in future updates but for now, these are simply the ones you should stay away from.

Resources are just not enough for spending on a lot of heroes and with the game’s current massive roster with new ones surely to come later on, you should rather spend your upgrade materials on all other heroes or save them for later pulls.

Chi Chi [Tetra Heroes – Damage – Fire]

chi chi hero cantare

Chi Pong [Tetra Heroes – Damage – Ice]

chi pong hero cantare

Claude [Tetra Heroes – Damage – Nature]

claude hero cantare

D. Khun Edahn [Tower of God – Support – Light]

d. khun edahn hero cantare

Hardcore Levelling Warrior [Hardcore Levelling Warrior – Damage – Fire]

hardcore levelling warrior hero cantare

King Uma [God of Highschool – Tank – Nature]

king uma hero cantare

Liddie [Tetra Heroes – Tank – Fire]

liddie hero cantare

Lime [Hardcore Levelling Warrior – Damage – Nature]

lime hero cantare

Manjin Sang [God of Highschool – Support – Nature]

manjin sang hero cantare

Mori Jin [God of Highschool – Tank – Fire]

mori jin hero cantare

Phantom Thief Liddie [Tetra Heroes – Tank – Dark]

phantom thief liddie hero cantare

Pooh Upooh [Hardcore Levelling Warrior – Damage – Ice]

pooh upooh hero cantare

Rak Wrathraiser [Tower of God – Support Nature]

rak wrathraiser hero cantare

Rockcrawler [Tetra Heroes – Damage – Ice]

rockcrawler hero cantare

Sora [Hardcore Levelling Warrior – Damage – Nature]

sora hero cantare

The King [God of Highschool – Support – Fire]

the king hero cantare

And this ends our tier list for Hero Cantare. We understand that every person will have a different perception of valuing each hero in the game and to be honest, we believe that some heroes may deserve a different consideration depending on their teammates and the game mode you utilize them for.

Keep in mind that potential or suggested equipment sets and relics have not been considered in our tier list and with the numerous, or rather, near infinite possibilities of builds and combinations to make, you may come to find that the mediocre or even the subpar heroes in this tier list will excel in your hands.

So what do you think of our tier list? Are your top favorites among the best heroes that we picked? We are very much intrigued to find out about your opinions and experiences in this game so if you are eager to share them, do not hesitate to write to us through the comment section!


Saturday 22nd of August 2020

The heroes are all quite strong thanks for your analysis