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Exos Heroes Tier List: Our Picks for the Best Fated-Grade Heroes in the Game

Exos Heroes has certainly taken the mobile RPG community by storm. Often compared and contrasted with the equally new strategy RPG, Hero Cantare, Exos Heroes gives more than enough reasons for fans of the genre and anime enthusiasts to get hooked in on the epic adventure that involves a lot of hero gathering and enhancement.

This game currently has a massive roster of more than 200 heroes. Despite laying the notion that each character in the game is as fine as the main hero in terms of overall quality, the rarity grade associated with each hero has become a highly influential factor in determining which ones to invest time and resources on, and for good reason. While even common or 1-star heroes can be ranked up, it will take more resources and even at the same level or star grade as the heroes who are naturally at fated (5 star) or legendary (4 star) rarity simply outclass them in terms of stats and innate abilities.

Another point to consider in Exos Heroes is the Fate Core system. This is a unique feature that works mostly like a special equipment for specific heroes that grant an appearance overhaul and tremendous boosts. For this tier list, we will not be considering Fate Core versions of the heroes. It should suffice to know that each hero armed with their Fate Core is at least a tier higher than their regular version. Fate Core is likewise not limited to fated rarity heroes and Zeon, the main protagonist of Exos Heroes, has one of the best Fate Core versions on the game.

exos heroes best characters

If you have not played Exos Heroes much or at all and if that last paragraph made you frown or scratch your head in confusion, then you certainly need to read through our Exos Heroes beginner’s guide. Our detailed beginner’s guide covers the basic features and game modes you will need to engage in to make progress in the game. It is okay to be aware of the top heroes in the game before actually playing that a better understanding of why the heroes are rated as such can only come from having a good amount of actual experience playing the game. We have also come up with a comprehensive team guide, showcasing the best team builds for different game modes.

Like all other tier lists on Exos Heroes as well as other games out there, this one is subjective. Let it guide you to have an idea about which heroes are well worth the investment but at the same time, do not let it or anyone dissuade you from experimenting with other heroes that appeal to you. Similarly, it is highly possible that heroes will be adjusted in future updates and some maybe boosted while others may get nerfed.

Exos Heroes S Class Heroes

These are the heroes that should definitely be in any team. Coveted because of their prowess across all game modes, these are the heroes you would want to have at the soonest to take your team quicker and easier across the PvE content and also win you more duels in the arena. Definitely worth to invest on if you have them and much better even if you chance upon the Fate Core versions.

Bathory [Frost – Attack – Magical]

bathory exos heroes

With Exos Heroes’ guardian stone system along with concept of breaking them to render an enemy unit useless temporarily, AoE skills and spells have essentially become a more valuable asset in Exos Heroes than in most other strategy RPGs. Bathory has both active skills with AoE damage, and given her attack stats, it’s safe to say that she can take you through the entire main story of the game. She is a formidable hero to use in the arena as well given both AoE skills and her passive skill that certainly makes every team better just by having her around.

To start off, Bathory’s passive skill, Mana Utilization 3, boosts her attack damage based on all allies’ mana count and at the start of each turn, she gains 1 mana if allies have 10 or more mana and another 1 mana if enemies have 10 or more as well. This also grants front row allies a permanent +1 mana.

If that is not enough to impress, Bathory can protect allies from death once per battle with her Tranquil Mark, provided that allies have less attack value than her. As for active skills, Mistelten deals 102% damage to all enemies for 1 mana while Niflheim deals a massive 357% damage to all enemies for 5 mana.

Rachel [Fire – Attack – Physical]

rachel exos heroes

If Bathory is considered by many as the best AoE damage-dealer in Exos Heroes, then Rachel stands as her single target equivalent. His strength in combat goes beyond his high attack stats and the raw damage that his attacks deal. His passive skill is also incredibly useful, complementing his active skills and his role in the team to the fullest.

You can forgive Rachel for the girl’s name because he certainly has the potential to claim the crown as Exos Heroes’ one-shot king. To start off, his passive skill, Counter 3, is an absolute counterattack whenever Rachel takes damage and grants him an extra mana on both extremes. If the enemy struck by a counterattack dies or has at least 70% HP to begin with, then Rachel will gain 1 mana after the counterattack.

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This passive also enable Rachel to give back row allies 1 extra mana permanently and enemies with lower attack value than him will lose 20% defense and 50 dodge. For 3 mana, Quick Slash is a strong single target physical attack that deals 315% damage that resets Rachel’s turn if it successfully kills an enemy unit. Silent Slash does 525% damage on an enemy for 5 mana and boosts attack and hit of allies by 50% and their speed by 20 for 10 turns if the target dies.

Exos Heroes A Class Heroes

With luck and probability making it a challenge to nab the S class heroes, or most fated grade heroes for that matter, the heroes in this group are the ones you should still be very happy to obtain through the gacha. Although not as powerful as the S grade heroes, these heroes are still worth every bit of time and investment although some of them are not top performers across all of Exos Heroes’ many game modes.

Anastasia [Frost – Support – Magical]

anastasia exos heroes

Anastasia currently stands as the best healer in Exos Heroes. If you have her, she should definitely be the primary support character in your team regardless of which game mode you are engaging in. She has decent stats and also has a nuke up her sleeve.

First Aid 3, her passive ability, is perhaps her biggest point-earner. This enables her to heal an ally with 100% of attack value whenever the ally is damaged and health drops below 20%. On top of the massive healing it provides, this can earn Anastasia 1 mana if her HP is above 70% or less than 20% when it activates. She also has boosted damage of 250% against dragons when Dragon Scale of Order activates. Frozen Tear may seem costly at 4 mana but it is the perfect heal as it not only heals all allies by 49% of her health, it also removes all debuffs and damage over time statuses on everyone. A bit off-class yet great to have is Sorceress Desperado, which is a single target spell that deals 525% damage at the cost of 3 mana.

Baraka [Machine – Chaos – Physical]

baraka exos heroes

Like Rachel, Baraka is an incredible single target attacker. He has a higher attack stat than Rachel but lags behind in terms of defense. On top of the massive damage he can cause, though, Baraka’s passive skill that can serve the finishing blow to most enemies, along with skills that siphon mana from enemies to his allies, can make him work easily and effectively with any sort of team you can create in your mind.

Final Hit 3 makes Baraka attack an enemy whose HP drops to 10% or less along with a free mana to boot. It may not sound very special on its own but having him finish off an enemy outside his turn will leave him and his allies to activate their more potent attacks against enemies with more HP. Assassin art deals 225% damage to a single target for 2 mana, a cost that is very cheap for Baraka.

If the target dies, Baraka earns an extra turn. This skill will not only earn Baraka an extra mana, it will also leech off 2 mana to a random back row ally if the target is disheartened. Madman’s Flurry is the more potent version that causes 525% damage for a measly 3 mana. It does not come with a conditional extra turn but it leeches mana just the same.

Garff [Light – Defense – Physical]

garff exos heroes

While spotlights typically shine on the best attackers in the game, a great team in Exos Heroes require a good balance and cohesion across various roles or classes in a team. As far as defense types heroes are concerned, Garff definitelt takes the top spot as the best tank in Exos Heroes. He shares the highest HP value with Shufraken but takes the cake for having the highest defense value. Though his attacks are expectedly not at par with attackers, his ability to provide support to his teammates makes him a valuable member of any team across all game modes.

Protect 3, Garff’s passive skill, grants him the ability to heal an ally with the lowest maximum HP at the beginning of each round equivalent to 30% of his own HP. If the allied unit’s health is below 20% or more than 70%, Garff receives an extra mana. Garff also provides a permanent mana boost to front row allies. Allies that have lower max health than Garff earns 20% health and defense from him as well. Eagle Blow is a single target attack that deals 375% damage for 2 mana while General’s Call deals 420% damage to all back row enemies at the cost of 5 mana.

Jinai [Nature – Chaos – Magical]

jinai exos heroes

Beyond breaking guardian stones and the perennial need to have a great damage-dealer, mana-generation is also an important aspect of team-building that each player must consider along with speed. Jinai may not have exceptional damage nor a bankable defense but has various utility skills that not just empower herself, but some allies as well along with negative status afflictions on the enemy roster.

Jinai’s passive skill, Mana Absorb 3, is a guaranteed buff remover that doubles as an extra mana provider for her. Beyond that, an extra mana can be further gained if the enemy’s HP is above 80%. More fearsome even, is if the target’s HP is 30% below as Jinai will still 1 mana from him or her. Like Rachel, Jinai also grants a +1 mana boost to back row allies. All enemies that have a lower attack value than Jinai also loses 30 attack speed. Dark Knight Glow is an AoE attack that deals 51% damage and evidently does not pack a lot of raw damage. This, however, comes with a guaranteed poison status that deals 31% damage for 2 turns all for 1 mana. The killer version, Welcoming Shirosaku, does 178% raw damage and shaves with a 62% potency for 4 turns. Poison is probably not the fastest way to eliminate enemies and we are seriously not fans of it but in Exos Heroes, AoE poison is very effective when blindly attempting to break guardian stones of the opposing team.

Shufraken [Darkness – Defense – Physical]

shufraken exos heroes

Like Garff, Shufraken is whom we consider as one of the best defense units in Exos Heroes, not for being a tank, but for other reasons. His high HP and defense is greatly complemented by his self-sustain abilities and the various negative status effects he can inflict on enemies makes him a very dangerous foe to tangle with. While Garff has higher defense overall, Shufraken can be more difficult to eliminate and can be more dangerous.

Shufraken can stun enemies that attack him and cause damage of 30% and beyond that, he gains an extra mana if the enemy has 80% health or more. If the enemy’s HP, on the other hand, is 30% or less, then Shufraken steals 1 mana from that enemy instead. HE alos has Breath of Mana, permanently bosoting front row allies’ mana by 1 and Fear of the Abyss does 65% damage to a row with an enemy having 10% or less health. Knight’s Spirt is a self-regen ability that restores Shufraken’s HP by as much 50% of the lost health for 4 turns all at the cost of 2 mana.

With his passive in place, Shufraken can definitely replenish mana fast to afford this. Marching Sword is a back row attack that lodges 210% damage for 5 mana but its value rests on the freeze effect it inflicts on the enemies for 7 turns and the 150% bonus damage if the enemies are afflicted by other negative status effects.

Exos Heroes B Class Heroes

With less than 10 characters belonging to higher tiers, these heroes are still well above average. While the above-mentioned heroes are more sought after, still nabbing heroes from this tier should put a smile on your face. Some may be effective across most game modes while others only excel in one or a couple. Just the same, these heroes are worth investing on until better ones come along, and for the most part, resources spent on these heroes are not a waste at all.

Bernadette [Frost – Attack – Magical]

bernadette exos heroes

Bernadette is a superb attacker and has one of the highest attack stats in the game. Both her single target and AoE skills are powerful and her high base attack coupled with a passive booster makes for a strong and well-rounded enough damage-dealer.

Mana Utilization 3 boosts Bernadettes’s attack based on the mana count of allies and enemies and she also gains mana if allies or enemies have 10 or more mana at the start of her turn. She deals an extra 250% damage on dragons if Dragon Scale of Order is active and she can also cut Raging Breath’s damage by half on allies, even more if the ally has Dragon Knight Blessing.

Chati [Nature – Defense – Physical]

chati exos heroes

There doesn’t seem to be much love for Chati if you consider the in-game player ratings but she is actually pretty decent, especially for boss raids. Share health, mana recovery, and back row barrier make her a great support character and an ability to put an enemy to sleep should not be dismissed as well.

Chati’s passive skill, Protect 3, lets her heal an ally with the lowest maximum health by 30% of her current health. If the ally she helped has less than 20% or more than 70% HP, she gains 1 mana. Lucky Chesi is a valuable skill to have especially in raids as it provides a barrier worth 40% of Chati’s max HP to back row allies for 12 turns. Miracle Shooting Star may not pack much damage and only deals 187% damage to a single target but afflicts the target with Sleep.

Jinn [Machine – Chaos – Physical]

jinn exos heroes

Jinn is very much comparable to Baraka in terms of style. He has fast attack speed and can potentially surpass that of even higher tier heroes. He is a great finisher, can run multiple turns and can also silence enemies, rendering them unable to use their skills.

Final Hit 3 makes him attack an enemy whose HP has gone down to 10% or below, earning him an extra mana along the way. Shadow Slash is a cheap skill costing only 1 mana to deal 180% damage to a single target and can reset his turn if it eliminates the target. A surviving target gets 3 rounds of silence and mana is also reduced by 1 if Charmed. Shadow Dance is the stronger version of the skill that deals 375% damage at the cost of 2 mana and without the extra turn potential.

Rudley [Nature – Attack – Physical]

rudley exos heroes

If you were not fortunate enough to nab Rachel or Baraka, Rudley does not fall that far behind in terms of being a single target executioner. His stats are actually comparable enough to Rachel but in terms of overall kit, can conditionally sustain his survivability along with his allies.

He has Counter 3 for a passive, just like Rachel’s. Lightning Attack deals 525% damage for 3 mana while Decisive Strike deals 750% damage at the cost of 4 mana. Rudley is an example of heroes who become very powerful with his Fate Core equipped as it enables him to cast a barrier not just to himself but his allies as well.

Sabrina [Fire – Attack – Physical]

sabrina exos heroes

Sabrina is much like a toned down fire elemental version of Bernadette who is a decent attacker that has both a single target attack and an AoE skill. She is still great to have especially if you lack better candidates to take you through Exos Heroes’ story mode. She has a great passive that makes her a valuable attacker.

Sabrina’s passive, Counter 3, is basically what sets her apart from Bernadette as far as kits are concerned. Counter 3 is guaranteed counter with bonus mana if the target dies or has more than 70% HP. Elegant Execution does 300% damage to an enemy for merely 1 mana and Phoenix March causes a 178% AoE damage for only 3 mana. With her mana-earning passive, Sabrina can easily muster up enough mana to freely choose to deal AoE damage for most of the battle’s duration.

Exos Heroes C Class Heroes

We are down to the C tier heroes but just because there are 3 levels above them does not mean that they are worthless. Some of these heroes excel in a particular game mode or may perform well above averagely on two or more. Just the same, there are several heroes that simply outmatch them in the tiers above which means that you should disregard these heroes only if your teams across game modes are full of the higher tier champions. If you happen to get these ones ahead of the others, you may want to stop investing resources on them as soon as a better character becomes available for the specific game mode.

Bernavas [Machine – Defense – Physical]

bernavas exos heroes

Bernavas is a defense type character that offers good defense and can also stun and shock enemies. He has a single target attack and a back ro skill attack as well. Contrary to most heroes, he is the type that is okay for both story and arena but should probably be left on the airship when you engage in a boss raid.

Emma [Darkness – Support – Magical]

emma exos heroes

What makes Emma great is her ability, Soul Capture, which deals 375% damage to its target and reduces the attack by 55% of Emma’s attack value. This can tremendously help you in raids. Cleanse 3 is not a bad passive as it can remove debuffs and damage over time afflictions from allies with a chance to earn some free mana. As a support character with no healing spell, though, Emma’ usefulness is eclipsed by support classes and defenders that can actually replenish health of their allies.

Magi [Fire – Attack – Magical]

magi exos heroes

Magi is a decent AoE attacker that has mana utilization as well. Both of her active skills are cheap and practically available every turn. She is definitely good to have on your party for progressing the story mode if you do not have Bathory or any stronger AoE attacker and also decent in the arena. Basically having only raw damage, though AoE, is perhaps what makes her lack utility to reach higher tiers.

Rera [Nature – Chaos – Physical]

rera exos heroes

Rera is much like Talia in the sense that she is also a decent character for her class but still have better substitutes in the above tiers. She has single target skills and AoE damage as well along with decent debuffs to inflict on enemies. For lack of a better attacker, she can be a decent character to use in your party on most game modes as well.

Talia [Nature – Support – Magical]

talia exos heroes

Talia is a decent support that has a passive capable of healing as well as 2 active skills that replenish health as well. Although she can also cleanse allies from negative status effects, the amount of HP replenishment from both active skills are not that much. In the absence of a better healer, Talia is an okay team member across almost all game modes.

Uloom [Machine – Defense – Physical]

uloom exos heroes

Uloom actually sports the highest defense value in Exos Heroes and close to the ones with the lowest attack values. His edge is actually being able to break guardian stones with either active skill, provided that enemies are marked with Tranquil. His passive enables him to provoke as well although the condition that allies need to be damaged and their health needs to drop 30% or lower seems a little too dire. His overall low damage output makes it necessary for him to be paired with a strong AoE damage-dealer to fully utilize his guardian-stone breaking ability.

Valentina [Frost – Chaos – Magical]

valentina exos heroes

Valentina has a plethora of debuffs and status afflictions in her kit. While her value in most game modes is again overshadowed by more versatile chaos class heroes, who may not have as many debuffs, Valentina is also a great hero to use in raids.

Exos Heroes D Class Heroes

For one, fated grade heroes can be difficult to pull, especially outside of rerolls and if you have a very limited selection of characters, these heroes are still commendable to use early on. IF you are just starting out in your adventure within the Exos Continent, then you can invest in these heroes if you do not have other fated characters yet. Be sure to invest resources within a limit, though, as you will certainly find better substitutes in the above tiers that can render these heroes as bench-warmers.

Baileysh [Darkness – Chaos – Magical]

baileysh exos heroes

He has buff removal, mana gain, and corrode (damage-over-time), making him a useful character in raids but there are just so many better alternatives.

Mahar [Machine – Defense – Physical]

mahar exos heroes

He can provoke through his passive skill and one active skill, can gain mana, and has very high defense but that seems to be it.

Ramge [Darkness – Support – Magical]

ramge exos heroes

Ramge has cleanse and can nullify healing on enemies. As much as that can be tiresome to deal with, there are a lot more threatening skills to be wary of.

Shell [Machine – Support – Magical]

shell exos heroes

Shell can remove negative status effects and can boost attack of an ally. Again, support heroes without healing just does not have much on them. Squeezing in 2 support characters in your team may work but it leads to the alternative of better characters as well.

Valarr [Nature – Defense – Physical]

valarr exos heroes

Valarr just doe not have anything more to offer than stun until after he is equipped with a Fate Core.

Xiakhan [Frost – Defense – Physical]

xiakhan exos heroes

Xiakhan I a defense type hero who can stun and has guaranteed critical hit if target is disheartened. Critical damage from tanks just are not that attractive in our book.

We would love to look into each of the legendary grade (4 star) heroes in the game as well but for now, this is where we will end our Exos Heroes tier list. Again, it can be expected that changes to some, or most, of these characters may come in future game updates. Some of the lower tier heroes may still grow more valuable especially those who do not have Fate Core versions yet. Keep in mind as well that regardless of how objective we wish our tier list is, it cannot be helped to have some subjectivity as far as weighing stats and utilities are concerned.

We fully understand that many people will find some disagreeable considerations in this guide and we welcome it. If you have some of the heroes in this tier list and you strongly feel that they belong to a different group, then do let us know about your opinion and share them below in the comment section!


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This tier list seems ok but your forgetting some major factors in it your not considering in there fatecores and team synergy’s like for example Uloom mixed with Bathory auto makes him a tier or reras fatecore puts her in top tier aswel