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Exos Heroes Legendary Characters Tier List: Our Picks for the Best Legendary-Grade Heroes

One common feature of turn-based strategy games on mobile is having a plethora of characters to collect and choose from as to which ones to invest time and resources in. While Exos Heroes certainly boasts more than just its robust selection of champions, what sets it apart from most other gacha RPGs is that while the top-grade heroes are naturally the best picks for team-building across all of the game’s contents, lower grade heroes are not entirely useless.

With Exos Heroes’ Fatecore feature, which can tremendously beef up specific characters; some of the roster’s legendary-grade (4-star) or lower rarity heroes can even surpass fated-grade (5-star) heroes. Although some fated-grade heroes still have no fatecore versions yet and legendary heroes have much fewer units within its roster that are equally blessed, it can be expected that each of these heroes will have their time to shine.

If you have just began your journey into the epic fantasy world within Exos Heroes, we suggest that you read our Exos Heroes beginner’s guide first. Our beginner’s guide provides all the basic tips and strategies you will need to start your adventure right.

With over 200 heroes in its roster, not counting fatecore versions of some heroes, choosing the best from among them can be a difficult task. Regardless of whether or not you choose to reroll to get the best heroes early on, you will need to identify which from among the game’s massive roster are more worth investing in over others. As such, be sure to check out our first Exos Heroes tier list that ranks all fated-grade heroes in the game from best to worst.

best legendary grade heroes in exos heroes

Exos Heroes, much like all other strategy RPGs, carries a huge chunk of the fun and excitement in its team creation aspect. As there are so many heroes to collect and upgrade, so too does the number of combinations you can make out of them to come up with your team for each game mode. If you need some ideas on how to build teams for the more critical aspects of the game, you can find some suggestions on our Exos Heroes team guide.

In this new Exos Heroes guide, we will be focusing on the best legendary-grade heroes in the game. Although all eyes are naturally on the peak of the rarity chart, beginners, especially those who chose not to go for the initial rerolls, may not have as many 5-star heroes in their collection.

For others, it may happen that they have secured enough fated-grade heroes, but can still consider some legendary-grade ones to come up with a more effective roster. With some game modes having specialized conditions as well that push you to make changes to your roster, having some decent substitutes become a must for you to perform efficiently across all of Exos Heroes’ content.

There are 54 legendary-grade in Exos Heroes and while it may take a while to acquire each one of them, chances are that you can do so well ahead of obtaining all fated-grade units. Even for starters, you will naturally secure more than enough 4-star heroes to fill different teams and although it is best to invest resources in your 5-star units, there are plenty of 4-star heroes very much worth spending resources on. Note that we consider this list totally independent of the initial one that we published and each character within a tier all rank the same for us.

Exos Heroes S Class Legendary Heroes

These are the 4-star heroes in the game that you should not think twice about investing resources in. Although you should naturally prioritize top tier fated-grade units within your collection, these heroes can be useful across various content as well.

Adams [Darkness – Attack – Physical]

adams exos heroes

Adams currently has a fatecore version but even without it, he can still pack a punch and is potentially the best single-target damage dealer among the legendary-grade units. He has Counter 2, enabling him to deal a bit of damage whenever he takes damage from an enemy and an gain mana if he kills with a counter. Crushing shadows can inflict 300% damage to an enemy for 2 mana while Reaper’s Sickle does twice as much damage for 4 mana. His stats are pretty decent as well.

Annie [Fire – Attack – Magical]

annie exos heroes

Annie is like the magical AoE counterpart of Adams. She has both AoE damage skills and superb ones at that. Her passive skill, Mana Utilization 2, boosts her attack based on allies’ mana count and can gain mana if allies have 10 or more. Flame Kaboom is an AoE spell that does 81% damage to all enemies at the cost of 1 mana. Flame Tornado does 285% damage to all enemies as well and costs 5 mana.

Tantalo [Nature – Defense – Physical]

tantalo exos heroes

Tantalo is arguably the best legendary-grade tank in the game and if you chance upon unlocking his fatecore version, can even stand toe-to-toe with some fated-grade heroes. Provoke is a valuable skill to have for tanks although at base, Tantalo cannot compare to most 5-star counterparts in terms of utilizing it fully. Block 2 inflicts provoke on all enemies if an ally’s health drops to 30% and grants him self-healing equal to 20% of his attack. Ground Flip is an AoE attack that also provokes all enemies. Body Check does 300% damage to a single target but the its value lies on the paralysis effect it can inflict on the target for 6 turns.

Exos Heroes A Class Legendary Heroes

If you are not lucky enough to assemble a full team of fated-grade heroes and also do not have enough of the higher tier 4-stars for your teams, then you can freely invest in these heroes. You may have enough better heroes but if you need someone for a specific role, then these units can serve as viable fillers.

Cybele [Light – Support – Magical]

cybele exos heroes

There are actually plenty of decent support characters from the legendary group of heroes in Exos Heroes. Though most can dish out bigger amounts of healing than Cybele, what makes her stand out is the ability to revive all fallen allies. First Aid 2 is a passive that lets her heal allies with 20% HP or less and if her health falls within the same condition, she earns 1 mana as well.

Benevolent Judgement is a weak AoE attack but heals allies and removes debuffs and damage over time effects. This costs 0 mana. Light of Serinne provides a little stronger AoE heal, debuff removal, and also revives all fallen allies, all for the cost of merely 3 mana.

Degas [Frost – Defense – Physical]

degas exos heroes

Degas may be considered by many as the best legendary-grade tank but since he does not have a fatecore upgrade yet, his utilization still has big limits. Hs is still a keeper, though, given his stats and skills. Without any 5 star tanks within your roster or Tantalo, he is worth investing in. He has Block 2 just like Tantalo. Aegis of Faith boosts his HP by 37% for 8 turns and shares his health with allies for 16 turns. Cursed Trident is an AoE attack that inflicts Freeze on all enemies he hits.

Karin [Nature – Support – Magical]

karin exos heroes

Most players actually prefer Cybele over Karin because of mana utilization. Considering costs, Karin does require a lot more mana. However, her ability to provide a single target heal and AoE one makes her our preferred 4-star healer. Three White Shadows is a single target heal that can restore as much as 40% of her HP to an ally while Moonlight Flower is an AoE heal worth 27% of her HP. Both healing skills come with a debuff and damage over time removal. Like Cybele, Karin’s Moonlight Flower also revives all allies.

Otard [Fire – Attack – Physical]

otard exos heroes

Otard is a decent attacker that can chip in some bits of damage thru countering and has a good mix of a single target attack as well as an AoE skill. She does great damage even without a fatecore upgrade but mana consumption is huge as well. Brutal Axe deals 420% damage to a single target while Destruction Blow does 285% damage on all targets.

Scarlet [Fire – Attack – Magical]

scarlet exos heroes

Scarlet is also a strong AoE damage dealer that can utilize her passive, Mana Utilization 2, to increase her attack further. Although she does need a lot of mana for her spells, her passive can also be utilized to have her gain extra mana. Chain Fireball does 142% damage to all enemies at the cost of 3 mana. Flames of Destruction deals 285% damage to all enemies for 5 mana. Like most mages, Scarlet has low defense and requires some defensive allies and healers to stay in combat long.

Sharpei [Darkness – Chaos – Physical]

sharpei exos heroes

Another strong legendary-grade attacker, Sharpei works a bit like Baraka and has the potential to attack more often than anyone in the party. Her attacks are strong as well and can also drain mana fast but her passive can be utilized to have her earn some extra mana. Final Hit 2 lets Sharpei attack an enemy unit whose HP drops to 10% below and earns her 1 mana if the enemy survives. Cross Execution deals 252% damage to an enemy and resets her turn if the target dies. Feather Blast deals 336% damage to all back row enemies.

Yao [Machine – Chaos – Physical]

yao exos heroes

Works almost like Sharpei, Yao also has potential to reset her turn and serve as a finisher. While less offensive than Sharpei, her attack buff can be very useful in a variety of team setups and game modes. She has Final Hit 2 as a passive and Blooming Red Lotus is a single target damage skill that packs 360% damage. Eight Trigrams is a superb team boost that grants all allies an extra 32% of her attack.

Exos Heroes B Class Legendary Heroes

With 25 fated-grade heroes and 10 heroes in the above tiers, these are the 4-star heroes you can still invest in but only to a limit. Although some of these units can be instrumental to some of the game’s content. You can invest in them early on but stop doing so once you secure a better alternative.

Astarte [Nature – Attack – Magical]

astarte exos heroes

Astarte stands as a relatively balanced attacker as her attack stats are not as high compared with other attackers but she makes up for it with decent defense. She specializes in single target attacks and has the potential to earn extra mana as well to support the relative high costs of her skills. Counter 2 helps her chip in bits of damage when attacked and can earn her 1 mana if the target dies. Spinning Attack does 420% damage to an enemy while Reckless Scratching deals a huge 840% damage.

Corgi [Fire – Chaos – Magical]

corgi exos heroes

There are a lot of characters in Exos Heroes that can deal damage over time effects and relative to cost, Corgi can spam it with the right teammates. She has Focused Shot 2 as a passive and Rhapsody of Explosions is the AoE attack that deals 51% damage with 31% DoT for 2 turns. Flaming Wave is also a decent skill that packs 420% piercing damage for 4 mana.

Deva [Machine – Chaos – Magical]

deva exos heroes

Like Sharpei and Yao, Deva is also blessed with a passive that can make her a designated finisher for enemies with low HP. She can reset her turn with Acrobatic Dance as well but it is a little more challenging to pull since it does only 72% damage to back row enemies and must kill a target for her turn to reset. Lovely Arrow Shot is a decent single target skill that packs 420% damage to an enemy.

Kirina [Frost – Chaos – Physical]

kirina exos heroes

Mostly acclaimed for her Dragon Scale of Blessing in combination with decent offensive skills, Kirina may not be the best legendary-grade attacker across all game modes but a definite pick against chaos dragon raids. She has Final Hit 2 along with Dragon Hunter Blessing as passives. Shining Boomerang is a single target skill that deals 180% damage and can reset her turn if it kills the target. Chain Slicer does 840% damage to a single target as well.

Fergie [Machine – Support – Magical]

fergie exos heroes

As much as we prefer support characters that can actually heal, Fergie’s skills are great to have especially in teams where there is another support unit that can focus on healing. Fergie’s passive skill, Cleanse 2, allows her to remove debuffs and damage over time effects on all allies and earns her 1 mana and lodges an extra mana as well if the target’s HP Is 20% or less. Fan Meeting is a decent AoE skill that does 102% damage to enemies and reduces their attack by 19% of Fergie’s attack. Fantastic Time provides a defensive barrier to all allies worth 19% of Fergie’s health and removes debuffs from them as well.

Freesia [Light – Defense – Physical]

freesia exos heroes

For a defense type unit, Freesia lags behind other tanks as far as defensive stats and skills go, making her an unlikely pick to be your tank if you have her in your party. Counter, Stun, and Reflect Damage are good skills to have, though, so if you have a team that can synergize well with her, she can be very useful. Thrust 2 lets her inflict 30% of damage taken to an enemy and can stun the target for 5 turns if it hits. She can gain 1 mana from this skill as well if the target’s HP is above 80%. Captain’s Will grants her back row allies reflect damage for 12 turns. Eviction Order is a single target skill that packs 300% damage to an enemy and comes with a stun as well.

Lepin [Frost – Support – Magical]

lepin exos heroes

Lepin has First Aid 2 much like our preferred healers in the above tier and also has the ability to revive fallen allies through Blessing of Fairies.Light of Purification deals 150% damage to a single target, grants Heal Over Time to allies, and also removes debuffs and damage over time effects on them. While this is a great skill to have, one-time healing is often more reliable than HP regen, especially in tougher battles.

Luke [Fire – Defense – Physical]

luke exos heroes

Luke is a decent tank considering his stats and skills. Having a fatecore upgrade currently available for him makes him a decent tank to invest in. His passive skill, Block 2, inflicts provoke on enemies, gives him Heal Over Time, and can also earn him extra mana conditionally. Burning Hammer does 150% damage to a single target although it is not much given his attack stats. The extra Provoke affliction it can lodge on the target raises its value. Shield of Loyalty boosts his HP by 53% for 9 turns and lets him share his HP to allies.

Metron [Light – Chaos – Magical]

metron exos heroes

Metron currently stands as the only unit in Exos Heroes that can grant Reflect Damage to the entire party. Beyond that, this buff stands for 16 turns and gives all allies 1 mana. Clinch of the Absolute is also useful to have for boss battles with a 420% damage that comes with a curse that does 111% damage for 6 turns. Equally useful against bosses is his passive, Mana Absorb, as it removes a buff and earns him 1 mana with an extra 1 if the target’s health is 80% or more.

Monica [Frost – Chaos – Magical]

monica exos heroes

Monica may not be as versatile as some of the other heroes we mentioned so far but she has her own uses. The Focus Fire Mark can earn her some extra mana and the reduction in dodge and block of targets is a welcomed extra. Magic Spear Charge has damage over time effects on top of the 150% damage it deals to a single target. Magic Spear Rush, on the other hand, has piercing effect and while it may only deal 420% damage, piercing will leave it to deal more damage than normal.

Reedmarie [Frost – Chaos – Physical]

reedmarie exos heroes

Reedmarie works a lot like Monica but has Dragon Knight Blessing and has an AoE attack. She has Focused Shot 2 as passive in addition to Dragon Knight Blessing. Ultimatum deals 120% damage to a single target and lodges damage over time as well. Total Bombardment deals 199% piercing damage to all enemies and is the ace up her sleeve.

Spica [Frost – Defense – Physical]

spica exos heroes

Spica may not be as tanky as other defense units but she has a decent set of skills, overall. Thrust 2 gives her counter, stun capability, as well as a chance to earn extra mana. Reigning Strikes deals 150% damage to a single target but has value for its freeze effect that lasts 4 turns. Piercing Moon deals 600% damage to an enemy for 4 mana and while it may not be much for most enemies given her attack stats, it is valuable against Monomos.

Vinity [Nature – Chaos – Physical]

vinity exos heroes

Vinity has good attack stats and low defense but her skills are decent. A finisher passive, extra turn chance and back row targeting form part of her kit. Final Hit 2 makes her attack a target that has 10% HP or less and earns her 1 mana if the target survives. Tumbling Shot deals 96% to all back row enemies and Approach Shot deals 504% damage to a single target that can also reset her turn if the target is killed.

Exos Heroes C Class Legendary Heroes

Unless you are totally out of options or if you have maxed out your main team and need some units for specific raids and other content, you should not consider investing in these heroes. They are not at all bad but simply lag behind in terms of overall strength or utility as compared with all heroes mentioned above. Perhaps we have not been thorough enough in testing each one of them but before you decide to spend resources on them, think twice.

April [Light – Support – Magical]

april exos heroes

For lack of a better healer, you can still make use of April in the early game content. She has First Aid 2 for a passive, an AoE attack and an AoE heal that heals all allies by 55% of her health and removes debuffs and damage over time effects as well. Sky’s Doors cost 5 mana, though, and while her passive skill may earn her bits of mana, it is expensive.

Benten [Nature – Attack – Physical]

benten exos heroes

Benten has balanced stats, can counter and has both a single target attack and an AoE skill. Dragon Knight Blessing is definitely a plus but considering the entire package, there are much better attackers in the legendary-grade roster.

Brook [Fire – Attack – Physical]

brook exos heroes

Brook has Dragon Hunter Blessing and Counter 2 as passives and has decent single target skills that cost cheap. He has balanced stats as well and a fatecore upgrade but at base, still lags behind other attack units in the same grade.

Duncan [Machine – Attack – Physical]

duncan exos heroes

Duncan has average stats, a counter, a single target attack, and an AoE skill. He is not bad at all and also has Dragon Knight Blessing. Outside of Dragon Raids, though, there are much better contenders for main or even sub attackers.

Heowon [Nature – Chaos – Magical]

heowon exos heroes

Heowon is a good fit for team rosters going for long battles. He is a little vulnerable but poison can be used efficiently in some game modes. His passive, Mana Absorb 2, lets him earn 1 mana as he removes a buff from an enemy and both active skills deal damage along with DoT thru poison.

Kinberra [Nature – Chaos – Physical]

kinberra exos heroes

Kinberra has piercing damage and poison under her kit. Fit for long battles as well, her Ravia Bullet does 420% raw damage and comes packed with poison that deals 11% damage for 6 turns. It costs 5 mana, though, but Focused Shot 2 also gives her an opportunity to earn some extra mana.

Leger [Light – Support – Magical]

leger exos heroes

Like many support units above, Leger comes packed with a complete set of the usual support skills you would want to have in your team. She can heal, cleanse, and revive fallen allies. Her heals are not as potent as the heroes in the above tiers and her active skills cost 3 and 5 mana, respectively.

Lyungen [Machine – Defense – Physical]

lyungen exos heroes

Lyungen is yet another defense unit that does not sport defensive stats comparable to most tanks. He can stun, shock, and has a back row attack but considering overall utility, falls behind all other defense units we have discussed so far.

Obellia [Frost – Support – Physical]

obellia exos heroes

Obellia is another unique support unit that does not do any healing. If you are up for 2 support characters in your team, then you may want to consider her for defense boost for the team and attack reduction on the opposing side. She can cleanse status ailments as well.

Pan [Fire – Support – Magical]

pan exos heroes

If defense reduction on the enemy team and mana boost for yours will work well for a synergistic team build, then Pan can fit right in on your team. Pan does not have healing skills as well so you maight want to consider having another support unit that can actually recover HP.

Sefer [Darkness – Support – Magical]

sefer exos heroes

Sefer is also a unique support unit that focuses on reducing the enemy team’s chances of landing a critical hit. He also has Cleanse 2 as a passive.

Sernando [Light – Attack – Magical]

sernando exos heroes

Sernando works much like the opposite of Sefer and has Call of Light to boost the critical hit of the team. He has Mana Utilization as a passive skill and also has an AoE attack. He can be useful with teams that have high crit rates to begin with but definitely not a good pick for main attacker.

Zeradin [Fire – Attack – Magical]

zeradin exos heroes

Zeradin is a low cost AoE damage dealer that has Mana Utilization 2 as well. He is excellent for breaking fire elemental guardian stones on enemy lines and does good damage for its relative costs. Definitely not suitable as a main attacker and his value is rather circumstantial.

Exos Heroes D Class Legendary Heroes

These are the heroes we would rather skip for now. It does not necessarily mean that they are useless as each hero actually has valuable skills. From a comparative perspective, though, and considering the roles they ought to play, these heroes have better counterparts not just within the 4-star grade but especially fated-grade heroes. As such, you should only invest in them if you lack better heroes and, again, think it through as well.

Alexei [Frost – Defense – Magical]

alexei exos heroes

Bayer [Machine – Chaos – Magical]

bayer exos heroes

Bongkoos [Nature – Chaos – Physical]

bongkoos exos heroes

David Johnson [Fire – Attack – Physical]

david johnson exos heroes

Firis [Light – Defense – Physical]

firis exos heroes

Griesel [Nature – Defense – Magical]

griesel exos heroes

Guter [Fire – Defense – Physical]

guter exos heroes

Hawkeye [Light – Defense – Physical]

hawkeye exos heroes

Ivan [Machine – Chaos – Physical]

ivan exos heroes

Liechtenstein [Light – Defense – Physical]

liechtenstein exos heroes

Minea [Darkness – Support – Magical]

minea exos heroes

Nero [Nature – Chaos – Physical]

nero exos heroes

Nika [Machine – Defense – Physical]

nika exos heroes

Pitbull [Fire – Defense – Physical]

pitbull exos heroes

Risis [Nature – Chaos – Physical]

risis exos heroes

Tereia [Darkness – Support – Magical]

tereia exos heroes

Yorm [Machine – Chaos – Magical]

yorm exos heroes

Zarienne [Machine – Chaos – Magical]

zarienne exos heroes

And that ends our Exos Heroes Legendary Tier List. Understand that this one along with any other tier list is highly opinionated and will definitely vary with each player’s opinion. Just the same, if you have played the game for a while and still undecided as to which from among your growing collection of heroes are worth the time and investment, then we hope that our tier list has provided some enlightenment.

With more fatecore versions expected to come as well as possible adjustments on some heroes’ stats and skills in future updates, it may happen that some heroes’ values will be better realized later on. While fated-grade and legendary-grade heroes are naturally more commonly sought after, keep in mind as well that there are also 3-star heroes that can excel especially with fatecore enhancements.

We expect that some of your favorite legendary picks may not be in the tier you feel they should be in based on our guide and we would love to hear your opinion on them. Be sure to share your views and comments about your favorite heroes in the game down below!