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Exos Heroes Team Guide: Team Roster Samples and Suggestions to Dominate Each Game Mode

LINE Games’ Exos Heroes is certainly one of those strategy RPGs that can be highly addictive. While there are a plethora of loosely similar games in the mobile gaming market, there are hardly that many within the genre that can come at par with what the game has in its package. Beyond the quality of its graphics and the cool animation sequences, as well as the variety of unique content and its overall presentation, one of Exos Heroes top distinction comes from its battle system, particularly the guardian stones and break system that can practically decide the battle’s outcome.

With every unique aspect that Exos Heroes has, beginners and experienced strategy RPG players have much to pick up and digest at the start of their adventure so if you are one of those palyers who have just started playing the game or still about to, then you should definitely read our Exos Heroes beginner’s guide first. To help you through the initial hours or so of gameplay, our beginner’s guide contains all the basic features and mechanics you need to familiarize yourself with as well as some basic tips and strategies to jumpstart your adventure.

Exos Heroes is packed with more than 200 characters to collect and upgrade. While we have yet to look deep into each one of these heroes, our Exos Heroes tier list ranks all of the Fated-grade heroes in the game to give you an idea about each one’s strengths and limitations and help you pick the right ones for you to reroll for or invest in. Of course, it can happen that you are the type of RPG player that enjoys the randomness of what you can get out of the gacha, but some heroes just make it a lot easier for you to traverse the PvE content if you have them right at the start of your journey.

exos heroes best team

As simply choosing the best-rated heroes and lumping them together may not necessarily result in having an efficient team, and given that Exos Heroes makes it so that each game mode will often require different strategies and approaches, our focus in this guide is to provide you with suggested team builds. We will provide some viable substitutes for each team as well considering the relative difficulty of obtaining some heroes within one account. Note that we will not be delving into each team’s specific strategies but instead make it so that you will grasp each one’s value.

For the most part, it does take a while of playing with the entire same team before you can fully maximize the team efficiently. In essence, what you should do is set yourself much apart from auto mode and learn to strategize around each unit’s unique skills and talents. For one, just because a skill is available may not necessarily mean that you should activate them. While some skills may pack more damage in certain conditions, timing of use is an essential aspect of battles in Exos Heroes, most especially in PvP and Dragon Raids.

Exos Heroes Story Mode Team 1

story mode team 1 in exos heroes

Bathory [Frost – Attack – Magical]

Rachel [Fire – Attack – Physical]

Anastasia [Frost – Support – Magical]

Baraka [Machine – Chaos – Physical]

Garff [Light – Defense – Physical]

Exos Heroes’ story mode, as the most basic game mode, actually stands as the least complicated aspect of the game that is not as demanding as the other challenges. For the most part, you maybe able to take your starting team through mid-game provided that you level them enough and upgrade their equipment consistently. Having a top-tier hero or 2 makes the most part of the story relatively easy and the most challenging stages may only require switching in a hero or 2 in case of skills not available within your current team.

To be honest, building a team to conquer the game’s story mode is the least of every player’s worries. As choosing to go with different team builds to suit the unique demand of the arena as well as the boss raids take a lot of time and patience, and even luck in RnG pulls. With this in mind, what you should consider going for, are heroes that perform well across most if not all game modes. Although the team above looks a bit of an overkill early on, having at least 1 of them and strong alternatives in balance are important for the more challenging chapters of the story. Again, we cannot expect everyone to have these in their rosters especially the fated versions.

On top of Bathory’s exceptional AoE prowess, the front line mana boost can help her set up for her stronger AoE attack. Her one-time conditional protection from death may not be as essential early on but there will certainly be scenarios that make it a necessary skill to possess. Bathory has a high potential of breaking guardian stones and make it easier for single target attackers to eliminate enemies one at a time.

Rachel is perhaps the strongest single target damage-dealer in the game and has a lot of useful extras in his kit as well. Counterattacks and turn resets are definitely useful in every fight and inflicting dishearten on enemies is a huge supportive plus as well. Rachel adds mana to all back row allies, perfectly complementing Bathory. He will most likely finish of more enemies than most heroes in your team.

Anastasia is the best healer in Exos Heroes and while it can be difficult to appreciate healing on easier levels, you will certainly need it later on. A lot of players may opt for a more aggressive team for story to clear chapters faster or may even opt for PvP teams without a healer. We consider Anastasia a valuable member of any team across all game modes especially if you have not gathered or upgraded enough strong equipment. On top of the superb healing, Anastasia can remove debuffs and other negative status afflictions form all allies as well. Since Bathory is the only other magic damage dealer in the team, Anastasia can assist with dealing magic damage with her Sorceress Desperado.

Baraka is another very popular single target damage-dealer in Exos Heroes. He is considered one of, if not, the best finishers with his passive and turn-resetting Assassin Art. He is fast in terms of attacking and evasion as well and can steal mana from an enemy to a back row ally.

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Last, but not the least, is Garff, who is the best tank in the game. Again, you may not appreciate a tank’s abilities and role early in the game but at some point later on, you will be glad to have on your front lines. Garff has massive HP and defense stats that make him very tough to eliminate. He can provide health restoration as well an adds mana to front row allies as well. For a tank, he exhibits decent damage.

If it’s a worst case scenario and you do not have any of these heroes, the next team stands as our substitutes for the story mode. These heroes may not be top tiers but can still make it easy for you to progress through the chapters.

Exos Heroes Story Mode Team 2

story mode team 2 in exos heroes

Bernadette [Frost – Attack – Magical]

Bernadette’s AoE skill may not come close to Bathory’s but it is still a very strong one. Her Single target attack is very strong and mana utilization can help her dish out her ultimate more often.

Sabrina [Fire – Attack – Physical]

Much like Bernadette that deals physical damage, both of Sabrina’s single target and AoE skills are strong as well. She has counterattack, which is a huge plus and can replenish mana as well. She is a little squishy, though, so you will need some defense units to use her efficiently.

Talia [Nature – Support – Magical]

Talia is not as strong as Anastasia considering overall functionality but she does great at healing with a conditional passive that can heal allies as well as 2 active skills that does a bit of damage, heal allies, and remove debuffs as well.

Magi [Fire – Attack – Magical]

Magi also sports 2 AoE skills that pack decent damage and with mana utilization among her kits, she can definitely generate enough mana to sustain bombarding enemies with her AoE attacks.

Shufraken [Darkness – Defense – Physical]

Shufraken is the best alternative to Garff and while he may not be as strong in terms of offensive prowess, he can actually double up on the role of the tank with his crowd control skills. Shufraken can stun and freeze enemies and also provides mana to front row allies. Self-healing adds further to his defensive strength.

If you are just starting out, or had really terrible draws an typically luck out from securing fated-grade heroes, the legendary (4 stars) heroes in the game are not at all that bad. Some of them can take you far across the game’s story and may serve useful as well in some other game modes. Below is the legendary-grade team we recommend for story mode.

Exos Heroes Story Mode Team 3

story mode team 3 in exos heroes

Annie [Fire – Attack – Magical]

Annie can conditionally earn mana as she needs 5 for her strong AoE skill. Both her active skills cuase AoE damage but she really lacks in defense and HP so a good defender and support is a necessity to utilize her in the team.

Adams [Darkness – Attack – Physical]

Counterattack is a valuable skill in most strategy RPGs and Adams will always counter with a chance to gain mana if the target dies. He has strong single target physical attacks that can be used to finish off enemies weakened by his allies’ AoE attacks or his counters.

Karin [Nature – Support – Magical]

Karin’s passive provide conditional heal on an ally as well as mana gain. She has a single target heal and an AoE heal as well and can remove debuffs on both counts.

Yao [Machine – Chaos – Physical]

Yao is a great contributor to dealing damage to targets and enhancing the damage capability of the whole team. Final Hit lets her chip in an attack under conditions and Eight Trigrams gives a 32% attack boost for the whole team. Blooming Red Lotus is a great finisher that resets her turn if the target dies.

Tantalo [Nature – Defense – Physical]

Tantalo has a decent kit with a couple of opportunities to provoke, and paralyze. He naturally does not deal a lot of damage but can conditionally self-heal and gain mana as well.

Exos Heroes PvP Team 1

pvp team 1 in exos heroes

Unlike the story mode and most PvE content having more predictability, PvP typically offers a lot more challenge especially when you get to higher leagues. Having Fatecore versions of some of the best heroes may often be not enough as you will also have to obtain and equip the best gears and relics for each character.

Beyond actually coming up with a decent team for arena, this is where knowing how each character works pay up. It takes a lot of matches to get to know how some characters really work on the opposing side of the field although reading about them helps a bit. Knowing which of the enemy team’s heroes to take out first is critical and for some even, being left out longer makes them more dangerous.

Bathory [Frost – Attack – Magical]

Rachel [Fire – Attack – Physical]

Anastasia [Frost – Support – Magical]

Baraka [Machine – Chaos – Physical]

Uloom [Machine – Defense – Physical]

As we mentioned earlier as well as in our tier list, Bathory, Rachel, Anastasia, and Baraka are all heroes that perform very well across most, if not all game modes. While Garff also serves as yet another character that does fairly well in PvP, Uloom, on the other hand is more suitable for his guardian stone-breaking abilities. Uloom will definitely not contribute to damage but synergize very well with any strong AoE dealer like Bathory. Of course, any Fatecore upgrade of these heroes will work better.

Exos Heroes PvP Team 2

pvp team 2 in exos heroes

Bathory [Frost – Attack – Magical]

Rachel [Fire – Attack – Physical]

Anastasia [Frost – Support – Magical]

Baraka [Machine – Chaos – Physical]

Fatecore Zeon [Fire – Attack – Physical]

Rood Zeon is a popular monster in PvP and if left unchecked grows stronger as the battle progresses. His ability to counter in this form is more menacing and his passive allows some allies to counter as well. He has a single target attack and an AoE damage skill as well that both inflict decent damage. Paired with Rachel, the 2 can do a lot of damage to any opposing team.

Exos Heroes Dragon Raid Team

dragoin raid team in exos heroes

Dragon Raids in Exos Heroes are far more delimiting than most, if not all, of its other game modes. Although the first phase is a typical boss raid, the second phase is where your entire team can get in trouble especially without heroes with dragon scale passives. Instead of going for all-out damage, it is more important for raids to prioritize the teams survivability and instead bank on damage over time effects.

Bathory [Frost – Attack – Magical]

Anastasia [Frost – Support – Magical]

Fatecore Zeon [Fire – Attack – Physical]

Uloom [Machine – Defense – Physical]

Baileysh [Darkness – Chaos – Magical]

With this team, it is important to have Anastasia not exclusively for heals but also for her Dragon Knight Blessing passive. Bathory’s one-time protection from death comes in handy as well. Uloom’s defensive capabilities and guardian stone-breaking skills can be useful And Baileysh’ damage over time abilities can chip in some damage. Rood Zeon’s passives will likewise be essential for this battle.

On top of all these teams, Special Dungeons that have varying conditions daily are yet another group of game modes that will require you to have a specialized team of sorts. Banking on each character in these teams we presented, though, you can more or less fill in the gaps for each daily condition to try and work things out.

The truth is there are still many great characters in Exos Heroes that have yet to be fully utilized. In addition to reading all sorts of guides and tips on the game, it is important for each player to actually test their own theories on how certain heroes will work more synergistically with others.

We feel that as more updates come in the future, a lot of the heroes will undergo certain changes. Some may prove to become stronger while others may be toned down for balance. In any case, one of the more exciting aspects of strategy games with massive rosters come from actually finding great combinations and mixtures of heroes.

That wraps up our Exos Heroes team guide. Just like the teams we presented, there are many more teams out there that may prove to be even more solid and efficient. Beyond looking into each roster as well as basing your builds on these or anyone else’s teams, it is important to more or less be able to develop your own team that can stand up to various challenges or to dominant setups in the arena. If you have a team you would like to share or comment on any of the teams we presented in this guide, feel free to drop us a note in the comments!