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Doorman Story Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Become a Hotel Tycoon

Doorman Story: Hotel Team Tycoon is a time-management simulation game where you aim to transform your business from a sleepy roadside motel into a busting luxury hotel. In Doorman Story, you will be catering to your customers’ needs as they stay in your establishment, including assigning their rooms, providing food and drinks, and cleaning their rooms to get them ready for the next person who will be checking in. While it might sound simple, things start to become chaotic once the tasks pile up, so you’ll need a keen sense of organization to get them all done in the quickest way possible to keep the money flowing into the business.

The game is developed by AdQuantum, the studio behind adventure puzzler Lucky Knight, farming simulator Idle Farmer, and heavy vehicle racer Off-Road Travel. Like the developer’s other titles, Doorman Story features colorful aesthetics and easy-to-learn gameplay, but with increasing difficulty as you progress in the game.

Doorman Story’s graphics may make it look like an easy game, but if you’re not paying attention, you could suddenly find yourself losing multiple times in a row. To keep climbing levels and unlock bigger hotels, you will need to understand the game’s rules, learn the intricacies of the mechanics, hone your skills, and hope for a little bit of luck. So stay with us and read our comprehensive Doorman Story beginner’s guide for tips, cheats and strategies to become a hotel tycoon as fast as possible!

1. The Basics Of Doorman Story

In each level of Doorman Story, customers will check in and out of your hotel, and it is your duty to cater to their needs while they are your guests.

wendy in doorman story

Handling the check-in and check-out of customers is Wendy, your receptionist. As customers arrive, you will need to tap on the icon above their heads as they wait in the reception area, then assign them to a clean, empty room in your hotel. Once they decide to leave, they will pass by the reception for their payment, which you will need to collect by again tapping on the icons that appear above them.

how to instruct oliver in doorman story

The game, of course, is not as easy as that. In between their check-in and check-out, you will need to instruct Oliver, your bellboy, to fulfill a variety of tasks to keep your customers happy. These include fetching drinks from the soda machine and making sandwiches from the hotdog stand. Oliver is also the one in charge of preparing rooms, as Wendy will not be able to assign customers to rooms unless Oliver cleans them first.

Similar to the process of assigning customers to their rooms, you will need to instruct Oliver to pick up the necessary items for the tasks that he will do. For example, to clean a newly vacated room, you will need to tap on the hotel’s cleaning materials, and then tap on the room to make Oliver clean it.

what are the level goals in doorman story

The goals in every level, meanwhile, are different. Some levels require you to earn a certain amount of gold, with happy customers paying you more. Some levels require you to reach a certain number of likes, which are acquired when fulfilling tasks quickly, or while the customers’ icons are still green.

Some levels require you to obtain a certain number of stars, which customers give when they liked all of the requests that they made while staying in your hotel. However, even if likes and stars are not part of the requirements, it is still best to shoot for as many of them as possible as they add to the gold that you receive after you beat the level.

There are other goals that are sometimes added to these requirements, but the general rule is that you need to keep your customers happy throughout their stay in your hotel, from check-in to check-out.

2. Manage Oliver’s Tasks Wisely

The most challenging aspect of Doorman Story’s gameplay is managing the tasks that you give Oliver, according to the requests of your guests and the rooms that need cleaning. If a guest requests a hotdog sandwich or a soda, you need to tap on the hot dog stand or soda machine, and then on the guest that made the request. To clean a room, you need to tap on the cleaning materials, and then on the room that needs cleaning.

It might look simple, but it becomes very challenging once the tasks start piling up. Fortunately, you can assign up to four taps to Oliver, which he will do in succession. The order of the things that he will do will follow the green number icons that appear on the screen.

how to plan ahead in doorman story

To accomplish all the tasks without the guests’ patience wearing thin, you will need to minimize Oliver’s idle time. While Oliver is still on the first task that you told him to do, you should already be planning ahead on what he will do next, depending on the hotel’s needs. Ideally, as long as there is something to do, you will never see the screen without any of the green number icons.

However, you should be careful that you don’t issue any wrong commands to Oliver, such as having him deliver a hotdog sandwich to a guest before you order him to make one. This will result in Oliver enter a confused state for a few seconds, preventing him from doing tasks during that time.

maximum number of guests in doorman story

One tip to avoid being overwhelmed by the tasks that you need Oliver to do is to keep an eye on the upper left corner of the screen, which tells you how many guests you should expect in the level. Once the number reaches its maximum, there will be no need to clean the vacated rooms, as no more guests will be checking in. This eliminates one of Oliver’s tasks, and allows you to focus on the final requests of your guests in the level.

3. Always Be Holding Something

Oliver, as with any human, real or virtual, has two hands, which means that he can hold two items at a time – which may be in any combination of cleaning materials, hotdogs, and sodas. If there are two rooms that need to be cleaned, for example, you can tap on the cleaning materials twice, and then tap on the two rooms so that Oliver will not need to run up and down in between preparing them for the next customers.

The items that Oliver holds will be shown in the lower left corner of the screen. They will not disappear from Oliver’s hands until you use them, or until you tap on their icon to drop them. This means that you can have Oliver hold items even though they are not yet needed so that he can be quickly ordered to fulfill a task.

making hotdogs and cleaning materials in doorman story

In the first hotel, it is recommended for Oliver to start by making a hotdog sandwich, and to make one whenever he has idle time, primarily because of how the hotdog stand functions. Drinks can be instantly picked up from the soda machine, with a new one coming out every few seconds, while cleaning materials may be acquired without any cooldown. Hotdog sandwiches, however, take a few seconds to make, time that may be saved by already having Oliver prepare one beforehand.

Once you’ve improved the hotdog stand, it may not be as important to prepare hotdog sandwiches in advance as the time it makes one is reduced, but it is still a time-saving technique that may come in handy in the busiest levels.

oliver serving juice in doorman story

The tasks that you assign to Oliver will change in the next hotels in Doorman Story. However, the idea remains the same – always have him hold something to save time on preparing or picking up the items, as a few seconds may be the difference between failing or finishing the stage.

4. Spend Your Gold And Crystal On Improvements

In between levels, you will be able to spend your hard-earned gold and crystals on improvements to your hotel. These improvements will increase the gold that you earn from your rooms and services, increase the patience of your customers, and speed up processes such as cleaning and making food.

how to clean rooms fast in doorman story

You should first spend on improving your rooms, reception, and cleaning speed. This is because these apply to all your guests, as all of them will check in and check out of a room. In comparison, not all of your guests will order food and drinks, for example, so improvements to these processes should not be prioritized.

Improvements that increase how much gold you receive for ordered food and drinks should be the last ones to max out, as you will only receive that gold if you finish the level. This is why you should spend on improvements that increase the patience of your customers and speed up Oliver first, as these will actually help you complete levels.

crystals in doorman story

Early improvements will only require gold, while further upgrades will also require crystals. Gold is much easier to come by compared to crystals, so you can also spend on the first level of upgrades across the board before carefully picking out the next round, so that you will not run out of crystals. Fortunately, the chance of that happening is not that high.

5. Claim Your Rewards

Doorman Story is a game that is very generous in giving away rewards, though most of them will be in exchange for your time in watching 30-second advertisements. These rewards include gold and crystals for purchasing improvements and boosters that will help you in levels that you are having trouble completing.

The first source of rewards is from logging in to the game daily. Even if you don’t plan on playing, it is advised that you launch the game to collect them, as consecutive log-ins lead to better rewards.

how to collect more gift boxes in doorman story

As you advance through the game, you will also open gift boxes once you complete certain levels. These gift boxes contain boosters and crystals, which will help you in the succeeding levels.

how to earn more gold in doorman story

You will also passively gain gold after every few hours from the hotels that you have unlocked, so the further you progress into the game, the more gold you will gain over time.

how to earn more rewards in doorman story

The last source of rewards, but the method that you will likely most often use, is watching the 30-second advertisements that the game offers. You will see an Ad Time icon on the right side of the lobby’s screen, which replenishes after every few hours so you can keep watching to earn more gold and crystals. Also, at the end of certain levels, you will see an offer to double the rewards that you receive by watching an ad. For players who have the time, it is highly recommended to spend a few minutes on these offers so that you can keep spending on improvements to make the game much easier.

6. Adapt To The Difficulty

The graphics and gameplay of Doorman Story makes it look like a simple game, but in the latter parts, you will feel the difficulty ramping up. For example, while there are no types of rooms in the first hotel, there will be three types of rooms in the second hotel, which adds another requirement to some levels that guests should only be assigned to the kind of room that they prefer.

room types in doorman story

While the mechanics may change as you progress in the game, including more requirements to pass and working components that you need to assign to Oliver, the general idea in completing the levels remain the same. You need to always be attentive to your guests’ needs, and you need to make sure that Oliver is always doing something, prioritizing tasks as they surface to gain those likes and stars.

If you find yourself stuck in a level no matter what you do, the best way to push through is to step away from the game for a while. This will allow you to accumulate rewards, such as from the passive gold earned by your hotels and the Ad Time icon once it replenishes, which you can spend on improvements for your hotel. In fact, if you are patient enough, you can even max out all the upgrades from these rewards before playing again.

how to unlock new hotel in doorman story

Doorman Story is a deceptively difficult game, but with the proper mindset on completing levels, and with the help of upgrades, your progress from overseeing a roadside motel to managing a luxury hotel will continue at a steady pace.

And this wraps up our compilation of tips, cheats and strategies for Doorman Story. If you happen to know additional tips or just want to share your opinion about the game, feel free to drop us a line!

Nifaadh Alavi

Wednesday 27th of January 2021

How to play return to motel. I can't collect money from guest

Bethany Smith

Monday 18th of January 2021

Having the same issue with the hand on the screen and unable to click anywhere. Golden Coast Level 11.

Praveen Sharma

Friday 15th of January 2021

I am stuck at level 11 of second hotel( Golden Coast) in which a hand is pointing and a message is poping out stating" we have a large influx of guest in our hotel....",clicked multiple points on mobile screen, but nothing is happening...please suggest..


Friday 1st of January 2021

What do you do with the lady that comes to the counter with question marks?

C. Davis

Friday 1st of January 2021

What does the booster that looks like a rainbow do ?