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Idle Success Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Tricks & Strategies to Turn Your Life Around and Become the Best Version of Yourself

Idle games make up an exciting genre that has been garnering a lot of attention from mobile users all over the world in recent years. One of the latest titles to make a debut in the idle category comes from Supersonic Studios LTD and is called Idle Success.

The mobile game publisher hails from Tel Aviv, Israel and has previously released games like Ultimate Disc and Hide ‘N Seek! Its latest challenge is a captivating simulation game which fairly resembles a watered-down version of The Sims.

In Idle Success, players take on the role of an obese low-life slob, living in a grimy apartment who has absolutely nothing going for himself. Obviously, the character is unemployed too, so things aren’t bound to get better anytime soon, or are they?

Fortunately, you do have a few bucks you put aside and the amount proves just enough to allow you to start the journey towards shedding your fat decrepit self and becoming a better man. The first thing the game thinks you should invest your resources in is getting in shape, so in exchange for $30 it will enable you to start your physical training. At first you’ll have to do squats, but soon your character will be able to do more complicated and rewarding exercises.

idle success tricks

Doing squats will add extra $5 to your meager income, but the good news is that you will be able to cash in the amount every second you spend in the game. Once you have accumulated enough, you will be able to start unlocking more options in the Health category like for instance, Health Drink or Rope Jump. This is mainly what the game is all about – gather resources which you then use to improve yourself until you can live the life of your dreams.

Idle Success is the kind of game you can play in a relaxed manner without any sort of anxiety hanging over you, because let’s face it, you can only go up in this game, seeing how you start off as a miserable guy who can barely get off the couch. However, if you’re interesting in knowing how to carve a smooth path in the game that will lead you to inevitable success, then go ahead and read our Idle Success beginner’s guide. It comes with a comprehensive list of tips and strategies that will certainly help you jumpstart your new life!

But before we get into the bulk of our Idle Success guide, we should tell you that this game heavily relies on ads, so before heading into Idle Success, be warned that you will be required do a lot of ad watching if you want to advance in Idle Success at a decent pace. Fortunately, ads are designed to bring in consistent rewards that will support your progress, so that being said, we’ll go ahead and dive into the guide without further ado.

1. Multiply Your Earnings Effectively

Some say money is not the key to happiness, but Idle Success appears to disagree with this mantra. Fact is, in this game you will need all the cash you can get in order to support your efforts of developing your new and improved persona.

As mentioned above you start making money as soon as you unlock your first exercise routine in the Health tab located in the lower part of the display (second button from the left). However, if you want to start living the good life as soon as possible, you will need to find a way to make money faster. This can be achieved via several avenues.

how to multiply earnings in idle success

For starters, it’s important to start unlocking more options or life choices from the tabs available at the bottom of the display (we’re going to talk about them in-depth in section 2). The ones that are available under the Health, Work and Social tabs are important as they contribute to increasing your income per second, so make sure you focus your attention on them.

However, unlocking new options requires a capital, and in order to put it together you might want to experiment with these tactics. For starters, take a look in the upper left side on the display and you’ll notice the presence of some power-ups that you can tap on. One of them depicts a money bag, but take note, it’s not always going to be there, so you need keep an eye out for when it does show up. When you do notice its presence, tap on it, watch an ad and so you will double the earnings you’d normally get per second. Activate it in concert with the additional power-ups that occasionally pop up in the same area and you will be able to improve your income for a small period of time.

idle success shop

Another way of getting some cash in your perpetually hungry wallet is to tap on the Shop icon which is located in the lower left part of the display. From there you can get a sum of money (which increases as you progress in the game) in exchange for watching an ad. Keep in mind that if you ever find yourself strapped for cash, you can always watch a series of ads in quick succession and refill your account. The game does not put a limit to how many ads you can watch per day, which is a positive thing. Even so, you might stumble upon periods of ad inactivity. When that happens, we suggest taking a break from the game to allow them to regenerate.

In addition, you can also use the icon below the Shop to spin the wheel and win some additional rewards. These can be anything from extra cash, gems or power-ups like doubling your income per second for a limited amount of time.

Also keep in mind that every time to reach a new threshold (for instance, you get promoted to a better job) you will be able to cash in a reward and be given the opportunity to triple the amount by watching an ad.

2. Prioritize Getting A Better Job Over Improving Your Home

While your character’s first concern is to improve his physical appearance and as a result his health, you will soon find yourself in the position of having to tend to some of his other needs like upgrading your living conditions, finding a job and being social.

Given that the amount of cash at your disposal (at least, at first) is pretty limited, we recommend that you invest your earnings with a focus on the three aspects that actually can bring in additional cash: Work, Social and Health. All these tabs (which can be found at the bottom of the display) come with several life choices you need to unlock step-by-step. And by leveling them up you will be able to increase your income per second.

Once you’ve accumulated a decent sum of money, you should start investing, but not randomly. At first, that means pouring money into upgrading your gym by adding extra tab options like for instance, the ability to do Rope Jump or to have fruit waiting for you after you finish your workouts.

how to get a better job in idle success

While the Home tab is available from the get-go, the Work and Social ones won’t be unlocked until later in the game. Our suggestion is that you conserve your resources and leave furniture shopping for later. That’s because buying a new couch or table will have no effect on your finances, except to burn through your savings for the sake of aesthetics. In contrast, striving towards a better job, health and social life will improve your earnings. In addition, you’ll get a noticeable boost every time you score a promotion at work, which is why we recommend focusing your investments towards climbing up the corporate ladder.

In the Work tab, players start by taking Math 101 and English and slowly work their way up to their very first Waiter position. Keep up the good work and take as many courses as you can and soon you shall be promoted to be Factory Supervisor – which of course will bring in more dough. More money means more opportunities to improve yourself in other departments including Social and Health. So with a good job, you will be able to afford developing in other areas.

Of course with a good salary added to your list of achievements, you’ll finally afford turning your attention to your crib as well. You’ll be able to improve things around the house from changing your greasy wallpaper and floors to buying new and shiny furniture to replace the rickety one. Some cost a ton of money, so make sure you check your finances before going down this road. As you unlock a more advanced position at work, you will also be able to upgrade your living status to a mansion, which comes with its own expensive set of furniture pieces.

So our recommendation is to keep gathering as much cash as possible by employing the methods we have outlined in section 1 and to use the resulting sum to make investments to unlock new life choices in the Work, Health and Social tabs first. Then you can start thinking about improving your home by upgrading furniture and appliances.

3. Use Gems For Furniture Upgrades Whenever Possible

While cash is the main resource in Idle Success, there’s also a secondary one which can come very handy at times – gems. There’s two ways to get your hands on these precious stones. For starters, players can either spin the fortune wheel that we discussed in section 1 or they can go through the Shop.

Players have a total of five free spins (free translates to watching an ad) to take advantage of, after which they need to take a break and wait a while until the game makes them available again. By spinning the wheel, you can win a pretty nice bundle of gems.

how to spend gems in idle success

The other option is to go through the Store. Despite what you might be thinking, the Store is not a place designed to encourage you spend real-world money. Instead you can watch ads in exchange for gems (one ad=5 gems) or cash. Once enough gems are available, you can go back to the shop and unlock fluctuating sums of money (they increase as your earnings go up). You can either spend 15 or 30 gems in one go in the shop in exchange for cash.

Alternatively, gems are also good to unlock certain pieces of furniture in your apartment and beyond. For example, in the Villa, a new TV will cost you 15 gems, while a Clean Bot can be yours for 50 gems.

4. You Don’t Always Need To Level-Up Life Choices To The Maximum

Each new life choice you unlock comes with a number of opportunities to level up. For example, Dating 101 in Social has 100 levels, while Leadership in Work has 400 levels.

In order to unlock a new life choice, you will be required to have levelled-up a series of other features beforehand. For instance, in Health to be able to unlock Meditation you will need 150 Whole Grains, 50 Personal Trainer and 100 Treadmill. While you might be tempted to level up each and every option you unlock to the fullest, this might not always be necessary.

idle success life choices

You can save money by simply checking out the requirements of the next life choice on the list that needs unlocking. Using our example, you don’t have to level up Whole Grains to the maximum of 250 levels to be able to take advantage of Meditation.

Sure at some point down the line, you might stumble upon a feature which requires 250 Whole Grains to be unlocked, but until that time comes, there’s no need to rush to level up to the max each new one you come across. Conserve your finances, and make sure you spread them evenly across all the aspects of your character’s complex needs.

5. Get Those Idle Cash Rewards

In most Idle games spending time away from the action can actually be beneficial and of course, the same applies to Idle Success. Coming back from a period of inactivity, you will be able to cash out on some rewards.

how to earn more cash rewards in idle success

These sums will vary depending on the time you spend doing other stuff, but if safe to say that if you’ve been missing for a few hours the rewards will be pretty substantial. Even better, if you’re in the mood to watch yet another ad, you will be able to double the amount.

Money is the principal resource in this game, so the more you have the better. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you take multiple breaks from playing the game throughout the day, so that you can efficiently take advantage of the idle reward system.

Sometimes you might notice that the Claimx2 button appears to be inactive. When it does, give it a few seconds and most of the times it will turn orange so you will be able to cash in double the amounts. In the few instances it doesn’t (you probably watched too many ads and the game needs to regenerate them) you can still receive a pretty good deal.

6. Tap On The Flying Gift Boxes To Get A Substantial Bonus

Speaking of cash, from time to time you might notice a little briefcase with the dollar sign on it flying randomly on the screen. When one of them pops up, make sure to tap on it to receive a pretty sweet bonus. Like with anything in this game, you will need to watch an ad before you can grab it, but the sum is considerable enough to make you forget about your annoyance at being bombarded with so many ads.

how to get more bonus in idle success

Truth is, watching ads will considerably speed up the pace of the game to a degree where you can make noticeable progress within a day or two. Without them, you’ll have to be extremely patient until you can gather the resources needed to unlock and level-up the life choices you desire.

7. Activate Boosters To Earn More

Boosters is the very last tab that the game will unlock for you. You will find it at the bottom of the screen in the right corner. Tap on it, and start leveling up to increase your earnings by second for each life choice. As we already explained, unlocking a new life choice in the Health, Work and Social tabs helps increase your income per second.

Levelling up is not only important because it unlocks more advanced life choices, but it also gives a significant boost to your pay per second. This increases depending on level. For example, in Social leveling up Luxury Vacation from level 50 to 51 will increase earnings from $153.6m/s to $153.7m/s, while level 60 brings in extra $184.3m/s to your overall income.

how to activate boosters in idle success

Well at some point, the game will allow you to increase these sums that result from leveling up. To do so you will need to visit the Booster tab at the bottom of the display. You’ll notice that most of the life choices in Health, Work and Social can be also found here and that you can grow the cash amount you normally would receive for each feature by 5%, 10%, 15%, 20% and maximum (in exchange for watching an add).

Don’t forget to use these Boosters whenever you find that you have some leftover cash. Or if you never seem to, you could simply watch a few ads in the Shop and so get the money you need to invest in a few Boosters. It will be worthwhile in the long run.

Anyway, this wraps up our Idle Success beginner’s guide. Despite this being a pretty easy-to-play game, we hope that you’ve still learned a lot from all the tips and tricks we shared with you and that you found something of use in this guide. If you have knowledge of any other strategies that could prove useful for other Idle Success fans which we haven’t covered here, you’re invited to share them with us in the comment area below.