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BitLife Surprise Millionaire Challenge Guide: How to Complete the Surprise Millionaire Challenge

The challenges keep on coming in for players of BitLife, the massively popular life simulator from Candywriter. As any player of this game knows, it is far more complex than any of Candywriter’s previous releases, and that’s a good thing — each passing update sees the game become more realistic and full-featured, and each update also brings new challenges that require players to live their characters’ lives in a specific way. And now, challenge completion is no longer a simple matter of bragging rights, as it now comes with actual in-game prizes.

Originally scheduled to roll out on Sunday, there were some delays when it came to rolling out the newest BitLife challenge — the Surprise Millionaire Challenge. This challenge is all about relying on luck in most, if not all scenarios from your time of birth to the day your character dies, and as far as we can see, it’s a pretty easy one to complete. But since we want to make challenge completion easier for everyone who plays the game, we suggest that you keep on reading as we present our latest BitLife mini-strategy guide — a step-by-step look at how to complete the Surprise Millionaire challenge in as little time as you could!

Just Keep Spamming The ‘Surprise Me’ Option In All Dialog Boxes With Multiple Choices

It doesn’t matter if it’s a smart choice or a stupid one. The name of the challenge is the Surprise Millionaire Challenge, and the goal here is to start out with an empty bank account and have $1 million in assets (not necessarily your bank balance) by the time you’re done letting the game dictate your life for the most part.

bitlife surprise millionaire challenge requirements

That means you need to start out as a first-generation Bitizen and keep choosing “surprise me” whenever a dialog box pops up. Insult your friend in an argument or if they have unfriended you? If the “surprise me” option tells you that’s what you need to do, then do it — at least they’re not making you their enemy. Tell off your boss when they ask you to work extra unpaid hours?

Again, if that’s where the finger points after you tap on “surprise me,” then work harder to reduce your chances of getting fired the next time you hit on the Age button. Likewise, you won’t have any control either over whom you’ll be dating — if it’s any consolation, you can always break up with someone you don’t like if “surprise me” gets you in a relationship with them. Make your own decision in scenarios with “surprise me” and you’ll have no choice but to start again from scratch.

how to unfriend in bitlife

Speaking of things like that, you will still have free will in every aspect of the game that does not involve a dialog box and a list of multiple-choice answers. That means you can choose your own job, though the game will still have to answer on your behalf during the job interview.

You can go to the club, though it will be up to BitLife as well to decide whether you’re going to get into a brawl with that rude customer or hook up with the random person you met while out dancing and drinking. And when it comes to scenarios with a drop-down box for choices, you can, for instance, choose which body part to target and which type of attack to unleash when it comes to in-game fighting.

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Now that we’ve got that out of the way, let’s look at some of the ways you can earn your first million despite relying on the game’s randomness in every dialog box.

Change Jobs Frequently As Long As You’re Not Getting A Raise / Getting Promoted

Although graduating from college gives you a much wider range of jobs to choose from and joining the military allows for quick promotion, the randomness of “surprise me” means you may have to start working the moment you graduate from high school. But even if that’s the case, you still have the option to manually choose to attend college/community college or join the military — this, too, applies if the game decides for you that you should take a breather and not have a job/go to school after high school is over. Remember that “surprise me” only comes into play when applicable and you still have a great deal of free will in this challenge.

bitlife cameraman job

With that said, we would actually suggest getting a job right off the bat, even if it may be a low-paying one at first. Surprisingly, Porta Potty Pumper pays rather decently despite the unglamorous nature of the job, and Apprentice Cameraman pays even better, with the opportunity to get promoted to Cameraman later on, even with a mere high school diploma.

Show business jobs like Singer and Actor are also good options if you have very high Looks and at least decent Smarts, so you could go down that route as well. Of course, you can still opt for college, but given that “surprise me” applies with payment options and could lead you down the path of student loan debt, your best options in this challenge are getting a job or serving in the military.

When talking about “regular,” civilian jobs, not all of them would allow you to be promoted to a higher position. With that in mind, we suggest using the Work Harder option at least once per year, and if you’re not getting a raise or getting promoted, simply go back to the Jobs sub-menu (under Job, of course) and apply for a higher-paying job at the same position or the next highest position, e.g. Cameraman if you’ve spent some time as an Apprentice Cameraman. It’s not really that glamorous at all, but if you do as suggested in the next tip, there’s a solid chance you’ll be making your first million before the age of 50.

Own As Little Property As Possible, Stay Single If You Could, And Don’t Have Kids Either

Now there’s nothing wrong with starting a family and owning a house and a car. These are oftentimes tangible signs of success, but for the purposes of this BitLife challenge, you’ll have a much better chance of earning that surprise million if you, as much as possible, stay away from relationships and don’t buy any property that could depreciate!

assets in bitlife

Thanks to the “surprise me” option, you could randomly end up in relationships, so if you do, we suggest breaking up with them manually — unless it’s a same-sex relationship, the odds of having a child with your partner will always be there once you hit the Age button, even if you choose not to make love to them. By staying single, you avoid the possibility of having kids, which could take its toll on your bank balance and thusly, your assets.

We also advise against owning a vehicle of any sort — since “surprise me” doesn’t come as an option in the driver’s license test, you can flunk it deliberately to avoid receiving a car from your parents (if they’re rich) as a reward for a job well done. As for houses, they don’t depreciate as quickly as cars and likewise still reflect in your assets. But the fact that they depreciate makes it wiser to avoid buying a house in general.

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As a bonus tip, you can also earn money toward your first million if you have rich parents and both of them die, leaving you with a sizable fortune — this may depend, however, on how many siblings you have. That’s why it’s also a good idea to use the Spend Time with All feature to keep your relationship with your parents in the green!

Get New Accessories For Completing The Challenge

Once you’ve completed the Surprise Millionaire Challenge, BitLife will ask you to choose one out of four prize options — as promised, these are the unlockable eyewear and hats that made their debut on the Pride Update, so if you complete this challenge, you’ll have a fourth item to add to the Purple Montys, the Pride Shades, and the Paper Boy Hat that were available as stock accessories.

mystery prize in bitlife

After choosing your prize and redeeming it, you will be able to equip that eyewear or hat on any previous or future Bitizen.