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BitLife Dog House Challenge Guide: How to Complete the Dog House Challenge

Candywriter has become quite the recognizable name among mobile gamers because of one title, and it’s not those two we mentioned. Of course, we’re talking about BitLife, and in case you’ve just downloaded the game for your iOS or Android device, this is a life simulator that allows you to guide fictional characters known as Bitizens through their entire lives, making good or bad decisions about a myriad of things as you see fit. It also features limited-time challenges every few weeks or so, and the latest one has just rolled out and, at the time of writing, will remain live for the next three days.

If you’re an animal lover and thought that the Tiger King Challenge was too weird and/or topical for you, then you’re probably going to enjoy the new challenge we were referring to. Similar to the Alphabet Challenge that kicked off this new feature a while ago, the game’s Dog House Challenge also requires you to go through names from A to Z, but this time, it’s all about a different kind of baby — fur babies, specifically of the canine variety. Even if it’s easy to get thrown off at first by the challenge’s instructions, this is still a pretty simple one to complete. So join us now for this new BitLife guide, as we’ll show you how to complete the Dog House Challenge as quickly as possible.

Get Rich As A First-Generation Bitizen

At first, we tried going through this challenge like most people would theoretically go through the process of naming 26 dogs with names that start with each letter of the alphabet — adopt as many dogs as your house could fit, start out from A and end with Z, adopt new dogs as we go along whenever the existing ones die or run away.

bitlife dog house challenge requirements

However, the key here is to have all 26 dogs (or more, if you so please) alive at the same time, and you’ll need a special type of house in order to have so many dogs running around at the same time. But before we get there, let’s talk about how you should start out and how you should go about the process of owning this house.

As the game mentions, you need to be a first-generation Bitizen, and that’s where the challenge lies — starting out as a second-generation Bitizen who’s inherited a ton of money as your predecessor’s sole heir will make things too easy in many an instance. You need to start out fresh with absolutely nothing in your bank account, then choose the right job and make sure it could eventually give you a bank balance of at least $1 million to $1.5 million.

first-generation bitizen in bitlife

With that in mind, the most obvious choice would be to work in the entertainment business as a singer, actor, or whatnot, or even as a social media influencer, if you want to take advantage of BitLife’s most recent major update. But since those jobs would require a high Looks stat, you can also try working as a Writer — this does not require a college education and all you need here is a fairly decent amount of Smarts. Having high Smarts, on the other hand, could get you a job as a Brain Surgeon, though that’s going to take some patience and put you in debt for quite a while if you can’t get a scholarship to Medical School.

If all else fails, you can theoretically get any job that pays you $30,000 or more by the time you turn 18, avoid getting married or having kids, don’t overwork yourself (or allow your bosses to give you a back-breaking workload), avoid any and all vices, and just keep saving until you have a million bucks or more. Chances are you’ll have that $1 million ready by the time you reach middle age, e.g. 45 years old.

Buy An Equestrian Property – No Other House Type Will Do

As far as we know, Equestrian Properties aren’t as popular as huge mansions or country homes with several bedrooms for rich Bitizens, but since we’re talking about the Dog House Challenge in this guide, what you want to buy in order to complete it is an Equestrian Property. Why? It’s simple — these homes have large outdoor spaces for raising animals and allowing them to roam. But in lieu of horses, as the type of home would suggest, you can own well over the usual five to six dogs that you would be limited to in other residences. In fact, you can own at least 26 dogs, and for the purposes of this challenge, that’s all you’re going to need.

charming equestrian property in bitlife

The reason we suggested having at least $1 million in the bank is so you can buy the property outright, but you can also try applying for a mortgage once you’ve got at least $500,000 saved up. Just make sure you’ve got at least $2,600 left over in order to pay for those adoption fees!

Adopt At The Shelter, Quit / Restart App, Adopt Again, Rinse And Repeat

The final goals of BitLife’s Dog House Challenge are to have 26 living dogs whose names start with each letter of the alphabet, and while it’s possible to complete this organically, it may take several years before everything’s done — consider the possibility of dogs dying due to old age or illness or even running away, and the chance that the Animal Shelter might have as few as three dogs available in any given year of your character’s life. In order to avoid this possibility and get things done in your first year of owning an Equestrian Property, just follow the steps we’ll be illustrating below.

pets in bitlife

First, go to the Activities menu, tap on Pets, then tap on the Animal Shelter and adopt all the dogs you see available — you can choose to leave their names as is, but to make things easier, we recommend manually renaming each dog with a name that starts with an A, a B, a C, and so on until you get down to Z. But since you definitely won’t see 26 dogs available all at once, you’ll need to quit BitLife and restart it in order to refresh the Animal Shelter’s offerings, then adopt all dogs once again. Keep repeating this process until you’ve adopted all 26 dogs, and you’re set — it’s pretty much smooth sailing (despite the rework) once you’ve got that Equestrian Property!