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BitLife Tiger King Challenge Guide: How to Complete the Tiger King Challenge

Candywriter went from a maker of word games to the maker of arguably the most in-depth, most addictive life simulator out there in BitLife, and those updates are still coming along on a regular basis. For those still unfamiliar with the game, this is an iOS/Android title where you can control the life of a virtual human (or Bitizen) and make various decisions that may affect their lives in one way or another. The game comes with dozens of ribbons that represent different lives a Bitizen can live, as well as a growing number of limited-time challenges. So are all you cool cats and kittens ready for the latest one that came with the brand new update?

A few weeks ago, Candywriter added 10 new ribbons to the game, including a Tarzan ribbon that one can get after successfully taking care of a certain number of exotic pets but not doing anything else noteworthy. That was pretty much the game’s equivalent of a Joe Exotic ribbon, but let’s face it — no Bitizen can truly emulate the mullet-wearing star of Tiger King without owning a few big cats in specific.

That’s probably why version 1.36 came with the Tiger King Challenge, and in this new BitLife mini-strategy guide, we’ll be walking you through the different steps you need to take to complete the challenge. They’re all hidden and will remain hidden even after you complete it, but we were able to figure out exactly what needs to be done, and how you can go about completing the challenge with as little trouble as possible!

It’s All About Knowing Joe Exotic’s Story

If you’re like a good part of the world that spent their quarantine time binge-watching Tiger King on Netflix, there’s a good chance you know what to do from the get-go. But for the uninitiated, the man they call Joe Exotic is a resident of Oklahoma who gained notoriety as the owner and operator of an exotic animal park in the state, but became even more infamous when he was accused of hiring a hitman to kill one of his rivals. (He wasn’t successful.) The documentary also shows how he was married to two men in a three-partner wedding ceremony in the early 2010s — right now, he is in a monogamous marriage with another man.

bitlife tiger king challenge requirements

With all that in mind, the first two requirements can be achieved rather easily early on, especially if you have God Mode — your Bitizen needs to be a gay male who is born in Oklahoma City. (The real Joe Exotic was born in Kansas, but he gained infamy in Oklahoma, so the latter state counts.) If you don’t have God Mode, you can simply create a male Bitizen and set his birthplace to Oklahoma City, then have him identify as homosexual, regardless of his actual tendencies, once he turns 12 and the option to choose one’s sexual orientation becomes available.

The third requirement is also quite easy, especially once sexual orientation has already been set. You’ll need to be married to another man in order to meet this requirement, and you can do so as soon as your character turns 18 years old. As BitLife still doesn’t include options for polygamous marriages, tying the knot with one man will be enough. Just in case you’re wondering, the Name Change option also debuted with version 1.36 but you don’t need to use it in the Tiger King Challenge, even if it’s well known among Tiger King fans that Joe Exotic was once plain old Joe Schreibvogel before he adopted his stage name.

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However, things can get a little more complicated when it comes to the next two requirements, which we shall be discussing separately below.

Buy At Least Three Big Cats From The Exotic Pets Dealer

As any experienced player should know, pets are only available to those who have the paid version of the game. But thanks to the Tiger King Challenge and version 1.36, all pets are available for a limited period of time, even for those who are using the free version of BitLife. That said, two things remain in place when it comes to buying exotic pets, specifically big cats — they’re very expensive to buy and even more expensive to maintain, and you’ll still need to quit-and-restart the game on the regular because the Exotic Pet Dealer normally offers one pet per year, and you can’t choose.

bitlife exotic pet

In order to prepare yourself for the cost of these unusual pets, we recommend getting a high-paying job (you may need to graduate from college for this) or one that could pay you millions once you achieve fame and fortune (mainly applicable to those with high Looks stats). But you don’t really need a lucrative job — you can take most any available job, don’t buy a car or a house, make sure you don’t have kids with anyone (just because Joe Exotic supposedly has one doesn’t mean you should do the same for this challenge), and, once you’ve got at least $80,000 in your bank account, buy three big cats in the same year. It doesn’t matter if they’re tigers, lions, jaguars, panthers, or whatnot — just as long as they’re big cats, you’re good to go.

Ideally, you want to have at least $30,000 remaining once you’ve done enough quitting and restarting and bought three big cats. That’s because you’ll want to complete the final requirement in this challenge in the very same year, and make sure that someone you’ll be working with isn’t exactly the person you think they are!

Hire A Hitman And Go To Jail For It

Tiger King wouldn’t be Tiger King without any discussion of that alleged hit on Carole Baskin, but for the purposes of this challenge, it doesn’t seem to matter who you’re targeting — it may be a friend, family member, co-worker, or a random Bitizen — but the first part of completing this final requirement would require you to hire a hitman to kill someone. Typically, hitmen cost about $7,000 to slightly over $30,000 to hire, but if you have at least $30,000 remaining after buying the big cats, there’s a good chance you’ll be able to find somebody to do your dirty work.

bitlife criminal charges

However, the last thing you want here is for the hit to be carried out, because it’s very, very rare for the police to bust you one year after your first successful hit. You don’t want the hitman to run off with your cash either, so in case they do their job right or keep the fee for themselves without doing the job, you can always quit BitLife and restart.

The ideal scenario here would be what we teased in the last tip — the hitman turning out to be an undercover cop. That will automatically send you to court, and regardless of how much money you have remaining, you should choose a public defender. These free lawyers have a vey low chance of helping you get away scot-free, but since there’s always the off-chance of being acquitted after retaining a public defender, you should ideally plead guilty if given the choice. We did, however, plead not guilty (as seen in the images), and our ersatz Joe Exotic still ended up behind bars.

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All in all, there’s a very good chance you’ll be looking at hard time, and that’s exactly what satisfies the final requirement — hire a hitman and go to jail for it.

Once you’re in jail, your bank balance will likely be in the red the moment you hit on the Age button, and one or more of your big cats may die due to starvation. But really, that’s not going to matter one bit once you’ve completed the BitLife Tiger King Challenge!