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Ultimate Disc Guide: Tips, Cheats & Tricks to Complete All Levels

Ultimate Disc is Supersonic Studios’ brand new mobile game, which in just a little over a week following its launch, has already earned well over a million downloads. As a simple, yet challenging game Ultimate Disc packs a very exciting and addictive gameplay bound to keep you trying again and again to try and beat its challenging levels. If you are in the current lookout for a casual game that challenges both your wits and reflexes, be sure to give Ultimate Disc a try!

There really isn’t much of a tutorial included in the game and you will dive right in on the action. The truth is, the game’s mechanics and controls are as simple as its graphics. The basic idea is to be able to pass the disc to your teammate across members of the opposing team and while there are no aim precision requirements given the accurate path that the disc travels, the only obstacle in the game are the enemies who block your way and the wall on both sides of the playing field. A simple tap and hold anywhere on your device’s screen is all it takes to adjust the curve or angle of your throw.

As a casual sports game, Ultimate Disc gives the impression that its oversimplistic controls and game mechanics make it an easy game, yet it does offer some unique challenges even for experienced players. If you are looking for efficient approaches towards clearing stages, then stay with us and read our Ultimate Disc guide below! We are confident, that our compilation of tips, cheats and tricks will certainly help you clearing all levels!

1. Take As Much Time As You Need

One of the most basic ideas to keep in mind as you play Ultimate Disc revolves around the time element that players typically assume is always present in the game. There is this natural inkling to rush into the level and oftentimes as soon as you are able to start tapping or swiping at your screen, you will often find yourself raring to get through the level as fast as you can.

ultimate disc tricks

For starters, there are no time limits set in Ultimate Disc within which you must throw the Frisbee all the way through to your teammate at the opposite end of the field. Most especially as a beginner, taking time to observe the behavior and movement patterns of the opponents in the playing field is important to determine all viable paths to go for before deciding on what you feel works best. Having an idea as well of how fast the opponents can move will help you estimate better on how every disc throw will fare against them.

There are certain points in the level where some opponents come dashing right at you as soon as the level starts and as tense as it may look, you should not mind them at all. There will always be a limit within which opponents can move to and that includes how close to you they can get. Even if two or three opposing players do go all the way to your front, there will still be plenty of empty space to maneuver a throw in. Although in some case it can be easier to release the disc before the opponents close in, doing so with a mental time constraint in mind may just lead to mistakes. To be safe, save those inclinations for later when you have played enough and have a good sense of angles and timing of throws.

2. Familiarize Yourself With The Sensitivity Levels

Ultimate Disc does offer the simplest of controls and all you need to do is swipe anywhere on your device either to the left or right to adjust the curving path within which the disc will travel. As we mentioned earlier, there rally is no need for you to rush into anything and the same goes whether you are pushing from one area of a level to the next or when you are adjusting the curve of your throw.

ultimate disc sensitivity levels

Ultimate Disc also makes it easy by providing a dotted line that serves as a solid guide to let you know whether the path will cross a dangerous area within the reach of any opponent or not. Just the same, though, having a good feel of the control’s sensitivity level will raise your accuracy especially in terms of timing the release of your hold. It’s actually a basic necessity that comes with a lot of casual mobile games and as easy as it seems, ensuring that every swipe and release you do is on point with the disc throw you have in mind.

3. Throw When Opponents Are Moving Away From The Path

Another easy trick to take advantage of goes against opponent players who just move from side to side of the playing field. As sets of these opponents will be situated very differently along the path, chances are that there will be more than one way of throwing a disc through them that only one of the groups can actually reach.

ultimate disc strategies

In such cases, always keep a keen eye on when they stop moving towards your selected throwing path as they will then be moving back away from it. Given that they will continue to move as you let go of the Frisbee, chances are that your disc will already be at a safe distance from all of them as they cross paths, or so to speak.

This is actually a pretty basic concept that even most new players will instantly figure out or already know. Despite that, the rush mindset and inner exhibitionist in you will push the concept out of your consciousness in some instances of severe excitement. Be sure to try and keep practicing it in earlier levels as you will need it more and more as you progress through more challenging leagues.

4. Throwing Out Of Bounds Is Okay

Lines around every playing field denote boundaries and in some sports, penalize players for going off them or have rules that impact the game whenever the object, which in this case is the disc, goes out of bounds as well. Fortunately, however, there are no such rules in Ultimate Disc that prohibits you from curving the disc throw way outside of the playing court and the only thing you need to worry about are the walls on both sides of the field.

ultimate disc throwing out of bounds

Given this scenario, there is actually a wide enough gap between the boundary line and the wall within which you can safely fling your disc across through to the next teammate. For the most part, it actually makes most levels a lot easier to complete. This does not mean, however, that you should always go for throws that take advantage of this little exploit as there will be instances where the curve of your throw will still fall within the reaching clutches of some enemy players.

It may take some practice as well some wall hits to perfectly tune your throws that fling ever so dangerously close to walls. Just remember that the idea behind using this strategy is to consider this as an added option for you as you decide on how to go about each throw.

5. Close Calls Provide Bonus Throws

Playing safe, not just in Ultimate Disc, is a general tip for all newbies. If you still find yourself making a couple of miscalculations here and there and always witness enemy players clutching the discs that you throw, then you should continue to consider always choosing the path that is as far away from everyone else’s reach as possible. However, if you continue to score points one throw after another and somewhat finds it easy to make progress through each level, then it should be time to play like a pro a little more.

how to get bonus throws in ultimate disc

There actually is a discrete advantage to obtain as you fling the disc a little too close to the opposing players provided, of course, that they do not catch it. If you look at the fire icon at the upper left side of your screen, you will notice that it will gradually fill up whenever you throw the disc close enough to your opponents for them to lunge towards it.

Every close call or every time an opponent dives for the disc but fails to catch it, the fire meter keeps filling up. As much as we urge beginners to take their time, going for the super throw calls for a little faster progression within each area as every bit of second you wait reduces the fire meter down. Once it goes full, though, the next throw will be unblockable, instantaneous, and marvelous to watch as well.

6. Get Rid Of Distractions

Video ads have long since become an integral part of many free-to-play games. This is true most especially for hyper-casual games that do not rely heavily or at all from generating income through microtransactions. While at this day and age some people still feel annoyed or even completely turned off by the existence of ads in free games, it is important to know that a lot of these games will not even continue to become available without those ads that go with them.

Ultimate Disc does contain ads that randomly pop up in-between some playing levels and while those actually exist for the game itself, there are also ads that provide helpful perks that you can take advantage of.

how to earn rewards in ultimate disc

To start off, every level or match in Ultimate Disc is divided into several stages and failing to throw the disc across to your teammate is supposed to result in a loss of a point. As there will be no other way for you to regain that point by defending against a throwing opponent, the only way to continue forward is to watch a short video ad. In essence, this would seem like an instant revive in action adventure games that sets you right back to where you were before the mishap and will be able to continue on and finish the level given that there are no limits as to how many time you can use the point regain scheme.

You can also watch ads at the end of each win to earn extra points you need to unlock some skins. It won’t have any impact on the game as far as performance goes but it will surely bring more fun and color to the game.

As much as these ads can be helpful, you can always go and play the game completely without ads and there is an option other than spending real cash. You can simply turn of your Wi-Fi or mobile data and play the game offline. In truth, while doing so ought to give you uninterrupted concentration to supposedly dash through all the game’s levels, it is actually comparable to playing the game in hard mode.

Although playing offline will prevent random ads from popping up, it also means that every bit of mistake you made can lead to losing the match and having to go through the entire league again. In any case it is always your choice, so if the ads altogether does interrupt your concentration or so, just play offline.

And this sums up all the tips and tricks we have for Ultimate Disc. Hopefully, the tips we listed in this article will help you perform better in the game. If you have discovered additional tips or tricks, that we should add to this list, then don’t hesitate to share them with us!