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Hero Cantare Gear Guide: Tips & Strategies to Choose the Best Equipment and Relics for Your Heroes

While Hero Cantare is certainly a huge treat for fans of the numerous webtoon characters featured within it, anime enthusiasts and strategy game lovers alike will easily be drawn into the game. For players who may not be that much familiar with the webtoon series of Hardcore Levelling Warrior God of Highschool, and Tower of God, or even the anime adaptation of the latter 2, Hero Cantare may very well generate much interest for players to look into these franchises.

The masterfully drawn character portraits and in-game renditions of each character, in combination with the explosive effects make for an exciting gameplay experience. Considering the plethora of game modes available in Hero Cantare as well, players will be treated to a wide variety of challenging content to take on, while continuously strengthening different heroes that suit each game mode best. Naturally, a huge chunk of the fun and challenge comes from collecting the heroes themselves, and choosing which ones to invest in as you develop the best team or teams to take on the numerous endeavors.

There is a lot to take in considering the game mechanics and features of Hero Cantare. If you just started diving into its world, we suggest that you first read our beginner’s guide. With its gacha method of obtaining characters, just like most mobile strategy RPGs, it is important to acquire and invest in the best heroes right from the start. Despite the randomness of pulls, you can still tweak your starting roster a bit by rerolling.

While some players prefer proceeding with their adventure immediately regardless of which heroes they initially obtain, checking our Hero Cantare tier list should provide you ample information on which heroes fare better than others. We also have our Hero Cantare team guide for some tips and ideas on how to build teams for the different game modes the game offers.

Despite the plethora of heroes available in the game, it is still possible for players to have the exact same teams they use in various game modes. In the arena, as an example, you may be matched with an opponent who has the same team but performs very differently than yours.

best equipment and relics in hero cantare

The thing is, character customization in Hero Cantare can tremendously impact each hero and each team’s performance and while set effects as well as relics may also involve some luck in securing, knowing what should work best for your favorite heroes can lead you to right path. Of course, it cannot be expected for everyone to immediately be able to secure all the suggested items for the specific heroes, but with some patience and some grinding, everyone can be expected to have what they need, more or less.

In this Hero Cantare guide, we will be focusing on the equipment sets and relics that we feel best suit each hero in the game. We understand that there are exclusive gears for some characters and we will not be delving into that. While we will be considering builds for general use, do note that different game modes in Hero Cantare may very well require you to build your heroes differently, meaning that both gear sets and relics may have to be switched in and out depending on the challenge at hand.

Before we proceed to the characters, it is important to familiarize yourself with some basic mechanics around both set gears and relics. For gears, having 2 or more of the same set triggers an effect. There are 8 different sets you can activate and these are Damage, Vitality, Destruction, Protection, Bloodsucking, Resistance, Guardian, and Crit Hit. Damage set increases attack. Vitality set boosts defense. Destruction set increases critical hit rate. Protection set provides a shield. Bloodsucking set works like drain and gives the hero a percentage of HP for every damage dealt. Resistance set works against debuffs. Guardian set boosts defense. Crit Hit set boosts critical damage the hero deals. With 6 gears and 2 of the same set required to activate an ability, the optional ratios to consider are 4:2 or 3:3.

As far as relics go, there are 2 points to consider. One is the stat boosts that activates as soon as the relic is equipped and the special effects that activate in battle. The latter is typically more important to consider but can have conditions that delimit its usage. Relics are also covered by a rarity system and expectedly, SS-grades typically offer better benefits. Note that for this guide, we considered the stats and other effects of each relic in their maxed out versions, which is at level 5 and upgraded to +20.

Black-March Bam [Tower of God – Damage – Light]

black-march bam hero cantare

Gear Set: Damage + Destruction – Relic 1: The Revolution – Relic 2: Double Dragon Kick

Black-March Bam is hugely popular in Hero Cantare for his damage-dealing capabilities and beyond his high attack stats, his crit rate is also highly bankable when his passive is unlocked so going for a set that further increases both crit rate and attack are best for him.

The Revolution is an exclusive relic for Black-March Bam and provides 1256 attack, 80 defense, and 714 HP. It boosts critical hit rate by 10% and critical damage by 20% for Light attribute heroes in battle. Double Dragon Kick gives 628 attack and 1478 HP but more importantly increases the attack of 2 chain skills by 15%.

Crusade Mira Yoo [God of Highschool – Damage – Light]

crusade mira yoo hero cantare

Gear Set: Damage + Crit Hit – Relic 1: Goblin King’s Pendant – Relic 2: Path of the Sword

As a very well-rounded damage-dealer, Crusade Mira Yoo likewise benefits more from equipment, artifacts, and relics that boost her ability to deal damage. Damage is practically a given set and with one of her passive that can guarantee a critical hit, boosting her critical damage will make her more powerful.

The chosen relics capitalize on Crusade Mira Yoo’s AoE attacks which are Ghost Sword: Zenith and Ghost Sword: Purge. For the latter, however, certain conditions must be met to trigger an AoE damage. Goblin King’s Pendant provides 628 attack and 60 defense and boosts damage by 15% when attacking all enemies. Path of the Sword gives 60 defense and 3059 HP and increases damage by 25% if the opponent’s HP is more than 50%.

Heavenly Warlord [God of Highschool – Damage – Light]

heavenly warlord hero cantare

Gear Set: Damage + Destruction – Relic 1: Monkey King’s Splendor – Relic 2: Irregular Hero Members

Another one of the top attackers in Hero Cantare, the awakened form of Jin Mori sports both single target attacks and an AoE skill. With his 1 chain skill, Staff Technique, Heavenly Warlord gains more chances to strike with its built-in counterattack. Giving him a damage set along with a destruction set to further boost his offensive strength will be the best option.

Monkey King’s Splendor is an SS-grade relic exclusively for Heavenly Warlord. It grants a 15% attack boost and 10 speed boost for Light Attribute heroes. Irregular Hero Members boost damage of single target attacks by 20%, further increasing the damage potential of both his 1 chain and 2 chain skills.

Hilda [Tetra Heroes – Damage – Dark]

hilda hero cantare

Gear Set: Vitality + Bloodsucking – Relic 1: Dragon’s Caring – Relic 2: Dark’s Influence

Damage-dealers or attackers are typically expected to be armed with a damage set, a destruction set, or a crit hit set but Hilda’s unique abilities and conditions around it make a vitality set and bloodsucking more suitable for her. Although more HP for Hilda may seem to counter the activation of Poisonous Drug, it will be in good support of her innate lifesteal ability from her 3 chain, Dimension Gate. Likewise, squeezing in a Bloodsucking set further boosts her survivability.

Dragon’s Caring boosts damage by 30% against debuffed enemies and works very much in harmony with Hilda’s 2 chain, Shadow Tread. Dark’s Influence, on the other hand will have its triggered effect of boosting critical rate by 10% at the same time that Poison Drug’s AoE poison infliction activates.

Jade Emperor Daewi Han [God of Highschool – Damage – Light]

jade emperor daewi han hero cantare

Gear Set: Damage + Vitality – Relic 1: Sage of the East – Relic 2: Protection of Lime

Jade Emperor Daewi Han is a versatile attacker in Hero Cantare and provides good support to his team. While banking on a damage set to increase his offensive strength is necessary, chipping in some vitality to boost his survivability and bolster the effects of his 3 chain, Haetae: Unicorn, makes for a perfect combination of sets.

Sage of the East is a relic exclusively available for Jade Emperor Daewi Han and grants a 5% attack boost as well as 20% HP boost, perfectly aligned to his gear sets. His high attack and HP stat makes Protection of Lime a perfect second relic as it provides health regen worth 35% of his attack at the start of the turn.

Maschenny [Tower of God – Damage – Fire]

maschenny hero cantare

Gear Set: Damage + Destruction – Relic 1: Goblin King’s Pendant – Relic 2: Path of the Sword

Burn, defense down, and stun all form part of Maschenny’s kit and here decent damage-dealing capability makes her a formidable member of any team in Hero Cantare. Further boosting her offensive strength with Damage and Destruction sets to increase attack and critical hit rate is the best way to go.

Given that both of Maschenny’s 1 chain and 3 chain skills deal AoE damage, with Maschenny: Spear Style being the ace up her sleeve, the same relics recommended for Crusade Mira Yoo works best for her as well. Goblin King’s Pendant ups AoE damage attacks by 15% while Path of the Sword boosts damage further by 25% if the opponent’s HP is more than 50%.

No-name [Hardcore Levelling Warrior – Support – Dark]

no-name hero cantare

Gear Set: Damage + Vitality – Relic 1: Crowned as Queen – Relic 2: Dark Secret of Nox

No-name sports decent damage for a support unit but her value comes from the wide range of support skills she can provide. Defense reduction, critical hit damage boost, and debuff removal and immunity fall within the scope of effects she can dish out. As her passive provides an attack and HP boost among critical hit rate and critical damage, further balancing out offense and defense with a damage and vitality set is the recommended build for her.

Crowned as Queen is an SS-grade relic exclusive to No-name and it gives her a 5% skill damage boost along with a 4% HP boost. This goes on top of the 1256 attack, 40 defense, and 3059 HP that it grants when equipped. Dark Secret of Nox grants her an 80% chance to gain 1 mana at the start of the turn, blending well with Captain’s Command, which conditionally provides mana recovery as well.

Witch of the West Mira Yoo [God of Highschool – Damage – Dark]

witch of the west mira yoo hero cantare

Gear Set: Damage + Destruction – Relic 1: Witch of the West – Relic 2: Path of the Sword

While Witch of West Mira Yoo does not excel in dealing raw damage, her poison afflictions that come with practically every skill she has more than makes up for it. As both raw damage and poison damage are based on her attack, boosting her offensive strength with both Damage and Destruction sets are most suitable.

Witch of the West is a relic that can only be used by Witch of the West Mira Yoo. This grants her 1256 attack, 40 defense, and 3059 HP. In battle, this will further boost her critical hit rate by 10% and her critical damage by 20%, which works well with her 2 chain, Moonlight Swordsmanship: Eternal Moonlight, and a Destruction gear set. Path of the Sword complements her 3 chain and special skills, which are both AoE skills.

Yeon’s Flame Khun [Tower of God – Support – Fire]

yeon's flame khun hero cantare

Gear Set: Damage + Destruction – Relic 1: Goblin King’s Pendant – Relic 2: Path of the Sword

With all his skills being AoE attacks along with team attack boosts and enemy speed reduction, it can be a tough decision to either balance out offense and defense as far as gear sets go or bank exclusively in offense. For us, though, boosting Yeon’s Flame Khun’s attack as well as his critical hit rate will be more efficient and attuned to his skillset.

With AoE attacks from 1 chain through 3 chain, both Goblin King’s Pendant and Path of Sword will further boost his damage outputs. The 15% AoE attack damage boost granted by the former will apply to each skill he uses and the latter relic will most likely have its effects triggered just the same.

Casey [Tetra Heroes – Damage – Fire]

casey hero cantare

Gear Set: Damage + Destruction – Relic 1: Irregular Hero Members – Relic 2: Double Dragon Kick

A decent damage-dealer with lots of debuffs in her kit, Casey is one of the top candidates for teams engaging in long battles. With her ability to inflict bleed status on top of raw damage, boosting Casey’s attack and critical hit rate becomes the best option.

Both of Casey’s 1 chain and 2 chain skills target a single enemy making Irregular Hero Members a good relic for her. With 2 chain, Rock N Roll causing more damage to begin with and the debuff it comes with, Double Dragon Kick will suit the second relic slot well.

Charlotte [Tetra Heroes – Damage – Dark]

charlotte hero cantare

Gear Set: Vitality + Destruction – Relic 1: Protection of Lime – Relic 2: Annihilation

Considered as a decent secondary attacker, Charlotte comes packed with a lot of status-inflicting debuffs as well as some supportive buffs for allies with the Darkness attribute. With a conditional passive that activates only when her HP is below 50% as well as having poor defense, it is important to give Charlotte more HP for survivability as well. To boost her damage potential as well, a Destruction set suits her better than a Damage set.

Protection of Lime will help Charlotte trigger her Dream-Eating Butterfly passive as it regenerates HP by 35% at the start of the turn. Annihilation boosts attack by 20% whenever her special EX gauge is full, boosting the AoE damage of Castle in the Air.

Chloris [Tetra Heroes – Healer – Nature]

chloris hero cantare

Gear Set: Guardian + Resistance – Relic 1: Fever Time – Relic 2: Haetae’s Munch Munch

Chloris is the best healer in Hero Cantare and like any other healer, does not need boosts on offensive strength and should rather focus on increasing her defensive strength and survivability. A Guardian set will increase her defense and giving her a Resistance set will boost her debuff resistance.

Fever Time is the best relic for any healer as it boosts allies’ recovery effect by 20%. Haetae’s Munch Munch may only provide an extra 6% HP boost on top of the 714 it grants once equipped but with some of Chloris’ skills effects dependent on her HP, it is better to equip over Using Skill! Binge! That grants 40 defense and 20% defense boost.

Flora [Tetra Heroes – Healer – Nature]

flora hero cantare

Gear Set: Guardian + Resistance – Relic 1: Fever Time – Relic 2: Haetae’s Munch Munch

Flora may not have as many healing skills like Chloris but offers debuff removal, status immunity, and shields for her allies. Guardian and Resistance sets are likewise recommended for her to ensure that she will be around longer to support her team.

The recommended relics for her are also the same with Chloris.

God-Killer Zero [Hardcore Levelling Warrior – Support – Fire]

god-killer zero hero cantare

Gear Set: Damage + Vitality – Relic 1: Dark Secret of Nox – Relic 2: Ominous Reunion

God-Killer Zero combines decent damage with powerful debuffs and her 3 chain, Rain of God Annihilation, is a dangerous skill to be on the receiving end of as it confuses an enemy unit and turn them against their allies. Balancing out offense and survivability is the best take on her so using a damage set and a vitality set is the best option.

Dark Secret of Nox leaves an 80% chance to regain 1 mana at the start of the turn and Ominous Reunion has a 50% chance of recovering 1 more mana after using a 3 chain skill. Given that God-Killer Zero’s 3 chain is likely to be the skill you would want to use often, then the extra mana recovery will suit her well.

Idol Rockcrawler [Tetra Heroes – Damage – Light]

idol rockcrawler hero cantare

Gear Set: Damage + Destruction – Relic 1: Goblin King’s Pendant – Relic 2: Double Dragon Kick

Idol Rockcrawler has powerful skill effects that rely on certain conditions but her skills do make each one relatively easy to pull off. She can stun once she generates 3 shooter seals and can also reduce the defense of enemies if she lands a critical hit with 2 chain. Her 1 chain also boosts her own critical rate. Given that her 2 chain is the one skill to focus on for its defense break effect, a destruction set to boost her critical rate even further is most important. Boosting her damage as well will exponentially increase her critical damage in tandem with the first set.

Goblin King’s Pendant suits Idol Rockcrawler for its 15% damage boost on AoE attacks and Double Dragon Kick increases the damage of Make Some Noise! even further.

Master Pooh Upooh [Hardcore Levelling Warrior – Support – Light]

master pooh upooh hero cantare

Gear Set: Guardian + Resistance – Relic 1: Spirit Transfer – Relic 2: Somewhere Between Enemies and Besties

Master Pooh Upooh is a decent debuffer that can seriously downgrade enemy units and she can temporarily revive a fallen ally. Like healers and most other support characters, the focus as far as stats are concerned, should be on increasing her survivability. A Guardian set to boost her defense stats and a resistance set to increase debuff resistance is the best way to go.

Spirit Transfer is exclusively usable by Master Pooh Upooh and comes with 157 attack, 80 defense and 6332 HP when equipped. In battle, it gives her 5% damage deflection and a 20% boost to HP. Somewhere Between Enemies and Besties gives allies 10% more defense and transfers 20% of the damage they suffer to Master Pooh Upooh. While this may not seem attractive given that Master Pooh Upooh is not a tank nor can take as much damage, her 15% damage deflection boost from her Witch of the Forest passive skill makes this a great relic to have on her.

White [Tower of God – Damage – Light]

white hero cantare

Gear Set: Damage + Bloodsucking – Relic 1: Double Dragon Kick – Relic 2: Path of the Sword

With his ability to boost his own crit rate, a conditional skill effect that can restore his HP, and a chance to stun, White is a damage-dealer that has a good mix of skills and abilities fit for almost all modes of battle. While a Destruction set may seem a better fit to further increase his crit rate, the additional crit rate gained from his 1 chain and passive should suffice to trigger the HP recovery from Deathly Sword of Heavenly Spirits and the conditional stun from Meteor Assassination. Bloodsucking is important to support his Specter Sword passive and boost his survivability as well.

Double Dragon Kick will boost the damage of his 2 chain attack and if it yields a critical hit, will also leave him more HP to leech. Path of the Sword also has a fair probability to trigger its effect since White’s 1 chain and 2 chain skills target 2 opponents.

Yuri Ha [Tower of God – Damage – Fire]

yuri ha hero cantare

Gear Set: Damage + Vitality – Relic 1: Double Dragon Kick – Relic 2: Irregular Hero Members

A decent damage-dealer with some supportive buffs for her allies, the best sets to lodge on to Yuri Ha should balance her offensive strength and her survivability. Despite boosting her attack with a Damage set, it should not negatively impact Needle Attack and Red Velvet Sword, which can deal additional damage to enemies that have higher attack stats as there is a higher chance that attackers in the opposing team will still have higher attack stats than her.

With Nuclear Punch being her best skill, which is a 2 chain, Double Dragon Kick can boost its damage further. Irregular Hero Members, with its 20% damage boost on single attacks, will impact both Yuri Ha’s Needle Attack and Nuclear Punch.

There are still plenty of heroes in Hero Cantare that we have not included in this guide but for now, this is where we will end our Hero Cantare Gear Guide. After reading through each of these heroes’ recommended gear sets and relics, especially considering some similarities across some characters’ gears based on their skills and roles, we feel that you will be able to figure out the best setups for your favorite heroes who are not on this list.

In any case, keep in mind that these considerations are for general use and adjustments ought to be made based on the game mode you will be using the heroes on. It may happen as well that Hero Cantare will introduce new relics in the future along with other content. If such will be the case, be sure to check on other relics and sets that may later on prove to be a better fit to your favorite heroes. If you have a different setup for some heroes and you would like to share them with us, feel free to do so via our comment section!