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Hero Cantare Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Dominate Each Battle

Hero Cantare is one of the most explosive RPGs out on both the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store now. If you are a fan of anime, manga, or Naver Webtoon, more specifically, then Hero Cantare is a definite treat for you. Numerous characters from 3 of the most popular action fantasy web comics clash together in this epic crossover strategy RPG. Heroes and villains from Hardcore Levelling Warrior, God of Highschool, and Tower of God all join in on the action as a unique story unfolds in Hero Cantare.

hero cantare tips

Hero Cantare combines exceptional anime graphics, explosive action sequences, and a plethora of features and game modes guaranteed to wow fans of the genre as well as impress even non-RPG enthusiasts. There is definitely a lot to learn as Hero Cantare has its share of unique mechanics but the tutorial you go through at the start of your dive into the game, as well as on each instance of new features unlocked, ensures that you will be able to grasp all the essential mechanics to partake in each one.

If you find yourself stuck in a particular challenge or simply raring to boost your team’s power and progress at a much efficient pace, then be sure to read on and check out our Hero Cantare beginner’s guide. In this article, we are going to share with you a bunch of tips, cheats and strategies for Hero Cantare to jumpstart your adventure!

1. Prioritize Story Progression

Although there really is not much story to go around within Hero Cantare’s Story Mode, it stands as the main game mode that you will first engage in as you dive into the game. The initial stages of the story mode serves as the perfect training ground to get to know the characters in your team and is the best avenue to earn the most basic resources to power up your favorite heroes and villains.

To begin with, each battle you clear earns you outright rewards and more can be obtained based on the star rating you earn after completing a level. The story mode also serves as a main source of experience points to level up your account and along with overall progression in the main story, your account level is also a key to unlocking other features and game modes Hero Cantare has to offer.

hero cantare story

There are several built-in features within the story mode you have to also pay attention to. The first, and potentially most important one lies with the city search function, which determines how much idle rewards you earn. Gold, level-up materials, EXP, and even treasure chests are gradually earned whether you are online or offline.

The first clear rewards you receive on each level also tremendously help you earn more resources faster. Be sure to take note of the requirements on each stage to earn a 3-star rating although for the most part, it involves clearing the level within a certain number of turns and keeping the entire party alive.

Do remember to claim rewards on the lower left side of the screen based on the number of start you have earned and remember to tap on the story rush icon at the upper left side to claim additional rewards. If you missed securing a 3-star victory on a stage, you can always go back to it via the region info button at the lower right side of the screen and select the stage you need to take on and tap the “move” button below the list.

You will constantly be earning resources to strengthen your party, which means that early on, you will continue to blast through most of the initial chapters of the story. Occasionally, you will be asked to look into newly unlocked game modes and features and you will b taken away from the story until you have engaged in the new activity.

As soon as you are good to go again, feel free to hop back into the story mode and progress as much as you can. When you finally have a hard time beating the opponents in the level, then that should be the only time to focus on strengthening your team and engaging in the rest of the game modes.

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Be sure to remember activating the quick city search button on the pre-battle screen at least once a day. Doing so will earn you 2 hours-worth of resources instantly. You can do this 10 times but the succeeding 9 times will cost gems while the first will only cost gold.

Note as well that as you complete region 6 in normal mode, you will be able to take on the hard mode of the story where more incredible rewards can be earned and you can have 5 heroes in your roster. As the mode’s name should speak for itself, be ready for the gap in difficulty between normal mode and hard mode. Likewise, it may not be as wise to heavily spend resources on a fifth character as you will only be needing 4 for most of the game modes, with the normal story being top priority.

2. Maintain A Balanced Team

Hero Cantare features many categories to classify the characters into different groups. Each character belongs to one of 5 different elements and 6 different types. For the most part, there are currently not much impact brought about by these categorizations except for some levels that may have restrictions as to which elements or types can be used. Beyond that, an important categorization to consider is the class or role that characters play in a team.

Your main team in most game modes are composed of 4 characters and coincidentally, Hero Cantare features 4 different basic classes. There are damage-dealers, tanks, healers, and support characters and each one is an important component of a basic 4-character team although there is always room for deviations.

There are more than 60 characters to unlock and collect in the game and while gacha will make it challenging for you unlock each one, you will eventually have most of them with some time and patience invested into the game. Characters are also covered by a rarity system and naturally, these will indicate how strong a character is as far as stats and skills go.

how to assemble a powerful team in hero cantare

With the special events and early rewards, you will have enough essences of dimension to purchase 10x cubes. Beyond that, there is also a guaranteed SS rarity hero that you can acquire early on from a guaranteed pull and you can reroll as many times as you want to obtain one of the best SS rarity hero for your team. If you have played several RPGs with gacha methods of acquiring units before, then you should already be familiar with rerolling, in any case, we will give you a brief rundown of how to reroll efficiently in Hero Cantare.

The prerequisite is that you have to initially play the game as a guest. As You finish stage 1-3 of the story mode, you will have more than enough essences of dimensions to do a 10x summon. There are some very lucky people who are able to obtain more than 1 SS rarity characters in one 10x draw but with a 3% drop rate, you should probably be happy to get 1.

In any case, if you are not happy with what you get, you can tap on the gear icon at the upper right corner of the main screen, go to account settings and reset data. On the other hand if you like what you get, continue on for 2 more battles and you will eventually be prompted to take the 1-time roll that guarantees an SS-tier hero. At the very least, you should have 2 SS-grade characters before proceeding further in your adventure.

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Hopefully, the 2 SS-grade heroes you have are characters belonging to distinct classes. To ensure that you have a well-balanced team, bank on S-grade characters that compliment your top heroes. Again, it is best to go for a full team that has each of the classes represented, especially for beginners, but feel free to deviate if you want to experiment on a different team approach. Hero Cantare is a game designed where different characters and teams excel in different game modes. This means that no same team will be best for each one so always be ready to make some changes later on.

3. Be Selective When Enhancing Heroes

With several heroes to fill your hero roster in just a short time, it will become a challenge in itself to choose which from among your collection ought to be invested in. There are various resource materials needed to continuously strengthen each hero, and for the most part, these resources are limited.

There are always enough means to continuously earn any of the needed items but given that the volume of each one required grows as heroes reach new levels, it is always best to spend every bit of them wisely and opt to be very selective instead when it comes to strengthening heroes.

how to enhance heroes in hero cantare

For starters, only focus on your top 4 heroes first and given that some current members of your team are temporary fillers who may be replaced by better or higher tier characters later on, limit upgrades on them banking on your current needs.

Heroes basically require gold and level-up materials to level up. Each one can only be leveled up to a cap or a limit but this limits can be extended by consuming gold, advancement materials , and elemental shards specific to the hero’s elemental affinity. In this regard, it will be better to consider heroes belonging to different elemental affinities as it will be a challenge to focus farming specific element shards and you would not want 2 or more heroes sharing the need for the same shards.

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Beyond levelling up, a huge boost that can be added to your hero’s strength is through ranking them up. This is the process of raising a hero’s star grade and requires extra memory stones of the specific hero that you can obtain if you draw them again from the gacha, elemental shards, and memory stones. Again with the elemental shards, you may earn a lot for a particular element but will hardly enough to sustain the growth of just one hero within the same elemental group.

4. Plan Ahead With The Awaken Skill Tree

One great way of customizing each character in your roster, on top of powering them up, is the awakening feature in Hero Cantare. You can find this on the character window and can proceed to invest in it once you earn enough memory stones. It will be a long and hard journey for one character to progress in terms of awakening and you have to spread your resources as well across heroes in your main team. As such, it is important to plan carefully in terms of choosing upgrades as some are more valuable than others.

hero cantare awaken skill tree

Once you visit a hero’s awakening skill tree, you can tap on each node to see what it can do. Naturally, you can only invest in connected nodes so the faster a node is from the center, the more memory stones it will take you to get there.

Note that some nodes require elemental shards as well so as far as reasons to go for heroes with different elemental affinities, you have more than enough. Most nodes provide stat increases to the hero but the more important ones unlock a relic slot, a new skill, claims an exclusive relic, or even grant a unique passive ability.

Be sure to browse through each node, most especially those that have a unique symbol. Unlocking new skills and relic slots ought to be your priority so be sure to map out how to get to those nodes with the fewest investments prior. For efficiency, you should to invest in a hero’s awakening bonus only if you are certain that the hero will stay in your main team, or at the very least will be useful to you all the way to the late or end game.

5. Choose And Upgrade The Right Gear Sets, Artifacts, And Relics

No hero enhancement in any RPG is complete without an equipment system that needs to be collected or crafted, enhanced, or even customize in some cases. In Hero Cantare, gears play a vital role not just in further strengthening heroes, but also in customizing how each one is built. There are various means of acquiring gears in Hero Cantare, but beyond their rarity grade, what you should focus on is finding the right set of gears for each of your heroes.

hero cantare upgrades

There may be a limit to the sets you can equip early on but you will eventually be able to have enough for at least your main team. In any case, consider the set effects and push to have each hero wear a set each, even if the sets you have may not necessarily be the best set for them yet.

One of the best features of Hero Cantare comes in the way gears can be upgraded. Having similar copies of the same gear and some gold are the only requirements to take it to the next level. Even if you are unable to secure a lot of high rarity gears, farming for lower level ones and upgrading them accordingly can eventually land you the best gears.

The forge at the main screen is where you can craft artifacts and relics. You need to sacrifice gears to craft an artifact and hero shards to craft a relic. Crafting takes time depending on the rarity of the item being crafted but additional slots for crafting can be unlocked by reaching certain levels and paying a large amount of gold and the last one can be purchased with gems.

Note that you need to unlock both relic slots of each hero through their awaken tree. Both artifacts and relics will require you to sacrifice materials to upgrade them. You may have a short supply of either one at the early part of your adventure so be sure that you are investing in ones that have long-term usefulness before you begin investing in them.

6. Expend Attempts On All Other Game Modes

Hero Cantare features a plethora of additional game modes that each has unique mechanics and rewards. While progressing through the main story and reaching higher account levels stand as your primary focus in your adventure, an efficient way to progress, especially as far as raising more power is concerned, requires active participation in every game mode that you have unlocked.

The Dimension Gap is a fairly easy game mode to accomplish on a daily basis. Different difficulty levels are available based on your level and once you choose which one to challenge, you have to see it through until reset. The objective here is to defeat 10 stages with each one becoming more challenging than the previous one. Each hero’s HP do not refill in-between levels so you may want to consider healers in your party. Each stage you defeat earns you EXP and unlocks a treasure chest that contains gold and other resources.

hero cantare tips

The dimension crack holds five unique stages each with its own limited entries per day. Gold, level up materials , and elemental shards can be earned from here. A maximum of 3 tickets will recharge and each consumption can push you to clear 3 to 4 levels. A 100% reward boost is granted on a specific stage each day.

The Hero Dungeon is another unique game mode that allows you to farm specific hero memories. The battles itself are easy but the challenging requirement is that you need to unlock the hero first to begin his dungeon. Naturally, each next level dungeon grows in difficulty, requiring you to invest a bit in the heroes you wish to use in this dungeon.

The Trial Tower is like most tower modes in RPGs but with a bit of a twist. You can only take on a tower floor once, unless you fail to beat it on your first run. You can push as high as you want and tickets will not be consumed. Instead, you can spend tickets to claim rewards of a stage you have previously beaten. Heroes can earn buffs within the tower based on their attack type.

The Advent Boss is among the game modes you should not miss on a daily basis. This game mode consumes adventure tickets but can earn you boss materials that you need to craft boss equipment and relics. Your first 3 successful runs within this mode earns you extra rewards, so even if you are crunched for time, be sure to push for 3 attempts.

7. Join A Guild As Soon As You Can

Guilds, clans, alliances, factions, or similarly-named player groups has become an integral part of every online RPG, or even games belonging into other genres that offer cooperative gameplay. While players can enjoy such games exclusively on their own, being a part of a group that works towards achieving a certain goal adds to the attractiveness of the game’s overall package and likewise provides various advantages for each member.

In every game where guilds are available, it is never a question of whether or not you should join one as every guild system provides, at the very least, a distinct advantage over progressing the game entirely on your own.

hero cantare guild

In Hero Cantare, it can be a little more challenging to join a guild or create one. If you feel that you can lead a guild and have a million gold to spare, then choose to start your own guild. Otherwise, you should choose from among the various guilds that have vacancies and wait for 24 hours to be accepted.

The downside is you cannot apply to any other guild while you have a pending application with one guild. With this, you should choose to apply to join a guild that has a lot of vacancies and at the same time has a lot of active members.

Once you have been accepted to a guild, you can already claim attendance rewards. Be sure to donate the maximum amount of 5x as these resources will contribute to the guild’s growth. The Guild Labyrinth is one of the extra game modes that you can only access if you are a member of any guild.

This game mode takes the guild through a series of guild bosses that must be taken down through everyone’s effort. Each member has 3 attempts to battle the boss and this battle is unique in that it requires a party of six characters.

Do not be discouraged if you hardly scratch the guild boss as these bosses are designed to be super strong and would require a lot of attacks before going down. There are various activities to engage in as a member of any guild so be sure to be active enough and contribute as much as you can to boost your guild’s strength.

8. Accomplish Daily Missions For Extra Rewards

Beyond the passive rewards you earn from the story mode and hordes of immediate rewards you obtain from other quests and battles you engage in, there are plenty more of rewards you can earn by accomplishing daily missions. It may be hard to notice at first given the plethora of activities you need to partake in as you venture into Hero Cantare but as soon as you can, be sure to check daily objectives by clicking on the checklist icon at the upper rights side of the screen.

hero cantare daily missions

Daily missions are very easy to accomplish especially considering that each one directly relates to the usual activities you should engage in on a day-to-day basis. Each task you complete earns you experience points along with extra resources and completing the whole list grants extra rewards as well. Consider looking at the list if you are still new to the game to have it serve as a guide for you in identifying features or game modes you should spend some time on.

9. Push To Progress In Hero Road And Relay Missions

Hero Cantare can actually be enjoyed regardless of how much time you can spend on it. While the idle rewards that accumulate for 24 hours ensures that you will always have progress, actively playing most especially on the first few days ensure that you will progress faster.

Beyond accomplishing daily quests, be sure to look into the Hero Road and Relay Missions found at the upper left side of the main screen as both these features provide excellent rewards that can tremendously boost your progress in the game.

hero cantare hero road

The Hero Road is a point system rewards mechanic where your accomplishments from progressing through the main story, hero awakening, and participating in arena matches all earn you points. As the points you accumulate reach a certain milestone, you will be rewarded with various valuable resources as well as heroes that you can claim from the Hero Road.

The Relay Missions, on the other hand, provides various tasks that each relate to a different aspect of the game. On top of the handsome rewards you can earn from clearing each objective, the list itself is a very useful guide to walk you through each of Hero Cantare’s many features.

Note that you need to accomplish all tasks in one group before you can begin taking on the next one. In most cases, though, you will accomplish other objectives on succeeding sets of tasks but will only be able to claim your rewards once you have unlocked them.

10. Use Chain Skills Effectively

One of Hero Cantare’s unique features stand at the core of its battle mechanics. Each hero’s skills in combat are represented by cards and stacking cards together result in unleashing different skills. Typically the most basic skill is activated with one card and the most powerful ones can be unleashed by stacking 3 of the same cards.

hero cantare chain skills

If you typically engage auto mode in battle, you may notice that the A.I. stacks skill cards as long as mana covers it, disregarding avenues for any strategic plays. As you will have to do better on more challenging battles later on, you will have to employ manual controls and strategize around activating each skill.

Be sure to read through the skills of each hero you use in battle especially since some of them have basic skills that are very useful in setting up the efficiency or power of higher level skills. In essence, do not proceed with a battle simply merging skill cards and spamming level 3 skills and instead look at how your full team’s skills synchronize in combat.

11. Check Your Inventory For Consumable Items

With the many features and game modes that you will be spending some time in as you continue with your adventure and path towards power in Hero Cantare, it may happen that you will become too preoccupied with numerous battles in that you may forget about taking a peak in your growing inventory.

hero cantare inventory

For beginners, it is important to get to know thye various items that you collect and highlighting each one of them in your bag can provide you a short description. Be sure to read through what each one can do as there may be items or resources that you have not utilized yet.

Note that not all rewards you obtain from all sources are automatically usable. Some rewards come in the form of chests or other consumables that unlock the real reward once you open or consume them. For the most part, it is best to use these items sooner than later especially since every bit of power you earn can help you progress faster in the game.

And that sums up all the tips and strategies we have come up for Hero Cantare. We hope that you learned a lot of useful tips and tricks in those topics we touched on. If you have played Hero Cantare extensively enough and have likewise stumbled upon a tip or strategy that we have not included in our guide, we welcome you to share them with us!