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Idle Hole (Voodoo) Cheats, Tips & Tricks to Make Billions and Unlock All Skins

Idle Hole is the much-awaited spinoff to Voodoo’s game. The French developer, which is responsbile for a number of hit mobile titles, such as Balls Rotate, Crowd City and Roller Splat!, has just released Idle Hole which gives you the same insatiable black hole that wants to eat everything in its path, only this time around, you get the relaxed gameplay of idle gaming. You will no longer have to frantically run around the map in order to feed the black hole because it will move on its own. You can still switch its lane and move it sideways to guide it to more buildings if you feel like playing actively, though.

As with any idle game, you get to upgrade the hole in different ways in order to improve its building-eating capacity. You also get to prestige when you’re ready in exchange for permanent bonuses to your stats. Are you ready to gobble up the entire city? Be sure to read our Idle Hole cheats, tips and tricks below before jumping in!

1. Size Does Matter

idle hole tips

If you played the original game, you will know that the hole is not able to eat everything right away. You start off with a small hole, so you can only eat objects that are smaller. If it’s the same size, you will end up dragging the object with you. If the object or structure is larger, you will slide under it instead. Start off with smaller targets. Unlike with the original game where the hole automatically gets bigger as you eat more, you will need to upgrade the hole size. The bigger the hole, the more structures it will be able to eat. That means the size of your income grows with it. Make sure you prioritize hole size when it comes to upgrades because it has the biggest impact on your progress in the game.

2. Increase The Sucking Power

As you progress in Idle Hole, you will notice that smaller objects tend to get sucked into the hole. You can increase this ability by upgrading hole gravity. Remember, any ability that allows you to eat more is good. Since the hole gravity option makes objects fly towards you, it is a great way to boost your earning potential. Invest in this upgrade whenever you can.

3. Focuns On Upgrades

NOS is the active skill of your hole. Tapping on it will increase the rate of consumption for a limited time. The more you upgrade this option, the longer the boost will last. You can also upgrade the regeneration rate to make the bar fill up faster. This will allow you to use the boost more often. This upgrade isn’t as important as the first two because you will have to actively play to get the most out of the NOS boost. Invest in it only if you plan on being active a lot.

4. Offline Earnings Are Meh

This is one upgrade that you can skip unless you plan on spending most of your time offline. The upgrade only increases the number of hours that you can stay offline. The amount you earn still depends on the size and gravity upgrades. You can easily bypass the time limitation on your earnings by simply logging in more often. If you have nothing else to upgrade, though, feel free to drop some gold on it. You can upgrade it up until you have enough time to earn throughout your sleep, so you don’t miss out on gold at night.

5. Connect To Level Up

The level-up bar fills up as you eat more buildings. Once it is full, you can claim a new level along with some bonus rewards. There is a catch though. You are allowed to play the game without internet connection for as much as you want, but you won’t be able to level up until you are online. Make sure you connect to the internet whenever the level-up bar is full, so you can take advantage of the added bonuses right away.

idle hole tricks

Another reason to stay connected when you level up is that the game gives you an ad offer when you’re connected. If you accept, a video advertisement will play, and you will receive a 5x boost afterwards. This is a good way to earn a massive amount of gold that you can use for upgrades, so make sure you take advantage of it every time you level up.

6. Double Your Offline Income, Here’s How

While we are on the topic of watching ads, you should also make sure you are connected to the internet if you are about to log into the game after a long break. If you are online, you will receive an ad offer that will double your offline earnings in exchange for watching a video. This option will always be available whenever you log back into the game while online, but it’s only worth it if you were away for several hours. If you just closed the game for a few minutes, feel free to skip the ad offer.

7. Prestige As Often As Possible

For those who are new to idle games, prestige means starting the game over. You do this in order to gain permanent boosts in the game. You get your first prestige opportunity at level 25, and it will boost your gold earnings to 50x. You get another prestige option at level 50. Don’t feel bad about starting over because you will be able to easily earn back all the progress you lost. The boost you earn from prestige will always be worth the progress you give up.

8. Watch Out For Stars And Gems

idle hole cheats

As you go through the game, you will notice stars and gems. Make sure you take time to pick them up as they will give you boosts. The gems will give you a whole lot of points while the stars will give you a temporary 2x boost. Pick them up whenever you see them because it they will help you in progressing a lot faster.

9. How To Unlock All The Skins

There are several skins available in the game, but you will have to unlock them if you want to switch. Keep in mind that skins are purely aesthetic, so you won’t gain any benefits by using them. It would still be fun to be able to switch skins around depending on your mood, so we listed all the skins and how to acquire them. Check out the list below for more information.

Hole 1: Unlocked by default. This is the first skin

Hole 2: Unlocked by eating 50 large objects. Upgrade your hole size to be able to eat bigger objects. You would usually need to prestige first to be big enough to try to unlock this.

Hole 3: Unlocked by eating 200 medium objects. Upgrade the hole size two to three times to be able to eat medium-sized objects.

Hole 4: Eat 500 small objects. Upgrading hole gravity makes this easier to achieve.

Hole 5: Unlocked by playing the game for three consecutive days.

Hole 6: Unlocked by playing for seven consecutive days.

Hole 7: You can unlock this by collecting a total of 1 million gold. Even if you spend the gold, as long as you have already earned it, it will still count towards unlocking this skin.

Hole 8: Unlock this by collecting a total of 1 billion gold.

Hole 9: Acquired by eating a total of 5,000 objects regardless of size

Hole 10: Unlocked by reaching level 10. This is one of the easiest to unlock because you level up even during the tutorial

Hole 11: Unlock this by playing until you reach level 25

Hole 12: Unlock this by playing until you reach level 50

Hole 13: Eat a total of 1,000 large building. It is possible to achieve this after your first prestige, but it will be much easier after the second prestige.

Hole 14: Eat a total of 5,000 medium objects. Just as with the one above, you can achieve this without the second prestige, but it will be easier if you try it after.

Hole 15: Eat a total of 100,000 small objects. It will take you a long time, but all you have to do is upgrade your gravity as much as you can and keep playing. You will eventually be able to unlock this.

You are now ready to obliterate entire cities in Idle Hole! Just remember the tips and tricks we shared above and you will be earning billions in no time! If you have anything to add, please let us know below in the comments!