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LifeAfter Miska University Guide: Tips, Tricks & Strategies to Complete Miska University

Living in the apocalypse isn’t easy, and the only way for humanity to survive is through cooperation. In NetEase’s survival mobile game LifeAfter, working with others is an inevitable thing. The game does a great job of creating a challenging dynamic where players will have to team up in various scenarios in order to progress further. There are camps, teams, public bosses, raids, and other events that encourage players to band together in a common goal. Miska University is one such scenario.

It is a repeatable instanced dungeon that will require you to be part of a team in order to enter. The dungeon takes you to a university that has been overrun by zombies. Your mission is to rescue the people who are trapped inside. Miska University runs are great for getting gold bars and combat experience, but it’s easy for new players to get lost and overwhelmed. Make sure you are prepared by reading our LifeAfter tips and tricks for completing Miska University!

1. Find Good Teammates

how to find good teammates in lifeafter

If you are going to Miska University for the first time as part of your Newbie Guide, you are probably not strong enough to survive there. You will need the help of veterans to get through it or you will find yourself struggling. Try to join existing teams or form a team then advertise it on the World channel. It’s even better if you are part of a Camp because you can just ask the stronger members to help you out. If you don’t have a Camp yet, and want to learn more about it, just check out our LifeAfter camp guide we published earlier.

Even if you are strong enough to take on Miska University, it is still ideal that you choose decent teammates. Miska University runs are timed, and the faster you complete it, the better. The dungeon does not change, so if you find teammates who already know what to do, you can split up and find the objectives a lot faster.

2. Don’t Be Afraid to Shoot

Miska University is the best place to try out your new guns. Don’t be afraid to use your strongest weapons here because the durability cost is greatly reduced. There will be hordes of zombies inside, so you will take a lot of damage if you use your weaker weapons. Your damage contribution is also recorded, and future teammates will see your highest contribution record. You wouldn’t want to be caught with a single-digit best and look like dead weight. That’s a sure way to get kicked out of high-level teams.

3. Bring Multiple Guns

lifeafter guns

As we said earlier, there will be tons of zombies here. You won’t have time to put down an ammo box and reload while the zombies are pouring in. Having multiple guns will allow you to quickly cycle through them if one runs out of ammo. The real reason you should bring several guns, however, is the Fine Ammo Box that you pick up for free inside the university. All items that you pick up in the university will be destroyed upon completion, but this does not apply to ammo. You can get a free reload of all your advanced weapons here. Just don’t forget to reload one last time before you board the exit helicopter.

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4. Unlock Your Ammo Box

lifeafter ammo box

Remember that Fine Ammo Box that you picked up? It will have more than enough ammo to accommodate multiple players. Your teammates will most likely pick up their own Fine Ammo Boxes as well, but that’s no reason to lock your ammo box. Set your ammo box to be available for all teammates, so that anyone who needs to reload can do so quickly. This will be crucial during the auditorium defense part of the dungeon because you will have multiple waves of Infected coming at you. All members of your team should set down their ammo boxes at strategic locations, so that anyone who runs out of ammo can easily fall back, reload, then run right back to battle.

5. Take A Drone With You

lifeafter drone

If you have reached Manor level 6, you will have access to drones. Drones make quick work of zombies and bookshelves, making it easier for you to complete your runs. Combat Drones are especially useful here as they can obliterate entire hordes of zombies in a couple of seconds. Healing Drones are also useful since you will probably take damage considering the number of zombies running around the university. If you don’t know how to get your own drone, you can check out our LifeAfter drone guide to learn how to build one.

6. Look For Safe Spots

There are several safe spots throughout the university that will help you survive. In the initial area, you will see a broken truck on the side of the road. Jump up on top of it, so you can shoot the incoming zombies without getting grabbed. Inside the university, you can hop up on some of the bookshelves to keep the zombies at bay. This is also a good place to hide while you send out your drone to kill the zombies and destroy the bookshelves.

7. How To Go Through The Dorm

In LifeAfter, a lot of newbies get stuck when they reach the dorm because the correct path isn’t obvious. When you enter the dorm, go to the end of the hallway until you reach the broken wall. Go out through the broken wall and you will see a yellow ladder. Climb up the ladder to the second floor. Once there, open the second dorm room door and you will see a hole in the wall. Jump off from the second floor through this hole. Run to the right side of the fence to find the path to the next area.

8. Don’t Forget Frida

lifeafter frida

This is another part where people usually get stuck. When your objective changes to “Escort the caravan member to the auditorium”, make sure you don’t just run off straight to where the yellow marker is. The caravan member you are supposed to escort is Frida. The annoying thing here is that she will stop moving if you go too far ahead. It’s easy to lose track of her because this is also the part where you encounter a lot of zombies running towards you. If you lose Frida, just clear the zombies first then run around until you find here. She will have a yellow arrow on top of here, so you will be able to spot her through the fog.

Miska University runs are essential to your progress in LifeAfter. Get through them easily with the help of the tips and tricks listed above! If you know any other tips for surviving Miska University, please let us know in the comment area below!