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Flying Arrow (Voodoo) Cheats, Tips & Tricks to Improve Your High Score

You’ve probably asked yourself on many occasions what’s the most medieval way of showing my friends that I’m better than them? Lucky for us Voodoo, one of the top easy-to-play game developers has provided us with a solution and that comes in the form of Flying Arrow. The French casual gaming company has delivered other huge hits in the mobile space in the past such as Flappy Dunk, Snake VS Block, and just to name a few.

Flying Arrow comes with a refreshingly simple objective: shoot your arrow as far as humanly possible and land in the centre of a target for maximum points. With such a delightfully simple gameplay premise and a clean design in a 3D world Flying Arrow is a quick-to-learn, fun-to-play game. Flying Arrow is a great coin collecting, archery title that also incorporates idle play so we can earn those precious coins whilst we sleep.

Voodoo hasn’t stuffed this game with content and let it play out as neatly as you’d expect. With a couple of RPG elements that can be seen in other Voodoo games such as Jackhammer Tower, Flying Arrow is a great time killer game and with our guide below we can get you that little leg-up on your friends.

1. Getting Your Hands On That Gold

Gold is the ultimate in-game currency and your main focus early in the game. There are 3 ways to get gold in Flying Arrow. The most basic reward from an arrow is acquired when the arrow lands in the ground or game environment such as trees or fences.

Stepping up the rewards: red targets. Red targets reward a x2 multiplier when hitting the outer rings of the target with a healthy x4 bonus for those sought-after bull’s-eyes.

Your real crème of the crop is gold targets. These heavenly targets reward x5 gold for the outer rings and a mouth-watering x10 for hitting a bulls-eye. All of the multipliers are directly related to the distance your arrow has travelled, a greater distance means greater rewards. Hitting the closest and easiest targets is a good pay off but only for so long.

After every arrow, you get to collect your reward and you’re offered the chance to double it for a 30-second ad watch. This is great when you’re really desperate for those coins but once you’ve built up your stats we recommend that you only use this offer when you’re hitting those x4 and x10 bull’s-eyes.

2. Hitting Those Targets

Whilst hitting targets does sound easy, trust me you’ll find yourself hitting trees, houses or even missing the targets completely due to the drag aiming sensitivity. The trick for guiding your arrow to gold glory is only moving when you absolutely have to. Once you’ve fired a few arrows you’ll start to get a feel for the map and the best paths to take in order to avoid as many obstacles as possible and hit those easier targets.

Whilst shooting arrows at max power is a go-to move early on, once you’ve boosted your strength a bit you may find yourself falling short of some good targets areas. Whilst in these types of ruts adjust your power bar accordingly and hit the targets you know are within range until you can get enough coins together for that extra boost.

Playing around with the power is great and will give you a real sense of what you can and can’t hit. Just remember that the power bar isn’t a linear level so as your strength increases so does your range meaning that a half bar may have got you to a certain target earlier in the game but now shoot you halfway across the map!

3. Offline play

Flying Arrow also has idle play mode so you’ll keep earning whilst you’re offline. This is amazingly helpful for both players that don’t have much time to commit to firing a barrage of arrows down range and us players who won’t stop until we’re topping that leaderboard. You can actually boost how much you earn from this in-game in exchange for coins. Invest heavily in your offline earnings when first starting out in the game just a single night of idle coin collecting will reap huge rewards allowing you to significantly up your strength level and compete with records set by your friends. This is also a reason you need to boost your offline earnings early on, to get that little bit ahead of your competition. After a week you’ll be gunning for that number 1 spot on the leaderboard.

4. Strength Vs Offline Earnings

When it comes to making the most of your game time in Flying Arrow you want to invest in each stat booster at different points throughout the day. When you first load up the game for a good playing session, spend your gold coins on your strength stat so you can start hitting some of those further targets and achieving those multipliers. Once you know you’re going to be taking a break from flinging arrows into the town across the road, start saving the gold you’ve managed to acquire and put it all into your offline earning stat before logging out. This simple schedule will maximise both you’re on and offline earnings.

5. Benefits Of Firing Straight And True

The golden rule of Flying Arrow is aim straight down the middle. This will help you to get a good perspective of the map and obstacle layout, help you avoid early scattered obstacles such as trees and fences and most importantly, it’ll maximise your distance achieved which is what your entire competitive rank is based off on.

Hopefully, with our above guide, you’ll be well on your way circling the globe with your overpowered arrows, filling your boots with a ridiculous amount of gold coins and most importantly, absolutely dwarfing your friends’ scores with your new medieval know-how. Don’t forget to keep an eye on the leaderboard as you don’t want your friends creeping ahead, now go and get that gold!


Monday 11th of June 2018

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