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Yes, it’s another one of those “.io” games, and compared to the multitude of such titles on mobile app stores these days, takes the more casual route. Voodoo’s new game for Android and iOS is similar to your average .io title as you will be competing against players from all over the world in massively multiplayer action, and the premise in here is quite a simple one – all you have to do is conquer the largest territory. That shouldn’t be much of a problem at first, but as Voodoo warns, the game can get progressively harder as you continue competing against all sorts of real-life, breathing opponents. And, for another similarity to multiple .io titles, your weakness here is your “tail,” which means you get killed the moment an opponent touches you.

Since its release, has spawned tons of games that follow in its massively multiplayer footsteps, but offer a great deal more simplicity than the games you normally think about when the acronym “MMO” is mentioned. This is the latest one of them, so with that said, let’s get to what you’ve clicked the link for – a list of tips and tricks for taking over more of the board and beating more players.

1. Getting Down To The Basics

For the benefit of those who have never played .io games before, is played by moving in a rectangular shape, then moving right back into your respective color area on the board. Creating a closed shape effectively locks in the shape and makes it into your own territory. You will have to defend that territory, though, and make sure you stay alive, because getting killed or having another player encroach on your space and take it over will cause you to lose it.

2. How To Defend Your Space Against Others

As for defending your territory from anyone who may want to take it over, you will have to go right through their transparent line, should they be outside their territory. That’s going to cut the line and take them out of the board, though you should also be aware that if somebody does the same thing to you, you are effectively dead and off the board completely. The only exception would be watching an ad video when prompted, so as to give you another life, so make sure you watch those videos if you were able to take over a large amount of territory before dying.

3. What Happens If You Crash Into Other Players?

White territory represents neutral ground on the board, and if you crash into another player if you’re both in that neutral part of the board, you will both be killed, unless you’re able to act quickly and move back to your territory within a square of getting hit. Now if you crash headfirst into another player while inside your territory, that will kill your opponent, while you survive. Crashing into another player in their territory will kill you, conversely.

4. How To Lure Players Into Your Lair

Take note about the rule of thumb when crashing headfirst into others while on friendly ground; not too many players are aware of this, and tend to play things too safe. So if you can, move around in such a way that you’re drawing your opponent into friendly ground. The best way to do this would be to play it coy; don’t appear too obvious when moving around, and try not to focus too hard on the other player, because if they see you’re on to them, you won’t have a chance to lure them to friendly ground.

5. How to Earn More Coins

Last, but not the least, you may also be interested in learning about the coin-earning mechanic in – just how do you earn yourself some in-game currency? Coin totals are tallied at the end of each round, and will be based on the amount of space you took up, and the number of opponent characters you killed, with each kill being worth at least 30 coins. Base coins for the percentage of territory taken up at the end of a round will be eight coins per one percent should you have more than 5 percent of the territory.

That may sound like a lot of numbers to crunch, but to keep it simple with our example, you could find yourself earning a ton of coins if, say, you’re able to end your run with 20 percent of the territory or more, with a good number of kills on top of that.

These would be our tips and tricks for If you know more hints for the game, let us know below in the comment section!