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Miniclip’s or Agario is essentially the iOS and Android version of the popular browser game where you start out with a little cell, and make that cell grow bigger and bigger as you eat other players. But that’s where the challenge lies – you’ll be playing against others, and that means you too could be eaten, and used as a means to make your opponents bigger. But if you survive long enough in this game, you just might become the largest cell out there, the scourge of every other cell.

You may or may not be familiar with the browser version, but regardless of your experience playing the game (or lack thereof), you could use these awesome cheats and tips to succeed in the game.

1. Hide Behind Viruses Early In The Game

In, you start out as the smallest of cells, and this could be quite daunting as you see larger cells floating around and coming your way to chomp on you. If you find yourself chased by a larger cell and are seemingly painted into a corner, with the cell going your way and a virus getting in the way of things as well, you can move in such a way that the big blob comes in contact with the virus. If a blob is bigger than the virus, the virus can break the cell into smaller pieces if they come in direct contact. Hide behind the virus and you stand a solid chance of luring the large blob to trouble.

2. Paint Your Opponents Into A Corner

Earlier, we talked about early situations where you may seem cornered. But what if we tell you it’s sound strategy to corner your opponents?’s playing space isn’t as freewheeling as it seems, and you can actually trap smaller cells into the edges, allowing you to eat them up as they find themselves painted into the proverbial corner.

3. Splitting Could Pay Off When You’ve Grown In Size

If you’re one of the larger cells in the playing field, then it might actually be a better idea to split into smaller pieces. Once you’ve split, you can move around faster and swallow up smaller blobs.

4. Don’t Split Into More Than Two Cells In The Advanced Stages

Once you’ve reached the game’s more advanced stages, it might not be advantageous anymore to have so many smaller cells. That’ll leave you more vulnerable to attack, and make it more likely for you to get eaten by competing blobs.

5. Be Slippery

Regardless of where you are in, it’s a good idea to be slippery in your movements. What do we mean by this? We mean the use of misdirection – tricking your opponents into thinking you’ll be going one way, but actually going the other after faking them out for about a half-second. This works splendidly against the bigger, slower cells that won’t be able to move quick enough to chomp on you and turn you into lunch.