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1010! World Cheats & Strategy Guide: 4 Amazing Tips to Help You Solve Puzzles Smartly

1010! World is Gram Games’ follow-up to 1010! Puzzle, which is available for iOS and Android mobile devices. However, this new game is only available for iOS at the moment, and if you played the first game on your iPhone and iPad, you’ll undoubtedly be familiar with the game’s mechanics and features. This game is an addictive puzzler that takes you through Cubeland, albeit with new puzzles, new levels, and new features that make it a worthy sequel to the original title. Chief among these new features include the new bonus cubes, which you can use to get past certain obstacles.

If you’re having some difficulty completing these new levels or dealing with the updated challenges and obstacles, our compilation of 1010! World cheats and tips may be of help to you.

1. Have A Concrete Action Plan

You’ll be given three block choices to select from, meaning you have three different options at the start of each level in the game. Study the board carefully, and visualize how the placement of the segments would have an impact on how you place the other two pieces. Think of how you can avoid making wasteful moves, and complete rows and columns in hopes of clearing up more space. That’s going to give you more points, and more importantly, more ways in which you can place the pieces.

2. Focus On Your Objective

All levels in 1010! World have their own objectives, and it’s those objectives you should be focusing on, while paying attention to the other tips we mentioned earlier, and the tips we’ll be mentioning below. Your goals may be scoring a certain number of points, or clearing specific blocks, and when you’ve met them, that effectively ends the level. While there are no real time limits, you’ll only be allowed so many chances to place segments; that means you’ll have to act quickly at several points in the game.

3. Place The Segments In The Corners

1010! World is that kind of game where you would actually be on the right track if you’re in a situation where segments are placed into a corner. If you work the corners when laying down segments, you take away the possibility of leaving any slot empty. This is the hallmark of smart strategy in this game; you need a complete row or column so you can clear a line of blocks, so if you’ve got all the corners completely, this would usually mean all rows are filled up, thus giving you more points.

4. Make Good Use Of The Single Blocks

Those single-block segments could come in handy as lifesavers in this game – whenever you see one of those singular pieces, you can use them to fill in those dreaded empty spaces. But don’t expect them to pop up on a regular basis – they’re actually the rarest pieces in 1010! World. Once again, your best option is to play the corners, and pay attention to your board at all times to make sure it isn’t riddled with empty holes.