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Flappy Dunk Cheats, Tips & Tricks to Improve Your High Score and Unlock More Balls

Voodoo’s new mobile game called Flappy Dunk wastes no time whatsoever in telling would-be players what it’s about — you just have to tap to jump into as many rings as possible. That’s all there is in the game description, as the folks behind this game have seemingly redefined “short and punchy.” And to be perfectly honest, what else can be said about this super-simple take on the whole Flappy Bird style of games? It’s all about tapping and flapping, trying to shoot the ball into as many hoops as possible, and trying to do so for as long as you could. But there’s a bit of a twist here that Voodoo doesn’t explain in their super-short description; the game does get progressively harder, as the hoops become harder to aim at. You can also unlock balls if collecting characters is your thing in these games.

As we often stress, these are games that deliberately try not to reinvent the wheel. Their selling point is simplicity, and the main goals, at the end of the day, are to go as long as you could, and collect as many characters as possible. Check out our Flappy Dunk tips and hints, and we’ll show you just how to accomplish these two goals in this “easy to learn, hard to master” title.

1. Timing Is Everything

If you’ve got your timing perfected, then you don’t have to worry about much — it’s easy to shoot the basketballs into the hoops, provided your timing is right. Take note that balls can carom, or bounce off the rim, or completely miss it; on the other hand, they could bounce off the rim and bounce into the hoop, or swish straight into the hoop. “Nothing but net,” in other words.

Our advice when it comes to timing would be to launch your shot from a higher angle — typically, you’ll have a better chance of scoring this way. That is, until you reach the 75-point mark or so, which is where things can get more than a little tricky when shooting the ball.

2. Try Making The ‘Swoop’ Shot As Often As Possible

If you’re familiar with the NBA’s Three-Point Shootout, you should be aware that the fifth ball in a rack always comes in a different color, and is worth two points instead of one. Likewise, Flappy Dunk includes a “swoop” shot, which allows you to add to your point total faster. One of these shots is worth two, and if you make a second consecutive one, that’s worth three. A third straight shot is worth four points, and so is every consecutive shot made afterwards. Try to string those “swoop” shots together so you can easily beat your high score.

3. Challenges Get Progressively More Difficult

As we mentioned, Flappy Dunk can easily be filed in the casual arcade category, or the “easy to learn, hard to master” genre. But it’s got more depth than Flappy Bird and most of its ilk, as you’ve got challenges to complete. While these challenges can get quite hard on a progressive basis, you can also complete them in any order. That means you can start with the hardest ones, so you can focus on completing the tough ones, with everything that follows being smooth sailing in comparison. You may be asked to score “swoop” shots or swishes only, or you may have to deal with the game’s pace escalating to levels you didn’t think were possible. But in any case, the challenges can make the game’s classic, endless mode seem like a comparative walk in the park.

4. The Layout Never Changes In The Challenges

If there’s one thing that could work in your favor in the challenges, it’s the fact that the layout always remains the same. The challenges also allow you to win balls, so if you’re specifically set on winning a new ball by completing a specific number of challenges, you definitely wouldn’t want to start with the hard ones, as we suggested above; you’ll likely get nowhere if you stick with the “hardest challenges first” approach. Instead, start with the easiest ones, then work your way upwards in terms of difficulty.

5. You Cannot Pay Currency To Get New Balls

Unfortunately, the points you score in Flappy Dunk aren’t tied in with any form of in-game currency. And while there are tons of balls to unlock in the game, the lack of currency means that you can only get new balls by completing certain tasks. This could mean completing a set number of challenges, or scoring a specific number of points, for instance. But on the plus side, there are also easy, no-effort things you can do to get more balls, such as watching an ad video for one ball.

Tap on any of the available balls to see the tasks you need to complete to unlock them. But also be aware that collection, and a break from the monotony, are the only two things you can look forward to with these new balls. They don’t change gameplay in any way, shape, or form — they just look different, and nothing else.

There you have it! These would be our tips and tricks for Flappy Dunk. If you have anything to add, feel free to drop us a line in the comments!