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Glyph Quest Chronicles Tips, Cheats & Guide: 5 Hints to Solve More Puzzles

There’s a new role-playing game available for iOS and Android devices alike, and it’s called Glyph Quest Chronicles, developed by Chorus Worldwide. And while it’s evidently a hybrid of Match 3 and RPG mechanics, Chorus boasts that this new title is “no simple Match 3 puzzler.” In fact, you can call it a “battle game wearing a puzzle game’s clothing.” Still, there are a lot of puzzles to solve here as you take on a variety of enemies, casting the right spells, arming yourself with weapons and armor, and taking advantage of the effects of the items you can use in the heat of the battle.

This is a title with no shortage of fantastic beasts, and in terms of gameplay, it’s going to be centered largely on your ability to string together difficult and awe-inspiring combos. So are you ready to battle your way through level after level? You may think you are, but if this is your first time to download the game, we would advise you to check out our Glyph Quest Chronicles strategy guide for beginners. Read on if you want to get a good head start in this game!

1. Focus On Those Reversals

It’s one of the first things you learn in the game’s tutorial — you need to work on those reversal spells. And for the benefit of those reading this guide before downloading Glyph Quest Chronicles for the first time, reversals are what happens when you cast a spell on the opposite school that you’re in a chain with. And when it comes to starting a chain, you need to cast two or more spells of the same school.

Pretty much, reversals are what you need to be pulling off if you want to deal out a ton of damage, so it’s important that you learn how they work, and use them whenever possible. It’s also an option to include stronger spells in your reveals to add to the damage you can deal out. One simple example would be to cast a spell with at least four glyphs for your reversal — you could easily string a lot of damage together that way, so why not give it a try?

2. Consume Just One Charge When Casting Reversals

When casting a reversal, you should always remember to consume only one charge, no more, no less, of your chain. Let’s take another easy example here — in this situation, you’ve cast three air spells, giving you an air chain + 2. Casting a reversal spell as your very next move would reduce the chain to +1, which lets you cast a second reversal. Keep this rule of thumb in mind and you’ll be stringing together reveals for a ton of damage against the enemy!

3. Make Sure You Have Enough Health Potions

Glyph Quest Chronicles is a casual type of RPG, as we had mentioned in the overview. The very fact that it’s a Match 3 game means that it’s very easy to learn, so easy that we probably don’t need to remind you, and aren’t reminding you of the basic principles of these puzzle games.

That said, the difficulty level in this game could ramp up really quickly. For starters, you have to deal with the easier enemies to defeat, and even if we said “easier,” that doesn’t prevent them from dealing out a lot of damage, as well as numerous de-buffs that could throw you off your game. Worse, earning gold doesn’t come easy in the early quests, as you would most likely not be able to afford the items you need the most. That means you’ll have to budget your gold instead for health potions. As you wouldn’t want to experience the wrong kind of close call — the one where you nearly pass a level but don’t quite make it — it’s important that you have enough potions on standby. These items could be the difference between success and failure, so save up your gold and spend it wisely on potions, making sure you’ve got enough before starting out a level.

4. Focus On Your Favorite Spells When Upgrading

You can head to the Spellbook any time you need to upgrade any one of your spells. This will require gems, which are the game’s premium currency, and once you’ve upgraded a spell, that will allow you to make the spell more powerful. But you shouldn’t be upgrading spells willy-nilly — if you’re new to the game, it’s best to only upgrade the spells that match your starting equipment. Let’s say you started the game as an Air Elementalist — this means you should level up all wind-related spells, namely Wind Slap, Gust, and Whirlwind, and not the others you may have at that time.

5. Not Sure About Your Opposition? Check The Bestiary

Glyph Quest Chronicles will require you to do your own share of scouting, primarily when you meet an enemy or boss for the first time, and aren’t so sure what you should do to defeat them. This is going to happen quite often, and you will lose a lot in those first battles. So with that in mind, we recommend checking the Bestiary, which is where new enemies get recorded after you’ve faced them for the first time. The Bestiary contains all pertinent information about that enemy — their attacks, their elemental strengths and weaknesses, where you can find them, and the effects they’re able to deal out with their spells.

Eventually, you’re also going to unlock new armor in the game, and you can use your knowledge of the game’s enemies (thanks to the Bestiary) to make the right choice of armor to use. This is a great way to ensure yourself of an edge over the enemy, but we should also mention that you cannot check the Bestiary while you’re in the middle of a quest; you might have to take the memorization route and hope you remembered everything you read up on.