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Bouncy Hero Tips, Cheats & Tricks to Save More Animals

There is a certain fun associated with endless runner-games when played on smartphones. Not only do they manage to be casual enough to play while standing in line for your cup of coffee, but they are also fun enough to keep you engrossed for hours at a time while you try to collect enough coins for your next favorite character.

Bouncy Hero is another one of those endless runner games, the category first made popular by Imangi Studios’ immensely-successful Temple Run. The purpose of the game is to run as fast as you can and as far as you can. The farther you go, the higher your score will be. However, like every other game in this category, Bouncy Hero also offers some unique and fun new features to entice users.

So while the general idea is the same — you run and collect coins to advance further into the stage — the story changes and you can do more than just collect coins, keeping the game interesting and fresh enough.

The game is based around a character or the “Hero”, who bounces around and tries to free all the animals he or she comes across. Your objective is to free as many animals as you can and lead them to safety, away from the fences where they are trapped. Each animal you touch on the way will then follow your path and the more animals you take, the better your chances to make it farther. The only question is, how far will you go?

Bouncy Hero is a little different from other endless runner games in terms of gameplay too. Instead of swiping to change direction or jumping or sliding, you have to keep your finger glued to the screen. The movement of your character is a little more sensitive than it normally is in endless runner games, making it more challenging.

Basically, you need to keep your finger pressed to the screen and move it in the direction you want your character to move to. If you want to jump over an obstacle, just release your finger. Every touch and release makes the character jump. On your way, you will need to avoid obstacles like fences and other warning signs. To collect animals, you just need to pass through them on your way and they’ll start following you, jumping over fences and side-stepping others to keep up with the Hero.

1. Avoiding Obstacles

There are two ways to avoid an obstacle; jump over it/pass under it or side-step it. However, moving sideways is quite tricky as there is a risk of over-doing it or hitting an obstacle there.

Jumping in this game is a little more challenging than you would expect but it is still better to jump over an obstacle rather than risk trying to side-step it. Since you have to release your finger to jump, instead of swiping, the timing of the jump needs to be on point.

You can also simply tap on the screen once (a quick touch and release) to jump which also works in the same way. If you need to quickly jump over more than one obstacles, just repeatedly tap on the screen. One tap for each jump. Moreover, the game also lets you stop a jump in mid-air by pressing on the screen so if you think you overdid a jump, quickly tap on the screen to bounce back to the ground and regain control of your character’s movement.

2. Collecting Animals

Collecting animals may sound like a side-objective rather than the main one in this game (which is running as far as you can). However, in the long run, collecting animals does pay off as it leads to powerups.

The more animals you collect, the more powerups you will get. These powerups can be anything from obstacle-blasting, super-fast Rockets to a Giant Hero that steps over everything to a Magnet that can pull in all the coins and animals along the way. The more animals you are able to collect on the way, the more powerful these powerups will be. Powerups are a really great way to quickly progress farther into the game and boost up your “distance meter” i.e. the distance you have run in the game.

There are a number of unlockable animals available in each map/location, from cows to sheep, to dogs to cats. And freeing each one is your job.

3. Using Coins

Since the game is available for free, it comes with its fair share of advertisements and in-app-purchases. Coins are the in-game currency that can be used in a number of ways, from opening new maps to getting another life. Unfortunately, coins can’t be used to buy new characters and the only way to get another character is by buying them off with real-world money.

The only meaningful way to use coins in order to improve your game is by using them to continue the game. There are two ways to continue a game after your character has died — watching an advertisement or spend some of your coins. You need to think for yourself to see if your score is worth spending that many coins on getting one more life.

4. Completing Challenges

There are three ways to earn more and more coins — the in-game currency that can help you open more maps and animals to play with. You can collect coins inside the game, splurge some cash on buying more coins, or complete challenges. These challenges can be anything from collecting a specified number of animals to running a certain distance.

Do note that coins alone will not help you open maps as you will also need to unlock all the characters in your current map to make your way to the next one.

That’s all folks! We hope you’ve enjoyed our exclusive set of Bouncy Hero tips and tricks. If you happen to know additional tips for the game, please let us know below in the comment section!