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Mad Rocket: Fog of War Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Defeat Your Enemies

Mad Rocket: Fog of War is a new strategy game from Ratatat Studio, that combines classic invade and defend gameplay with a couple of newly introduced gameplay mechanics that give the game a fresh coat of paint that should keep players interested and engaged.

In Mad Rocket: Fog of War, your goal is to design a base that will keep your resources out of reach, by strategically placing defensive constructions as well as designing the layout in such a way that it will prevent enemy units from quickly advancing your base.

The game features solid graphics characterized by bright colors, detailed buildings and quality effects used for explosions. Generally, Mad Rocket: Fog of War looks better than your average mobile strategy game, but attention to detail can sometimes lead to slowdowns after you play the game for a longer time (more than one hour in one session).

As we said, there are a couple of gameplay mechanics that aren’t usually found in the genre present in Mad Rocket: Fog of War and creating a sort of a labyrinth capable of halting the invading force, something similar to creating a maze out of towers in tower defense titles, is one of those. The other is the fact that enemies cannot know the layout of your buildings, and you cannot know the layout of enemy bases, because every base is shrouded in fog of war that makes players blind and deaf during invasions.

Of course, this can be avoided but more on that later. Players who invade have limited time to destroy as many buildings as they can, and in order to secure a victory, you have to destroy at least one-third of all buildings. An interesting thing is that you can suffer defeat but return home with looted resources because the game doesn’t prevent players from keeping resources in case they fail to earn at least one star and be victorious.

Although Mad Rocket: Fog of War is a free-to-play title, you can advance through the game relatively fast without spending a dime. When it comes to prizes and to the price of constructing new and upgrading existing building, Mad Rocket: Fog of War is pretty generous. Also, the number of crystals (premium in-game currency) you can earn by fulfilling tasks and unlocking achievements is high enough to enable you to build a strong economy in just a few days. On top of that, after you build enough resource buildings you can circle them with high-level defenses very easily and without waiting for them to upgrade for days and days.

We played the game for many hours and managed to beat lots of levels in the single-player campaign, to successfully invade many players, and to erect a base capable of holding invasions at bay while at the same time successfully keeping our resources intact, at least those resources that matter. Stay with us and find out how to build an impenetrable fortress and how to successfully invade other players in Mad Rocket Fog of War. Let’s start with a couple of tips related to base-building.

1. Eternium Is The One You Want To Keep Secure

Out of the two base resources in Mad Rocket Fog of War, Eternium is by far more important than gold. It is needed for constructing buildings and upgrading them while gold is used just for upgrading your troops and mines, which are relatively cheap to upgrade. And you will always have enough gold to upgrade troops; the only thing from preventing you from upgrading them is the shortage of parts. And while both gold and Eternium are relatively easy to obtain, you want to keep your Eternium stash secure because in order to upgrade your Armory and HQ you’ll need lots of it.

Also, if you want to have strong defensive perimeter you better keep your Eternium secure because guard towers and other defenses are very expensive to upgrade to higher levels. We advise all of you to keep the gold and Eternium buildings separated from each other. Perfectly, you want for your gold buildings to be on one part of the base, and Eternium buildings to be on the opposite part of the base.

Let enemies loot you gold; they will just get a resource they also have in abundance and will spend the precious time for invasion on destroying your gold buildings, and advancing toward the rest of your base. In between the two resources you should place your HW because it has the most HP, making enemies waste even more time on destroying it. And once they finally get near your Eternum stash, they will face strong defense (place all of your defenses in a ring around Eternum buildings) that will keep them away from the precious resource. This way they might achieve victory, but they won’t be able to touch your Eternium.

2. Focus On Upgrading Defenses And Eternium Buildings

You should focus first on building your Eternium economy. Build and upgrade production and storage buildings. Your storage should be big enough to take enough Eternium needed for your next HQ upgrade. Once you have a strong Eternium economy, start upgrading defenses. They are there to keep your stash safe so try keeping them on max level allowed by your HQ level.

Armory should be upgraded next. During the first couple of days, your invading forces will be strong enough to destroy the first dozen or so bases in the single-player campaign, but once you notice they are too weak to even earn one-star rating, start saving up Eternium for Armory upgrades.

You should have enough gold to upgrade a couple of units at once. Storage capable of taking around 20,000 gold pieces is enough, along with two production buildings upgraded to level 3 or 4. You won’t need more than that.

3. Try Spending All Your Resources Before Leaving The Game

The more resources you have, the more attractive your base will be to other players to invade. So, before you leave the game for the day (in other words before you go to bed), try spending as much gold and Eternium as possible. If you can’t upgrade units, upgrade your mines since they are only constructions capable of upgrading with gold.

If you don’t have enough Eternium to upgrade a building don’t spend in, but only if you have a small amount stashed, less than 5,000 or so. If you have more, just invade a couple of players and spend looted Eternium to upgrade a building. A perfect scenario is you leaving the game for the day with less than 1,000 gold and Eternium kept in storage. This way other players will just skip invading your base because it just isn’t worth it.

4. How To Find A Perfect Landing Site During Invasions

Since in Mad Rocket: Fog of War each base is shrouded in darkness, preventing invaders from seeing its layout, finding a perfect landing spot is much harder than in other strategy games. But you can recon the enemy base pretty quickly and thoroughly with multi-rocket.

You must include these in your invading arsenal because multi-rockets are perfect for recon and they also carry a noticeable punch. Since there are so many of them, they cannot be destroyed by lasers and Gatling cannons, enabling you to scoop enemy base without sacrificing your troops.

And when picking a landing spot for the invasion we advise you to either land near a storage unit of a resource you’re after or near the enemy HQ. If you cannot send troops to these exact spots because of air defenses, just pick a blind spot nearest to your goal. Once your ground troops land, use rockets and multi-rockets to destroy any mines and ground defenses before your troops reach them. Multi-rockets are especially useful for this because they are able to breach enemy air defense perimeter.

While human-made bases can be built in such a way that finding a perfect landing spot can be tricky (just throw multi-rockets until you find a blind spot for air defenses), bases in single player campaign always have one or more blind spots not covered by air defenses. They usually hide ground defenses near those spots, so once you find a perfect landing spot you should expect mines and other defenses near the spot, which can be destroyed by multi-rockets. Multi-rocket probably is the most powerful weapon in Mad Rocket: Fog of War and it should be always upgraded to the max level the current level of your Armory allows.

5. How To Guide Invasions

After you pick the perfect landing spot and start destroying enemy base make sure to use multi-rockets for ground defenses. Don’t waste them on lasers, but destroy Gatling guns is you can. You should send new ground forces as soon as they become unlocked, and make sure that your force doesn’t get divided.

This can happen because in Mad Rocket: Fog of War newly arrived force will attack buildings nearest to them, so if your main force started advancing towards one end of the base, newly arrived forces may start attacking the other side of the base. So, try landing new forces near your existing ones. Rockets and multi-rockets should be used mainly for ground defenses and mines, which can kill your entire infantry squad in a second. If you have infantry or those round robots, make sure to clear their path of any mines because they are deadly.

Finally, once your troops reach enemy HQ, start hitting it with as many rockets as possible because destroying it carries one star. This means that, even if the HQ is the only building you managed to destroy, you will secure a victory. But, getting resources you need is better than getting a victory. It’s always better to suffer a defeat but loot resources than to get a victory without destroying enemy resource buildings.

Okay, folks, that’s all you need to know to succeed in Mad Rocket: Fog of War. We hope this guide helped you in building the ultimate fortress in Mad Rocket: Fog of War and in looting tons of resources from other players. Thanks for reading and happy gaming!


Tuesday 17th of April 2018