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Eggy Party Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Tricks & Strategies to Roll Your Way to Victory

Are you ready to party?

This isn’t just any party, though! The stars of the show are only the shining egg-samples of finesse, agility, endurance, and sheer hard-boiled determination! We’re looking for the most well-rounded competitors that have been long outside of their shell—only the best of the best and those who can be the most egg-citing to watch. “Competitors?” you say, why yes, we indeed meant competitors. This isn’t just any party, this is Eggy Party!

eggy party cover
Are you ready to party?

From the same people who brought you titles like Onmyoji, Onmyoji Arena, Super Mecha Champions, Aether Gazer, Infinite Lagrange, Never After, Identity V, and many, many other titles, NetEase brings you a zany, adorable, and highly competitive obstacle course runner that will crack you up with joy—Eggy Party. Take control of your Eggy, have them jump over hurdles, through lasers, across pitfalls, past pummeling pendulums, and roll your way to victory!

As adorable as this game is, however, not everything’s sunny-side ups and rainbows. The road to victory is full of shattered dreams and scrambled eggs and you’ll be experiencing this every now and then! But don’t worry, if you want to crack the code of becoming one of the best Eggies out there, then read our beginner’s guide below and prepare to egg-splode with awesomeness!

What is Eggy Party?

eggy party eggies
Well, these are Eggies.

Inspired by the popular Fall Guys title on PC and console and TV shows like Wipeout or Takeshi’s Castle, Eggy Party is an obstacle course game that plays around an elimination mechanic.

Only so many Eggies can be around on certain maps and sometimes, only 6-8 Eggies can be left to duke it out in the final stages of a match. But first, let’s describe what typically constitutes a match in Eggy Party. Read on, and maybe you’ll hatch a plan for yourself!

Before a match starts, you will have a massive screen with the images of 3 Eggies flashed on them. These 3 Eggies are the trendiest among the bunch—those who have amassed vast amounts of a statistic called Trendiness. This comes from the outfits you wear. Rarer outfits means higher Trendiness and higher Trendiness means painting a big target on your back for your competitors.

Either you keep your Trendiness low to become the ensemble dark horse of the match or raise it to the sky to show your opponents that they’re in for a beating! Fashion disputes aside, onto the match itself!

eggy party first round

The first round would usually involve a race of some sort. Races are as simple as they come—there’s an obstacle course set ahead of you and you’ll need to race ahead to beat your opponents. However, there will be times when you can get knocked over the edge wherein your Eggy will fall off. If they do, they’ll respawn at a checkpoint before the point where they fell.

You have an infinite number of tries, but the slots at reaching the finish line are completely finite, so you’ll have to make it there as quickly as you can lest you get eliminated early. You usually start out as a group of 32 Eggies all in all and then get whittled down to 24 for the next round.

eggy party race
Get those shinies!

The next round varies in game mode. While it could sometimes be a race, still, other modes are more gimmicky in nature. For instance, you could be grouped into 2 teams. The team that scores the most points will be the one to move onto the next round. Otherwise, it isn’t a race to a finish line, per se, but a race to accumulate the most points on your Eggy’s person. These are tests of agility and resourcefulness as certain objects or obstacles can be used to propel your Eggy forward (more on this later).

eggy party survival match
Time to get serious.

If there isn’t another round after that, there will be a final round at the end of a match where only a handful of Eggies will be left to duke it out in a survival match. The rules here are simple: be the last Eggy standing. This is no longer a race—it’s probably the most brutal moment of the game wherein each Eggy has to force their opponents off of the edge of the map by any means necessary. When one Eggy is left, then they will have won the match.

Of course, this is all a matter of skill. For the game’s Classic Mode, which is what most players of this game prefer to play, this is the typical layout of the game. The game’s Classic Mode can be changed before finding a match. All you need to do, instead of pressing the Start button, is to tap the button to its left and you’ll be shown its multiple game modes. But for the sake of this guide, since the Classic Mode is widely played, this is what we’ll focus on.

eggy party classic mode
Make your choice.

That said, Classic Mode is divided into two categories: Casual Party and Ranked Party. The Casual Party mode allows you to play with any Eggy from all ranks with nothing at stake. The Ranked Party, however, will only limit you to fighting Eggies of your rank but the more you win, the higher up a rank you will go, meeting more competent Eggies as you climb.

Regardless of where you’d like to compete, either mode is already quite challenging. It just helps to keep in mind that Ranked Parties are supposed to be your comfort zone since you’ll be pitted against Eggies who are alike in skill.

Don’t become the butt of all yolks! Read on and become the Eggy that you’ve always wanted to be—someone who is always on a roll that leaves their opponents completely scrambled. Let’s get cracking!

General Eggy Party Tips

Eggy Party isn’t just about running and jumping through obstacle courses—it’s all about determination, will, and a yolk of steel! Regardless of where you’re competing or where you’re playing, take these tips to heart and you’ll be sure to dominate any course you find yourself in.

1. Avoid Obstacles as Much as Possible

eggy party obstacles
Time for a workout…

Obstacles! Obstacles everywhere!

Hurdles, mixers, hinges, swiveling panels, false floors, breakable blocks, pitfalls, conveyor belts, thingymajigs, doodads, and maybe even the kitchen sink—they all exist with one goal in mind: to prevent you from winning! How do you deal with them? Through peaceful negotiation? Asking them to politely move aside? No! You must avoid all of these completely or taste the bitter sting of defeat!

Granted that Eggy Party is a game that’s based around obstacle courses, it’s plain as day to get through the entire track without having a face full of hurdle. That said, your priority here as an Eggy, is to avoid them all as deftly as you can. The better you avoid them, the greater the chance of you getting ahead of the competition. Of course, it’s good to dodge these obstacles with as little movement as possible since excessive amounts of movement could slow you down (e.g. jumping over something as opposed to moving around it, if it can be helped).

If you aren’t sure about a particular obstacle, watch how it operates. Once you feel like you’ve found yourself an opening, make your move—jump over it, move to the side, dodge it with as little effort as possible.

This will save you some time on a recovery spent reeling from being hit by any obstacle. Trust us when we say that you’ll spend less time being jostled around by mechanisms than actually waiting for the obstacles to become open enough for a pass!

There’s a better way to do this, actually. In fact, this next tip is a better egg-cercise.

2. Observe the Terrain

eggy party terrain
Or this could happen to you!

There’s a saying that rings very true in this game and that’s “Slow and steady wins the race.”

No, really! We’re aware that this is a game that involves racing in most parts, but it really pays to not make any hasty decisions while you’ve got your eyes on the prize. It’s just infinitely better to look before you leap—to watch your step before you make a decision. You’ll never know what’ll happen if you make that one erroneous move.

Observing the terrain, regardless of the map, is what will help you win a race more easily. You’ll waste less time fumbling about and more time getting ahead of others. Let’s expound on this a little further.

While your competitors are busy scrambling about, trying to outrun each other, in such a rush they may end up finding themselves out of the frying pan and into the fire. Watch their steps and if you see them get wiped out, try not to do the same! Instead, pay attention to each pendulum, to each mechanism, anything on the floor, and see how you can safely get ahead.

eggy party tiles
Paint those tiles!

One other way you can choose to observe the terrain is in certain rounds where it doesn’t involve racing. For instance, the map called Doodle Battlefield, you will be grouped together with other Eggies in a team versus team match wherein you will be tasked to paint as many tiles as you can simply by walking over them. You can actually walk between the tiles to attempt to color two tiles at the same time.

Another example of an interesting map that requires some observation is the map called Dance Party. This is where you need to exercise some timed jumps in order to get points. If you aim for 3s and 5s, you’re bound to end up finishing sooner than other Eggies. By timed jumps, we mean having to leap through launch pads that will propel you through the air, Badly-timed jumps could get you no points, if not, very little of them.

Just remember one thing: you can be a mid-tiered Eggy all match, but if you make it to the finals, this is where you bring out your A-game. Settle for second or third or anywhere you won’t get eliminated, but the final round is where you should really shine. Caution should be your primary objective!

Care to learn a maneuver that will separate you from the slower Eggies? Read the next bullet below!

3. Practice the Flying Charge

eggy party flying charge

There is a secret technique that’s passed down from Eggy to Eggy, and it’s our turn for us to give you this very technique that will turn you into an Eggy that’s hard to beat.

The Charge button is located to the immediate left of the Jump button. Tackling will propel your Eggy forward a short distance and cause them to stumble a little. Sure, getting up will require a fraction of time, but this could be some time wasted.

Unless you’re using this to push objects like balls or boxes forward, using the Charge doesn’t really amount to much. However, if you do want to try to get ahead of your opponents with style, there’s what you call the Flying Charge.

It’s as you imagine it—press the Jump button first and then the Charge button. Your Eggy will fly a short distance like a pudgy little cannonball. If you trigger this right (e.g. pressing the Charge button at the very height of your jump), you’ll be propelled at a considerable distance. You can use this to desperately leap across gaps that you think can’t be leapt with a simple jump alone.

If done via springboard (the item or a terrain piece) wherein your Eggy is hurled some feet into the air, pressing the Charge button will send them flying even farther. Try not to spam this technique, though. There’s nothing slower than a stumbling Eggy.

You still need that consistent boost of speed and you can get that from something that Eggies are very well-known to do.

4. Keep Rollin’, Rollin’, Rollin’

eggy party rolling
You can also roll through the air.

So how exactly do you get an egg to roll? It’s simple: you give it a little push!

Eggies don’t just run. Some of them jump, do some Flying Charges (as discussed in the previous bullet)—and yes—they even roll. Rolling is almost like an artform. The Eggy tucks their limbs in and they go barreling forward at high speed. At the height of their roll, they might even plow through a couple of other rival Eggies!

The Roll button, unlike the other buttons, takes a while to charge. At the start of the match, it will be on cooldown and, after a few seconds, it will activate. If you’re eager to roll through the first few parts of the track, keep your eye on that button.

Once you tap the Roll button, your Eggy will become rounder and swiftly move in the direction you will it. This temporary boost of speed can be used to your advantage, especially in the straighter parts of the track. Be careful, however, because the physics of your Eggy will change slightly.

That said, your Eggy will roll the fastest downhill. If there happens to be a track with a downhill slope, you can benefit from this with a quick roll—you will be put completely ahead of your opponents this way.

Another good thing rolling can do is to knock rival Eggies off their balance, so in the final round, you can pull off an early elimination on one of your rivals if you’re skilled enough. Just be careful not to get eliminated yourself!

If you think this is all there is to it to winning in Eggy Party, then you’d be wrong. Keep reading and you’ll become even rounder than your peers!

5. Improve Your Eggy

eggy party eggy improvement
Tap here.

There’s more to your Eggy than meets the eye—with each experience you undergo in any track, you’ll slowly become a seasoned veteran. Peppered with the salt of defeat and sometimes scorched by the blaze of glory for every victory, your Eggy should never stay complacent.

Improving your Eggy is as simple as tapping the small arrow button right below your name while you’re in the main player hub of the game, Eggy Island. Mind you, this cannot be done mid-match because that’d be like doping!

Steroid use aside, this button is a bit hard to see at first glance, but when you tap it, you’ll open up a menu wherein you can upgrade different aspects of your Eggy. This menu is divided into two categories: Talent and Ultimate Skill. We’ll cover the Ultimate Skill in this guide much later, so let’s talk about your Eggy’s Talents.

eggy party talent
What the Talent screen looks like…

An Eggy has 6 Talents in total. Each of these can be upgraded with Talent Points you obtain each time you level up in-game. The Talents and a quick description of each are as follows:

  • Roll Acceleration — This Talent affects the rate at which your Eggy achieves top speed while rolling.
  • Roll Duration — This Talent dictates the length of which your Eggy stays in its rolling state.
  • Max Move Speed — This Talent affects the top speed at which your Eggy runs.
  • Max Roll Speed — Not to be confused with Roll Acceleration, this Talent increases the max speed at which your Eggy rolls.
  • Move Acceleration — This Talent improves the rate at which your Eggy achieves their top speed while running.
  • Roll Cooldown — This Talent shortens the interval between your Eggy’s rolls.

Improving each and every one of these completely depends on the needs of any Eggy. For those just starting out, we highly recommend focusing on Roll Cooldown as well as Move Acceleration and Max Move Speed. These will at least make you slightly faster in the early stages of the game. An agile Eggy is one that will always stay alive!

General tips aside, it’s time to get started on tips for more specific parts of the game. Next up, let’s tackle races in general.

Eggy Party Race Tips

Eggy… GO! This part of the guide will particularly focus on anything race-related and a little egg-stra. These tips are sure to keep you always at the top of your game, leaving many eating the dust behind you. Don’t get left behind!

1. Run on Inner Curves While Turning

eggy party inner curves
Taking that turn like a pro…

Your opponents have easily overtaken you! Oh no! What can we do to catch up?

Brute-forcing your way through a course is not the way to go. As we’ve said earlier, slow and steady wins the race and if you do wish to get ahead of your opponents in a rather simple yet effective way, it’s by taking the inner curve during turns.

What do we mean exactly? First, imagine a left turn—there’s a pitfall on both the innermost and outermost parts of the turn. If you manage to run along the innermost part of the turn, you’ll find yourself immediately done with the turn since it’s the shortest part of the turn itself. Going all the way around at the outermost part of the turn will take much longer and you may find yourself falling behind after that.

In the Rainbow Rush track, you’ll be sure to find turns wherein they’re between conveyor belts that improve the speed at which your Eggy runs. Once you reach the turn, which is completely devoid of conveyor belts, running through the inner curve will quickly land you onto the next conveyor belt, hopefully sooner than the Eggy behind you.

But what happens if you get lost and you don’t know where you’re going exactly? Well, what you can do is…

2. Follow Other Eggies

eggy party following eggies
Follow that egg!

It’s as this header says, but don’t egg-nore the advice that comes with it!

While it may seem like this is a sign of you falling behind, try not to confuse it for following the Eggies in front of you that fall over the edge again and again. What we mean to say here is to look ahead and watch out for Eggies that might be in the lead.

Once you’ve spotted any of these Eggies, try to wade through the chaos and find your way toward them. It can be difficult at first since keeping up with most of them will be a challenge (seriously, there are some really good Eggies out there who know their yolks from their whites).

Regardless, by applying that tip about observing the terrain before you, you should be able to come to a conclusion on how they got there in the first place. Sure, each map has its secrets, but sometimes, the most practical routes are the ones that get you to win.

While going through a race, you’ll find that some tiles or doodads are quite gimmicky. Here’s how you can make use of these.

3. Utilize Platforms and Other Objects

eggy party platform
Like a shooting star.

Sproing! You’ve just hit a springboard and you’re now several feet into the air!

As we’ve mentioned earlier, a nice way to propel yourself forward is through using a Flying Charge. Though, there are other platforms and objects that aren’t just springboards.

In some cases, you’ll find these hollow or transparent panels that float in midair just like the ones in the Sonic Dash map. Colliding with them will make you shoot through them like a comet, especially if they’re linked with other, similar transparent panels.

There are also round, warbling portals that are present in some stages (as pictured above). Just like the transparent panels we’ve mentioned, these will launch you forward as well. In the aforementioned Rainbow Rush, the map is mostly made up of conveyor belts. If you wish to pick up the speed while moving along any of these, make your Eggy roll and you’ll be sure to speed ahead of many who haven’t discovered this trick yet.

We advise you to exercise caution while doing this, however, since Rainbow Rush has pitfalls. Falling will waste your roll. Keep in mind that these vary from stage to stage, so you may encounter them every now and then.

Is the course particularly tricky? How about becoming a practical yolk-er for your opponents?

4. Sabotage the Course for Your Rivals

sabotaging the course in eggy party
Time to put some smoke in your eye.

Littered across any level are items.

These items can be picked up and used at any time given. While some of them directly affect your Eggy alone like Shrink and Accelerate, there are others that can be used to make the course slightly more difficult for your rival Eggies. Master this, and perhaps you’d become a Deviled Eggy. Look out!

The first item you’d want to use is the Grenade. Plain and simple. Throw it, and it explodes. But where do you throw it exactly? Easy—try aiming at Eggies that are closer to the edges of the map. Do this, and you’ll be sure to blow your competition to smithereens!

The next item on this list of mischief is the Smokescreen. Once you pick it up and throw it, it will release a very thick cloud of smoke that obscures all vision—including yours! If you want to make things hard for people to see, try tossing these where there are obstacles like pendulums, mixers, or rotating platforms so jumps from your rivals will be quickly misjudged.

Finally, there is the Ink Bomb. Much like the Smokescreen, this one also obscures vision. The difference it makes with the Smokescreen is that, where the Smokescreen is stationary, the Inkbomb goes where the Eggy goes. It will stay stuck on the opposing player’s screen for a short time, hindering their vision of anything directly in front of them. Try doing this just before the player jumps across a gap.

The easiest way to perform sabotage is to just keep running and throwing the item directly behind you. Not only will this sow chaos further into the crowd, but if you succeed, you’ll get a quick camera shot of Eggies you have directly affected.

There’s always exerting effort through your sabotage, by holding still and actively trying to mess with your opponents as you throw the item, but there’s just a better degree of satisfaction if you do it blindly. You may now laugh like an evil mastermind.

An Eggy is only as good as their last run. If you have a problem beating a particular map, then keep reading!

5. Familiarize Yourself with the Map

eggy party map
Practice makes perfect!

You’ll eventually meet your match.

You’ll find the whisk that beats you, the spoon that cracks you open, the cook that burns you in the pan, the carton that imprisons you and turns you into a rotten egg that smells foul and—oh, you get what we mean. You’ll find that one map that will cause you to rage quit or even keep you from winning at all. It really pays to learn from your mistakes.

As you play through Eggy Party’s different maps, there will always be this one map that becomes your waterloo. As soon as you get there, try to take mental notes of where you need to jump, where you need to exercise caution, where you need to dodge, etc. It will certainly give you a better idea of what you should be doing if you ever find yourself lost and confused like the rest of the inferior lot. In due time, you might even find yourself progressing farther than you initially did.

There is a more active way to mitigate your mistakes, and that’s by visiting the Stage Gallery. By tapping the Party Mode button next to the Start Button on the upper-right, you can scroll down and find the Stage Gallery under the Challenge Mode category.

Here, you’ll find every official stage in the game that you can practice at any given time. Who knows? You might be able to find secrets that other Eggies don’t know about a particular stage! By the way, we say “official” because Eggy Party has a level editor. Custom stages don’t appear in any Casual or Ranked Match.

Mind you that, much like a lot of things, this can only be accessed while your Eggy is currently on Eggy Island. This means that you cannot enter Practice Mode mid-match, before it, or after. Of course, there’s the option to quit a party, but why would you wanna do that when you earn prizes at the very end?

The last part of this guide caters to only the Eggies who have eggs-quisitely overcome their opponents. Get ready, it’s going to become rough!

Eggy Party Survival Tips

Lastly, this section of the guide will turn you into a most fearsome Eggy warrior. You’ll learn how to knock the competition off their feet (literally) and become un-beat-able! Pump those Eggy muscles, because you’re in for a ride!

1. Decrease Your Opponents’ Weight with Items

decreasing the opponents' weight in eggy party

This should be your modus operandi in this final fight.

Each time you pick up any item, preferably the Fin-isher, the Bowling Ball, or the Grenades, try to make sure that you directly attack your enemies with it. What this does is it decreases an Eggy’s weight, causing them to become more floaty. The lighter an Eggy, the more likely they’ll be eliminated because they’ll fly right off the map!

If you’re familiar with games like Super Smash, Brawlhalla, and Smash Legends, then this mechanic should be familiar to you. The only difference here is that Eggies inherently cannot fight—they rely on items and their Ultimates to strictly inflict damage.

Of course, this isn’t an easy thing to do. We highly recommend that you take aim with any of these items (except for the Fin-isher). A wasted throw means you’ll have to scramble for another item you can use on your opponents. This also makes you defenseless, giving your opponents the idea that you’re next on their hitlist.

While it’s easier said than done, your next move should be to…

2. Observe the Opposition

eggy party opposition
He’s just standing on the edge… MENACINGLY!

How do you think your opponents think?

While they’re scrounging about for items to use on you, try to predict their next move. Are they unpredictable? Do they fight smart? Are they clever with their aim? Try not to make a move before they do and you might be able to throw them off guard.

If you’ve got yourself an item in particular, you might want to watch where your opponents are running. Instead of throwing the item directly where they are, try to fling it in the direction in which they’re moving to.

This is going to be made even easier if you’re attacking opponents who are already in the middle of fighting each other! Their distraction can be their certain doom since they might not be paying attention to you.

Additionally, always pay close attention to your surroundings—that includes whoever might be sneaking up on your Eggy! Make use of the camera and rotate it every time. Rotate it to the left, to the right, rotate it anywhere you might think your Eggy might get ambushed. It could save your life and secure you a victory.

That said, because this is an elimination, avoid the other Eggies like the plague!

3. Keep Away from Other Eggies

getting away from other eggies in eggy party
Yipes! Get away from me!

We don’t know if you’re aware, but Eggies can pick each other up!

That’s right. By tapping the carry button, you can pick another Eggy up and bring them somewhere. However, they can break free by jumping off of you. Because of this, they’re most likely going to keep their distance from you and you’d be better off doing the same as well if you value your position in this match.

Keeping away from other Eggies will also allow you to observe them more. If you run and hide throughout the entire match, though, you might paint a big target on your well-rounded behind—trust us, you wouldn’t want that.

Watch from a distance, but try to get yourself involved in the scuffle so as to possibly intimidate your opponents. An aggressive Eggy could produce great results since chasing down other Eggies using an item will force them to find a way to escape you. Once you find them right in front of an edge, this should be your chance to strike!

Aggression is good in the finals, but greed will kill you.

4. Don’t Get Greedy

eggy party greedy
Greedy enough to get the Landmine, only to fall prey to the funky beat.

Don’t desperately try to get the item that another Eggy’s about to get.

If you do, you could find yourself in hot water—especially if the opposing Eggy got the item first. They might use the item against you and you’ll be the one to lose weight in your Eggy. Ouch. This is something you don’t want.

As far as rolling is concerned, we do advise you to use it to get around the map, but don’t try to use it to run other Eggies over since some of them are smart enough to dodge you if you’re not careful. The worst that could happen is that you roll towards one Eggy and they ultimately dodge your advance. You’ll be sent off into an early elimination. Whoops!

Getting greedy also means not paying attention to the hazards of the stage. In most of these elimination maps, hazards are everywhere. Let’s take Just Dance for example. In some parts of the map, soundwaves will ripple through the floor and cause your Eggy to dance toward the edge.

This is quite dangerous if you focus solely on trying to off your opponents—you might not expect any of them to use this hazard against you. Be aware of the hazards anywhere on the screen and attack the opposing Eggies when there are windows for you to strike.

Your attacks can also come from within. Let’s now tackle Ultimates!

5. Use Your Ultimate at the Right Time

eggy party ultimate
Aaaand fish from outta nowhere! Game over!

Your Eggy has a signature move!

This signature move, an Ultimate, as it’s called, is a powerful skill that can be used in between lengthy cooldowns. These can be changed at any time your Eggy is at Eggy Island in the same menu you find your Talents. As of this writing, Eggy Party has a total of 12 Ultimates.

The list of Ultimates that you can earn through leveling up is as follows:

Eggy BombAttackYour Eggy transforms into a bomb that will explode and damage all that are around it after a few seconds.16s
ThunderboltAttackYour Eggy hurls a bolt of lightning that will summon an angry lightning cloud at anything the bolt hits. The lightning cloud will proceed to electrocute anything directly under it.15s
SnowballAttackYour Eggy will roll a large snowball before them, freezing rival Eggies for a very short amount of time. Frozen Eggies may slide across surfaces.20s
Grappling HookAttackYour Eggy launches an electric grappling hook at their target Eggy and drags them close. The hooked Eggy will be electrified for a short amount of time.13s
HauntAttackYour Eggy launches forth a spirit Eggy that will haunt another Eggy. Pressing the Haunt button again will cause your Eggy to fly toward the haunted Eggy and tackle them.15s
Jack in the BoxAttackYour Eggy tosses an evil Jack in the Box that sows terror into the hearts of those caught in its impact. Terrified Eggies will wander in the opposite direction of the box, overcome with fear.19s
BubbleAttackYour Eggy blows a salvo of bubbles toward their opponents. Any opponent Eggies caught in the bubbles will aimlessly float away for a short period of time.18s
InvincibleSurvivalYour Eggy becomes completely impervious to any and all attacks for a second. This skill is short but it’s extremely powerful if used well.15s
GigantifySurvivalYour Eggy grows tremendously in size and weight, protecting itself against impact. It can also collide with other Eggies, throwing them off-balance.16s
RewindSurvivalYour Eggy will briefly turn back the time, causing it to return to the position it was at a few seconds ago. While it’s rewinding time, it cannot be harmed.38s
InvisibleSupportYour Eggy will briefly become invisible. If done within the immediate vicinity of friendly Eggies, it will make them invisible as well.17s
TransformSupportYour Eggy will fire a magical star at enemy Eggies, briefly transforming them into animals. The transformed Eggies will have difficulty moving around for a few seconds.18s

Performing any of these Ultimates during the perfect moment can decide the outcome of a life or death situation. To illustrate, if your Eggy has been hurled into the air and they happen to have the Rewind Ultimate, use it before they fall out of the stage completely. Another Ultimate you can try using at the perfect time would be the Eggy Bomb. If you think that the enemy might swing at you with their Fin-isher to get you off the stage, ignite the Eggy Bomb and dare them to. If you happen to explode before you’re struck or follow them just enough for the timer to finish counting down, you’ll probably have damaged them first and—if you’re lucky enough—sent them flying to their doom!

It’s always important to remember that each Ultimate has a lengthy cooldown. This is why each time you perform any of these, it has to count. Otherwise, you’ll be stuck there wide open for an enemy to retaliate. Practice hard.

It’s safe to say that Eggy Party is a very competitive game at its core. It’ll take a lot of determination and hard work to get to the very top. Most importantly, it’ll help to remember any of the tips we covered in this guide:

  • Move through and away from obstacles. These are what will cause you to lose!
  • Slow and steady wins the race. Observe the terrain of the track and you might be able to get ahead of your opponents.
  • The Flying Charge is a technique that could move you a few feet forward. Use this to jump across wide gaps.
  • Roll down slopes to pick up wicked speed. This can also help you get ahead since it knocks some Eggies over when you hit them.
  • Your Eggy needs to be constantly improved. Invest in its talents and make it perform better!
  • When running a race, try moving along the inner curves of a turn.
  • Got lost at a track? Look for Eggies that have gone ahead of you and follow them.
  • Platforms and other objects scattered around the map can be used to propel yourself further down the track. Try them out!
  • Make use of items to sabotage the track for your rivals.
  • Take mental notes of the map you’re currently on. If it’s difficult, all the more for you to practice it in the Stage Gallery!
  • Using items, you can consistently reduce your opponent’s weight in elimination.
  • Try to predict how your opponents move. You will get better shots that way.
  • Don’t stick too close to other Eggies. They might have a trick up their sleeve. They might even try to carry you off the stage!
  • Greed kills. Never be greedy!
  • The usage of your Ultimate can make the match or break it. Time it right!
eggy party victory
You should be seeing this screen more often.

This wraps up our beginner’s guide for NetEase’s obstacle course runner Eggy Party. When you’re on a roll, just remember that the last one to the finish line is a rotten egg!

Do you think you can take a crack at giving tips? Did we provide great egg-samples for players who have just hatched? Do you happen to be a well-rounded egg-ceptional Eggy that’s taken a lot of whisks in your own runs? Feel free to drop us a line in the comment box!