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Identity V Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies Every Player Should Know

NetEase Games has made quite a name for themselves in various genres like battle royale and RPG. Identity V shows just how wide the developer’s range is as they successfully dip in to the dark world of asymmetrical horror games. Available on Android and iOS platforms, this game features a 1vs4 mechanic where one player hunts down four others. The four players must work together to solve puzzles, open the gates, and escape from the killer.

There are various tactics that can be used. As one of the prey, will you choose to play it safe, or will you aggressively pursue the clues? As the hunter, do you catch or play with your prey? Identity V features polished Victorian era visuals that help set the tone for this nerve-wracking experience. Things can get pretty intense. Make sure you don’t lose your wits and read our Identity V beginner’s guide if you want to survive!

1. Pay Attention To The Tutorials

identity v tutorial

When you start the game, you will mostly play through the tutorials first. Just keep following the tutorials until you clear Memory 1-10. After this, you will be able to play the Quick Match. Once you go into the game menu, however, you will see a notification mark on the Tutorials section. That is because the game still has a few things left to teach you. These additional lessons are optional, but you would benefit a lot from going through them.

Aside from teaching you additional tricks that can help you win games, you will also be rewarded with 20 clues for every optional tutorial you complete. These clues can be spent on Memory Spheres in the Illusion Hall. You can then get additional customization items from these such as emotes.

2. Focus While Decoding

Your primary goal when playing as a Survivor will be to find and decode cipher machines. While the machines are calibrating, you will eventually see a meter with a needle on it. You need to stop the needle in the marked zone. Successfully doing so will speed up the decoding process. If you fail, however, the hunter will be notified of your activity.

One thing you should know is that there is a way to predict when the meter will pop up. If you are playing with the sound on, you will hear an audio cue right before the meter appears. If you play with the sound off, you can just check your action buttons. A new button will appear just before the meter pops up.

3. Surprise Attacks Are Useful

identity v best strategies

When you play as the Hunter, your goal is to catch all the Survivors. Since there are four of them, it can be tricky if you don’t know how to deal with them quickly. One of the tools of the Hunter is the Terror Shock blow. This happens when you attack a Survivor while he or she is doing something. The surprise attack will allow you to tie up the target and put them in a rocket chair. If you encounter a particularly wary Survivor who refuses to perform any actions while you are near, you will need to come up with ways to trick them into thinking it is safe. This surprise approach is often more effective than trying to chase down your targets one by one.

4. Use The Right Persona Builds

One of the things you can utilize to your advantage is your Persona Talent set. The good thing about this is that you can switch out talents for free, and you can do so any time. Think about the characteristics of the person you are playing as and see which talents fit them best. For example, if you are playing as the doctor, you may want to invest in the Drawbridge Effect. This will allow you to see Survivors who are within 18 meters, making it easier to team up and provide support.

If you are playing as the Hunter Hell Ember, you could try on the Deteriorate talent. Hell Ember can create puppets that will alert him when they see a Survivor. Once a Survivor has been spotted, he can swap places with the puppet in order to launch a surprise attack. The problem is that the puppets cannot defend themselves, so Survivors can easily destroy them before the Hunter can come. The Deteriorate talent will cause wounded Survivors to destroy and decode slower, giving Hell Ember more time to attack.

5. Crouch Or Hide

identity v tips and tricks

As a Survivor, you will receive notification that the hunter is listening from time to time. This means he will be able to know where you are if you move around. You can hide somewhere and stay perfectly still until he is done listening. Alternatively, you can switch to a crouched position to avoid making any noise. Keep in mind that if the Hunter finds you, you will not be able to outrun him. Look for windows or pallets to vault over that will allow you to get away.

6. Open Up Chests

Hidden somewhere in the map are some chests that contain useful items. You can find a map inside a chest. This would show you the location of all the cipher machines and all the exits. Another useful item is a shrinking device that makes you smaller. A smaller Survivor is a lot harder to find than a regular-sized one. Just keep in mind that being small does not mean you are invisible. You still need to stay alert in case the Hunter spots you.

7. Survive In Pairs

identity v beginner's guide

One of the best tactics as Survivors is to work in pairs. It is a bad idea to gather all four Survivors since you will be easy targets for the Hunter. If there are two separate pairs, they can work to save each other from the Hunter. It is also not advisable to go off on your own since you will have no one to help you if you come across the Hunter. Decoding also goes a little faster if there are two people working on the machine.

If you can communicate well with the other pair, you can potentially confuse the Hunter. While one pair is busy decoding, the second pair can intentionally fail at stopping the needle in order to lure the Hunter away. They can then run around until the first pair is done decoding. You can also use this luring tactic to get the Hunter away from a trapped Survivor, so others can free him from the Rocket chair. Remember, the more Survivors there are at the end, the more rewards you will earn.

8. Hunt Wisely

It may seem like a 1vs4 puts you at a disadvantage, but the game actually gives you a variety of tools that you can use to even the odds. One of the most useful skills you have is the Listen ability. It has a long cooldown but can help you win the game when used correctly. This ability lets you see the location of each Survivor. Save it for when you can’t find any trails and are running out of time to catch the Survivors.

Once you spot a nearby Survivor, you can run after them persistently. No matter how much they sprint, they will eventually tire themselves out and you will be able to catch up to them. If you can, try to land a Terror Shock blow. Otherwise, a few regular attacks will do just fine. Just don’t give up or get distracted by a different Survivor until you take down the one you found.

Finally, when you catch a Survivor and strap him to a chair, you can use him as bait. Other Survivors will try to rescue him before he is eliminated from the game. They will want to keep as many Survivors in play as possible to keep their advantage. Use this mentality to lure out the Survivors and catch them by surprise. The more Survivors you catch by the end of the match, the more rewards you will get.

9. Guard The Cipher Machines

Another benefit of being a Hunter is that you already know where the cipher machines are. Since you know the Survivors will be coming for them eventually, it is a good idea to make your rounds to these machines. Keep checking for Survivors and you will soon find one fiddling with the ciphers. If you are lucky, you can catch one by surprise and quickly take them to a rocket chair.

When you are chasing a Survivor, you can start swinging at them. Just remember that you will be immobilized for a short period after taking a swing. Don’t worry because you will be able to catch up to the Survivor as soon as you can move again. You just need to hit them twice to knock them out. Make sure you take them to a rocket chair as soon as you can. A Survivor can wriggle out of their balloons if you take too long to tie them to a chair. At which point, you can always run after them again, but who has the energy? Get it right the first time and secure them as soon as you can.

Whether you play as a Hunter or a Survivor, no one is a match for you when you rely on our Identity V strategy guide!